As a captain, you must be cold (E-sports) Chapter 18

After the new uniforms and slogan were finalized, Old Tan immediately contacted the factories with which he had worked to get them to work as soon as possible. There was a body weight scale at the base. Old Tan knows the weight of the players, but their height can only be determined visually. To obtain more accurate data, he sent the following message to the team group: [report your height to all members]

Timeless: [170]

Shine: [180]

: [1856]

Cheese: [175]

Old Tan: [. ]

Old Tan: [Come to my room after training, and I will use a ruler to measure each one for you]

After the uniforms were finished, Old Tan invited a professional team to the base to photograph their profiles. These photos will be posted on the league and the club’s official websites. The introduction of the game’s players, data comparison, and MVP display will all be linked.

Old Tan sent down one pink team uniform by size, and grumbled, “When the game comes, everyone else is in domineering pure black, and you guys enter in girly pink, you can’t even raise your momentum.”

“No way,” Cheese retorted, “haven’t you heard that the more pink the team uniform, the harder the beating.”

Yu Zhaohan took his team uniform and walked upstairs without haste, walking gracefully as usual, only slightly accelerating as he approached the room.

Yu Zhaohan couldn’t wait to take off his black team uniform and changed it to the new one as soon as the door closed!

Yu Zhaohan took it off so quickly that his hair became a mess. He didn’t have time to tidy up and put himself in the new team uniform with the speed of changing magazines when playing games.

He felt like himself at this moment.

Cheese, his good brother and hero. If Cheese was critically ill right now, he would have spent his entire family’s money to cure him.

Shanghai was extremely cold in the winter, and the indoor air conditioner was not warm enough. Yu Zhaohan took a pure white jacket from a pile of dark tops and put it on the outside of the team uniform.

It was really terrible to mix black and pink, and he understands that perfectly.

It took Yu Zhaohan a while to get his hair done, and when he returned downstairs, everyone else was already there. Cheese was making suggestions while the makeup artist trimmed Qi Xian’s brows. When he saw Yu Zhaohan, he almost bit his tongue and exclaimed, “Cap, cap, captain…!”

Shi Du was playing with his phone while the stylist worked on his hair. He looked up when he heard Cheese’s exclamation.

Pink was very particular about skin tone; all four of them had fair skin, but Yu Zhaohan was by far the fairest. He usually dressed in dark colors, giving the impression of a mountain peak in the white snow that was difficult to approach and can only be seen from afar.

Yu Zhaohan, who dressed up in the new team uniform, still had the same world-weary face, but his cheeks seemed to be dyed with warm light by the team uniform. The pink shirt was wrapped under the pure white coat, and it should feel very soft, which reminds Shi Du of the rabbit that he hugs and sleeps with every day.

No matter how old Tan disliked big men wearing pink, he couldn’t help but sigh: “Shine is so damn beautiful, he even made my heart beat faster as a straight man.”

Your heart beat faster?

Shi Du raised his hand and checked his watch; his heart rate had reached 100. He hesitated for a moment before opening the web page and searching: [What is the heart rate of a normal male]

[A male’s normal heart rate is 60-100 beats per minute. It will beat faster when you are working or emotional than when you are calm…]

Shi Du exhaled a sigh of relief. A heart rate of 100 is still considered normal, and it seems a little dangerous to go higher. He said with a smile: “I’m a little bit too.”

Yu Zhaohan turned his attention to each of his three teammates. Cheese had nothing to see because he always wore this color of clothing. Yu Zhaohan shook his head in his heart as he looked at Qi Xian, who had long burgundy hair and wore a pink team uniform. Shi Du, on the other hand, managed to wear pink without looking out of place with such a tall figure, instead appearing more youthful and energetic. Was it because of his good looks?

Yu Zhaohan noticed Shi Du was only wearing his uniform. and asked, “Aren’t you cold?”

“Not cold,” Shi Du said, “it’s even a little hot.”

Yu Zhaohan looked at him suspiciously. Shi Du stretched out his hand to him: “You can feel it.”

The boy’s action was too sudden, Yu Zhaohan instinctively stepped back and distanced himself from him: “I, I have a cleanliness addiction.”

Shi Du wondered if he had noticed the small pause in his words, he smiled and said, “Then let Cheese feel it for you —Brother Cheese?”

“I’m here!” Cheese rushed over and grabbed Shi Du’s hand, “Really, brother’s hand is so warm, how did you do it.”

Shi Du said, “Probably because I eat a lot of sweets.”

Cheese and Shi Du started the topic of how to keep warm in winter. Yu Zhaohan would never join in such a mentally retarded conversation and walked past the two with a calm face.

It was just being called brother, and being able to stick and hug with your teammates, it’s not worth his envy at all. He is a great beauty, and he has a cleanliness addiction.

Yu Zhaohan couldn’t help looking back and found that Qi Xian had also joined the group chat, and the three of them were touching each other, comparing whose hands were the warmest.

After taking everyone’s makeup photos, followed by group photos, the four of them posed a lot of pretentious poses under the guidance of the photographer. Old Tan asked them to pick out a few good ones and post them on the official Weibo.

Qi Xian finally stopped laughing when he saw the photo, wrinkled his nose, and said, “Should I change my hair color?”

Yu Zhaohan said ruthlessly, “Yes, you are ugly now.”

Qi Xian smiled: “Thank you, Captain “

“Captain and little brother look good in every one of them. It’s true that beautiful and handsome men are not ugly to photograph…” Cheese finely selected, “Why is my nostril so big in this one!”

The day before going to Hangzhou, R.H announced the transfer news of Timeless: [Welcome Timeless to join R.H and join us in the new season!]

The accompanying picture is Shi Du’s makeup photo.

A minute later, the other three R.H retweeted this Weibo.

R.H Qi Xian: [I am honored to be your teammate, R.H Timeless]

R.H Cheese: [Welcome brother R.H Timeless! In the future, my milk will be drunk by one more person~ (bushi)]

R.H Shine: [Welcome.]

The transfer of a star player was big news in and of itself, and it was still a team that was constantly talked about. When the news breaks, not to mention that the entire network, the e-sports community will be blown up. However, when Shi Du previously came to R.H for trial training, he had leaked a few rumors, and some players crashed their four rows in high-end rounds and recognized Shi Du’s operation. For several rounds, the e-sports circle has been blown up, and fans have been overwhelmed even more by R.H’s new team uniform.

[Damn, I knew my brother had a deal with R.H!]

[I feel the financial resources of R.H’s new boss. I don’t know how the IPL is doing, I hope they are fine]

[Congratulations to R.H on the addition of a male god, now the pressure is on the European and American male model teams. Roll it up for me!]

[R.H is too good at it, what a fairy team uniform! I’ll fucking buy it! ]

[Which guy can refuse pink (QAQ)]

[Why are there only official photos of Timeless? Where is my wife? Hurry up and send my wife’s photo, don’t make me kneel down and beg you]

[My brother is going to celebrate his coming-of-age ceremony at R.H, I wish my husband a happy eighteenth birthday in advance~]

“What’s wrong with this society.” Lu Yaoshan was shocked and at a loss, “Why do a bunch of tough guys want to buy our pink uniforms?”

Old Tan looked at the calendar and said worriedly: “Timeless’s birthday happens to be the day of the game- what’s your plan, little brother?”

Shi Du had nothing special in mind: “Let’s talk after the game.”

Yu Zhaohan was about to speak when he heard Cheese ask what he wanted to ask: “But this is a coming-of-age ceremony. Rich people like you should have a reception, a party, or something.”

“Yeah.” Shi Du shrugged, “But I want to play the game, so I don’t care about them.”

Lu Yaoshan is very relieved: “Then let’s wait until the game is over.”

Shi Du smiled: “Okay, I want chocolate cake.”

“While this is a friendly match against the brother team, it is also R.H’s first game after being a freshman, so it must be taken seriously.” Lu Yaoshan made a pre-game motivation, “After this game, go back and have a good year, and then welcome the new year, then welcome the new season in the best condition.”

Several people sparsely agreed.

Old Tan said: “The little boss said that if we can win first place this time, we can split the prize money among ourselves.”

“Reborn from ashes, immortal heroes!” Cheese stood up excitedly, “I am the sun!”

Hangzhou is very close to Shanghai. The group drove from the base to the hotel the day before the game. Old Tan was invited to supper by several teams as soon as he arrived at the hotel. Lu Yaoshan refused to agree, claiming that those people had either come to inquire about tactics or to prevent a few starters from playing. Old Tan was aware that Lu Yaoshan’s anxiety had returned, but he still declined his peers’ invitations.

“Because the schedule for tomorrow is tight, don’t leave the hotel today and go to bed early.” Old Tan said as he handed out the room cards one by one, “It’s still the old rule, two people share a standard room.”

Yu Zhaohan asked: “Why not change it to a one-person room?”

“Why should things change? The traditional virtues of the Chinese people are diligence and thrift.” Old Tan said solemnly, “Shine, you can’t forget the hard times in the past just because things are getting better.”

Yu Zhaohan stared coldly at Old Tan: “Are you teaching me the philosophy of life?”

Old Tan hesitated under Yu Zhaohan’s fierce aura: “Then let the three of them squeeze in and give you the empty room?”

Yu Zhaohan said: “Forget it.”

He is not a squeamish person; when R.H was in a poor state, they traveled to other cities and stayed in a room for two. He is usually with Wings; he is cold, Wings is introverted, and they can’t even say a few words in the same room. He will occasionally share a room with Cheese. Cheese is lively and lovely during the day, but when he is alone at night, he is terrified like a concubine serving in bed; Concubine Qi is much better than him and behaves like a normal person.

Today’s Concubine Qi obviously didn’t want to sleep with him anymore, so he asked Shi Du: “Brother, can we share a room?”

Before Shi Du could respond, Cheese took Qi Xian’s hand in his and said, “You must share a room with me. Captain thinks my hair is ugly with the new uniform, so let the little brother pamper his eyes —okay, Timeless?”

Shi Du was casual: “I’m fine with it.”

Yu Zhaohan glanced calmly at the concubine, acting calmer than him: “Whatever you want.”

Lu Yaoshan took them to rewatch the two training games from yesterday after dinner, and they were not let go until after eleven o’clock. When the four of them came out from Lu Yaoshan’s room, Cheese said, “The 1 million prizes, which includes the substitutes, can be divided into 100,000 for each person… I intend to purchase a bag for my mother. Captain, how about you?”

Yu Zhaohan: “You should get the first place first.”

Qi Xian: “The coach said just now that the planner wants to modify the sniper’s mechanism, is it true?”

Yu Zhaohan frowned slightly: “I don’t know.”

Cheese: “Anyway, the change must be a rebalance, because the sniper’s ability to end the game is now too horrible.”

“We are here.” Qi Xian stopped, “See you tomorrow.”

“Good night Captain, brother.”

Shi Du was busy returning WeChat messages and made a hurried response behind Yu Zhaohan as he continued walking. The hotel’s corridor was carpeted and quiet, so quiet that Yu Zhaohan can hear the frequent vibration of Shi Du’s mobile phone.

When Yu Zhaohan arrived at the room’s door, he took out his room card and casually asked, “Is it a family?” It was his eighteenth birthday; his parents and friends couldn’t possibly forget him.

“Well…it’s annoying when they keep urging me to go back.” Shi Du walked into the room and charged his phone, “I’m going to take a shower first?”

Yu Zhaohan nodded: “Okay.”

Shi Du went in with his clothes bathroom. Yu Zhaohan glanced at the time, 23:40.

Yu Zhaohan walked back and forth a few times, sat on the bed, and pulled the sheets for a while, but he couldn’t hold back any longer. He opened Weibo and updated his status with his side account: [Ask! A cold-hearted male protagonist is on a business trip with a colleague who is two years younger than him. The colleague just celebrated his birthday. Will the male protagonist’s persona collapse when he wishes him a happy birthday?]

His side account has been active on Weibo all year, and he has made many friends along the way, with fans numbering in the thousands. Someone quickly responded to him after the Weibo was posted.

[How is the relationship between the male protagonist and his colleagues? ]

Yu Zhaohan replied: [Not bad, a normal colleague relationship~]

[Since it is known that it is the other party’s birthday, it is normal to say a blessing. There is nothing wrong with this.]

So, he can wish the little brother a happy birthday?

Yu Zhaohan tightened a loose corner of his mouth, thought for a moment, and then asked: [Can he not “speak coldly”? Can he say it softly?]

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