As a captain, you must be cold (E-sports) Chapter 13

Yu Zhaohan didn’t specifically ask about Shi Du’s background. He only knew that the commentator would thank several sponsors, including Shi Du’s brand, at the start of each game. When Shi Du said he could help R.H, he wasn’t just pretending- he could really help.

R.H’s current situation is as follows: game results are above average, there are star players, and there are a large number of fans. Most money owners are willing to take over if the owner is willing to sell the club for a reasonable price. But the idiot boss is relying on the core members of R.H, who would rather be owed a salary than leave the club to make a world of it and make other interested sponsors stay away.

Due to non-disclosure agreements, club members couldn’t take the initiative to expose this matter unless they didn’t mind leaving the R.H created by Wan Feng. As a result, only a few insiders were aware of R.H’s true situation, and even fans have been kept in the dark.

However, there was no non-disclosure agreement between Shi Du and R.H. The young master had money and a good background; he could do whatever he wanted and was not afraid to offend people.

Back at the base, Shi Du posted a Weibo: [I envy R.H’s brothers who can eat takeout every day. Unlike me, I can only eat the food made by my aunt in IPL]

As soon as the Weibo was posted, the rhythm of comments changed again and again:

[Hahahaha, did my brother go to R.H to learn tea ceremony]

[A lot of takeaways are not clean and unsanitary. It’s not good to eat every day. Doesn’t R.H have their own cooking auntie?]

[I doubt they have one. Throughout the season this year, R.H has not even seen having a substitute. They even let my wife stay in a cheap hotel the last time they went to Busan to play a game. [drawing a knife]]

[Is R.H’s boss bankrupt? Otherwise, why are you being so frugal?]

[I just went to the stock market to look at R.H’s parent company’s stock, and it’s doing very well[smile]]

[So R.H’s boss is wealthy, but he refuses to invest in the team?]

All kinds of guesses on the Internet were flying all over the sky, and the more they spread, the more outrageous they were: Cheese wears women’s clothes while partner training in order to eat meat, Qi Xian sells smiles every day to pay for the Internet fee, Yu Zhaohan was committed to timeless for the base rent, and has to run errands for the young master to deliver chargers in the middle of the night, and so on.

Many fans flocked to the R.H player’s Weibo, hoping for an explanation, whether it was a rumor or a true story.

Yu Zhaohan was about to post his Weibo after editing it, but Old Tan stopped him: “Shine, you signed a long-term contract with the club.”

“It’s fine,” Yu Zhaohan replied, “I can still pay the liquidated damages.”

Yu Zhaohan’s family is quite well off. After his parents agreed to postpone his studies and let him play e-sports, they also gave him a lot of financial support.   He has some money in addition to the money earned from live broadcasts, though he is not as wealthy as Shi Du.

“It doesn’t matter if you lose money. Aren’t you afraid the club will terminate your contract?”

“If they still want to sell R.H at a high price, they won’t dare to terminate the contract with me,” Yu Zhaohan reasoned.

Old Tan is still worried: “But…”

“Captain, Captain!” Cheese screamed, “Wing posted a Weibo!”

Wing’ Weibo was a short essay of a thousand words. He wrote it without logic, on the spur of the moment, with no skill, and full of emotion:

[This has been a nightmare of a year for R.H. The youth training team, second team, substitutes, and coaching team were all disbanded one by one. In the end, there were only six of us. We relocated to a downtown loft and turned the living room into a training room. The apartment’s soundproofing is poor, the neighbors are always arguing, and we have to listen to it like a series every day. We don’t have an aunt, so we do our own cooking and cleaning.

We’re too busy, there are no assistant coaches or data analysts, and the players do a lot of the coaching work. After the regular season, the front office took charge and began to default on salaries. Even if we travel to other cities to play games, the captain will cover the cost of airfare and lodging in advance. We don’t have time to broadcast live and attend commercial events. We reasoned that as long as we got results and the prize money from The International, the boss would reconsider and R.H would be back on track.

But we ended up losing, sorry…]

Old Tan said anxiously: “Why didn’t Wing tell us in advance, I’ll give him a call.”

“No need,” Yu Zhaohan said, looking down at his phone, “he contacted me.”

Wing: [Captain, I apologize for not discussing it with you in advance. Don’t worry, I’ve already retired and will not be doing any gaming or e-sports related work in the future. I can bear the possible consequences. I’m really happy to be able to do the last thing for R.H.]

Several people exchanged glances after reading the WeChat. “As expected of a man who will become a father,” Qi Xian said with a smile. “Cheese, you should learn.”

“Xianxian, what should I do, I want to cry…” Cheese sniffed.

Qi Xian said softly: “It’s not like you cry once or twice. Go ahead and cry, we won’t laugh at you.”

Wing is an introvert. He used to speak less at the base and train more in silence. However, it was such a team member who typed this lengthy article word for word for R.H.

Yu Zhaohan’s adam’s apple rolled as he wanted to cry as well, but Cheese could cry, and he couldn’t. He could hold back the urge to cry and his eye circles could also be controlled from turning red, but his voice would definitely be hoarse, so he couldn’t speak.

Cheese looked at Yu Zhaohan with red eyes: “Captain, what should we do now?”

Yu Zhaohan forwarded Wing’s lengthy text without hesitation. R.H Cheese, R.H Clown, and R.H Shan then reposted the Weibo one after the other. They appeared to be back on the field at this point, bearing the prefix R.H and fighting side by side.

Old Tan, who was always optimistic about the future, also gave up, and forwarded the Weibo while gritting his teeth: “Fuck the non-disclosure agreement!!!”

Shi Du stood quietly in the corner, with an indescribable feeling in his heart. He has a hazy understanding of why these people were still hesitant to leave R.H despite the fact that management was so terrible.

Of course, he has no problems with the IPL; the club and teammates were both great. He initially chose IPL because it was an all-China team with a base in Beijing, which was close to his home. He suddenly felt that he should look at something deeper when choosing a team.

On the side, Xu said sadly: “I really wish I was still in R.H.”

Xu’s family is relatively poor. He has to raise a large family while also supporting his sister’s education. It was Yu Zhaohan who single-handedly facilitated his transfer to IPL.

Shi Du put his hand on Xu’s shoulder: “At least you used to be.”

R.H’s boss’s rottenness quickly became a hot search topic. As in the finals, fans of each major team teamed up together and pointed fingers at R.H’s parent company:

[I can’t believe I let my angelic wife eat take out every day, fuck/your ancestors]

[Since they don’t care, why not sell the team and delay so many people’s progress for a whole year?! How long can a professional player play?]

[Some people are said to want to buy it, but the owner of R.H believes the price is too low and refuses to sell it [vomiting] [vomiting]]

[R.H is still in the top eight in this case. If the team operates normally, not to mention winning the championship, at least they can go to the top three]

[Report—R.H’s parent company’s products have been listed; brothers, boycott it! ]

As the “initiator” of this incident, Shi Du was bombarded by WeChat from all parties. The IPL manager reminded him not to interfere in the internal affairs of other teams. The league official questioned him about the specifics of the situation, and his father’s assistant in charge of this area questioned him about how he planned to handle it.

Shi Du responded consistently: [Relax, I’ll discuss it when I return to Beijing]

Before they knew it, it was early morning. Old Tan urged everyone to go back to sleep: “The parent company’s public relations arrangement must not be so fast, and the league officials also need time to investigate. Go to bed, there is still a tough battle to fight tomorrow.”

Shi Du said: “Xu and I will not disturb you. We will go back to Beijing tomorrow.”

“Have you booked a flight ticket?” Lu Youshan asked, “What time is the flight?”

Shi Du said, “At nine o’clock in the morning, we will take a taxi.”

Shi Du had just returned to his room when he heard someone knock on the door. Lu Youshan stood at the door holding a laptop, and said with a serious face: “Timeless, as the head coach of R.H, I officially invite you to come to R.H for trial training.”

Timeless raised his eyebrows, then opened his body sideways, gesturing for Lu Youshan to go in and talk.

Lu Youshan opened his well-prepared ppt: “This is your match against PPZ the day before yesterday, and I collected up your personal data.” He turned a page, “This is your data from the official match between IPL and PPZ, I made a comparison between the two.”

Average stats per 10 minutes

Damage to heroes: 9400/9820

Last blow: 153/116

Great move hit rate: 75/75

Hero death: 1/2

“You’re doing less damage, but your ability to reel in has improved significantly. This shows that the other C position has shared a lot of pressure on you, allowing you to better fulfill your responsibilities as an assassin…”

Shi Du looked at the dense data and said: “There is no comparison between the training and the official game, and the environment and mentality are completely different.”

“But there is a certain reference.  The players’ performance in the training game determines how they will play in the official game. This is your first session with the three of them. If you train with them for an extended period of time, your personal data will undoubtedly improve by another level- I bet my life with you.”

Shi Du laughed: “Why would I want your life.”

Lu Youshan was anxious because Shi Du was unmoved, and when he was anxious, he began to think wildly and unscrupulously. He remembered a joke Qi Xian made a while ago and blurted out: “Are you a face obsessed person?”

Shi Du didn’t respond for a while: “What?”

Lu Youshan asked, “Do you think Shine is beautiful?”

Shi Du honestly replied: “Beautiful.”

“If you come to R.H, you can see Shine every day.”

Shi Du couldn’t help but laugh: “You’re trying so hard, Coach Lu, you even used the moved by beauty plan.”

Lu Youshan would do anything to get his hands on the desired short/gun; betraying Shine was nothing: “No one can refuse Shine’s face, regardless of gender or age.”

Shi Du said half-truth: “Really, it’s a pity that my preference is a cute and coquettish little beauty.”

Lu Youshan: “…”

“I want to win the championship. I can’t let Lawman win three championships in a row, and I can’t let Tide return to China with the Champions Cup next year. I told Wan Feng that four Chinese people can win it. Championship…  I want to win,” Lu Youshan murmured quietly to himself, “I promised Wan Feng, I will bring the R.H to win…”

Shi Du looked at Lu Youshan for a long time before saying, “I understand, I will consider trial training, but the most important thing right now is to solve the problem of your boss.”

Shi Du and Xu got up early the next day to catch the flight, while R.H’s people hadn’t. Shi Du went downstairs to call for a taxi, but he ran into Yu Zhaohan, who was waiting for them.

Yu Zhaohan, with his thin waist and long legs and an indifferent expression, leaned on the hood of the black SUV, which was more eye-catching than the car models on display. Whether Yu Zhaohan liked to pretend to be coercive or not, he was clearly not a “little” beauty; at the very least, he belonged to the “big” generation.

“Get in the car, and I’ll drive you to the airport,” Yu Zhaohan said concisely.

“Thank you.” Shi Du got into Yu Zhaohan’s passenger again, “Shine, have you had breakfast?”


“We haven’t eaten either. Let’s have breakfast first.”

“You guys go to the airport and eat there,” Yu Zhaohan said, concerned that they would miss the flight.

Shi Du yawned, “But I’m hungry.”

Yu Zhaohan: “…”

When the younger brother could not get a response, he repeated: “Shine, I’m hungry.”

The little boy who was still growing is a trouble. He wouldn’t care if it was before. But for the sake of Shi Du helping him… Fine.

Yu Zhaohan pulled over and stopped: “Go back to the car to eat after buying it, go quickly.”

Shi Du returned quickly with a stack of bread and milk. He was initially a little greedy for the breakfast shop’s freshly baked dumplings, but the big beauties were obsessed with cleanliness. He offered Xu breakfast and handed Yu Zhaohan a piece of whole-wheat bread, saying, “Don’t you like sweets?”

Yu Zhaohan glanced at it: “Just give me something to drink.”

“Then there is only chocolate milk.”

Yu Zhaohan’s ears twitched: “Is there nothing else?”


“Really not?”

“Really not.”

Yu Zhaohan held back restraint: “Then I’ll take it.”

Shi Du smiled while opening the milk bottle cap, then placed it next to the driver’s seat. Yu Zhaohan reluctantly took a sip while waiting for a traffic light: “It’s very creamy.”

Shi Du prompted his head and smiled at him, saying, “I’ll buy you something not too creamy next time.”

Yu Zhaohan drove up to the speed limit so that the two of them have plenty of time when they arrived at the airport. They swiped their phones in the waiting room after finishing the formalities. The R.H issue escalated after a night of fermentation, and more and more insiders revealed inside information. The hammer was the size of a mountain, and unless R.H’s parent company announces the discovery of a cancer vaccine, it will completely useless to ask for redemption.

Xu was scrolling through Weibo, and his homepage was all about this. He also saw little fish blowing bubbles posted a Weibo, but he said something different:

[I’m in a good mood, the chocolate milk is so sweet (●°u°●)]

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