As a captain, you must be cold (E-sports) Chapter 11

PPZ probably did not expect that they would lose so badly, and they went offline as soon as the game ended. PPZ’s manager was quite polite, first thanking them for the impromptu invitation and then becoming concerned about their new assassin: [I heard that Wings is going to retire. Timeless can also make a friendly guest in the training game. In the official game, your short/gun will not be Timeless.]

Old Tan translated and replied: [Wait for the official competition, our new short/gun is not temporary, and there is no cooperation.]

PPZ Manager: [Do you need my help to introduce you to someone?]

Old Tan: [Haha, forget it, all the short/gun players in the Western Division like to be hard-headed, and we prefer to use our brains. ]

PPZ Manager: [I have good intention, brother, it’s not friendly of you to say that.]

Good intention my ass. Old Tan cursed inwardly and showed Lu Youshan his phone: “How come the western division also started acting fake.”

Lu Youshan pointed to Old Tan’s reply, “What do you mean by saying that Timeless has no cooperation with us? Nonsense, they work well together, don’t they? Although it can’t compare to a team that has been training together for a long time, this is their first time in four rows game, and it is beyond my expectations that they are able to play like this.” Lu Youshan talked about the game, “Of course, this has a lot to do with Shine’s command. I didn’t expect Timeless, who looks quite arrogant, to be willing to listen to Shine’s command…”

Old Tan glared at him: “Is this the point? I’m complaining about PPZ acting fake!”

Lu Youshan’s eyes were full of the training match just now. He didn’t have the time to listen to this. He waved his hand and went back to the room to review the game.

Old Tan surveyed the bustling base. Despite his sadness about his shortage of money, he still wanted to order a late-night snack to celebrate, and it just so happened that the small noodle shop noodles arrived. The pig’s trotters delivered by the noodle shop are all fresh. They have been marinated before being deep-fried. The outside is crisp, while the inside is tender. To relieve the grease, Old Tan took two more buckets of Coke from the refrigerator.

Everyone ate very well. Although Shi Du was not an R.H member, nor does Xu, but he gets along well with Cheese and the others. He sits on the carpet cross-legged and eats noodles without looking like a young capitalist.

Just like the schoolboy in high school, he is handsome and popular, and he shines wherever he goes.

People who are familiar with Yu Zhaohan know that he doesn’t like greasy food, so when Yu Zhaohan said that he was not interested in supper and went back to his room, everyone just said good night to him. Shi Du blocked his way with a fried pig’s trotter: “Shine, you really don’t want it?”

Yu Zhaohan frowned slightly: “Yeah.”

This schoolboy was also erratic, frequently changing his name. He went with “Captain Yu”, “Shine,” with the occasional appearance of “Brother Zhaohan.” His little ears were about to burn off from the constant “brother.”

Shi Du said, “But you’ve been playing for so long, so you’re probably hungry. Look at this large piece of pig’s trotter noodles. It’s a gift from me for R.H. You really don’t want it?”

Yu Zhaohan lowered his eyes: “Take it away.”

Shi Du laughed: “I see, our Captain Yu doesn’t like this kind of thing.” The boy turned around and left, leaving a sentence, “Then next time, I will invite Captain Yu to eat in high class restaurant.”

Yu Zhaohan’s long eyelashes trembled.

No, he didn’t dislike it. He was just worried about being clumsy and dripping oil onto his clothes. Shi Du won’t help him wash secretly, what a mockery.

It was two o’clock in the morning after supper, and Shi Du thought about calling his driver to pick him up. Qi Xian said: “It’s so late, it’s too dangerous for a handsome young brother to go outside, why don’t you just stay overnight.”

Cheese said enthusiastically: “It just so happens that Wings has moved out, and Timeless can sleep in his room. Xu and I can share a bed. That’s fine.”

Shi Du thought about it and didn’t mind: “Alright.”

Cheese: “Then I’ll take you up.”

The rooms for club members were on the second floor. A duplex loft’s second floor is usually not too high. Shi Du was uncomfortable from the moment he stepped upstairs, and his head nearly touched the ceiling.

Cheese asked: “Timeless, how tall are you?”

Shi Du recalled: “Last time it seemed to be 187.”

“187…” Cheese, who was just over 170 but insisted he was 175, gasped, “You, you’re only 17 years old, you can still grow!”

“I hope I don’t grow anymore,” Shi Du said, “The air at 190 is a bit cold.”

Cheese gave a sour “oh” sound. He took Shi Du around the second floor: “Wings’ room is next to the captain. The captain pays attention to personal space. If you are okay, don’t disturb him. There are bathrooms upstairs and downstairs, both of which are shared… It can’t be compared with the big villa of IPL, young master put up with it.”

Shi Du smiled: “I don’t think there is any difference.”

How could there be no difference. Cheese has seen IPL’s documentary, the four-storey villa, the professional training room, and the gym alone is bigger than their base. Shi Du must say this to not ruin the mood, so thoughtful.

Cheese was moved, and Shi Du added: “Anyway, it’s not as big as my family house.”

Cheese: “…”

“But to be honest, your place is very clean, cleaner than IPL.”

Cheese explained: “That’s because our captain has a serious cleanliness addiction. If it is not cleaned, the captain will become angry, and the base will plunge into winter in an instant, possibly freezing people’s teeth.”

Shi Du remembered that Yu Zhaohan did say that he had a cleanliness addiction: “How serious is it?”

“It’s very serious, to the extent that he has to wash his hands three times after shaking hands with others.” Cheese urged, “So you should try to avoid physical contact with the captain.”

Shi Du snorted: “Got it.”

Wing’s stuff was pretty much moved, and the only thing left in the room was the computer desk and the bed. Shi Du came to Shanghai this time on a whim. He only brought a change of clothes and a gaming laptop. He even forgot the charging cable for his mobile phone.

Shi Du vaguely remembered that Yu Zhaohan’s phone was the same as his. Cheese told him not to disturb Yu Zhaohan, but a dead phone was a big deal.

Shi Du walked out of the room, noticed the light next door was still on, raised his hand, and knocked.

Yu Zhaohan’s cold voice came from the door: “Who?”

“It’s me.”


“I forgot my phone charger, lend me yours?”

“I’ll send it to you later.”

“Don’t bother Captain Yu, you can just give it to me now.”

Yu Zhaohan’s voice was even colder: “Are you teaching me to do things?”

Shi Du used to think that Yu Zhaohan was fierce and it was just him being sarcastic, but today he wants to point it out: “Captain Yu is so fierce, are you fierce to me because I called you ‘brother’? Then I won’t call you that anymore.”

Yu Zhaohan’s side was silent for two seconds: “I’m using the charger, I’ll lend it to you when I’m done.”

Shi Du chuckled, but didn’t insist: “Okay, then thank you.”

Shi Du thought Yu Zhaohan would not be done soon, so he opened the gaming laptop and logged in to the game. At the time, there were still quite a few internet addicts online, as well as his current captain.

IPL.Bi An: [Why did you suddenly go to Shanghai?]

IPL.Timeless: [Want to eat noodles in Shanghai.]

IPL.Bi An: [I see, as expected of you. Double row?]

IPL.Timeless: [Come on.]

As soon as Shi Du joined the team, someone knocked on the door. He told Bi An to wait and got up to open the door.

It’s Yu Zhaohan, with the charger in his hand. The high-cold beauty was dressed in dark blue silk pajamas that were buttoned to the top of the shirt and stood upright. That is to say, Yu Zhaohan has a good appearance. If he doesn’t have that expression on his face, this suit is the standard for middle-aged presidents.

Shi Du was a little surprised: “It’s fully charged so quickly?”

Yu Zhaohan ignored him, handed over the charger, and turned to leave.

“Wait.” Shi Du suddenly said, “Captain Yu, I have something to ask you.”

Yu Zhaohan: “Ask.”

Shi Du asked bluntly, “Has Lawman’s manager contacted you?”

“No.” Yu Zhaohan paused, “He approached you?”

“Yeah, I thought he would approach you too.”

Yu Zhaohan said indifferently: “He approached me last year.”

Lawman approached Yu Zhaohan last year, and it was Tide who ended up transferring. That’s interesting.

Shi Du didn’t ask much about other teams’ affairs: “Okay, good night.”

Yu Zhaohan didn’t wish him good night but just said “Hmm.”

Shi Du went back to the laptop and put on his headphones.

IPL.Timeless: [Let’s open]

IPL.Bi An: [So, our mic was left on, and then I was just on the live broadcast…]

IPL.Timeless: [?]

IPL. Bi An: [But don’t worry, I turned off the mic as soon as I found something wrong.]

Shi Du opened the mic and asked, “When did you turn it off?”

Bi An said with a guilty conscience, “Uh, after you said you had something to ask Shine.”

Shi Du said, “That’s fine.” At least the news about Lawman didn’t leak out.

“Alright?!” Bi An suddenly raised his voice, and Shi Du had to keep his ears away from the headphones. “Shine’s fans are going crazy, why are you with Shine? Wait, you didn’t go to Shanghai just for Shine, did you!”

Shi Du asked curiously, “How crazy?”

“You go look at Shine’s Weibo!”

Shi Du clicked on Weibo, entered Yu Zhaohan’s homepage, and saw hundreds of comments on his latest Weibo in just a few minutes:

[Wife, didn’t you reject him, explain, hurry up Explanation QAQ]

[Good guy, so online refusal to double row is for better offline appointments?]

[Timeless, what do you want to ask my wife, you can ask if you get my consent]

[No- I don’t agree with this marriage! There’s no happiness in a long-distance relationship!]

[Yu Zhaohan, you should come to your sense, no matter how handsome your brother is, he is still a minor! ! If you’re with Timeless, you’ll have to hold a parent-teacher meeting for him in the future!]

[Calm down, please, as a fan of the Kaolin Flower[[It is used as a metaphor for something that can only be seen from a distance and cannot be touched/Out of reach]], it’s not too embarrassing to post so many exclamation marks. Shine just knocked on Timeless’s door at three in the morning and Timeless opened it for him. Does that tell you anything? No.]

[I’m not only an adult but also over the legal age for marriage, beauty looks at me [peacock opening screen.gif]]

Shi Du became angered when he saw the phrase “parents’ teacher meeting.” After that comment, he tweeted a [smile] and casually followed R.H. Shine.

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