As a captain, you must be cold (E-sports) Chapter 34

Shi Du and Cheese were almost to the TCO side when Yu Zhaohan broke out of his trance. Qi Xian appeared to be much more composed than the horrified Cheese that broke out.

Everything that disappeared reappeared. Everything that disappeared came back. The fans screamed and cheered a hundred times louder than a few seconds ago, and the voice of the commentary returned: “Timeless is also quite excited about successfully winning this game, and even hugged his captain.”

“Isn’t your use of ‘even’ too good?”

The two commentators smiled tacitly.

Yu Zhaohan regained his composure and walked over to shake hands with the TCO players.

—Shi Du hugged him just now.

The TCO players’ expressions started to look worse than one another, notably the captain, Fall, who shook hands with Shi Du with a throbbing vein in his forehead while Shi Du continued to smile and speak something in Korean in his ear. Fall appeared to be going to spit blood as his chest aggressively heaved.

—It feels so comfortable to be held in Shi Du’s arms. The young boy’s hand was on his back, there was a sense of intimacy that dispelled loneliness and warmed people’s hearts.

When Yu Zhaohan first approached Fall, he extended his hand indifferently, barely touching the other person’s fingertips before quickly withdrawing it in disdain.

—He likes Shi Du to hug him so much.

Yu Zhaohan shook everyone’s hands, led his team back to the center of the stage, bowed to the fans, and then walked off stage while carrying the keyboard and mouse.

Cheese gave Shi Du a look of having a lot to say, but Shi Du had been asked to be interviewed by the staff.

The host is a beautiful sister with a smile on her face. She first congratulated R.H for the big win and then asked a routine question: “Timeless, this is your first game after transferring to R.H. You easily gave TCO a 3-0. How do you feel?”

The young man who is facing the camera says, “Today is mainly to help TCO find their problems, I don’t feel anything.”

The host held back his laughter: “I saw many netizens saying that R.H’s double C is strong, what do you think?”

Shi Du became humble at this time: “It’s alright; the captain is stronger. In my past lives, I had debts to other people, which is why I met him so late in this one. I follow the captain’s guidance and win the championship.”

Yu Zhaohan in the audience said coldly, “Nonsense.”

Brother affections!

The corner of the host’s mouth was almost up to the sky: “We saw that after the match, Timeless refused Cheese’s throwing hugs and went to hug Captain Yu instead. Why is that?”

Shi Du paused, and his tone suddenly became a little arrogant: “If I want to hug, I hug him, there is no reason.”

The live crowd and the viewers in the main live broadcast rooms were both in an uproar.

[Ahhhhhhhhhh! I hate myself for not being there!]

[Laughing to death, just two men hugging each other, Timeless used to hang shoulders with his teammates in the IPL, is there anything special about Shine?]

[Fuck, why it’s Timeless! He has just grown up, why should he have such a blessing!]

[The wife is dumbfounded, he must feel that he is already dirty]

[Shine wasn’t the only one who was confused; my baby Cheese was too. Since Cheese and Shine have been teammates for two years, I feel terrible for him because he hasn’t even shaken Captain Beauty’s hand. What is Cheese, in Shine’s eyes? Is it a comrade who battles alongside you, a tool to help you win, or a disposable bystander?]

[What, Cheese might not even be in his eyes.]

Cheese was feeling sad while clutching his phone, telling himself he shouldn’t be watching the live broadcast in search of abuse. “How could my brother, isn’t he afraid to be chopped off by the captain when he returns to the base?”

Splendid’s complexion was not much better than that of TCO’s: “Timeless doesn’t respect Shine at all.”

“That’s meaningless to say.” Qi Xian laughed leisurely, “The captain never said we weren’t allowed to hug him either, right?”


“The captain even carried me on his back.”

Cheese took a severe blow that completely broke down all of his defenses, and even Old Tan began to doubt himself.

Several people thought they were talking quietly in front of Yu Zhaohan. When Shi Du returned to the waiting room after the interview, he was greeted with complicated looks from his teammates and the manager.

Shi Du asked Old Tan nonchalantly, “I’m so hungry, what’s for dinner?”

At the same time, several people turned their concerned gazes to Yu Zhaohan with inexplicable anticipation.

After a while of silence, Yu Zhaohan said, “Old Tan.”

Old Tan stepped forward: “Old Tan is here.”

“Why didn’t you see the little boss?”

“Oh!” Old Tan remembered the business now, “The little boss is going to the airport to pick up the boss’s wife and leave first. He gave me a huge sum of money and asked me to arrange a good meal for you.”

The matter of hugging has been brought up like this, Cheese still can’t believe it. That’s all, the captain just let their little brother go? Then he can also…!

They didn’t have dinner when they got on the bus at around eight o’clock. Despite the fact that the little boss gave them a huge sum of money that was enough to eat at a three-star Michelin restaurant, the hungry boys still craved something strong, fast, and filling. Finally, Old Tan asked the driver to take them to a hot pot restaurant they frequently frequented in Chongqing.

The most talkative Cheese was silent, and no one spoke along the way. Yu Zhaohan was scrolling through Weibo when he noticed that the front page was full of topics about today’s game.

Shanghai R.H defeated Seoul TCO

Shine’s first on-screen hug

R.H Rainbow Team

Hmm? What was the last one about?

[Gray hair, golden hair, burgundy hair, I strongly urge Shine to dye his hair white! The whole family needs to be unified!]

[No, I don’t agree! Black-haired beauty yyds]

[Husband’s smoky gray is really pretty, you are all envious of him being able to hug Shine, but I am envious of Shine being hugged]

“We’re here.” Old Tan said, “Put on your mask and get out of the car.”

Qi Xian was the only one in the whole car who cared about supper: “Do you still want to order the mandarin duck pot today?”

“Of course, Old Lu can’t eat spicy food.”

Qi Xian sighed: “This Chongqing hot pot is not authentic.”

“Be patient. We will fly to Chongqing to play a game next month, and I will arrange authentic ones for you.”

Lu Yaoshan, who had finally relaxed after the big victory, began to feel anxious again: “That’s right, we will face Eau in Chongqing next month. The time is very tight, and there is no time to eat hot pot. Let’s return to the base and review the game!”

“Oh, shut up you.”

When Yu Zhaohan stood up, he didn’t notice Jiang Di passing by and stepped on Jiang Di’s foot. He immediately apologized: “Sorry.”

Jiang Di remained where he was, staring at Yu Zhaohan, there seemed to be a dark tide surging in his dark eyes.

Yu Zhaohan felt a… murderous aura?

If the enemy does not move, I will not move. Yu Zhaohan released the coldness on his body, and used his skills [said with interest]: “Why, you don’t want to accept my apology?”

Jiang Di closed his eyes. He seemed to be having a fierce psychological struggle. After the struggle, he shook his head calmly, turned around, and walked away.

Yu Zhaohan stood there, watching the muscular man get out of the car. Shi Du, who had seen everything, approached him and smiled, saying, “Xiao Jiang is actually quite easy to understand—better than Yuyu.”

Yu Zhaohan:?

After sitting down in the private room, Yu Zhaohan couldn’t help but send a WeChat message to his younger brother.

[Shine: Shi Du, do you feel that Xiao Jiang’s eyes just now are full of suppression and forbearance, does he want to fight with me]

[Timeless: Congratulations to the captain for successfully subduing our Xiao Jiang [sprinkle flowers][sprinkle flowers]]

[Shine: What does that mean?]

[Timeless: He is willing to go against the principle of “fairness” for you, which means he respects you as a captain]

[Timeless: Maybe he is your fan]

Yu Zhaohan still didn’t understand Shi Du’s words, but he suddenly wanted to change the subject.

[Shine: You just hugged me]

[Shine: OvO]

Shi Du refrained from looking at Yuyu. He put his phone away, grabbed up his chopsticks, took a piece of bezoar throat from the red oil pan, and placed it in Jiang Di’s bowl: “Try this, it tastes good.”

Jiang Di stared at the bezoar throat for a while, then nodded, “Thank you.”

Five minutes later, Yu Zhaohan witnessed Jiang Di, who was colder than him, secretly picking up a shrimp slip for Shi Du—Shine had never picked up food for Shi Du.

What does that mean, is Jiang Di also pretending to be cold? But Jiang Di drinks coffee with a double espresso.

Shi Du looked at Yu Zhaohan with a question mark on his face, and subconsciously looked away, then smiled as he thanked Jiang Di who was beside him.

“I need to eat hot pot with herbal tea or I’ll be on fire the next day.” Old Tan drank some herbal tea and poured a cup for Jiang Di. “Drink some too, Xiao Jiang, this is good, extinguish the fire!”

Jiang Di: “…”

Jiang Di then kept glancing at Old Tan’s cup every now and then. After Old Tan took another sip, Jiang Di immediately filled it up for him, and the speed made Old Tan a little flattered.

Shi Du turned his face away and secretly smiled. When he turned around, he unexpectedly caught Yu Zhaohan’s gaze.

It only takes one look to initiate.

The club does not allow players to drink during the season. The group of people had enough food and drink and returned to the base with their stomachs full of herbal tea. Lu Yaoshan asked them to review the game, but Old Tan refused, telling them to go to bed early today and review training tomorrow.

Yu Zhaohan said: “The others go to rest, Timeless stays.”

Shi Du raised an eyebrow.

Cheese was suddenly excited—it was coming, the captain had endured it all night and finally exploded.

“We should talk about it carefully, Timeless.” Lu Yaoshan said, “Look at your data in the second game, the damage is a little higher than that of Cheese. There will definitely be more and more teams targeting you with viruses in the future. Before the next game, you must find a way to restrain the virus…”

Lu Yaoshan was dragged away by Old Tan before he finished speaking, and the rest of them went back to their rooms. Only Yu Zhaohan and Shi Du were left on the first floor.

Shi Du laughed and lazily sat down on the sofa: “What does the captain have to say?”

Yu Zhaohan asked bluntly: “Why is Shi Du suddenly afraid to look me in the eye?”

Shi Du thoughtlessly denied, “I didn’t.”

Yu Zhaohan affirmed, “You did.”

Shi Du smiled: “I really didn’t.”

Shi Du looked at Yu Zhaohan under the light with an innocent expression to prove his innocence. Yu Zhaohan, with a world-weary face, looked at him motionless and without blinking.

No one can compete with his facial paralysis.

Shi Du only lasted for half a minute before he couldn’t hold back anymore. He burst out laughing, covering his face with his hand, and muttered to himself, “What the hell am I doing?”

Yu Zhaohan knew that his intuition was right: “See.”

The boy lowered his head and looked down, smiling greenly and helplessly: “Almost there. You’re like this… You’re making me look like a fool. I don’t want to lose face.”

Yu Zhaohan was thoughtful: “I know why you are afraid to look.”

The young master who was going to be strong all his life gritted his teeth and said, “I’ve already said that I’m not afraid.”

Yu Zhaohan said to himself: “Because you also think I’m pretty, right?”

Yu Zhaohan frequently finds himself in similar situations. For example, in the training room, Cheese would secretly look at him while he was practicing, and once he realized this, he would quickly look away. Another example is that when he and Old Tan disagreed, Old Tan was stubborn and constantly pushed in front of him. He didn’t have to say anything because if he just stared at Old Tan quietly, he’d get stuck, then avoid his gaze and say, “All right, all right, I’ll listen to you, whatever you say is right.”

Shi Du loses his smile and confesses alongside the beautiful and self-aware beauty’s words: “Yes, yes, Captain Yuyu is super beautiful.”

Yu Zhaohan nodded with satisfaction. The little brother has been in R.H for so long and finally became a face-obsessed person through his eyes and ears.

He was very relieved.

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