As a captain, you must be cold (E-sports) Chapter 23

“It’s Momo” is a female streamer in the game area. She is pretty, can act spoiled, is talented, and is very popular. Shi Du’s teammates would occasionally watch her live broadcasts during his time in the IPL.

After all, Captain Yu recommended the live broadcast room, so he should try it. Momo was selecting a hero from the ranking when Shi Du clicked in. Momo also wanted to play support and acted cute when asking teammates to make her way: “Brother, please give me the magpie, I will assist you, brother.”

A question mark and an exclamation mark were floating on the barrage, which also contained a lot of “Timeless.”

Shi Du glanced at his ID… Sure enough, he forgot to use his second account.

[Timeless? ? Himself? ? ?]

[Fuck, brother, why did you come here if you didn’t even look at the Great Beauty Captain? I hate you]

[Isn’t this account hacked?]

[I got it, my husband likes something like this; I’ll start learning it right away.]

“Timeless? Is it truly Timeless? Ahhhh brother, I’m your fan, the female streamer wears a hat with bunny ears that move when she speaks, I’m so nervous, my brother is watching me play, woo woo woo my hands are shaking…”

Shi Du had already left the live room before Momo finished speaking.

She could barely be regarded as a cute and petite beauty, but Shi Du has no interest in her. He even considered returning to Shanghai to see the big beauties who like to pretend instead of looking at this.

Shi Du got into a taxi that had stopped on the side of the road after confirming the license plate number. The driver asked him, “Where is the handsome young man going?”

“The airport.”

It was already two o’clock in the morning when he returned to the base. Shi Du noticed the lights in the living room at the gate and assumed that someone had returned earlier than him. He then saw Yu Zhaohan’s SUV in the garage.

No wonder Yu Zhaohan has been training all day, has been killed by him numerous times, and still wishes to continue. Although Bking likes to pretend, he always goes all out.

Suddenly, a strange roar erupted from the living room, accompanied by human screams and the rumbling sound of a big thing collapsing. Shi Du raised his brows and was about to open the door when he noticed a strange shadow passing through the window.

The shadow stood about the height of a person, with horns on its head, massive claws, spines on its back, and a tail trailing behind it.

Shi Du: …

Yu Zhaohan, was he eaten?

The base’s living room has a high-definition large-screen TV that is usually used for reviewing the game. At this point, Yu Zhaohan’s phone is projected on the screen, and the screen remains in the team’s WeChat group.

Old Tan: [I heard that some people went to see the female streamer without sleeping at night? @Timeless]

[Old Tan shared a post: Timeless visited Momo’s live broadcast room late at night, and the male and female protagonists of e-sports were brought into reality]

Cheese: [Fuck! You just turned 18 and got a girlfriend? It’s not fair!]

Xian: [Can I say I’m not surprised at all? Momo is a little beauty who grew up to become the little brother’s type]

Shan: [Falling in love will delay the training. It’s not good to suffer when you are young. You will suffer from love. Think again]

Cheese: [Brother? Hello, is my brother here? Come out and confess!]

Xian: [He’s definitely here, just not here [You know what I mean.jpg]]

Cheese: [Understood, I’ll go to Momo’s live broadcast room to call someone [I know what you mean.jpg]]

A minute later, Shi Du finally appeared.

Timeless: [@Shine where are you]

Shine: [?]

Timeless: [Didn’t you say you want to play solo]

Shine: [No, I don’t want to disturb you watching the little beauty]

Timeless: [Haha]

It appears that the little brother should be almost comforted. Yu Zhaohan exhaled a sigh of relief, closed WeChat, and the TV screen returned to the scene of the fierce battle. He threw the empty bag of potato chips into the trash can, thinking about the snacks on the table, and stretched his paws toward the canned yellow peach that could relieve tiredness.

The can’s airtightness is so strong that it doesn’t move even when Yu Zhaohan’s palm becomes red.

Yu Zhaohan couldn’t help but be annoyed. His hero ability has been reduced, he has been abused in the solo game, and even a broken can give him a look.

Presumptuous! He had played professionally all his life, couldn’t he just enjoy himself?

Just as he was about to use his teeth to open it, the door opened unexpectedly—

Yu Zhaohan jumped to his feet, turned his head in horror, and looked at the person who came.

Shi Du, who had short smoky gray hair, was dressed in black and only showed the white collar of his shirt as he stood in the doorway blocking the moonlight. He was wearing headphones around his neck, carrying a backpack on one shoulder, and exhaling a white mist of winter.

The boy had a youthful and flamboyant look in his eyes.

But Yu Zhaohan was dressed in the little dinosaur’s one-piece pajamas, which required him to strip naked before going to the toilet.

Yu Zhaohan stiffly put down his hand, and the world seemed to stand still at this moment.

Shi Du looked at the TV, the snack table, and at Yu Zhaohan, his eyes moving from top to bottom, from the spine to the claw, and the corner of his mouth slowly raising.

Yu Zhaohan: “…”

Why doesn’t he know about invisibility, and why hasn’t the world been destroyed yet?

Yu Zhaohan’s eyes were empty, but his posture remained upright out of habit.

What to do, to be discovered…what to do, what to do, what to do.

Was there anything in the “Rule of Pretending to Be Coercive” concerning how to handle this situation? Oh right. A piercing look is an ideal method to use while feeling embarrassed.

Yu Zhaohan finally found his voice after a long time.

“This is a misunderstanding,” he has already strained all of his expressions and has made an effort to sound calm, but he actually has no control over his red ears, “I’m not a fool.”

Calm down. He may give an explanation like losing a bet, taking a significant risk, or a live broadcast event or something…  Anyway, he is not a fool.

Even if he were, he couldn’t be found by Shi Du. Shi Du will never again listen to his captain because of his arrogance and knowledge of his limited intelligence.

Yu Zhaohan was ready to speak, but Shi Du just smiled slowly and said, “Of course, how could the captain of R.H be a fool.” 

Yu Zhaohan cautiously held his tiny can. He was unable to discern anything odd about Shi Du’s expression, which suggested that the youngster was not taking the circumstances seriously at all.

Was it possible that only he was torn apart? Has the little brother explored the world to the point that this level is merely a spill for him?

The can in Yu Zhaohan’s hand was taken away before he could respond. He noticed that the food can, which had been so very firm in his mouth, had gotten to his little brother’s fingers and had instantly broken the resistance and released the flavor of yellow peach.

Shi Du handed over the can: “Here.”

After a brief moment of hesitation, Yu Zhaohan reached for it. Shi Du raised his hand just as he was going to touch the can with his fingers, making it out of his reach.

“That’s not right,” the boy put on a bewildered expression, “Didn’t Captain Yu have a cleanliness addiction, why would he open a can with his teeth?”

Yu Zhaohan: “…” He knew his little brother couldn’t be so nice.

Calm down.

Yu Zhaohan lifted his eyes and used the skill [Sharp gaze flared with a terrifying cold light.]

However, the little brother didn’t seem to be affected by this at all and asked, “Don’t you have a cleanliness addiction at all?”

Yu Zhaohan: “…”

“You actually like snacks, and the sweet ones too—damn, then you still think the chocolate milk I gave you is greasy?” Shi Du asked as he approached him with a smile.

Yu Zhaohan instinctively stepped back: “I…”

Shi Du gradually approached: “You are wearing fluffy one-piece pajamas, so why didn’t you want it when I gave you the rabbit?”

Yu Zhaohan then stepped back and continued to use [Sharp Gaze.]

The boy got closer and closer to him: “It’s obvious that you want to wear a pink team uniform, and you have to throw the pot on Cheese. It’s really smart for our captain.”

Behind him was the big refrigerator in the living room, Yu Zhaohan didn’t have many steps left to retreat.

No, don’t come here again…

Shi Du put one hand on the refrigerator, and the shadow under the lamp completely covered Yu Zhaohan: “You actually want to dye your hair with us, right? Does my new hairstyle really make me look handsome?”

The redness that had started at the base of Yu Zhaohan’s ears had now crept up to his cheeks as he leaned against the refrigerator.

The boy smiled handsomely and said flatly: “I also like to watch Ultraman, next time, ask me to watch it with you, Captain.”

Yu Zhaohan: “…”

In the end, he needed to calm down.

No, don’t panic; instead, think again about what the “Rule of Pretending to Be Coercive” suggests. There is only one more option left if a fierce gaze won’t work: silently turn around.

Lu Xun[1]Lu Xun was a Chinese writer, essayist, poet, and literary critic. once said: expressing contempt for someone is not complete contempt. But silence is the highest contempt—the highest contempt is being silent, and not even turning one’s eyes away.

That’s right, don’t even look at him, just give him a cold and arrogant back. It can be summed up in two words: run fast.

Yu Zhaohan gained confidence quickly with the help of Lu Xun. He gathered his courage and placed his hand on Shi Du’s chest, attempting to push the person away. But now he lacks strength in his hands, his entire body is soft, and he seriously doubts his ability to push at all.

However, he only used a little force on his hand, and Shi Du took a step back and distanced himself from him. The boy looked down at his hand and raised his eyebrows: “Are you angry? Do you want to fight me?”

He promised his mother that he would not curse or fight, and he couldn’t beat Shi Du either.

Yu Zhaohan walked past Shi Du without looking at him, exuding a powerful aura of “do you think I care about you?” Even if he is a dinosaur, he must be the most noble and elegant.

Shi Du leaned back at will, leaned on the position Yu Zhaohan had just passed through and didn’t forget to tease behind the little dinosaur: “You should not like being called Brother Zhaohan by me.”

Yu Zhaohan closed his eyes, clenched his fists, and continued to walk forward.

Don’t force him, if he forces him again, he will do anything.

Shi Du couldn’t hear the threat in Yu Zhaohan’s heart, and even if he could, it wouldn’t stop him from teasing him further: “Or do you prefer ‘Xiao Yu’?”

Yu Zhaohan came to a sudden halt and whispered two words: “No.”

Shi Du didn’t hear clearly for a moment: “What?”

Yu Zhaohan turned around and looked at Shi Du blankly.

“I like Yuyu.” On the surface, the high cold beauty Captain still has a world-weary face, his eyes were indifferent and noble, and his calm tone seems to have a little nervous quivering, “I prefer to be called Yuyu.”

Shi Du was stunned with his mouth still smiling, and it seemed that he had been stabbed somewhere in the corner of his heart.


1 Lu Xun was a Chinese writer, essayist, poet, and literary critic.

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