As a captain, you must be cold (E-sports) Chapter 4

TCO unsurprisingly backed down and was forced to apologize, although not even fifty percent of sincerity could be seen in their apology affirmation.

The four people who stayed at the R.H base were eating supper when they heard the news.

Old Tan cheerfully counted the money and said, “In this wave, we can receive a bonus of 400,000 US dollars, which is equivalent to more than 2.5 million yuan. I believe we can switch to a larger base. The sound insulation in this room is terrible. I couldn’t wait to go over and listen to the couple argue upstairs yesterday.”

Lu Yaoshan poured a basin of cold water on him: “Are you sure this bonus will be in our hands?”

Old Tan quickly took a piece of spare ribs and blocked Lu Yaoshan’s mouth: “I forbid you to say such things.”

“Timeless has gained countless black fans by relying on corpse whip videos in the past few days and even gained a wave of fans with IPL. Wait, this shouldn’t be…” Cheese flipped over Weibo, suddenly excited, “Damn, it’s really little fish! How come little fish is also a fan of IPL?”

Old Tan was shocked and grabbed Cheese’s mobile phone: “Let me see.”

Yu Zhaohan asked: “Who are you talking about?”

“Little fish! Little fish blows bubbles!”

Yu Zhaohan said lightly: “I don’t know.”

Cheese introduced little fish to Yu Zhaohan solemnly: “Little fish blows bubbles is a long-time fan of R.H. Club, and he is always present when R.H. is present. Every member of R.H. is bathed in the light of his love. When R.H. was criticized, he fought on the front lines with his tongue, with one attack against a hundred; when I am being scolded and crying, he says good morning and good night to me with a cat sticker- he drew the cat himself!”

Lu Yaoshan said thoughtfully: “I have the impression that as soon as I sent a post about my condition, this little fish told me to drink more hot water and go to bed earlier, and then to stop tormenting other players.”

Yu Zhaohan asked: “Why do you think he is going to follow the IPL.”

Old Tan, who read Weibo, took over: “Because he was crazy to encourage Xu before the game. He even recommends a stress relief video to Xu. After winning the game, Xu forwarded his comment and thanked him.”

Cheese stormed and cried: “Little fish also said that Xu is the best support… What about me, what am I? Next door neighbor?”

Yu Zhaohan said rationally: “Have you ever thought that little fish is a normal domestic player, and he encouraged Xu just because he didn’t want to see the Koreans win.”

“There’s no need to do this far.” Cheese said aggrieved, “He even recommended the stress relief video to Xu, I thought I was the only one!”

Yu Zhaohan: “…You think too much.”

Lu Yaoshan asked Yu Zhaohan: “Little fish are very active on Weibo forums, don’t he look familiar to you?”

Yu Zhaohan stated objective facts calmly: “I have too many fans to remember.”

“Speaking of popularity and fans… Shine, Paiya Live contacted me again today.” Old Tan said while looking at Yu Zhaohan, “All the games this year are over, training can be relaxed for a while, do you still have no thought of ​​live broadcasting?”

Lu Yaoshan became agitated: “Who wants to be defeated? With only five months until next season, the time is extremely tight!”

Old Tan pushed Lu Yaoshan’s face aside and said to Yu Zhaohan, “You also know the situation of the club, the owner is completely rotten. You are pursuing your dreams, and you must also consider your own financial situation. Take advantage of the popularity and earn as much as you can.”

Yu Zhaohan was silent. 

Will the high-cold male protagonist do live broadcasts?

Old Tan laughed: “Cheese and the others see you as a standard. If you don’t sign, they won’t dare to sign.”

Cheese ate the rice silently and didn’t speak.

Yu Zhaohan then said, “I don’t want to talk too much.”

Old Tan spoke quickly: “You don’t have to say anything; simply show your face to the fans and play the game. Do you know how much Paiya Live will pay you?” Old Tan raised his hand, “This number!”

Yu Zhaohan’s eyebrows rose and were quickly pressed down: “I’ll think about it.”

Yu Zhaohan has been playing professionally for two years. He has never participated in any commercial activities and has never done live broadcasts. If fans wanted to watch him, they could only wait pitifully for R.H’s games.

Live broadcast means interacting with fans and thanking them for their gifts, which doesn’t seem like something a mature and dignified captain would do.

But it was not like he would do something in the commentary panel, but he still did it. Except for the fans being a little excited, nothing seemed to happen, and he didn’t lose much. Then live broadcast wouldn’t be a big problem. Maybe he could cause a few more waves in front of fans.

After careful consideration, Yu Zhaohan decided to sign a live broadcast contract with a live broadcast platform.

After all, Paiya Live is the largest game live broadcast platform in China, and its boss has deep pockets. Our mature and dignified captain couldn’t refuse the conditions offered.

Yu Zhaohan joined R.H as a trainee at the age of sixteen and has remained with the company ever since. Because he was young and ignorant, as well as other factors, he signed for five years when the contract was officially signed. Although he later made a name for himself and became a star player, his annual salary did not rise as much as his popularity. Now that there was income from live broadcasts and rewards, the salary given by the club must be stated, similar to purchasing a 100 yuan Maserati coupon.

The live broadcast platform attached great importance to the premiere of R.H Shine and dispatched personnel to provide door-to-door service to configure necessary equipment. Yu Zhaohan’s premiere was set for Saturday night at 8:00 p.m.

For three days, the platform was pre-warmed with overwhelming publicity, and basically, all players who follow the professional competition of “Destination” knew the news, including IPL players preparing for the finals.

The final was held in Los Angeles, California, USA. The IPL’s opponent was the defending champion North American Grand Champion, who had won 20 consecutive Grand Slam matches last year.

All IPL members flew to Los Angeles a week earlier. They were in the capital’s international airport when Yu Zhaohan began the broadcast.

When Shi Du came back from buying Coke, he saw that the coach was wearing headphones while holding a tablet and was looking energetic. Shi Du called up the coach, who raised his head and quickly accepted the Coke that was flying in.

Shi Du sat next to the coach and inadvertently glanced at the tablet’s content: “I thought you were arranging tactics, but it turns out you’re also looking at a beauty, awesome.”

“Screw your beauty,” the coach scolded with a smile, “See for yourself who it is. “

Shi Du leaned over to take a look: “Great.”

​​”Destination”, Yu Zhaohan’s live broadcast room has been ranked first, and he has not even officially started playing games. There was a small problem with his microphone, and the platform’s young lady was helping him debug.

[Thanks to Paiya, the frequency with which I meet with my wife has increased significantly.]

[Miss, please, you’re blocking my view of the beautiful captain. It’s fine if the microphone can’t be adjusted; he won’t say anything anyway.]

[Ah, I’d like to be Shine’s dog.]

[Speechless, Shine also went live broadcasting; are there still players in the gaming world who are dedicated to playing the game?]

[How many professional players aren’t live broadcasting right now? Count them out for this Dad to see, they are all focused on the game and making sure that the live broadcast does not interfere.]

[Squatting in line to see my wife.]

In the dense barrage, Shi Du barely saw Yu Zhaohan’s face. 

He wasn’t wearing sunglasses, but he was dressed in a black team uniform and sweater, which made his skin appear so white. Although his bangs were a little long and blocked his vision, he could still see his long and dense eyelashes.

A cold and world-weary face.

Shi Du was a little fortunate that he was not a face licking person, and could still look at Yu Zhaohan with rational eyes. Unlike the ones in their clubs, such as Xu, they were all fooled by Yu Zhaohan.

Shi Du opened the Coke and asked: “Why does Shine go to the live broadcast, doesn’t he say he has no worldly desires?” 

“I heard that R.H has been owed wages by their boss for several months, and they can only barely maintain the club’s operation now,” the coach said quietly.

Shi Du raised his eyebrows and said slowly, “It’s true or false.”

“How can my information be false? Otherwise, how can R.H not have a single substitute, it’s always the same four people as a starter.”

 Shi Du pondered: “Is their situation recent, or has it always been like this.”

“It’s been going on for a season, I think. Assistant coaches, data analysts, nothing, but even so, R.H still won the quarterfinals.” The coach gave Yu Zhaohan ten small spaceships in one breath, “Shine’s live broadcast was still worth watching. They just finished playing against Lawman. Although they lost 4:2 in the end, it’s an honor for many teams to win a small game from Lawman this year… We still owe R.H a favor for the last event with TCO, etc. When we come back let’s invite them for a meal “

In the live broadcast room, Yu Zhaohan’s microphone was finally adjusted. He put on his headphones and clicked on the “Destination”. 

The coach was talking nonstop when he suddenly heard a chuckle from the boy beside him. He asked: “Why are you laughing?”

Shi Du shrugged: “It’s nothing.”

The coach suspected that the young master’s arrogant old problem had happened again, and he issued a warning: “Don’t look down on him. The entire league can compare the Lawman’s long/gun with his marksmanship to see what level of long/gun Shine has. Just a few games against R.H this season, how many times have you been headshot by him?”

“How dare I look down on Captain Yu.” Shi Du explained lazily, turning his baseball cap in his hands, “I just saw him… forget it. “


[Did you just see it? When Shine was wearing headphones, the headset hit his nose, and then he acted like nothing had happened, clumsy and a little silly. Ah, ah, I’m probably crazy, I actually thought Shine has the potential to be a dumb beauty?]

Shi Du didn’t expect anyone else to notice this and boldly said it, he then gestured with his hand, “Gimme the tablet.”

The coach stepped aside with the tablet and said warily: “What are you trying to do? Don’t come here—”

Shi Du casually leaned over, stretched out his hand, and easily grabbed the tablet: “I will not cause any trouble, just clicking like.”

Shi Du was about to send a compliment in the previous comment barrage when he was interrupted: [The comment section has been deleted by the host]

Shi Du: …?

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