As a captain, you must be cold (E-sports) Chapter 14

Following the disclosure of R.H’s parent company’s bad debts, league officials conducted an investigation and evidence collection as soon as possible at the request of the sponsor, and at the same time issued an announcement to appease the enraged fans:

[The League officials have formed a special investigation team to look into the recent situation involving R.H club failing to pay players’ salaries and refusing to provide good training and living conditions for players. If the situation is true, we will punish the owner of the R.H club in accordance with the applicable regulations.

The League official will protect the legitimate income and rights of every Destination professional player, and ensure that every game will be fair, unbiased, and open.

—”Destination” Global Professional E-Sports Alliance.]

The problem was so serious, but R.H’s parent company has not responded. Old Tan was expecting the parent company’s legal counsel to show up at the door with a non-disclosure agreement but instead found himself alone.

“Why don’t they just come over and shut our mouths?” Old Tan wondered. “It really shouldn’t be like this.”

Qi Xian said, “It’s not surprising. First and foremost, it is too late to stop us; they can stop us, but not others; secondly, I have the impression that someone is pressing them, and they dare not touch us.”

“Is the ‘someone’ that Xian Xian said is Timeless?” Cheese asked curiously.

Qi Xian flicked on Cheese’s forehead and said with a smile: “Smart.”

Old Tan exclaimed: “Should we give Timeless a big gift because he has been so helpful to us? What about making him a customized banner and sending it to Beijing?”

Lu Youshan remembered Shi Du’s self-confessed type, and said: “Find him a cute little beauty who loves to be pampered, he likes them.”

Several people looked at Lu Youshan at the same time, including Yu Zhaohan, who had been drinking coffee and acting calm: “How do you know that?”

“He said it himself.” Lu Youshan told everyone about his conversation with Shi Du that night. Cheese shouted: “The coach actually wants to perform a beauty trick on an underage younger brother! Aren’t you afraid of being arrested by the Internet police?”

“Shallow.” Yu Zhaohan made a casual remark about Shi Du’s type. “However, because he is R.H’s benefactor, whoever knows the cute little beauty can introduce them to him when he is an adult. In addition,” Yu Zhaohan looked at Lu Youshan with a warning in his eyes, “I remember I said that Timeless’s mentality is not mature enough and may not be suitable for R.H.”

Lu Youshan retorted: “I understand your concerns. You think Timeless has only started playing professionally and is already planning to retire, so he might be too eager to win the championship within a year. But if that’s really the case, why didn’t he accept Lawman’s offer? Lawman is the best team for him to win the world championship.”

“Perhaps it’s because there are no pork trotter noodles in North America,” Yu Zhaohan reasoned.

“Shine, do you have any prejudice against Timeless?” Lu Youshan asked seriously.

“Are you questioning my professionalism?” Yu Zhaohan asked while using his ‘eyes narrowed dangerously, making people shudder’ skill.

Lu Youshan didn’t flinch: “I’m just stating facts.”

Just when the two were at a standoff, Old Tan suddenly interjected: “So what, Timeless is broadcasting live now, do you want to watch it?”

“Watch!” Lu Youshan looked at Yu Zhaohan and said word by word, “I will tell you with his game performance that he is the most suitable short/gun for R.H.”

Shi Du rarely broadcast live, and it was also broadcast during the off-season. His popularity in the circle is second only to Yu Zhaohan’s, and the live broadcast room was featured on the platform’s homepage. When Old Tan tuned in, he saw… a kitchen.

It was a bright and spacious open-plan kitchen in a standard gray tone. This shouldn’t be IPL’s base but at Shi Du’s house.

The tall boy was wearing a loose T-shirt and read the recipe on the tablet: “First blanch the pig’s trotters with the three-piece deodorization set to remove the fishy smell, and then put it through the cold water…” He glanced at the barrage “To get rid of the fishy smell. How many people are still unaware of the existence of a three-piece deodorization?”

[Did I go to the wrong channel? Isn’t this the game area?]

[Back to the front, you are right. Little brother played two games before saying that he was hungry and going to the kitchen to prepare something to eat [laughs]].

[I just went to look for a treasure and the green pot next to my little brother… Five-figure price tag [wry smile]]

[Can Timeless reveal any inside information on how to solve the R.H problem?]

[The little young master can cook! Who had their sex/fetish poked? Oh, it’s mine [nosebleed]].

[Brother, look at my wife who is still eating takeaway at R.H! If you could cook him a good meal, I would really appreciate it]

Shi Du’s cooking skills were quite refined, and he could even fry pig’s trotters in deep oil without changing his expression. Cheese was dumbfounded.

Yu Zhaohan stood on the high ground and said coldly, “What did I just say.” He said that Shi Du was a foodie, but they didn’t believe him, hmph.

“That’s pretty good as well,” Qi Xian said, smiling. “It just so happens that none of us can cook. If Timeless really joins us, he can be a part-time cooking aunt.”

R.H’s parent company’s public relations team remained silent for a few days. The stock price dropped for a while, and finally, an apology was issued. They probably also knew it would be impossible to clean their name, so it was better to simply kneel down and apologize: first, they “deeply apologized, and will pay the bonuses and salaries owed to the players,” and then they said, “the group has always been based on traditional industries, and the lack of awareness of new industries such as e-sports has resulted in management mistakes,” and finally hinted that they would withdraw from the e-sports field: “We sincerely hope that R.H Club can progress further under the direction of experienced leaders.”

R.H’s parent company was only interested in getting rid of the team as soon as possible and would no longer dare to ask for prices. R.H. had already piqued the interest of numerous company. They could use the opportunity to gain the favor of fans now that they can buy the club for a relatively low price.

According to inside information obtained by Old Tan, several companies have already made bids, and the one with the highest price should win. The identity of this “high-priced person” is a top-secret matter that Old Tan caouldn’t find out.

Despite the fact that the transfer period had passed halfway, the club was still in disarray, and the four starters had yet to be assembled. Lu Youshan’s hair was falling out from stress. In contrast, Yu Zhaohan acted calmly, taking Cheese and Qi Xian to battle the US server, eventually reaching the top ten.

Yu Zhaohan was pleased with his maturity and stability, which he displayed when he called his mother late at night.

Mother Yu knew her son’s nature and said helplessly: “You, are you really not anxious?”

“I’m worried, but it’s useless to be anxious, and it will make Lu Youshan and the others even more anxious.” Yu Zhaohan wrapped himself in the blanket and released his stress in front of the dearest person to him, “I’ve got mouth ulcers, three of them, and it hurts so much, look at this…”

Yu Zhaohan opened his mouth “ah”, revealing three white small wounds that were almost connected in a straight line. Yu Zhaohan’s mother felt distressed and asked, “Baby, have you bought medicine? Would you like your mother to buy it and send it over?”

Yu Zhaohan murmured, “No, I bought it secretly myself. I just can’t tell where the wound was, so I can’t sprinkle it…”

“Then what should we do, can you ask your teammates to help?”

“No way…”

After a month, R.H welcomed its new owner— a game company that had gone public, and the owner was in his early forties, the earliest generation in China to come into contact with video games. The entire company was young and full of vitality.

The new owner sent someone over as soon as the necessary procedures for the club’s transfer were completed.

Except for Cheese, no one else got up when the doorbell rang. Cheese opened the door and saw a man in his thirties with black-rimmed glasses and a sunny, handsome, youthful looking man. Cheese Opened the door and asked, “Who are you looking for?”

When the man saw him, his eyes lit up: “Cheese! I’m your fan!”

“And your little boss.” The man with glasses extended his hand, “Hello Cheese, I’m R.H’s new operations Director, Wu Liao.”

Cheese blinked, and when he realized what was happening, he turned his head and shouted inside, “Captain— the little boss and the new director are here!”

Yu Zhaohan unhurriedly stood up from his gaming chair, “Invite them in.”

Whether the new boss was a good boss or not, he had to keep the momentum going and not let the management think they were just little kittens.

Cheese invited the two men in. The man was even more ecstatic when he saw Yu Zhaohan than when he saw Cheese: “Shine! I’m also a fan of yours. I am the top one in your live broadcast room. I usually play the game with the long/gun position…”

Wu Liao introduced: “This is Li Yuexi, the little boss, who came to the company during the university break for an internship. During the internship, he will work with me to manage club-related matters.”

So he is also a capitalist young master. Yu Zhaohan nodded: “Okay.”

Cheese poured water for them, “The others are still sleeping, do you want me to wake them up?”

Wu Liao smiled and said, “No, no, I’m not here today for anything big, just to meet with you guys and talk about the next arrangements.”

Yu Zhaohan said straightforwardly: “We need recruits.”

Cheese raised his hands: “I want a house with three bathrooms! It takes a year for Old Tan to go to the toilet every time. If we don’t change the accommodation, I will get prostatitis sooner or later.”

Wu Liao agreed happily: “The operation team will do our best to meet your needs. We already have several plans for the new base’s location, and you can pick the one you like best.”

Cheese, who is used to a hard life, was teary-eyed, “We still have a choice… Captain, I’m not dreaming?”

Yu Zhaohan said calmly, “No.”

“By the way, I have also prepared gifts for you.” The little boss took out a bunch of things from his backpack, “I’m giving this to you, just to congratulate R.H in advance for winning the championship next season!”

Yu Zhaohan received an exquisite and cool sniper/gun hand puppet, identical to the one used by his usual hero in the game, with the words “one gun, one shot” engraved on the gun.

Yu Zhaohan was touched. At first glance, these gifts appear to have been carefully prepared. The little boss appeared to be a fan of theirs, and he would undoubtedly be helpful to R.H in the future. He would definitely give the little boss a grateful hug if he could get Cheese’s attention.

Cheese received a pink rabbit pillow with his Weibo profile picture on it.

Cheese was so touched by the cuteness that he wailed, “So cute! Thank you little boss!” Cheese usually acted like a spoiled spoiled child in front of Qi Xian, but now that Qi Xian was not around, he extended his paw to the beautiful captain, “Captain, look, isn’t it cute?”

Yu Zhaohan stared at the rabbit pillow in Cheese’s arms, and said coolly, “It’s okay.”

The smile on Cheese’s face froze. For some reason, he thought the captain’s eyes were strange. He was terrified and asked tremblingly, “Captain, do you want to exchange with me?”

Yu Zhaohan averted his gaze, hugged his sniper/gun hand puppet tightly, and said without any envy, “I don’t want to.”

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