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Folding Moon

The day Yun Li decided to stop chasing Fu Shizhe, she deleted all his contact with tears in…

Drama Romance


Please, I Beg You! This Is a Dating Simulation Game

Shen Xin was born into an average, middle-class family. During her coming-of-age ceremony, she grabbed a video game…

Comedy Drama Farming Modern Day Romance


God-level Lucky Star

Wang Hao had accidentally obtained a Fortune Dice and traveled to a parallel plane where the entertainment industry…

Adventure Comedy Drama Modern Day


Starting on a Desolate Island [Doomsday]

Synopsis: While Yun Mianmian was scanning the QR code to pay for her popsicle, she suddenly fainted, only…

Adventure Comedy doomsday Drama Farming Romance Slice of Life


Heroes of Might and Magic: Knight

Richard had been reborn into a different world, becoming the heir of a small noble family, finally not…

Action Adventure Fantasy system Weak to Strong
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