Blind Date Mix-Up: Hot Wife Marries Military Officer and Ousts Scumbag Father
Blind Date Mix-Up: Hot Wife Marries Military Officer and Ousts Scumbag Father Chapter 11

Chapter 11: The Dream Disperses After Waking Up

Zhou Lanping was about to speak when Bai Linglong spoke up first, “Auntie, earlier it was chaotic, and I didn’t have a chance to talk about what happened before.”

At this, she paused and glanced at Lu Jingchuan beside her, explaining somewhat awkwardly, “This morning there was a mix-up. This matchmaker auntie introduced me to someone, but I mistook the person and ended up on a blind date with your nephew…”

Zhou Lanping laughed as she listened, “Linglong, I’ve already heard from Jingchuan and Sister Xiao. Your meeting today was quite interesting; it seems like it was destined by fate.”

Hearing this, Bai Linglong’s heart tightened. She glanced at Lu Jingchuan, her face stiffening slightly, “Auntie, I already made it clear to Lu Jingchuan earlier that we are not suitable for each other.”

“Hmm?” Zhou Lanping was slightly surprised.

The matchmaker beside them widened her eyes, “Girl from the Bai family, do you know what you’re saying?”

“Auntie, I know, and I’m clear-headed.”

Bai Linglong knew what she was thinking — that Lu Jingchuan had good qualities and a normal person wouldn’t reject him.

She was thinking very rationally, and she spoke candidly to the elder, “Auntie, I really appreciate you and Comrade Lu Jingchuan’s consideration, but we are too different.”

“He is a clean-record soldier with a bright future ahead of him. You saw my family’s situation just now; they are a bunch of rotten scoundrels.”

“My father is a real piece of work. I’m not sure if he’s committed any crimes at work, but I am certain he’s had numerous affairs.”

“My mother’s severe injury and coma are directly related to him. He came home for the New Year and demanded a divorce. When my mother didn’t agree, he instigated those scoundrels in the family to force her, and they beat her severely.”

“My mother raised me by herself. They bullied and severely injured her, and I will never forgive them. They must pay for what they did.”

“Even though Bai Jianren is my father, I have no feelings for him. What’s left between us is only hatred. I will not let him off the hook for my future or marriage.”

“So, Comrade Lu Jingchuan and I are really not suitable. A military marriage background check would never pass. Please have a good talk with Comrade Lu Jingchuan.”

She spoke the truth. Zhou Lanping had only been thinking that her nephew had finally come to his senses and hadn’t considered this. Now she turned to her nephew, who was standing stiffly like a stake, and pulled his arm, “Jingchuan, what are your thoughts?”

“Auntie, I told her before that I only care about the person, not anything else,” Lu Jingchuan maintained his stance.

Bai Linglong was a bit exasperated, “Lu Jingchuan, I think you need to calm down. Go home and sleep on it. When you wake up, the dream will be over.”

“Bai Linglong, I’ve already given the betrothal money,” Lu Jingchuan gritted his teeth.

Bai Linglong was speechless, “I’ll give it back to you tomorrow.”

“In my book, once the betrothal money is given, there’s no taking it back. I want you. Once your mother wakes up, you’ll come with me to get the marriage certificate. You won’t escape from me in this lifetime,” Lu Jingchuan said before walking away.

Bai Linglong’s eyes widened, and she chased after him, shouting, “Lu Jingchuan, you’re being unreasonable.”

Lu Jingchuan was indeed being unreasonable. If he didn’t pull this move, he feared he wouldn’t be able to keep her.

He had taken a liking to this girl at first sight, and she wouldn’t slip out of his grasp. Even if he had to be unreasonable and be laughed at, he was determined to keep her.

As he walked away without looking back, Bai Linglong frowned deeply, looking extremely conflicted. She looked at Zhou Lanping and her son, hesitating for two or three seconds before saying, “Auntie, he’s just throwing a childish tantrum, right?”

Zhou Lanping had never seen this side of her nephew, but she could vaguely guess his thoughts. He was serious this time; it was love at first sight for him.

But some things needed to be discussed, and it indeed required some calm. She smiled, “Linglong, there’s no rush to make a decision on this. Take care of your mother first. I’ll go back and talk to him. When your mother wakes up, we’ll meet and discuss this further.”

Bai Linglong thought for a moment and agreed, apologizing, “Auntie, I’m really sorry for the trouble.”

“Don’t be so polite.”

Zhou Lanping actually liked her and subtly probed, “Are you still studying?”

Bai Linglong shook her head and replied, “I graduated from high school last year. My mother teaches at the local commune middle school. Last year, a teacher took maternity leave, and I filled in for half a year. The teacher is back now, and I’m looking for a job.”

“Do you have any siblings?” Zhou Lanping asked further.

“My mother only has me. As for how many children Bai Jianren has outside, I don’t know,” Bai Linglong didn’t miss a chance to badmouth the scoundrel.

Speaking of Bai Jianren, Zhou Lanping’s eyes flickered. She asked, “Linglong, how much do you know about your father?”

Bai Linglong didn’t hold back her disdain, “He’s skilled at superficial work, currying favor, scheming, and exploiting women’s weaknesses. He’s very good at coaxing women but lacks any other real abilities. If he lived in feudal times, even Li Lianying, the great eunuch, would have to give way to him.”

Zhou Lanping was speechless.

Song Tao couldn’t help but laugh, “Haha.”

Bai Linglong shot him a glance. This young man had a low threshold for laughter.

Not knowing him well, Bai Linglong didn’t engage with him and continued to criticize the scoundrel, “He has no family background or education. My mom said that when they got married, he couldn’t even write his own name. Now he knows some words because my mom taught him. Even though he’s a rural person, he never does farm work and spends his days fooling around with shady friends.”

“When the Cultural Revolution started, he led a group of people, waving flags and shouting slogans, ransacking homes and denouncing landlords one day, and attacking capitalists the next. That’s how he managed to make a name for himself and get some connections with the county’s Revolutionary Committee.”

“After that, he started currying favor, one day serving tea to this leader’s wife, the next day running errands for that family’s daughter-in-law, always hanging around women.”

“I don’t know whose eye he caught, but soon after, he was transferred to work at a state-owned factory in the county. Every time he came back, he would boast and show off, acting all high and mighty, always flaunting his authority in the village. About six or seven years ago, he offended someone he couldn’t afford to mess with and got his leg broken in a back-alley beating.”

“After that, he wasn’t as flashy or arrogant. It seemed like someone was giving him advice from behind the scenes. His personality changed a lot, and he gradually stopped coming home.”

“As for his later transfer to a state-owned factory in the city, my mother and I didn’t even know about it at the time. We only found out two years after the transfer when the old hag from the Bai family bragged about it outside.”

Zhou Lanping nodded slightly, having a clearer understanding now. She didn’t ask any further questions.

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