As a captain, you must be cold (E-sports) Chapter 24

Yu Zhaohan dragged his tail back into the room, stood by the bed for two minutes, and then fell straight down with his face firmly buried in the pillow.

He will use the swear word “fuck” even if he will be criticized.

Why the fuck is Shi Du returning to the base now when he should be watching the female streamer in Beijing?

Why the fuck must he wear those dinosaur pajamas and eat that can of yellow peach?

Why the fuck can’t he help but tell Shi Du that he prefers to be called Yuyu? He resisted being called brother before…

Yu Zhaohan felt as if ants were crawling all over him, and he desperately wanted to suffocate himself to death.

It wasn’t entirely his fault. He doesn’t wear dinosaur pajamas more than a few times a year He only wears them to relieve stress when he’s particularly stressed out. He wore it the night before last season’s knockout match against Lawman, in his room with the doors and windows closed. Today, he assumed there would be no one else in the base so he went his own way, but he was mistaken.

Yu Zhaohan lay motionless on the bed for three minutes and slowly sat up before suffocating to death.

Others may panic when there is a problem, but the captain must remain calm—this is something Wan Feng once taught him.

He is the captain of Shi Du as well as R.H. He is a living being who cannot be killed by embarrassment.

Wait, will Shi Du tell Cheese about the scene just now…

Yu Zhaohan’s heart jumped into his throat, and he quickly opened the team’s WeChat group. The group is still discussing Shi Du and the female streamer, and there is nothing unusual. Yu Zhaohan felt a little relieved and opened the “Rule of Pretending to Be Coercive” to find a way to solve the dilemma, but he still found nothing. He decided to ask for help from Luan Cai.

Shine: [Faced with an embarrassing situation, apart from sharp gazes and a silent turn, is there any other way?]

Luan Cai: [How embarrassing?]

Yu Zhaohan took a photo of the dinosaur’s tail and sent it to his sister.

Luan Cai: […No help, I suggest putting it down [serious face]]

Shine: [I think I can save it [covers face]]

Luan Cai: [No need, really. It’s nice to have a teammate in the base who knows your true character. You can relax a little in front of him in the future, and the stress will not be so great]

His mother also said similar things, and it’s not that he wasn’t convinced. However, he would prefer that this person be Old Tan or Qi Xian rather than Shi Du. The little brother was already arrogant, and he would be laughed at if he lowered the air of the captain in front of him—and he was laughing really hard just now.

Yu Zhaohan sadly took off his pajamas and returned them to the safe. He showered, hid under the quilt, and fell asleep just before dawn.

“You’re training Shine to be a commander and a captain? Wan Feng, stop joking.”

“Shine is just a little kid. He hides in there when he loses a game, cries while watching anime, and cries when teammates retire. You only let him be the commander, and he may not be able to control his emotions, let alone be the captain.”

“I don’t deny Shine’s knowledge and marksmanship, but he’s only seventeen years old, and this is e-sports, not kindergarten. Will the older and more experienced players abide him if he really became the captain?”

Yu Zhaohan abruptly woke up from his dream and opened his eyes. He sat for a long time, waiting for his heart to calm down before picking up the phone to check the time.

At one o’clock in the afternoon, it’s time for lunch.

Not surprisingly, he and Shi Du were the only people in the base. He couldn’t get away, so instead of hiding in the room and pretending to be dead, he should face his miserable life bravely.

Yu Zhaohan changed into a black turtleneck sweater from the closet after washing up. He opened the bedroom door as if dying after confirming that he had no bed hair on his head.

Yu Zhaohan was walking downstairs when he heard movement from the kitchen and nearly fell, but he was able to stabilize himself in time.

His momentum must not be lost, no matter how loud Shi Du laughs at him later.

Keep in mind that momentum cannot be lost.

The kitchen at the base is open-concept. Shi Du was checking what was left in the refrigerator when he heard Yu Zhaohan’s footsteps downstairs and smiled brightly: “Good afternoon, Yuyu.”

The momentum can’t be lost!

Yu Zhaohan held the handrail of the stairs tightly, his ears were hot, and his mouth said uncontrollably: “… Good afternoon Shi Du.”

Shi Du looked at the high-cold captain’s trembling eyelashes and tried to make himself smile not so much. He thought that Bking was embarrassed to come to see him, but he didn’t expect him to take the initiative to come to the door.

So brave, Captain Yuyu.

Shi Du glanced at his heart rate on the watch, gave a “tsk” and asked, “I’m going to make lunch, do you have anything you don’t eat?”

Yu Zhaohan was slightly stunned and asked, “Are you going to make it for me?”


No, the situation is not right, how about laughing loudly?

“No rush, first.” Yu Zhaohan settled down and raised his eyes to look at Shi Du, forcing himself not to blink, “I want to talk to you.”

“You say yours, I’ll do mine.” Shi Du said as he took out two steaks from the refrigerator, “I’m so hungry.”

Yu Zhaohan said “oh,” sat obediently by the kitchen bar, watched Shi Du defrost the steak in the microwave, and said, “I do like to eat sweets and snacks.”

Shi Du moved a little.

“The chocolate milk and homemade milk greens tea you gave me are delicious. I’m actually hesitant to say I dislike them.” Yu Zhaohan kept staring at the two steaks, “I’m sorry.”

Yu Zhaohan slowed his pace. He eventually added: “The rabbit doll holding the carrot is also very cute, but it is not for me. I appreciate your thoughtfulness, but I cannot accept it.”

Shi Du felt a sense of guilt. He gave Yu Zhaohan dolls on a whim, with no good intentions, and it wasn’t worth Yu Zhaohan’s serious explanation.

This is also… too cute.

When the watch vibrates, the following message appears on the dial: [A high heart rate has been detected; are you currently exercising?]

Shi Du resigned himself to turn off the heart rate section display out of sight.

Yu Zhaohan finished the rest in one go: “Your hairstyle is really handsome, the silver gradient, I like to see it.”

Shi Du: “…?”

“I was so stressed out yesterday that I didn’t pay attention to myself for a while. Please don’t tell anyone.”

Shi Du had lost the will to cook, no matter how hungry he was. He wiped his hands and sat in the chair opposite Yu Zhaohan, asking, “Why?”

Yu Zhaohan hesitated for two seconds, and said, “I’m the captain of R.H.”

“That’s it?” Shi Du snorted, “Is captain some kind of great status?”

Yu Zhaohan was stunned for a moment, and he knew Shi Du didn’t take his captain status seriously.

“No.” Being so angry, Yu Zhaohan restarted the pretense mode, and his tone became cold again, “But at least on the field, you have to listen to the captain’s command, don’t you.”

Shi Du looked at him for a long time, and said calmly: “Understood, I won’t tell.”

Yu Zhaohan nodded with satisfaction: “Very good.”

“Then can I continue cooking?”

“As you wish.”

Shi Du opened a bag of cuttlefish cakes, poured oil into the pan, started frying, and casually said, “Don’t look at how small these cuttlefish cakes are now, they will slowly swell into a ball after frying, and squeeze into a full pot – do you want to see it?”

Yu Zhaohan paused for a moment before standing up and peering into the cooking pan: “Will it really swell?”

The two were eating lunch on the sixth day of the Lunar New Year. After the new year, Lu Yaoshan had already organized the training games and placed them on a table in the group. They have two training matches tomorrow, one with DSD and one with Thrones.

[Cheese: Thrones? Is that the team that won the sub-league championship?]

[Old Tan: Yes, Thrones has found a big investor in Shanghai. There will be two teams with Shanghai as their home court in the future: Shanghai R.H and Shanghai Thrones.]

[Cheese: So the Shanghai match is the first training game of the new year, right?]

[Xian: I’ve seen the sub-league finals and semi-finals, and Thrones has a good short/gun.]

[Shan: Caps, the secondary league’s FMVP and last year’s rookie king, is known as “Little Timeless.”]


[Shan: His playing style is very similar to yours, and his face is said to be a low-key version of yours.]

[Timeless: Help…]

Yu Zhaohan read WeChat and said, “I met Caps in the testing game.”

“Then what?”

Yu Zhaohan said coldly: “He killed my Black Swan twice.”

“It must have been before you were training with me.” Shi Du said, “You should be able to headshot him now.”

Yu Zhaohan couldn’t bear it and asked Shi Du: “Really?”

“Really.” Shi Du smiled, “Who wins if Yuyu doesn’t win with the operation, awareness, and a big-picture view, as well as the harder training than the average person?”

Yu Zhaohan buried his head and finished eating the cuttlefish cake, and then said softly: “Then you still don’t recognize me as your captain.”

Shi Du raised his eyebrows: “How did you know I don’t.”

Yu Zhaohan looked at him and tried to calmly complain: “You don’t even call me ‘captain’.”

Shi Du was a little surprised: “I didn’t?”

“You don’t… believe it or not, think for yourself.”

Shi Du was uninterested in such details; he was used to doing whatever he wanted and calling him whatever he wanted. He realized after Yu Zhaohan reminded him, that he rarely addressed Yu Zhaohan as “captain.”

“It’s just my personal habit,” Shi Du explained, “I didn’t call Bi An with Captain that much when I was in the IPL either, and it doesn’t mean I don’t approve of you.”

Yu Zhaohan was silent for a long time, and then said what was in his heart: “Shi Du, I think you are lying.”

Shi Du laughed: “Do you know why I came to R.H?”

Yu Zhaohan said: “Because you want to win the championship in the All-China class.”

“That’s just one of the reasons.” Shi Du approached the refrigerator, opened it, and looked at the rows of drinks inside. “Remember when I was debating whether to renew my contract with IPL, I matched you and the second team streamer on the test game?”

Yu Zhaohan recalled: “You said Spl.”

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