Jie Jie[Translator]

Just an impatient Jie Jie who loves to read fiction and is crazy for 2d hensem men.


Close to You

Luo Lin Yuan was born delicate, with a big temper, a hard character, and a good face. Yu…

Drama Romance School Life Yaoi


He Woke Up And Became The Actor’s Cat

Xu Jian, an actor, died before he became popular. Just when he was abandoned by the company and…

Comedy Drama Mystery Romance Supernatural Yaoi


Male God is Chasing My Brother

From a very young age, An XuMo thought that Zhou JinChen was good looking. He went through so…

Drama Romance Yaoi


Anti-Intelligence Alliance

AI He Feng Hui brought back a cute human pet called Zhu Man.   According to the provisions…

Cyberpunk Drama Love-Hate Relationship Sadomasochism Sci-fi Yaoi
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