As a captain, you must be cold (E-sports) Chapter 29

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The filming of the club’s promotional video is the responsibility of the operation team. After arriving at the studio, Wu Liao led the people who were going to be photographed to the dressing room and introduced the theme of the shooting to them by the way.

“There is a helicopter in the studio. Later, you’ll each wear sunglasses and use a rope to land from the helicopter…” Wu Liao waited for everyone’s reactions after he finished speaking.

Shi Du was simple and straightforward: “It’s kind of secondary.”

Qi Xian tried his best to be tactful: “Our game goal is to occupy the target point, not to eat chicken.”

Cheese frowned: “But our team uniform is pink, won’t it be silly to wear sunglasses.”

Wu Liao’s smile gradually disappeared, Yu Zhaohan really wanted to comfort him, he truly think this plan was good, cute, and handsome.

The makeup artist walked up to Shi Du. Shi Du: “I don’t need it. Go ahead and do it for our support; he likes it.” After he finished speaking, the phone in his hand vibrated; it was Yu Zhaohan’s WeChat.

[Shine: Team uniforms don’t match ordinary sunglasses, we can change to cute ones, such as this one]

Yu Zhaohan deliberately found pictures of funny sunglasses from the Internet: the ones with coded lenses, the ones with flowers on the frames, and the ones made of lenses Heart-shaped.

[Shine: You go and suggest it]

[Timeless: I don’t want to, this is even worse.]

[Shine: ←_←]

[Shine: I don’t want to change the statements, I don’t want to wear sunglasses, what’s the use of you if you’re not willing to do it?]

Even though Shi Du was willing to make suggestions, the studio did not have any appropriate props. Everyone complained, and the film was eventually shot according to the script. It took an afternoon to complete the three-minute short film.

Old Tan urged the boys to pack their belongings and prepare to return. Cheese said: “But I think I didn’t get that eye shot right, can we do it again?”

When Old Tan was unable to persuade Cheese, he approached Yu Zhaohan and said, “Shine, quickly drag Cheese away, there are people who need to use this studio later.”

Yu Zhaohan asked: “Who.” If it was just an ordinary person, Old Tan wouldn’t be in such a hurry.

Old Tan has nothing to hide from Yu Zhaohan: “It’s someone from Thrones.”

Old Tan is R.H’s manager, and while he has little control over the training, he knows more or less about it. Caps’ stupid behavior in the last training match caused several boys to be scolded for several days. They were all young people in their teens and twenties, and he was concerned that something would happen that would potentially ruin the team’s friendship.

He understood what Old Tan meant, and called out: “Cheese.”

“What’s up?”

“Back to the base.”

“Okay, Captain.”

Old Tan shook his head helplessly and went back to look for the remaining two: “Where did the gray and red hair go?”

Wu Liao said: “It looks like they went to the bathroom.”

Shi Du and Qi Xian came out of the bathroom together. Qi Xian lamented: “Eighteen years old is good.”

Shi Du smiled: “That a sexual harassment, I’ll call the police.”

Qi Xian smiled and said: “How is that sexual harassment? You used to go to school to compare sizes with your roommates.”

“Sorry, I never live on campus.”

The two passed by the dressing room, and a male voice came from inside: “I just saw R.H’s car in the parking lot, and they are here too?”

“I think so. I don’t know if they are still there, but I really want to meet Shine in person, I heard that his skin is very bad, and the makeup on his face is thicker than that of a woman when he usually plays live games.”

Shi Du and Qi Xian stopped at the same time. Qi Xian mouthed: “Caps?”

Shi Du did not say anything.

Who cares who he is.

Thrones’ captain said displeasedly: “As a professional, you don’t care about other people’s marksmanship, you care about their faces?”

“Shine’s face is certainly worthy of attention. He himself relies on his face to rank, and there are no people who don’t know about it.” Caps sneered, “I heard that when he was a youth trainee, his skills were mediocre. It was because he was pretty and eye-catching that he was put on the starting lineup. Anyway, the audience is all face dogs now, and if he has an attractive face, there will be traffic. If you have traffic, you can make money for the team.”

Shi Du’s eyes turned cold, and the suppressed anger that vaguely flowed out made Qi Xian on the side couldn’t help but turn his head to look at him in surprise.

“Don’t pay attention to them,” Qi Xian quickly grabbed Shi Du’s arm, and said in a low voice, “Why do you care about such an uneducated idiot? Think about the rules of the league.”

Qi Xian thought that he was already very strong and could carry cheese with one hand. But now, he could hardly hold Shi Du back.

Professional players are public figures, and the league strictly prohibits private fighting. In extreme cases, the player may be permanently banned from playing in the competition.

Shi Du looked back at Qi Xian and smiled faintly, “When have I ever cared about the league’s rules?”

Qi Xian: “… Right.” The young master’s family is so big that he seems to have never been afraid of this. “But even if they don’t dare to ban you for life, it’s still possible to suspend you for a month or two. The new season will start soon, so don’t worry about it.”

“I suspect R.H’s new boss was also brought in by his face, who knows what kind of deals are involved.” Caps continued, “They want to promote an e-sports superstar, so they don’t care if Shine is suspended…”

Shi Du’s anger broke out completely, Qi Xian couldn’t hold him back at all—also Qi Xian didn’t really want to stop him. Under the long burgundy hair, the squinting eyes slowly opened, the narrow eyes no longer full of gentle smiles as usual, only a gloomy light remained.

As soon as the two boys over 1.85 meters kicked open the door of the dressing room, Old Tan rushed over: “—Stop! Stop! Quick, stop them!” As long as they didn’t really do anything, everything was fine!

There were a total of six Thrones people in the dressing room, all of whom were dazed in the face of the sudden situation. Thrones’ captain reacted first and shouted: “Hold them!”

Yu Zhaohan, who heard the news, couldn’t care less and ran all the way to the dressing room. Caps stood there blankly with a pale face, Thrones’ support and Tank held Qi Xian, and the remaining three stopped Shi Du together. The scene was chaotic for a while.

“That’s enough.”

Yu Zhaohan calmed down the chaos with two simple words.

Both Shi Du and Qi Xian stopped. Qi Xian immediately took two steps back, keeping a safe distance from Thrones’ people. Shi Du smiled at Caps and coldly raised his middle finger: “Stupid.”

On the way back, the air pressure in the car was terribly low. Old Tan sat next to Yu Zhaohan and said in a low voice: “Don’t worry, we’ve all been stopped. It’s not considered a fight. It’s just pushing and pulling at most. It’s not a big problem. I have already discussed with the manager of Thrones that today’s matter will be discussed privately, and the officials will not be alarmed.”

Yu Zhaohan nodded: “Go back to the meeting.”

In addition to the two parties involved in this temporary meeting, Yu Zhaohan, Old Tan, and Lu Yaoshan were all present. Lu Yaoshan was the one who reacted the most: “The game is about to start, you guys are going to fight at this time, you like fighting so much, I’ll enroll you in a class, and even fight a fart game! Shi Du, you have a background, the league does not dare to do anything to you, but have you thought about others? Not everyone has a good father like you!”

Shi Du simply said, ” It’s on me.”

“And you, Qi Xian. Shi Du is young, so it’s okay to be impulsive. How old are you?”

Qi Xian replied honestly: “Twenty-two.”

Qi Xian said in a calm tone: “Calm down, coach. Little brother and I really didn’t want to fight, we just wanted to go in and make them shut up. Who would have thought that Old Tan would rush up and make us stop…”

Lu Yaoshan was so angry that his nostrils flared: “Don’t you need to be suspended for swearing?”

Yu Zhaohan looked at Shi Du: “Reason, give me a reason for you to do this.”

Shi Du fiddled with his phone in his hand and did not say a word. Qi Xian sighed, and said, “Let me tell you. Little brother and I went to the bathroom together, and when we came out…”

“Cursing people will definitely result in a suspension.” Shi Du said suddenly, “Captain, I’m sending you.”

Yu Zhaohan frowned: “What?”

Shi Du said succinctly: “The recording of Caps insulting you.”

Old Tan was startled, and then ecstatically: “You have such a good thing and didn’t take it out sooner!”

Qi Xian looked at Shi Du in surprise. Under the circumstances at that time, the young master was already furious, but he didn’t completely lose his mind, and even remembered to take out his mobile phone to record.

Yu Zhaohan can roughly make up what happened without listening to the content of the recording, and his heart is sour and sweet. The sweet thing was that he was not hurting for anything because the two players defended him so much; the sour thing was that what was wrong was wrong and Qi Xian and Shi Du had to be punished.

Cursing a player is not a big deal, he has also cursed in Korean, the point is not to leave evidence. But hitting someone is a serious matter, not to mention the possibility of being officially banned, there are six people on the Thrones side, two against six, can Shi Du and Qi Xian fight well?

Two idiots.

Yu Zhaohan asked the person involved: “Do you know what was wrong?”

Qi Xian smiled kindly: “Yes, I know. I’m sorry for making everyone worry, I will never do it again.”

Yu Zhaohan turned to Shi Du: “Timeless?”

“I didn’t do anything wrong.” Shi Du said unhurriedly, “Not to mention that I haven’t done it yet, even if I did, I don’t think I’m wrong.”

Yu Zhaohan narrowed his eyes: “You are wrong.”

Hurry up and admit your mistake, brother, I can punish you lightly.

The arrogance in the boy’s bones was exposed at this moment: “Even if you are my captain, you can’t make me admit my mistake.”

No one dared to speak again, and the air was filled with the smell of confrontation.

“Go and reflect,” Yu Zhaohan spoke coldly, “and come back to me when you are willing to admit your mistakes.”

Shi Du looked at Yu Zhaohan.

The ice-cold beauty with a cold voice is completely different from the boy who sneaked into his room last night to pet the rabbits.

Shi Du sneered, turned, and stormed out of the conference room, slamming the door behind him.

The basketball that Old Tan gave Shi Du finally came in handy. He played alone on the court of the villa for two hours, sweating all over, and the depression in his heart barely eased.

After a sharp three-point shot, he heard someone behind him applauding: “Good shot.”

It was Qi Xian.

Shi Du lifted the hem of his clothes and wiped his sweat: “Together?”

Qi Xian smiled and shook his head, “No, I can’t beat you.”

Shi Du saw that Qi Xian had something to say to him. He walked to the side of the court, picked up the water on the ground, and drank most of the bottle in one go. Qi Xian took out a cigarette case from his pocket: “Do you mind?”

Shi Du waved his hand, motioning him to take care of himself.

Qi Xian asked him with a smile, “Would you like one?”

Shi Du said absently, “You are leading the younger generation astray.”

Qi Xian teased, “I think you are pretty bad in your bones, so I don’t need to. You’re eighteen years old, and you’ve tried drinking, dyed your hair, and wearing earrings, don’t you want to try smoking?”

Shi Du was decisive: “No, smoking is bad for health.”

Of course, Qi Xian didn’t want to lead his younger brother astray. He patted Shi Du on the shoulder, lowered his head, and lit the cigarette in his mouth.

Shi Du’s relationship with his teammates was not bad, so Qi Xian called him his brother, and he didn’t mind calling him brother. The life at the base was a group life and there were few opportunities to chat alone. Except for Yu Zhaohan, he has only a superficial understanding of his teammates.

Shi Du said: “Brother, you surprised me today.”

Qi Xian flicked the cigarette ash on his fingertips: “Well, how so?”

“I was surprised that you would step in, and I was also surprised that you quickly backed down and admitted your mistake.”

“At first, I stopped you because Caps’ words were still tolerable. The captain plays professionally with the face of a male star, we have heard a lot of similar words. But then he said that the captain is cheating, that is jumping in my minefield ” Qi Xian showed a disgusted expression, “For a professional player, cheating is the most serious accusation.”

Shi Du nodded: “So you are upset for R.H’s captain, not for Yu Zhaohan.”

Qi Xian was taken aback, and he couldn’t refute Shi Du’s words for a moment, “No matter what, it’s wrong to hit or try to hit someone. Go and admit your mistake to the captain. If he really gets angry, life will be hard for everyone.”

Shi Du flicked back the hair on his forehead that was blocking his view in annoyance: “I didn’t hit anyone, nor did I attempt to hit anyone. You said it yourself, we went in there just to shut the fool up.”

“This is just a lie to Cheese, the coach and the captain are not stupid.”

Shi Du raised his eyebrows: “This is not a ‘lie’, it’s the truth.”

Qi Xian smiled and said: “Okay, whatever you say.”

Shi Du did not reply. Qi Xian could see that the young master was upset, so he changed the subject: “I’ve been in love before, you know.”

Shi Du said disgustedly: “No, it’s okay to talk, but not about this. I’m not interested.”

“Why not interested, you should be most interested in love at your age.”

Shi Du threw the empty mineral water bottle into the trash can far away: “I’m going to continue playing.”

Qi Xian returned to his smiling appearance: “Brother listen to me first. That happened a year ago. My ex was determined to break up with me, so I asked for leave from the base to go back and make it up, but I was given a green hat, and then I went to a bar alone and got drunk in the middle of the night.”

Shi Du spun the basketball uninterestedly: “You’re not a good drinker.”

“Yeah, but I really drank too much, and I almost lost consciousness after drinking. Later, the captain found me and take me back to the base from the bar.” Qi Xian’s eyes narrowed into crescent moons, “It was three or four in the morning, and it was raining lightly, and the captain who had just grown up couldn’t get a taxi, and he didn’t have a driver’s license, so he had to carry me all the way from the bar back to the base…”

Shi Du frowned: “Is the bar far from the base?”

“Not far, ten minutes walk. But at that time, the captain hadn’t grown to 1.8 meters, and was much shorter than me ” Qi Xian slowly exhaled a puff of smoke, “Our team captain really works hard, don’t make things difficult for him, young master.”

At two o’clock in the morning, Shi Du returned to the base. The lights in the rooms on the second floor were still on, which meant that no one was asleep. In the training room on the first floor, Yu Zhaohan practiced on the shooting range alone.

Shi Du stared at his back for a long time, walked into the training room with the basketball in his arms, and sat down behind Yu Zhaohan.

Yu Zhaohan sensed the boy’s presence and continued to shoot the target as if nothing had happened.

Shi Du was his brother who could say what he really wanted, and even more so, his team member. As a captain, certain issues had to be taken seriously.

Shi Du spoke first: “Are you Yuyu or the captain?”

Yu Zhaohan was slightly taken aback: “Huh?”

Shi Du said: “Yuyu is cute and he won’t scold me, but the captain will.”

Yu Zhaohan’s grip on the mouse tightened and he said in a cold voice: “I scolded you because you should have been scolded in the first place.”

Shi Du nodded: “Indeed.”

Yu Zhaohan thought he had misheard his brother’s attitude, “What do you mean.”

“It’s okay for me to cause trouble, but I shouldn’t bring Brother Xian, I’m sorry.” Shi Du said seriously, “I was wrong, I am willing to accept any punishment, so captain, don’t be angry.”

Yu Zhaohan was quiet for a long time, turned his chair, and sat face to face with Shi Du: “I want to change back to Yuyu.”

Shi Du laughed: “Go ahead.”

“You guys are fighting and cursing because of me, I… I’m not really angry, but I have to act angry. Hitting someone is a serious matter, and it will affect the entire team. Although you didn’t do anything this time and recorded the audio, what about next time? I can’t put R.H at risk.”

“You weren’t very angry? But you were really fierce when you scolded me.”

“Then can you listen to me from now on?” Yu Zhaohan lowered his head and said softly, “If you don’t listen to me, I can only be fierce to you.”((Happy New year everyone~!! May the new year bless you with health, wealth, and happiness~)

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