As a captain, you must be cold (E-sports) Chapter 26

Yu Zhaohan was not a positive thinker in the past. Despite having practiced for the past two years, there were still times when he feels sad, such as now.

The term “national hero” refers to the most popular, best, and most powerful hero. He played “Destination” for the first time with Black Swan, and he quickly fell in love with the refreshing feeling of a headshot by an elegant female sniper. When he received the notification of the headshot, every cell in his body screamed with excitement.

His Black Swan data has been ranked first in the national server, Asian server, and American server all year round. As a result, the official also customized a golden sniper rifle for him in the game, which only Shine has.

Shine, on the other hand, may be unable to carry his golden sniper rifle on the game for the entire season.

He worked very hard, but no matter how hard he practiced, he was still unable to dominate the new version.

He is really sad. Even though he can pretend nothing happened, he wanted to be encouraged. His mother had probably fallen asleep by this time, so the only one he could find in the base was Shi Du. He wanted to hear everyone praise him. He could feel better faster if he was praised.

Shi Du was slightly taken aback, and quickly realized: “Sure, how do you want to be praised?”

Yu Zhaohan said, “You can say anything freely.”

Shi Du cleared his throat: “You are very…very…”

Yu Zhaohan looked at him quietly.

Shi Du got stuck. He laughed inexplicably as he turned his face away from Yu Zhaohan’s slightly expectant gaze.

It’s incredible, he used to speak in front of Bking in a specific manner, he said whatever he wanted, and he rarely cared about Bking’s feelings. He can’t say certain words now that he’s confirmed that Bking is really an ice sculpture, which is strange.

But Yu Zhaohan was watching him, waiting for his praise.

Shi Du noticed that Yu Zhaohan was no longer an ice sculpture. The term “ice sculpture” refers to a beautiful person with a cold exterior who is actually a sand sculpture[1]Sand sculpture is a buzzword on the Internet. In most cases, it is used to refer to the jokes caused by the stupidity, natural stupidity, or deliberate stupidity of the parties concerned, but it can … Continue reading on the inside. In addition to the sand sculpture, the inside of Yu Zhaohan has an extra layer that flows when poked.

If his “dog fans” (fans who want to be Yu Zhaohan’s dog) find out that he will privately ask his teammates for praise, the house will most likely collapse for several rounds.

Shi Du, who was stumped as to how to praise Yuyu, had a sudden inspiration: “Why don’t I read the fans’ messages for you?”

Shi Du remembered how, before last year’s semi-finals, when Xu was nervous, Yu Zhaohan told him to read the Weibo comments.

Yu Zhaohan nodded: “That’s okay.”

Shi Du clicked on Yu Zhaohan’s Weibo page and randomly selected the lucky fans: “‘I was going to say something flirtatious to you, but I withdrew it. Because when you like, you loosen up; when you love, you restraint’; ‘Can you guess which side my heart is on? On the left side. Wrong, it’s on your side’; and this fan with the ID [Little Fish Spitting Bubbles], he praised you…”

Yu Zhaohan’s face heated up: “The little fish spitting bubbles’ comment doesn’t need to be read.”

Shi Du wondered: “Why?”

Yu Zhaohan forced himself to be calm: “No reason, next.”

Shi Du shrugged: “Okay. The fan with the ID ‘Admit it you’re mad with jealousy’: ‘You’re so pretty, so pretty, you’re my destiny…old…old captain.’

…What the fuck.

Shi Du quickly took a sip of cold water to suppress his shock.

Yu Zhaohan didn’t have any special reaction and said indifferently: “Don’t be so embarrassed. I know I’m good-looking, so I don’t need them to praise me.”

Shi Du said with amusement: “Oh, so you know that.”

“I want to be praised on something else.”

“Like what?”

“Praise me for my good marksmanship, praise me for my command, and praise me for being a good captain,” Yu Zhaohan said, a little embarrassed.

Shi Du put down the phone, looked into Yu Zhaohan’s eyes, and said seriously, “You have good marksmanship and command, you are a good captain.”

Yu Zhaohan asked again: “To you, am I a better Captain than Bi An?”

Shi Du raised an eyebrow: “Are you trying to make me step on others?”

Yu Zhaohan said with a guilty conscience: “It’s not like Bi An will know anyway.”

“Yes,” Shi Du said without hesitation, “For me, you are better than Bi An. When Bi An’s hero is killed off, he would have flown to America to commit kidnapping if brother Feng hadn’t stopped him.”

Then I am indeed much more stable than Bi An.

Yu Zhaohan was completely satisfied.

He looked at Shi Du and smiled slightly: “Thank you.”

Shi Du was stunned to see Yu Zhaohan’s face at this moment. He is not a face-obsessed person; when making friends, he looks at character and personality, and he never treats a person differently because of their appearance. When the rest of R.H was blinded by Yu Zhaohan’s face, only he could see that Yu Zhaohan was not Captain Iceberg at all.

But now Yu Zhaohan is sitting under the lamp, smiling at him and softly thanking him.

Just because he just praised him.

Shi Du even felt that no matter how bad Yu Zhaohan’s character was, he didn’t mind being good friends with him.

It’s too bad, he seems to be reduced to a face-obsessed person.

Shi Du habitually looked at his watch, only to realize that he had turned off the heart rate display.

“I’m in the mood for supper.” Yu Zhaohan said, “What will you make for me?”

It was too late to make anything complicated. Shi Du went into the kitchen to prepare four packages of instant noodles and five eggs. Shi Du was too lazy to wash two more bowls, so he brought the instant noodles into the training room with the pot and cover, using only two chopsticks.

Yu Zhaohan looked at the pot and looked at his younger brother: “Shi Du, where is my bowl?”

“What do you need bowls for, just eat it directly from the pot, I eat it with the lid of the pot.” Shi Du said it rightfully, “You don’t really have a clean addiction, right?”

Yu Zhaohan hesitated: “But it’s not elegant.”

“It’s even less elegant if someone comes downstairs later and sees you eating noodles with a bowl, and you can argue that I’m the only one eating with only one pot.”

Yu Zhaohan was convinced by his brother. The two replayed the game again while making noodles, and they returned to their rooms after two o’clock with the smell of instant noodles all over their bodies.

Captain Yu, who had been stuffed with food and drink, came back to life with full energy and left a message for his mother on WeChat.

[Shine: I seem to have found a teammate at the base who I can tell the truth]

[Shine: I’m happy]

Shi Du was lying on the bed, and also sent a WeChat message to his former captain.

[Timeless: In order to comfort the big beauty, I hurt you, hope you don’t mind]

[Bi An:? ? ?]

[Timeless: I will treat you to a big meal next time when I return to Beijing [shake hands] [shake hands]]

Yu Zhaohan intensified his archery practice after losing the training match with DSD. The majority of the heroes in “Destination” employ firearms, arrows, darts, and lasers… Whatever they use, they are all focused on a single word, which is at the heart of the shooting game.

The archer’s headshot damage was lower than that of the sniper, but its headshot judgment area was larger, and it could drop fragile skin in seconds with a single arrow. The sniper did instant damage, and the player could hit it after aiming; the archer’s arrow takes time to fly through the air, and it has delayed damage, which requires the player to predict.

Yu Zhaohan must first break his habit of being a sniper in order to become a good archer.

Sunday is a day of rest for the team. The players were consciously training more as the new season approached. However, the practice was also held in the afternoon and evening, and the training room was almost empty in the morning. Lu Yaoshan returned from the student team’s villa, passed the training room, and saw Yu Zhaohan scoring points with an archer in the US server solo queue.

“I just saw Spl next door,” Lu Yaoshan said as he stood by and watched the game.


1 Sand sculpture is a buzzword on the Internet. In most cases, it is used to refer to the jokes caused by the stupidity, natural stupidity, or deliberate stupidity of the parties concerned, but it can also be extended to all funny behaviors.

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