As a captain, you must be cold (E-sports) Chapter 40

Yu Zhaohan still called the front desk. After Shi Du took a shower, alcohol, cotton swabs, and bandages were also delivered.

Yu Zhaohan said: “Shi Du, I put the stuff on the table.”

Shi Du walked out of the bathroom, wiped his gray hair with a towel, and asked, “Aren’t you going to help me?”

“You want me to help you?” Yu Zhaohan became nervous, “Your wound is a bit close to the eyes, and I’m a bit clumsy. But if you really want me to help you, I’m willing to give it a try.”

Shi Du thought of Yu Zhaohan eating barbecue oil that drip on his clothes, so he said decisively, “No, just stay aside.”

Fortunately, Shi Du’s scratch was not deep, it was thin and short, like a cat scratching. After treating the wound, the boy had a Band-Aid a few centimeters below his eyes, making him look more like a student who was fighting and causing problems outside of school.

The late-night snack should not be forgotten. Yu Zhaohan ate duck and chicken while drinking beer and listening to Shi Du speak about his family.

“It was agreed that I would play professionally for two years and I would quit and continue my studies no matter what my grades were. Now they’re regretting it, and they want me to start school on time this September.” Shi Du said, “September, the playoffs aren’t even finished, I can’t even study.”

Yu Zhaohan accidentally dropped the chicken leg in his mouth back into the lunch box. He didn’t have time to take it back to eat, so he said: “After the playoffs, there will be the World Cup. Don’t they give you the opportunity to win glory for the country?”

The World Cup in “Destination” is a large-scale event with a country as the unit. It was the most glorious honor for every professional player to be selected for the national team and win the championship on behalf of his country.

“They probably think that studying abroad and getting a scholarship will win more glory for the country.” Shi Du stuffed the drumstick back into Yu Zhaohan’s mouth and sneered, “In short, they violated the agreement first, so don’t blame me for playing until I’m sixty and then retiring.”

Yu Zhaohan said honestly, “You should not play until you are sixty.”

Shi Du said helplessly, “I’m exaggerating, big brother.”

Yu Zhaohan thought for a while and said, “If you really don’t want to retire at the age of eighteen, you can elope with your big brothers.”

Shi Du was taken aback, and his tone was complicated: “Who did I elope with—Big brothers? Them?”

Yu Zhaohan nodded: “After you become a professional, your parents may not be the same as before, but R.H’s big brothers will always be your big brothers.”

Shi Du said blankly, “I’m so touched.”

Look, since [speak coldly], his younger brother has also learned to [blank face] again.

On the second day after the tournament, instead of rushing everyone back to the base, Old Tan purchased tickets to Universal Studios, planning to relax for a day before returning. For this reason, he and Lu Yaoshan almost got into a fight in the hotel bed.

All R.H members met in the hotel lobby around nine o’clock in the morning. Cheese felt drowsy as a puppy, longing to squirm on the ground: “So this is how the air at nine o’clock in the morning feels. I haven’t felt it in a long time—huh? Why did you put a Band-Aid on your face, brother?”

Shi Du asked: “Is it handsome?”


“That’s right, it’s for being handsome.”

Cheese enviously said: “Then I will put one later.”

Yu Zhaohan looked around his harem and found that the nobleman Splendid was not there, so he asked Jiang Di, “Where is Splendid?”

Jiang Di said, “He didn’t come back last night.”

During yesterday’s celebration dinner, Yu Zhaohan noted that Splendid talked very little and his face was not very good-looking. Splendid and Jiang Di were also substitutes. Now that Jiang Di has the opportunity to prove himself on the field, Splendid was the only one left to guard the drinking fountain for a long time. It was understandable that he feels uncomfortable.

“I asked Splendid, and he said that he and the broadcasters in Beijing are going to meet together, and then he will return to Shanghai by himself,” Old Tan explained.

Before departing, Old Tan considered bringing a camera with him to capture some footage for fans, but Yu Zhaohan opposed the idea, saying, “There aren’t enough people this time, next time.”

R.H spent a day at Universal Studios before flying back to Shanghai the next day. As soon as he returned to the base, Lu Yaoshan began preparing for the upcoming regular season game. They will face the Shanghai Thrones a week later.

Thrones’ strength was already towards the bottom of the league, and the major force, Caps, was suspended due to a recording of him insulting Yu Zhaohan. The Thrones have been defeated 3:0 in two straight regular season games, and several upstream teams will not schedule training games with them. When it came to R.H, the coach was just as serious about Thrones preparation as he was with TCO and IPL, and the players followed suit.

For the evening training session, Old Tan gave them a date with two teams from the Western Division. One of the European teams had a new short-gun player who was making his debut in the Western Division, playing two-handed ninja and gladiator so well that even Lawman the Great nearly fell to him.

“Let’s put Splendid on for today’s practice match,” Lu Yaoshan said, “just to see how well he’s practicing his virus.” Lu Yaoshan explained. For powerful assassins, Virus was the greatest option.

Old Tan showed embarrassment: “Splendid just asked me to take a one-night leave, saying that he has an offline fan meeting…

Lu Yaoshan immediately became angry: “Skip the training match for the fan meeting? Is he a broadcaster or a professional player!”

“It’s not like there’s a problem.” Qi Xian smiled gently, “Is there any professional player who doesn’t work as a part-time broadcaster now? Cheese and I also broadcast.”

“If you delay the training match because of the live broadcast, I will still scold you.”

Yu Zhaohan said: “Prepare for the training match first, and talk about the rest later.”

Old Tan and Yu Zhaohan exchanged a glance and they walked out of the training room. Old Tan said worriedly: “Recently, Splendid’s state is not quite right.”

Yu Zhaohan said: “You can see it too.”

“Only Old Lu, that fool, can’t see it. What do you say, I’ll find a chance to talk to him?”

Yu Zhaohan said: “Yes. But in his situation, I’m afraid it can’t be solved just by talking.”

Old Tan spread his hands together: “Then what do you say?”

According to Yu Zhaohan’s experience, as long as Splendid is given an opportunity to prove his worth, all problems can be solved easily.

Shi Du can only play the virus in the training match since Splendid was not there. Shi Du was a decent player, but his level was not yet at the top of the league, and he struggled against the Western Division’s best assassins. He couldn’t help but play Ninja again after losing two short rounds in a row, and R.H was able to recover a point.

At the end of the training match, Lu Yaoshan watched several rounds of team battles lost by R.H repeatedly, almost shaking his head: “This is not going to work.”

R.H can have their greatest system, but they can’t have a system that pulls the strings, and the control lineup that uses the virus as a starting point is clearly their weakness.

The others went to sleep after the training match, and only Yu Zhaohan and Lu Yaoshan were reviewing the game in the conference room. Lu Yaoshan bit his nails worriedly: “I also thought about cultivating Timeless to become a top-level virus, but ninja’s style of play and virus are two different concepts, and I am worried that practicing too many virus will affect Timeless’ understanding and judgment of ninja.”

Yu Zhaohan pondered for a long time, and said, “For the next match against Thrones, Splendid can play.”

“No,” Lu Yaoshan said without thinking, “Splendid is not ready at all now.”

Yu Zhaohan said: “When I competed for the first time, I was not ready.”

“You are different. You may not be ready in your heart, but your status and statistics are up to standard. And Splendid’s current virus statistics have not reached the point where I think he can play.” Lu Yaoshan seemed to think of something and his expression changed, “Could it be that you think Thrones is too weak, so it doesn’t matter to be on the bench? Shine, you wouldn’t think so.”

Yu Zhaohan knew that Lu Yaoshan had thorns in his heart. The game Wan Feng lost in the end also made him cry for a long time, but after crying, he still carried it through. He didn’t become nervous because of self-blame, Wan Feng also praised him for being strong.

“Taking official games as a way of training is very common in professional games no matter which game it is.”

Under the condition of ensuring that you have already qualified and that winning or losing the game has no effect on other people’s qualifying situation, many teams will use the game as a training for substitutes and try new lineup styles in the official arena, and many substitute players can get a chance to play.

But Lu Yaoshan still refused very decisively: “No, I can’t take this risk. Unless Splendid’s data and operations are approved by me, otherwise he can only be a substitute.”

Yu Zhaohan said: “I see. As long as his virus data reaches the standard before playing Thrones, he can play, right?”

“Except for the virus, at least one short/gun hero who can play the core can be used, otherwise the lineup is too fixed and will be controlled by the opponent.”

Yu Zhaohan was not very worried about this. He has been practicing ninja with Splendid on his side account and has saved the video of each round. In his opinion, Splendid’s ninjas have reached the middle level of the league.

Yu Zhaohan returned to his room, called up the video and data of Splendid playing ninja, and planned to organize and send them to Lu Yaoshan.

At three o’clock in the morning, Yu Zhaohan heard the sound of the door opening on the first floor. Splendid was the only one out of the base today, so it should be him.

Yu Zhaohan went downstairs and saw Splendid staggering towards the couch. His face was red and he reeked of alcohol, obviously drunk.

Splendid squinted his eyes, watching the beautiful sniper he had admired for so long walking towards him step by step, standing in front of him, and condescendingly said to him: “R.H can’t drink during non-off season.”

Splendid closed his eyes, and said with restraint: “…I’m sorry.”

“You pay the fine yourself.”

Splendid looked down at his hands: “Okay.”

“Also, if you have time these two days, practice the virus more. I’ve seen your stats, and it’s just a little short of the coach’s standard.”

“Virus. Ha, it’s a virus again!” Splendid raised his head sharply, and looked at Yu Zhaohan with a pair of red eyes, “Shine, what the hell do you mean!”

What a beautiful captain, why can’t he look at him more.

Yu Zhaohan was frightened by Splendid. By virtue of his cold look, he has earned the respect and awe of others, but he is still inherently timid, and he was born frightened that others will attack him, and he doesn’t know how to fight back.

In the eyes of Splendid, Yu Zhaohan’s expression and eyes were still so high and mighty: “I’m only fit to play this fucking tool man, and Shi Du is born to show off, is that also what you think!”

Yu Zhaohan was slightly startled, and said, “I never thought so.”

“You didn’t?” Splendid snorted. “You didn’t. You only practice ninja with Shi Du. You, a sniper, don’t hesitate to play virus to accompany him solo! Have you ever accompanied me? Even for only one round?!”

Yu Zhaohan lowered his eyes and said softly, “You thought I’ve never been accompanying you?”

Splendid couldn’t hear Yu Zhaohan’s words, he was completely immersed in his own emotions: “You know. Do you know that I entered R.H for you.” Splendid pulled out an ugly smile, “I love watching you shoot, I’ve always wanted to play with you, and I dream of being your real teammate. I gave up a good chunk of my live income, I practiced my ass off, and I came before Xiao Jiang! Why…why am I still not qualified to stand by your side on the arena?”

Yu Zhaohan stared at him, his Adam’s apple rolled gently.

“Now I understand.” Splendid stood up. He was about the same height as Yu Zhaohan, and he could finally look at him. “It’s not that I’m not qualified, it’s that you are not. You are no different from those who only focus on results. You don’t see the effort of your players, your teammates are nothing more than a few lines of data in your eyes. As long as there are better ones, we can be replaced immediately-you are not worthy of being my captain, much less the fact that I once liked you so much!”

Yu Zhaohan’s eyes widened. His eyes were filled with mist, but they hadn’t turned red yet, and he had the ability to keep them from turning red. If you want to take off the flames, just take off the flames, why do you have to say it so harshly.

“You’re quite drunk.” Yu Zhaohan pinched his palm and said calmly, “We’ll talk about it when you sober up.”

Yu Zhaohan maintained his composure and went all the way back to the room. Knowing that he couldn’t fall asleep, he simply stayed awake and continued to sort out the data for Splendid.

But, after tidying up, the screen blurred and water droplets landed on the keyboard one after the other.

Yu Zhaohan assured himself that it was nothing. It was far more tough when he first became captain of R.H, and the year R.H was mismanaged, than it is now. Splendid was drunk; how could he take what he said seriously while he was drunk?

Splendid also said that he was not worthy of being the captain of R.H. Why did je say that about him? Yu Zhaohan obviously… obviously worked hard.

He wanted to hide under the quilt and call his mother like when he cried countless times in the past. But at this time, his mother must have fallen asleep.

Fortunately, he still has Shi Du.

Yu Zhaohan walked out of the room again and confirmed that there was no light in Shi Du’s room— even Shi Du was asleep.

As the captain, how can he disturb his teammates’ sleep.

Yu Zhaohan just stood at the door of Shi Du’s room and sent him a WeChat message.

[Shine: Shi Du, I’ve been misunderstood. I’m having a hard time.]

He waited for two minutes and didn’t wait for Shi Du’s reply.

[Shine: Good night]

Just when he was about to return to his room and wrap himself in a quilt to coax himself, the door opened.

The boy was only wearing pajama pants, with short messy hair, and said anxiously, “Yuyu?”

“Shi Du,” Yu Zhaohan’s voice was filled with tears as he wrapped his arms around Shi Du’s neck and plunged into the boy’s arms, “hug.”

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