As a captain, you must be cold (E-sports) Chapter 9

Shi Du read a few Weibo at a glance and assumed that the little fish blowing bubbles was just a regular fan, and he didn’t see anything special. But…

“Why no one dares to hug him.” Shi Du then added, “Is he very fierce?”

Xu: “No, no? Looking at his Weibo, he should be a very soft and calm boy.”

Shi Du said indifferently: “Who knows.”

Xu enthusiastically said: “Look at the video he reposted, and this caption: It was snowing, and the cat’s paws were cold, so it wrapped its tail around them. It’s cute, right?”

Shi Du yawned and said casually: “Cute, cute.”

The next video was a food video, with the caption: [If I change into a super down-to-earth octopus ball, will everyone still like me?]

In the video, there was a street with people coming and going, as well as countless stalls and hawkers selling the usual grilled squid, grilled cold noodles, octopus balls, and fried chicken, as well as special soup dumplings that were not very common in Beijing, old-fashioned cake shops, and unusual shaped noodle shop.

Shi Du sat up straight and asked, “What kind of noodle is this?”

“Oh, this shop!” Xu said excitedly, “I used to go there a lot when I was in R.H. The food tastes unique, and people can’t get enough of it, especially their braised pig’s trotter…”

Shi Du was also interested: “Can you eat it in Beijing?”

“No? That noodle shop is just a small shop that uses an ancestor’s secret recipe that can’t be shared.”

Shi Du stared at the screen: “But I want to eat it.”

Little fish blowing bubbles still didn’t show his face at the end of the video; he just covered the camera with his hands.

His hand was slender, fair-skinned, and had well-defined knuckles, making it suitable for typing on a keyboard.

Shi Du handed the phone back to Xu, took a look at Xu’s suitcase, and asked, “Are you going home?”

“No, I’m going to Shanghai for two days.” Xu sighed, “The day after tomorrow is the anniversary of my former captain’s death, and every year at this time, I go with Captain Yu and the others to pay respect to him.”


Xu nodded: “You know him too?”

Shi Du thought about it and took out his mobile phone: “Then I’ll go with you.”

Xu was a little confused: “Huh?”

“I want to eat that pig’s trotter noodles.” Shi Du said, “I can also pay homage to the former seniors in the circle by the way.”

“You don’t know Wanfeng… You really just going to eat?”

Shi Du didn’t deny it.

Xu was stunned and confirmed again: “Are you really flying to Shanghai just for a late night snack?”

Shi Du bought a ticket: “Yeah, can’t I?”

“Are you exaggerating?”

Shi Du said lazily: “If you really don’t like it, you can go to the police.”

“No,” Xu laughed, “You can eat it when you go to Shanghai next time.”

“But, the next time I visit Shanghai, I won’t necessarily want to eat it. What’s the point if I can’t eat what I want right now? It’s enjoyable to eat when you want, buy when you want, and cook when you want.” Shi Du simply packed his belongings, picked up his jacket, and put it on his body, saying, “I’ll go tell the manager—”

Xu was taken aback by the young master’s demeanor and aura.

A night market with a lively atmosphere is located near the R.H base and is open every day from 4/5 in the afternoon until early morning. The never-ending food stalls that couldn’t be seen to the end at a glance gave the impression that you had seen the end, but you hadn’t.

Yu Zhaohan hasn’t been here in a month, and he’s had enough. He skipped dinner to make room for a late-night snack.

Screw the sugar-free American, the 82-year-old red wine, and the 1,000 yuan-per person Huaiyang cuisine; he wants to eat junk food.

He wanted to.

Now is the time for supper, so Yu Zhaohan wore a baseball cap and a mask and entered the bustling crowd.

Let’s start with some cumin-roasted bread to settle the stomach. The honey cake was delicious, and there must be plenty of milk tea to go around while walking. He took the strawberry candied haws to his favorite small noodle restaurant to eat noodles when he was nearly full.

The small noodle shop is a well-known local brand, and new products are introduced on a regular basis. In the past few years, snail noodles have been a big hit, so the owner also launched the snail lion noodles, which was very much to Yu Zhaohan’s liking.

After Yu Zhaohan ordered his meal, he found a corner seat and sat down. The boss quickly brought up the noodles: “A large bowl of snail noodles, please enjoy.” When the boss noticed new guests entering, he straightened up and greeted them warmly, “Welcome, for how many people?”

“Hello, two people please.”

Yu Zhaohan snapped his chopsticks. This voice…?

He raised his head subconsciously and noticed Xu and the tall boy walking beside Xu.

Yu Zhaohan’s blood pressure rose suddenly, tingling his scalp and curling his toes. He lowered his head, placing his hand on his forehead to cover his face.

He could understand why Xu was here, after all, Wanfeng’s death anniversary was approaching, but what was Shi Du up to?
Yu Zhaohan peeked through his fingers. The two had already taken their seats near the door. Shi Du was dressed in a sports suit, carrying a backpack, and wearing expensive sneakers. Wild and handsome, even if he was wearing a mask, a passing lady would ask for his WeChat.

And he had a bowl of snail noodles in front of him and a bunch of candied haws in his hand.

Yu Zhaohan had a heart attack, but he knew it wasn’t the right time for one. Xu and Shi Du shouldn’t recognize him with the baseball cap and mask on. The assassin’s player’s eyes were observant; what if they recognized him? Years of Bking experience had taught him that planning ahead of time was the best strategy.

Despite his distress, Yu Zhaohan calmed down, looked at the snail noodles in front of him, and sent a WeChat message to Cheese.

[Shine: Do you want to have a late night snack? ]

[Cheese: Captain! I’m not eating, I’m on diet recently [cat stretches.gif]]

Yu Zhaohan looked at the emoji sent by Cheese, hesitated for two seconds, and clicked save.

[Shine: You must eat it.]

[Cheese: Huh?]

[Shine: You have been in a bad state recently and you need to replenish your nutrition. I’m on my way, I can bring it for you.]

[Cheese: I think I’m fine [horrified], so I won’t bother the captain.]

[Shine: ?]

[Cheese: I’ll eat, I’ll eat, thank you Captain!]

Yu Zhaohan called the boss silently with a hand gesture. The boss asked: “How I help you?”

Yu Zhaohan whispered, “Please pack this noodle, thank you.”

The small noodle shop was booming, and Shi Du finally waited until the boss passed by him, “Boss, order.”

“Wait a minute,” the boss was sweating profusely, “I’ll pack a bag for the handsome guy over there first.”

Shi Du followed the boss’s direction to the corner, where he noticed a young man wearing a mask and a baseball cap, with a slight frown between his brows.

Xu asked him, “What’s the matter?”

Shi Du said slowly, “He looks a little familiar.”

The boy’s figure is beautiful, and his long, straight legs are very familiar.

Yu Zhaohan took the packaged snail noodles, lowered his hat brim, and walked casually towards the door.

Ten steps, nine steps… five steps… right away, soon, just a little bit, at the end… victory is at hand.


Yu Zhaohan took a breath and stopped.

Xu looked around blankly: “Captain Yu? Where is he?”

Shi Du raised his chin: “The one with the snail powder and candied haws.”

Yu Zhaohan closed his eyes and corrected Shi Du in his heart: it’s not the snail powder, but snail noodles. He spun around: “Xu? Why didn’t you go to the base when you are here?”

“It’s really Captain Yu!” Xu was very happy every time he saw his former captain. “I’m thinking of having a late-night snack before going. Why is Captain Yu…” He then saw the packaging bag in Yu Zhaohan’s hand, “Oh, are you bringing back a late-night snack for cheese?”

Yu Zhaohan was relieved because he had expected his former support to help him in answering. He glanced at Shi Du and asked, “So, what are you here for?”

Shi Du looked at Yu Zhaohan.

Bking, who was wearing a mask, only showed a pair of cold eyes, and they were filled with suspicion the moment he saw them. His skin was so white in the dim light of the small noodle shop that it had the transparency of a luxurious artwork.

Shi Du’s lips curled and he said half-truth: “How could I come to the noodle restaurant to eat noodles, of course, to wash the dishes.”

…Yuyu believes you.

Yu Zhaohan nodded coldly: “Okay, go ahead and wash it.”

Shi Du shake his head and sighed: “Captain Yu really doesn’t have any sense of humor.”

“Timeless heard that the noodle in this shop is delicious, so he came here to try it,” Xu explained.

“Oh,” Yu Zhaohan said.

Xu couldn’t help but wonder, “Captain Yu, aren’t you surprised? He flew all the way from Beijing to Shanghai just for a bowl of noodles!”

“It’s fine,” Yu Zhaohan said. It was understandable for a young student with money, free time, and greed.

Shi Du raised his eyebrows when he heard this. At this point, the boss approached the two and asked what they wanted to eat.

“Large portion of pork trotter noodles,” Shi Du said without hesitation.

The boss smiled and said, “Today’s pork trotters are sold out, do you want to try something else?”

Shi Du’s face changed slightly: “I came here just for the pork trotter noodles.”

“I’m sorry, handsome; why don’t you come earlier tomorrow?” The boss rushed back to work because the business was so good.

Shi Du leaned back in his chair, irritably saying, “But I just want to eat now.”

“No matter how much you want to eat, there is no way, if you don’t have it, you don’t have it,” Xu says helplessly.

Shi Du persisted in thinking of a solution: “I’m not sure. I’m wondering if I can pay more to have the boss make it right away.”

Yu Zhaohan smiled contemptuously.

Shi Du looked at him and asked, “Perhaps Captain Yu has another way?”

“Yes, there is.”

“What way?”

“Overcome your appetite.”

Shi Du: “…”

Yu Zhaohan’s deep voice seemed to contain infinite truth: “If you can’t even overcome this temptation, how can you become a great player in the future.”

Shi Du chuckled: “Does it have anything to do with Captain Yu whether I become a great man or not? Captain Yu is not my old…”

Shi Du paused. No matter what, Yu Zhaohan is a senior in the e-sports circle, and basic respect is still required. So he changed his words and said, “Captain Yu is not my mother-in-law.”

Primary school student is primary school student.[1]Describes rational thinking, qualities, etc., like children. Immature and unqualified people are called “primary school students” on the Internet.

Yu Zhaohan calmly said: “Have you ever thought about why your fans call you younger brother.”

“Hmm? Why.”

Yu Zhaohan’s whole person showed the aura of an elder: “Because you’re a brother who acts and thinks immaturely.”

Shi Du looked at Yu Zhaohan and narrowed his eyes.

Seeing that the atmosphere was not right, Xu quickly changed the subject: “Timeless, would you like to try this braised pork rib noodles? In fact, the essence of this noodle restaurant is noodles, handmade, no preservatives added…”

Shi Du suddenly smiled.

“Don’t say that, Brother Zhaohan,” the boy said innocently and with a hint of mischief in his eyes, “I’ll be eighteen in fifty days.”

Yu Zhaohan was stunned for a moment before reacting again. He said with an expressionless face, “Really, then congratulations.”

Hold back, you must hold back- Yu Zhaohan, you must hold back.

As soon as the corners of his mouth relaxed, and his ears turn red, they may find out that he actually likes being called a brother.


1 Describes rational thinking, qualities, etc., like children. Immature and unqualified people are called “primary school students” on the Internet.

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