As a captain, you must be cold (E-sports) Chapter 25

Everyone returned to the base one by one on the seventh day of the Lunar New Year. Qi Xian’s red hair appeared to have grown back after a week’s absence, to the point where it needed to be tied up; Cheese had a large pimple on his chin from overeating on New Year’s Eve.

Shi Du went to the common bathroom to wash his hands and noticed Cheese squeezing pimples in front of the mirror and reminded him: “Did you know that someone squeezed pimples and ended up in the ICU?”

“Yes, but I just want to squeeze.” Cheese looked at his handsome brother in the mirror and couldn’t help but lament the world’s injustice. “No, I understand the captain has good skin. After all, he eats a healthy diet and dislikes sweets, but why would you?”

Shi Du is the best eater in the whole base, and he never abstains from eating sweetly baked, and fried food. He can eat whatever he wants. He didn’t gain weight or get acne because of this, and Cheese’s jealousy is beyond recognition.

Shi Du had just awoken, and his ash-gray hair had become tangled. “Because I’m young and beautiful?” he yawned, showing no modesty.

For a while, Cheese was at a loss for words, but he couldn’t refute it. “I heard you and the captain returned to the base on the fifth day of the lunar new year?” After receiving Shi Du’s affirmative reply, Cheese showed a pitiful expression: “Then how have you been these two days?”

Shi Du asked: “Why do you ask?”

Cheese scratched his golden hair, saying: “You’re not going to be nervous when you’re alone with the captain? Anyway, I will, and I never know what to say to him, and I think he will ignore me. Oh my god, I used to live in the same room as him during the game.” Cheese swallowed and said, “I’m more nervous than the concubine who served the bed for the first time.”

Shi Du laughed heartily, “You’re no good.”

“It’s not just me, okay,” Cheese straightened his chest, “Old Tan and the others are like this too.”

“That’s why you guys don’t get to be favored.”

Cheese was unconvinced: “That’s more favored than you, the newcomer.”

As soon as the words left their mouths, the two heard a cold voice: “What are you talking about.”

Yu Zhaohan stood at the door, looked at Cheese’s golden hair, then at Shi Du’s gray hair, and in his mind appeared a golden gradient and a silver gradient dragon.

Cheese was startled and stammered, “We were, were talking…”

Shi Du took the conversation, “We are talking about which of us is more favored by the captain.”

Cheese looked fiercely at Shi Du, with a face full of “Damn you’re okay, don’t drag me into the water even if you want to die.”

Yu Zhaohan was lost in thought with a blank face.

Concubine Xu has slightly better qualifications, but when he is alone with him, he still has to pretend to be coercive, which is exhausting. However, there’s no need to pretend with Concubine Shi… It’s impossible to decide.

Cheese was a little flustered by Yu Zhaohan’s silence, and called out cautiously: “Captain?”

Yu Zhaohan withdrew his thoughts and said, “You guys have time to discuss such boring issues, why don’t you think about how to play the training match later.”

Cheese nodded quickly: “I’ll think about it right away!”

Shi Du also behaved very well: “Okay, captain.”

After lunch, the training match started.

“The test server’s content has been transferred to the official server. Because the Black Swan’s ability has been reduced, the possibility of a sniper’s head shot will be greatly reduced, and future team battles will rely more on control skills.” Lu Yaoshan said, “I thought of the lineup while on the holiday. Shine, you’ll be using archers later…”

Yu Zhaohan: “I want to use sniper.”

Lu Yaoshan frowned: “The current version of Black Swan is not suitable.”

Yu Zhaohan selected the Black Swan data display after clicking on his own career profile. “In the top 500 high-end rounds of the new season’s national server, my Black Swan’s hit rate and headshot rate are nearly identical to before the hero adjustment. I think I can try again.”

When Cheese saw Black Swan’s usage time in the new season, he was taken aback and exclaimed, “It’s only been two days since the new version was updated, and the captain has played for forty hours?”

Yu Zhaohan said a light “hmm” and couldn’t help but glance at Shi Du, who laughed and said, “Captain is working hard.”

Yu Zhaohan was flattered: “I don’t need you to praise me.”

The training game was supposed to be a test of lineups and tactics, and with Yu Zhaohan’s statistics, Lu Yaoshan agreed without hesitation. All of the Thrones members had arrived by the time the four entered the customs room. It was the first training match between the two teams, and Qi Xian took the initiative to greet them.

[R.H Xian: Happy New Year, brothers]

[Thrones Caps: Happy New Year. We meet again, Captain Yu [laughing]]

[R.H Xian: Again? ]

[Thrones Caps: A few days ago, I met Captain Yu practicing snipers on the testing game, and I accidentally killed Captain Yu twice, sorry, sorry]

[Thrones Caps: Captain Yu probably won’t play Black Swan today, right?]

Cheese and Qi Xian at the same time looked at Yu Zhaohan. Shi Du sat up straight and was about to fight back when he heard Yu Zhaohan say, “Don’t mind him.”

Shi Du: “No.”

Yu Zhaohan: “Be obedient.”

Shi Du remained silent for a brief moment before noticing an additional private message in the lower right corner of the screen news.

[[Private chat] R.H Shine: Don’t listen to me, scold back quickly. It was clear that I won the testing game in the end, and Caps relied on his words to slander me]

Shi Du raised his mouth slightly, and spoke on the public screen:

[R.H Timeless: I have a little impression of that round of ranking, and I vaguely recall an assassin with full blood being sniped and killed back with hand/gun, but I forget who it was]

[R.H Cheese: This type of situation usually occurs only in the bronze game, you must be remembering wrong]

[R.H Timeless: Really? I’m sorry =)]

The training match has begun. When Caps saw Yu Zhaohan had chosen the Black Swan, his eyes lit up and he focused on killing. Caps gained courage and confidence from the previous qualifying round. He didn’t even hide his position in the first place, instead handing over the movement skills and flashing in front of Yu Zhaohan.


[R.H Shine Killed Thrones Caps]

Thrones’ spear/gun witnessed everything, and said in shock: “This reaction speed…we are playing the new version, right?”

Caps gritted his teeth: “Good luck.”

Caps chose to go around the back the second time he attack. He searched for Yu Zhaohan’s location for a long time, using sneaking to hide his footsteps and approaching Yu Zhaohan silently from behind.

Caps was well hidden, and Yu Zhaohan was unaware of his presence until he was stabbed by him. Yu Zhaohan was left with only a trace of blood after this stab. Fortunately, he had retained his life-saving abilities and could use the grappling hook to get away from the assassin.

The sniper’s grappling hook landed on the roof, and he jumped with it, opening his sniper scope in mid-air.


[R.H Shine[Silk blood counter-kill] Thrones Caps]

Caps was taken aback and subconsciously said: “Hang up[1]Hang up is a kind of cheating software. People who cheat can gain illegal points by cheating in the game. Cheating is allowed in stand-alone games, but it is resisted in online games. It is also now … Continue reading?”

Cheating is strictly prohibited in shooting games, and no one can deny the thrill of a headshot.

The captain of Thrones sneered: “Don’t give a damn, Shine needs to use hang up? If you are a beginner, you can say that others use hang up, but do you think you are playing a bronze game?”

Caps said in a hushed voice: “But I can’t see his cheating and that his sniper still has 05 seconds to adjust. I remember that he was not like this last time…”

Captain Thrones said in a deep voice: “Okay, don’t kill Shine, you can go after the Support.”

After two rounds failed, Cap’s mind crumbled half the time, and when he went to kill Cheese, all the bullets were shot out and was rushed back to his Support when Shi Du hammered him to death with his fist.

[R.H Timeless killed Thrones Caps]

Cheese exclaimed: “My brother is awesome today!”

Shi Du asked back: “When am I not awesome?”

“On May 8, last year, during the regular season match between IPL and DSD, your damage was not as high as that of tanks,” Yu Zhaohan said calmly.

Shi Du: “…”

R.H won three games in a row in this BO5 training match, and the battle was over in an hour. Thrones learned a valuable lesson.

“What the hell is wrong with that Caps?” Cheese complained, “This is the rookie king of last year? He doesn’t even look like our little brother.”

“Don’t get too carried away, there’s another game tonight.” Lu Yaoshan’s tone reflected his surprise, “Shine, your sniper practice is pretty good; try playing the same with DSD at night. If you can have this kind of effect even when playing DSD, you can take it out in official matches.”

Yu Zhaohan rubbed his wrist: “Okay.”

Following dinner, the four people rested for an hour before returning to the training room. DSD and R.H are both historically strong teams in the eastern division, and everyone is an old acquaintance, so they don’t need to be polite.

In the first game, Yu Zhaohan still used the Black Swan, and DSD’s spear/gun position used his archer with the league’s best statistics. All DSD players are several grades higher than Thrones, and Yu Zhaohan’s hit rate and headshot rate have both decreased by about 5. Fortunately, Shi Du had enough C to lead them to victory.

Yu Zhaohan took the initiative to change into the archer in the second game without Lu Yaoshan saying anything. His archer data is third in the league, and he has put in a lot of practice time recently, but he still feels a little worse than his opponent. The second game ended in a close defeat.

R.H used a control lineup that he hadn’t used in a while for the final two rounds. Everyone played poorly and eventually lost the training match 3:1.

Despite the fact that it was only a training match, R.H hadn’t lost in a long time, and the few of them were not in a good mood. The video was reviewed for three hours by Lu Yaoshan, and it didn’t end until early in the morning.

Cheese said frustratedly: “My play is a piece of shit!!! Ahhhhh how can I be such a loser!”

“I also have big problems.” Qi Xian’s voice becomes a sexy bass when he’s not happy, “The shield was not given several times.”

They both looked at Shi Du after they finished speaking. Shi Du smiled: “I don’t seem to have anything to reflect on.”

“You can still laugh?”

Shi Du shrugged: “Practice more, just don’t lose in the official competition.”

Yu Zhaohan had a calm face and didn’t say a word.

“It’s the first time trying out a new lineup and strategy. It’s not surprising that we were defeated.” Lu Yaoshan said, “Okay, let’s all go back to sleep and practice more tomorrow.”

Several people left the training room one after another. Shi Du asked, “Isn’t the captain leaving?” when he noticed Yu Zhaohan was still sitting there.

Yu Zhaohan stared at the screen, which was showing the first-person view of the DSD archer: “I’ll be going later.”

Shi Du nodded and didn’t say anything else. An hour later, he took a shower and went downstairs to look for something to eat. He saw that the lights in the training room were still on. Yu Zhaohan was sitting in front of the computer with a mobile phone in his hand, wondering what he was thinking.

Shi Du walked in and asked, “What’s the matter, you have a sad cat-like face.”

Yu Zhaohan was debating whether or not to call his mother when he said coldly, “Mind your own business.”

Shi Du arched his brow, pulled out his phone, and pretended to send a WeChat message: “Then I will tell Cheese that Shine is a little dinosaur.”

Yu Zhaohan realized he was speaking to Shi Du, and the act of coldness in his eyes disappeared: “Sorry, I forgot to change back to myself for a while, so don’t post it—I have a sad face, of course, because I’m unhappy.”

Shi Du smiled quietly, pulled a chair over, and sat across from Yu Zhaohan: “Why are you unhappy? ?”

Yu Zhaohan replied honestly: “I’m not happy because I lost the training match. This fully shows that no one can reverse the version, not even me.”

“Then what should we do?” Shi Du pretended to think,” Why don’t you cry? I’ll record it and send it to the stupid planner to show him with the sentence: what you’ve turned Yuyu into.”

“Now Shi Du is even more stupid than the stupid planner,” Yu Zhaohan said, looking at his younger brother who was eager to cause trouble.

“Come on, you’re the captain of R.H, think about your character in front of them, cheer up,” Shi Du said with a chuckle.

Yu Zhaohan nodded: “I’ll get some sleep, and I’ll be fine tomorrow.”

Shi Du stood up: “That’s good.”

Yu Zhaohan looked up at him: “Where are you going?”

“Go to the kitchen for supper.” Shi Du said, “Are you hungry, I’ll cook for you too?”

Yu Zhaohan, after some hesitation, said, “Shi Du, you…can you praise me?”


1 Hang up is a kind of cheating software. People who cheat can gain illegal points by cheating in the game. Cheating is allowed in stand-alone games, but it is resisted in online games. It is also now a popular term on the Internet, and its semantics are similar to “extraordinary performance” and “extra-level performance.” It is often used when a person achieves amazing results, which are unbelievable and make people think that they were obtained by cheating

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