As a captain, you must be cold (E-sports) Chapter 39

The game was set to take place on Saturday. R.H flew from Shanghai to Beijing on Friday afternoon and checked into the hotel. It was still a standard two-person room, but this time the room assignment went smoothly: one for double C, one for support, and one for two substitutes.

Cheese approached Shi Du after he received the room card and suggested, “Brother, how about we change rooms?”

Shi Du squinted at him: “You want to sleep with the captain?”

Cheese nodded: “After hugging the captain, I don’t seem to be so afraid of him. Give me a few more opportunities to be alone with the captain, and I am confident to open the captain’s heart and become a real good friend with him.”

Shi Du smiled slightly: “I don’t care about you.”

Cheese: “…” This Timeless brother, how did he manage to be so handsome and unflattering— he is really handsome, but he really wants to hit him.

Yu Zhaohan put down the luggage in the room. He remembered that Shi Du is a native of Beijing, and said, “I can give you a day off after the game, so you can go back and spend time with your parents.”

Shi Du said indifferently: “Let’s talk about it later.”

With this tone, it was obvious that he was not very enthusiastic about going home.

Yu Zhaohan made the decision not to ask about his brother’s family matters. The game was approaching, and the IPL they were against this time was not weak, so they couldn’t get distracted by anything else.

They rode the bus to the tournament site the next day. The IPL’s home court was equally impressive. It was full of red and yellow color schemes, like a large plate of tomato scrambled eggs.

In the backcourt lounge.

“I heard that the IPL has also found many popular broadcasters to warm up for them.” Qi Xian was holding a copy of the Beijing IPL Home Game Viewing Guide, “My brother’s favorite broadcaster is also here.”

Shi Du was puzzled: “Who’s my favorite?”

“It’s Momo, that coquettish little beauty.”

The one who cares more about this than the person concerned was Lu Yaoshan. “Timeless, I want you to swear to God.” Lu Yaoshan said solemnly, “Swear that you won’t let love affect the speed of your sword, otherwise I will never allow you to fall in love—even if you do, I will break you up!”

Shi Du became speechless: “Drop it, I don’t know her at all.”

Lu Yaoshan let out a sigh of relief. Old Tan asked: “Then why did you go to her live broadcast room?”

Why did I go to her live broadcast room? You have to ask our cold beauty captain.

Shi Du glanced at Yu Zhaohan.

He saw the beautiful captain sitting on the sofa, watching the ongoing game intently. Shi Du vaguely sensed his carelessness hidden under his slender eyelashes.

“I accidentally clicked in,” Shi Du said, “But what gives a coach the right to break up someone else, isn’t that a bit much.”

Beijing IPL is an old friend and opponent of R.H. The players were familiar with each other. They frequently “greet” each other on WeChat before to the game. After Shi Du left, the original IPL substitute was promoted to the starting position. The team’s playing style was also very different than before. The focus switched from the individual display of the C-position to the group position battle, with the support and tank taking center stage.

R.H trounced the IPL 2:1 in the most recent Festival friendly match in Hangzhou, as the two sides fought back and forth. IPL has a home buff in this BO5 regular season. The predictions for IPL win and R.H’s victory were around 50-50 in the pre-match guest prediction session. The truth is that both sides earned two points on the map they picked, the score was 2:2, and they arrived at the match point at the same moment. The map was chosen by the IPL side in the last round.

During the intermission, Lu Yaoshan's hair fell all over the lounge: "The IPL coach must still choose a map suitable for team battles, either Central Park or the Mars Base." Lu Yaoshan flipped through the data, speaking quickly, "Combined with their map win rate, I bet a kidney that they will choose the Mars base."

Cheese let out a wail. There were 20 maps in the whole game, and the most disgusting one is the Mars base. The three target points in the base were easy to defend and difficult to attack. Once lost, it was very likely that they will never be regained.

“What are you wailing about?” Lu Yaoshan snapped, “Didn’t I ask you to practice this map?”

Cheese said in a low voice: “I practiced it, but I still hate it.”

Lu Yaoshan was going crazy: “You can’t hate it, let alone reject it! You have to fall in love with the Mars base, just like falling in love with your early winter comforter!”

“There’s no point in saying the impossible.” Yu Zhaohan said calmly, “I have an idea.”

Everyone fell silent, including Lu Yaoshan who was about to go berserk.

“We lost both games because we couldn’t break through the IPL formation. The core of the IPL formation is the tank—that is, Bi An.” Bi An is the captain of the IPL and one of the greatest tanks in the league, with extensive field experience. When double C’s performance is mediocre, taking him as the core is the safest option. “Instead of trying to cut their back row, it’s better to go after Bi An and inflict damage. Once Bi An dies, the IPL formation will naturally be messed up.”

Qi Xian pondered and said: “The problem now is that the rest of the IPL is fighting to protect Bi An, and Xu’s support has been fed to him. Even if our damage is fully injected, it will always be a little bit worse, and Bi An will be healed again by Xu.”

Shi Du was thoughtful: “Then make up for the ‘little’ damage.”

“How to make it up?” Qi Xian said, “In the two losing rounds, you and the captain’s guns were almost broken. The damage had been pulled to the limit, but it was still a little short.”

Lu Yaoshan hesitated, “I understand Shine’s idea, but he doesn’t have much experience, I don’t dare to let him play without being completely sure.”

Yu Zhaohan wasn’t sure either, but he needed to make a decision at this time: “Experience comes from playing. Coach, if you hesitate, you will lose.”

“Okay…ok!” Lu Yaoshan made up his mind and went to the referee, “R.H applied for a substitution.”

Splendid, who was seated to the side, jolted.

“Jiang Di replaced Cheese.”

Splendid’s shoulders that had just risen up sank back down. Jiang Di stood up and said nothing, only nodding to the captain and coach.

The four went back to playing after the break. Splendid watched Yu Zhaohan walked pass him without stopping for him or even giving him a look.

It was Jiang Di’s first match, and the commentator gave a special introduction.

“Congratulations to the newest member of the R.H male model team, this time it’s a different kind of fierce man.”

“A fierce man should play as a support, his healing is stronger than others.”

“R.H switched to Jiang Di in the key game, is it to show us some new style of play?”

“IPL really chose the Mars base- the match begins!”

The announcer was struck in the face by the speed of light after two rounds of team battles- Jiang Di’s healing volume was not only weak, but it was even lower than Cheese’s. He spends the most of his time attacking. As his colleagues pushed the “I need healing” button in front of him, he continued to attack until his comrades were crippled and on the edge of death, at which point he would release his hands to give them healing.

“It’s just too awful, far too miserable. The blood volume of R.H’s double Cs has not exceeded half after these two rounds of team battles- Shine and Timeless were used to playing the core, why did they experience this type of grievance?”

“I probably know R.H’s intentions. This style of play is very risky. If Jiang Di fails to grasp the timing, he will die suddenly with both C’s. No matter how accurate the support’s marksmanship is, it will be impossible for four kills.”

“That’s right, but as long as you control it well, the support will have a lot of time to attack, and R.H is equivalent to half an extra C position. The camera is shown on our newcomer- looking at the expression, Jiang Di doesn’t seem nervous at all…”

Yu Zhaohan couldn’t see Jiang Di’s expression, and Jiang Di didn’t say much, but Yu Zhaohan could see from his operation that he was a little impatient, and made two small mistakes in succession.

“Don’t worry.” Yu Zhaohan said, “Timeless and I will not let ourselves die suddenly, trust your teammates.”

Yu Zhaohan’s deep voice, which he pretended to practice for many years, played a huge role. Not to mention Jiang Di, even Shi Du forgot at this moment that his captain still has the identity of an idiot mermaid.

Jiang Di took a sip of water between his deaths and said, “Okay.”

In the final team battle, R.H’s double Cs focused on the other side at the same time, and the support made up for the last bit of damage and played a wave of near-perfect coordination, which established R.H’s victory.

They were happy after winning, but they didn’t act arrogantly, and they didn’t even get the long-awaited hug from the audience. The crew invited Shi Du to accept their interview after the game.

“Why is it me again?” Shi Du looked down at the phone, “It was me last time.”

The staff said: “Today’s interview host is guest starred by Momo. Momo said that you have watched her live broadcast, so you know each other. I think the atmosphere of the interview will be better.”

“Who?” Shi Du said coldly, “I don’t know her, so I won’t go.”

Yu Zhaohan reflected on how close he was to Shi Du, how the younger brother had only embraced him a few times, and he had learned to [speak coldly].

The staff looked distressed. Qi Xian smiled and said, “Why don’t I go? I haven’t been interviewed this season yet.”

During the interview, Momo cosplays the viral [Colorful Candy Cone], which was sweet and cute. And the red-haired man next to her was wearing a ponytail. He was personable, has gentle eyebrows and eyes, and speaks well, fully demonstrating his level of emotional intelligence as R.H.

Old Tan sighed while watching: “We still have to present all the interviews. I suggest that he will be the spokesperson of our team in the future. Younger brother, you should study hard and put down your stance in the next interview!”

Shi Du ignored him, and his face was not very good after winning the game: “Captain, I will go home. My mother knows that I have returned to Beijing, and has been urging me to go back.”

Yu Zhaohan nodded: “Okay, do you need me to drive you?”

“No, my mother asked the driver to pick me up.” Shi Du picked up his coat and put it on his body, and walked out of the lounge.

After Qi Xian accepted the interview, he went to the lounge to meet his teammates. Momo went on the same journey with him, saying that she is a fan of R.H, and also said that if there was a chance, she would like to meet everyone formally.

Momo was chatting with Qi Xian, when she saw Shi Du walking towards her, the girl showed her characteristic dimpled smile: “Hello, Timeless.”

Shi Du was still replying to the message, so he raised his eyes and glanced at her.

“What’s wrong.” Qi Xian asked, “You want to go out?”

“Hmm, going home.”

When Momo heard Shi Du said that he was going to leave, she quickly took out her phone: “Can I add your WeChat account? I like your ninja very much.”

Shi Du said irritatedly: “No, get out of the way.”

Qi Xian scolded, “Timeless, she’s a girl, you don’t have to do that even if you don’t add her, right?”

“Sorry, I have no quality.” Shi Du’s voice revealed impatience, “I’m leaving.”

Qi Xian shook his head facing Shi Du’s back: “Young master has a bad temper, don’t be angry, I will apologize to you on his behalf.”

Momo smiled awkwardly: “How could that be?”

Shi Du missed the celebration banquet as soon as he left. Old Tan booked an old Beijing roast duck restaurant a week in advance, seven people ordered four roast ducks and specially packed half of them for Shi Du.

Yu Zhaohan returned to the hotel and took a shower before lying in bed watching TV. His gaze was drawn to the half of the roasted duck. Peking duck must be eaten in a roll of spring pancakes. In order to roll the spring pancakes more gracefully, he moved carefully and slowly, so he didn’t like eating them much.

Yu Zhaohan picked up his phone and sent Shi Du a WeChat message.

[Shine: Will Shi Du come back tonight [cat detection]]

[Shine: I want to eat your roast duck]

Yu Zhaohan has been waiting for a long time, he has finished watching an episode of “Romance of the Three Kingdoms,” and has not received a reply from Shi Du.

[Shine: I really want to eat it]

[Shine: Then I will eat it?]

His phone then vibrated.

[Timeless: On the way, save the roast duck for me]

[Shine: I already eat it, you can scold me]

[Timeless: Pft]

Shi Du was worried that Yu Zhaohan would not be satisfied with half a roast duck, so he packed beer and fried chicken. As soon as he opened the door, he saw Yu Zhaohan sitting on a chair, holding a lunch box with roast duck in his hand. When he looked at him, there was a hint of sadness on his expressionless face.

Seeing that the lunch box was full, Shi Du asked in surprise, “You didn’t actually eat it?”

“Yes, I held back, and it was so hard.”

Shi Du smiled, took Yu Zhaohan’s hand, and gave him the fried chicken bag: “Then let’s eat chicken.”

Yu Zhaohan frowned slightly: “Shi Du, what happened to your face?”

He hadn’t seen him in three hours, then Shi Du returned with a small scar below his eye, as though scratched by flying debris.

Shi Du shrugged, with a nonchalant expression: “I was beaten by my parents.”

Today, his father’s temper was particularly violent, and he smashed more than one million works of art as soon as he wanted to, and his mother didn’t stop him.

Yu Zhaohan got up immediately: “I asked the front desk to deliver the medicine.”

Shi Du smiled: “It’s not necessary.”

“Why is it unnecessary when there are wounds on your face? Aren’t you afraid of leaving scars?”

“You don’t have to worry about it, I still look handsome with scars.” Shi Du sat down by the bed and tilted his head to look at him, “Does Yuyu want a hug?”

Yu Zhaohan could tell that it was Shi Du who wanted to be hugged more now. But Shi Du has to pretend to be cold, and won’t say it directly if he wants to be hugged.

Seeing through everything, Yu Zhaohan walked over and hugged the boy into his arms.

Yu Zhaohan came over, and embraced the youngster in his arms, seeing through everything.

Shi Du: “…” He had not anticipated this type of hug. If he don’t mind, he may trade places with Yu Zhaohan.

Before he could protest, Yu Zhaohan asked him, “Did you quarrel with your Mom and Dad?”

Shi Du’s Adam’s apple rolled slightly. He said lightly, “Yeah.”

Yu Zhaohan didn’t know how to comfort Shi Du. Because he wouldn’t falling out with his parents over playing professionally. He could only touch his brother’s short gray hair like when his mother comforted him: “It would be great if you could stay with me for a few more seasons.”

Shi Du’s breath stuck.

“But one season is enough.” Yu Zhaohan comforted his brother and himself, “At least it’s enough for us to win the world championship.” He then asked uneasily, “Wait, you’re not going to retire early this season, are you?”

Shi Du smiled as he stopped caring about who was in whose arms “Yeah, but I don’t think one season is enough. Who do you act like a baby to and who do you ask for a hug at the base after I leave?

Yu Zhaohan thought for a while and said, “Old Tan or Qixian.”

Shi Du gritted his teeth: “You fucking… pretend I didn’t ask.”

The two were quiet for a while, only the sound of the TV series remained in the room.

Shi Du suddenly said: “Yuyu, do you think Guan Yu and Zhang Fei will hug like us?”

Yu Zhaohan said without thinking, “Yes.”

Shi Du expressed doubts: “Really.”

“Really,” Yu Zhaohan said, “I just saw that the three brothers Liu, Guan, and Zhang were forced to split, and Guan Yu and Zhang Fei eventually met again, and the two brothers hugged each other firmly and cried- we didn’t even cry!”

Shi Du raised his hand with peace of mind, and put one arm around Yu Zhaohan’s waist: “All right.”

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