As a captain, you must be cold (E-sports) Chapter 36

The baby koala hugged the tree trunk vertically, and its four paws tightly grasp the tree trunk to prevent itself from falling. Yu Zhaohan doesn’t have to hold on so tightly, because Shi Du held him tightly, so he just needed to wrap his arms around Shi Du’s neck.

Yu Zhaohan rested his chin on Shi Du’s shoulder; while he couldn’t see Shi Du’s face, he could clearly hear the boy’s breathing. He wasn’t fat, but given his height, he couldn’t be too light. Shi Du’s breathing was steady, and he seemed to have no trouble carrying him.

Yu Zhaohan noticed his huge body on his little brother as he passed by the mirror in the living room. He obviously has a delicate and cold face, but he has a coquettish and clingy personality. If he could look a little cuter and a little bit more upright, just like Cheese then he wouldn’t be so outrageous when he wanted to be pampered by his little brother.

Shi Du carried Yu Zhaohan up the stairs: “Why are you so quiet all of a sudden?”

Yu Zhaohan had been using the pretentious mode in front of others for a long time, and it was too difficult to hold back, so he would switch to the straight-talking mode when he was in front of him. However, Yuyu has not said anything since Shi Du carried him.

He should talk and divert his attention, because Shi Du’s attention will always be on his hands, and he’ll be an idiot again.

Yu Zhaohan wrapped his arms around Shi Du’s neck and said, “Timeless, I’m so happy right now. I’m glad you transferred to R.H and to come to my side.”

He was even thankful Shi Du saw him wearing dinosaur pajamas to decompress. Although he wished to disappear from the earth from the bottom of his heart at the time, he now has a harbor in the base to swim around.

“Speaking like this now, who was it that kept saying I’m not suitable for R.H.” Shi Du didn’t dare to walk too fast on the stairs, “Okay, loosen your hand a little, you’re about to strangle me to death.”

“I’m already loosening it a little bit.”

The boy said with a smile: “Then loosen a bit more, you are still so tight.”

“If you hadn’t hugged me first, Cheese would not have dared to ask me for a hug.” Yu Zhaohan said sincerely, “You’re like my mother at the base.”

Shi Du almost lost his footing, and lost all worldly desires: “Why don’t you just be quiet.”

“I’ll be quiet if I say the last sentence—I… can I look for you to pamper me from now on?”

“But I’m very busy,” Shi Du said deliberately and embarrassedly.

Yu Zhaohan was quiet for a moment and said, “I won’t take up too much of your time. When I want to pamper myself, I’ll go to my mom first, and if she’s not available, I’ll go to you.”

Shi Du carried Yu Zhaohan to the last step while being annoyed and amused: “After all this time, I’m just your mother’s fucking spare tire.”

“Oh, don’t swear.”

Yu Zhaohan’s room was in the inner part of the stairs, and Shi Du was carrying him past a door when he suddenly heard a slight rattling. Before the two could react to the sound of the door opening, a tall, imposing shadow dropped at their feet.

The hallway’s wall lamp was turned on, and Yu Zhaohan sat on Shi Du’s hand, turning his head just in time to meet the sight of the fierce man, Xiao Jiang.

Shi Du: “…”

Yu Zhaohan: “…”

Jiang Di: “…”

The three of them faced each other’s eyes, and the scene couldn’t be said to be a bit awkward, it was really awkward.

Yu Zhaohan had no choice but to admit that Jiang Di’s aggressive style was superior to his. He woke up in the middle of the night and saw the cold beauty Captain clinging to his teammate like a koala, but his reaction was not as strong as it had been the day before when he stepped on his foot.

Yu Zhaohan’s first reaction was to play dead. He couldn’t walk if he died, so it was reasonable for Shi Du to carry him.

—What dead, his eyes were so wide open that he didn’t look dead.

Shi Du patted Yu Zhaohan on the back, and said calmly: “The captain accidentally sprained his ankle, I will carry him back to his room.”

No, this logic was wrong. If it was just a sprain, with his personality, he would only allow Shi Du to help him upstairs, and not a koala hug, which couldn’t be explained no matter what.

But Jiang Di didn’t seem to care about this, he stared at Yu Zhaohan’s ankle and asked, “Is it serious?”

Yu Zhaohan, who thought he had escaped death, put on a serious face, and said to Jiang Di, “It’s not serious.”

“I’ll go to the pharmacy to buy medicine,” Jiang Di said.

“No need,” Shi Du replied, “I’ll look after the captain.”

Shi Du carried Yu Zhaohan into the room, seated him in a chair, and moved his slightly aching arms.

“It’s a bit troublesome.” Yu Zhaohan worried, “One lie often needs countless lies to complete.”

Shi Du raised an eyebrow: “Then what should I say? Should I say the captain’s ankle is fine, he just wants to be hugged?”

Yu Zhaohan pondered: “For the present, we can only continue to act.” He walked to the safe, blocked Shi Du with his body so he could enter the password, then took out a strip as long as chopsticks from it and stretched it to two-thirds Cheese’s height.

“How come you have a cane?” Shi Du felt he was asking too much after he asked. There were even ducks in Yu Zhaohan’s safe, so it was only natural to have a cane.

Yu Zhaohan corrected him: “It’s not a cane, it’s a scepter.” The scepter’s top was shaped like a snake’s head, which was very fascinating.

“Is there a difference?”

“The scepter sounds a little bit more elegant, and the scepter is magical.” Yu Zhaohan pressed the switch at the bottom of the scepter and the snake head emitted an eerie green light, “Look.”

Shi Du clapped his hands and smiled: “Awesome.”

Yu Zhaohan didn’t fall asleep until dawn, and when he woke up at noon, Old Tan called him several times in the group and told him to go down for a meal.

[Old Tan: Auntie asked for leave today and I ordered your favorite dish.]

Yu Zhaohan replied “Yes” in the group, got up, brushed his teeth and washed his face. In order to match the scepter, he specially wore a black trench coat, the kind that would float back when the wind blows.

Just as he was about to leave the room, Shi Du’s WeChat came.

[Timeless: Xiao Jiang told everyone about your sprained ankle]


[Timeless: But he didn’t say anything about the koala hug]

[Shine: Oh oh]

There was a knock on the door. Yu Zhaohan asked: “Who?”

The voice of the visitor was low: “It’s me.”

Yu Zhaohan opened the door, saw the fierce man in pink, and lowered his voice even more than the fierce man: “You’re just in time.”

Jiang Di: “Huh?”

Yu Zhaohan adjusted the cuff buttons on the trench coat, and said slowly: “There are some things that I don’t want others to talk about, understand.”

Jiang Di nodded: “Understood. Your foot is inconvenient to walk, so I’ll carry you down.”

Yu Zhaohan was slightly taken aback, before he could say the word “no”, Jiang Di bent down in front of him and motioned him to come up with his eyes.

When Yu Zhaohan spoke again, his voice was much softer: “I’m much better now, I can walk by myself, thank you.”

Jiang Di didn’t insist: “I’ll help you.”

Yu Zhaohan curled up and opened his fingers, and finally raised his hand slowly in front of Jiang Di.

Jiang Di helped Yu Zhaohan down the stairs. The combination of the high mountain flower and the strong man was like a powerful general assisting a beautiful emperor to court. The entire team focused on Yu Zhaohan.

The entire team looked at him, and everyone’s expressions were concerned.

Splendid: “I heard from Xiao Jiang that the captain’s ankle was sprained, are you okay?”

Qi Xian: “After dinner, I will take the captain to the hospital.”

Old Tan: “Should I ask the little boss to install an elevator in the villa?”

Cheese: “Does the captain hurt?”

Lu Yaoshan: “It’s okay, it’s okay, it’s not the hand that’s sprained.”

Shi Du also thought about it: “The captain is so miserable.”

Yu Zhaohan sat down and said a lot of things in a rare and gentle breath: “It’s fine; I’m not going to the hospital and don’t need the elevator. It doesn’t hurt anymore, so please don’t worry about me.”

“Are you really okay?” Shi Du said with a smile, “If you’re okay, try to take two steps.”

Yu Zhaohan really wanted to bite his little brother. He got up and wanted to pour water to prove that he was fine. Jiang Di discovered his intention, took the water glass, and ran this trip for him.

Cheese frowned, feeling that the matter was not simple. He and Qi Xian whispered: “Xian, why do I feel that Xiao Jiang is very kind to the captain, is it my illusion?”

Qi Xian said: “I also think Xiao Jiang looks like a fan of the captain.”

“But Xiao Jiang doesn’t seem like someone who will chase stars.”

Qi Xian smiled and said, “Do you know what this means?”

Cheese asked, “What does that mean?”

Qi Xian’s squinted eyes were full of appreciation: “It shows that in front of absolute beauty, people’s appearances will be highly unified.”

Cheese was suddenly enlightened.

Everyone trained as usual after dinner. Yu Zhaohan couldn’t walk anymore because everyone was staring at him every time he took a step to make sure he was okay. Cheese noticed him walking stiffly and asked Shi Du, “Isn’t the captain really trying to be tough?”

Shi Du said, “Shall I ask him to run 800 meters for you to see?”

Maybe Shi Du was right—everyone in R.H was afraid of the captain, but at the same time pampered him in their own way.

Although his limpness was faked, everyone’s concern for him was real. Yu Zhaohan felt a little guilty and considered telling the truth. Even though he was broken, the face-obsessed people liked him so much

When Yu Zhaohan turned around, he saw Cheese smiling and speaking to Qi Xian, “The captain today looks so much gentler than before, do you think he won’t scold me if I’m lazy and miss an hour of practice?”

Yu Zhaohan: … Heh.

Yu Zhaohan decided to make Xiao Jiang and splendid as noblemen and Old Tan as the Minister of Household. As for Lu Yaoshan, he should continue to be an unknown counselor.

Lu Yaoshan flipped through Yu Zhaohan’s record and asked, “Shine, why did you play so much using Virus yesterday?”

Splendid, who was playing solo queue, couldn’t help looking up at Yu Zhaohan.

The coach could see the training record of each player, and there was nothing to hide. Yu Zhaohan said truthfully: “Helping Timeless practice his ninja.”

Splendid gritted his teeth and forced himself to focus on the rankings.

Lu Yaoshan said enthusiastically: “It’s been a long time since I saw you play virus, how are you doing?”

“Not bad.”

“You play a game, let me take a look.”

There weren’t many chances to watch the captain play short/gun, so Cheese, Qi Xian, and Jiang Di all stood behind him. Yu Zhaohan entered the game, chose the virus ahead of his teammates, and locked it in one second.

A beautiful girl with double ponytails, a sailor suit, and a small bag with rabbit ears appeared on the screen—the game will automatically save the last outfit worn by the player.

It cannot be changed afterward.

Yu Zhaohan looked at his well-matched fashion, which cost RMB199, and his hand holding the mouse froze.

Cheese asked confused, “Am I blind?”

Qi Xian: “This little bag is quite cute, a bit like a little kneeling ear.”

Jiang Di said in a low voice, “Have your account been hacked?”

Lu Yaoshan was serious: “It’s possible; you should investigate. Shine, you should change your password or something first because it will be troublesome if hacking dogs use your account to do disgusting things.”

Qi Xian laughed and said, “I remember Cheese has the captain’s password. Did Cheese sneak up and change the captain’s outfit?”

Cheese yelled as he felt wronged: “It’s not me! I don’t like sailor suits. Even if I change the fashion, it must be Lolita style! The coach also knows the captain’s password, why don’t you doubt him!”

While everyone else was talking, Yu Zhaohan’s brilliant mind had already figured out a countermeasure. ; professional players were all based on the feel of the hand; if he says that this outfit feels the best in his hand, everyone will understand.

Yu Zhaohan cleared his throat and said, “I put this fashion on myself because…”

“Because I like it.” After seeing enough excitement, the boy raised his hand and said, “I like to see beautiful girls in sailor suits, so I forced the captain to show them to me.”

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