As a captain, you must be cold (E-sports) Chapter 27

With one month left before the start of the new season, Old Tan received an official notice from the league asking them to submit a promotional video for the club. For this reason, Old Tan summoned the main personnel of R.H to hold a meeting.

“The official requirements for the promotional video are as follows: to convey positive energy, demonstrate the spirit of e-sports in the new era, and establish good values for young people.” “Do you have any suggestions?” Old Tan asked, looking at the red hair, golden hair, and gray hair sitting in rows, the gray hair also wearing earrings.

“My suggestion is to make a direct debut, take a camera, and shoot at the captain and little brother’s faces,” Cheese said enthusiastically.

Old Tan held his forehead: “Okay, you can shut up now.”

Shi Du said: “General promotional videos should highlight the style of the home city, we can use ‘eating’ as the theme to show everyone the full range of Shanghai-style cuisine.”

“Chongqing Eau has used this theme. Yes, I heard they just involved Chongqing hot pot, as well as the giant pandas in Chengdu. Shine, what’s your suggestion?” said Old Tan to Yu Zhaohan.

Yu Zhaohan pretended: “It doesn’t matter, but don’t delay too much.”

Qi Xian brushed his phone: “I looked at DSD’s promo video; they’ve been showing footage of the two puppet cats they have; the traffic is great, and they’re aware of it.”

Going to Qi Xian’s side: “Really, it’s gotten to this point now.” Cheese watched the video of cats fighting for a while, and said, “I think we can also raise a pet in the base, so what…professional player encourager!”

Yu Zhaohan twitched his ears calmly.

Old Tan said: “This is pretty reliable. What do you want to raise?”

Several people discussed:

“The captain has a cleanliness addiction, so we can’t have any pets that shed hair.”

“How about a hairless cat?”

“Cats can meow, the captain doesn’t like to be noisy, we have to raise a quiet one.”

“Then tortoise, gecko?”

“No, no, this doesn’t fit our captain’s temperament…”

Yu Zhaohan maintained a tense expression and remained silent. When Qi Xian suggested that the base raise snakes, he stood up and left, fearing that he would breach his defense.

Shi Du couldn’t help but laugh as he observed Yu Zhaohan’s expression. “Captain, you see, everyone is pampering Yuyu in another way,” he said as he followed Yu Zhaohan out of the training room.

“They are not pampering Yuyu, they are afraid of Shine,” Yu Zhaohan said, disagreeing with Shi Du. “But this is good, the captain should look like a captain, I need them to be afraid of me,” he said nonchalantly.

Shi Du asked: “Why?”

Yu Zhaohan said: “Do you remember ZC’s performance from last season?”

ZC was in the lower middle of the division last season and didn’t even make the playoffs. They played confusingly in many games, with promiscuous skills, bizarre moves, and no coordination between the players at all. Later, it was revealed that ZC’s short/gun had a disagreement with the command support. Neither of them accepted the other and even brought personal grievances to the arena, causing the entire team to disintegrate.

Shi Du nodded: “Understood. So, what kind of pet does Yuyu want to have—a fish?”

“Fish cannot be petted; I want one that can.” Yu Zhaohan thought for a moment, “I choose rabbits.”

Shi Du smiled: “You like rabbits that much?”

“Cats are also very good,” Yu Zhaohan said, “but R.H should not be like DSD; we are not imitating other people.”

But this was not his pet alone, and he couldn’t say it in his heart. Yu Zhaohan remembered the team uniform voting incident, in which he racked his brains and painstakingly persuaded Shi Du to vote for Pink uniform. Now it’s different; he’ll tell the truth.

“Shi Du, I want to raise rabbits, can you help me convince them?”

Shi Du smiled: “Yes, but I have a request.”

“Say it.”

“I’m wanting your support.” After finishing this sentence, he realized that it was not quite right, “I mean, you could play a few rounds of support for me so I could enjoy the feeling of being protected by brother Yuyu.”

With “Yuyu”, “brother”, and rabbits, Yu Zhaohan was captured: “Okay, let’s play secretly after the training game tonight.”

They played a training game at night with Guangzhou ZC, which Yu Zhaohan used as a negative example in his teaching material. ; the starting lineup is full of hot-blooded rookies, and four of R.H are seniors to them.

The newcomers greeted them warmly as they entered the custom room, and Yu Zhaohan noticed a full of chat boxes.

[Good evening, Brother Cheese (-3-)]

[Good evening, Brother Qi~]

[Brother Timeless, I am your fan! ! !]

[Captain Yu good evening.]

Yu Zhaohan: “…”

Even the younger brother can be called “brother” now? He is really getting old.

The four ZC players’ individual operations were all fine, but their awareness operation was far from that of professional players with competition experience. R.H played easily and happily in this training match, ending the battle early with a score of 3:0.

Cheese stayed in the training room to relax before going to bed. He relaxes by playing games, specifically the C position. Every support has the desire to play the C position, and he is no exception.

Yu Zhaohan had intended to pamper Concubine Shi alone, but because Concubine Zhi was sitting next to him, he had to poke his head and peek at the screen from time to time, asking, “Is the little brother queuing?”

“But I want to line up with the captain,” Shi Du said while looking at Yu Zhaohan.

“Then we can just have four rows.” Cheese said as hurriedly opened the room to invite his teammates, “It’s just extra training,”

Cheese even mentioned that “extra training” is beneficial to the country and the people, so Yu Zhaohan, as the team captain, has no excuse for rejection. But he promised his little brother that he would play as support for him tonight.

The four entered the game, and Yu Zhaohan said, “Cheese, you play C.”

Cheese thought he heard it wrong: “Ah? What am I playing?”

“C.” Yu Zhaohan was serious, “Support needs to look at C’s battle situation sometimes, you need to practice.”

Shi Du lowered his head and let out a muffled laugh.

Cheese was flattered: “Then can I play long/gun?”

Shi Du: “I play long/gun.” After speaking, he locked an archer.

Cheese couldn’t control his desire to show off, so he chose the most capable ninja, then Yu Zhaohan play support, while Qi Xian remained in the tank position.

Cheese’s ninja made a double jump error and slammed into a pillar as soon as he left. Shi Du hissed, and Qi Xian laughed, saying, “We didn’t see anything.”

“My ninja isn’t like this,” Cheese said quickly, “it’s the captain who made me nervous.”

“Then I won’t look at you,” Yu Zhaohan said lightly.

Yu Zhaohan was playing the magpie. Magpie has low requirements for marksmanship when compared to other heroes. She only needs to follow and lead her teammate with a beam of light. The ultimate move can also be used to resurrect a teammate who has died.

Yu Zhaohan did what he said, and he didn’t give Cheese a look after the start. He has been following Shi Du, giving healing when Shi Du loses blood and when Shi Du is full of blood, he will start attacking again.

Shi Du long/gun felt pretty good today, after two consecutive headshots, the assassin’s bloodline suddenly awakened, he rushed to people in front of the tank close to shoot arrows, and finally rushed to support Cheese, causing double death.

Yu Zhaohan said coldly: “Heh.”

Shi Du leaned back: “Mine.”

Cheese exclaimed, “Captain revive me, I have an ultimate move!” when he noticed Magpie’s ultimate move button was turned on.

Unlike other MOBA games, “Destination” does not have an economic system and does not require the purchase of equipment. The game’s operation is based on the energy cycle. The more damage dealt by the C-position, the more healing the support will provide, and the faster the energy will be recharged. The ultimate move is unlocked once the energy bar is full.

Someone has a hit rate of 30 and saves one or two big moves in one round for the same C-level hero, while someone has a hit rate of 70 and makes one big move every minute. Cheese worked so hard for the majority of the game, and he finally came up with a big move that he would die with regret if he didn’t release it.

The magpie flew lightly to the archer’s corpse, and after saying “I’ll protect you,” Shi Du stood up again, revived with full blood.

Cheese:? ? ?

Shi Du deliberately exaggerated: “Wow, thank you, captain.”

Qi Xian carried the entire process in this round, a tank’s output was greater than double C, and he led the other three to victory. Cheese with resentment in his eyes, asked Yu Zhaohan cautiously after the game was over., “Captain, why didn’t you revive me?”

An assassin with big moves and an archer who relies on normal attacks to deal damage, under normal circumstances must be to resurrect the former.

“The process is unimportant; just win the entertainment game.” Yu Zhaohan took off his earphones, “I’m going to the bathroom.”

Yu Zhaohan walked away, and Cheese pointed at Shi Du, “Speak! What despicable means did you use?” Competing for favor?! What about fair competition as promised.”

Shi Du scoffed: “Come on, how about fairness? You would only last half an episode if you crossed over into a courtroom drama.”

Cheese’s anger subsided as he realized, “Oh, so my brother thinks I’m very innocent and sweet.”

Shi Du frowned and said with slight disgust, “Are you okay?”

“Of course, I’m happy when a handsome guy compliments me, I’m seriously face-obsessed,” Cheese said happily.

Shi Du was speechless for a while, thinking that being face-obsessed is terrifying. He must always be aware of himself and avoid becoming a face dog like Cheese, because otherwise, no matter what Yu Zhaohan says, all he can say is “yes, yes, everything you say is right” – when the dignity of being a human being is gone, there’s no point of living.

Before going to bed at night, Shi Du spoke in the team group chat.

[Timeless: Let’s keep a lop-eared rabbit in the base, it’s cute]

[Cheese: Ahhhhh I like lop-eared rabbits too, but the captain will definitely not agree to QAQ]

[Timeless: He already agreed]

[Qi Xian:?]

[Cheese:? ?]

[Old Tan: … No, how did you do it?]

[Timeless: I knelt down and begged him]

[Shine: .]

After a long silence.

[Qi Xian: The captain has spoken, it seems to be true]

[Old Tan: Timeless, tell me the truth, you didn’t fight like this because you wanted to eat spicy rabbit heads, did you?]

[Timeless: You think too much, I just like rabbits]

[Qi Xian: You like rabbits so much that you don’t even want the dignity of a man??]

Before Shi Du could say “what does this have to do with dignity,” Yu Zhaohan’s WeChat message popped up.

[Shine: Thank you, Shi Du!]

[Shine: (-3-)]

[Timeless: … Why does this emoji look familiar?]

[Shine: Well, I stole it from ZC!]

Shi Du switched back to the team group chat and deleted all the typed words one by one.

[Timeless: I don’t seem to want it as much anymore.]

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