Blind Date Mix-Up: Hot Wife Marries Military Officer and Ousts Scumbag Father
Blind Date Mix-Up: Hot Wife Marries Military Officer and Ousts Scumbag Father Chapter 12

 Chapter 12: I’m Going to Do Something Bad

Not long after, the operating room door opened, and Bai Shuixian was wheeled out. Her head was wrapped in thick white gauze, and her lips were as pale as paper.

Bai Linglong hurried forward and asked anxiously, “Director Zhao, Dr. Liao, how is my mother?”

“The surgery was successful.”

Dr. Liao, who had just performed the surgery, took off his mask and explained to her, “Your mother’s physical condition is still relatively good. Although she wasn’t in great shape before the surgery, her heart rate remained stable throughout the operation. The blood clot in her brain has been removed, and we used good medication. Tonight is critical. I’ll arrange for a nurse to watch over her. As long as she wakes up within a day, she’ll be fine.”

Bai Linglong was relieved and quickly thanked them, “Thank you, Director Zhao, Dr. Liao, and all the doctors and nurses. You’ve worked hard.”

Everyone smiled and accepted her thanks. Dr. Liao hurriedly arranged for Bai Shuixian to be sent to a special ward. The hospital had arranged for a nurse to take care of her, so family members were not allowed inside. Bai Linglong escorted them to the door but didn’t go in.

Zhou Lanping spoke a few words with Director Zhao and chatted briefly with Bai Linglong and the matchmaker before she and her son left.

As they exited the hospital, they saw Lu Jingchuan standing straight at the entrance. Zhou Lanping gave him a sidelong glance and smiled, “Linglong’s mother’s surgery was successful. Do you want to go in and see her?”

“Let’s go home first. I’ll come back later.”

Lu Jingchuan hadn’t left the hospital. He had seen the patient being wheeled out and was specifically waiting at the door for his aunt and cousin.

Meanwhile, at the guesthouse, the Bai family was in a brawl. The two elderly Bai family members were fighting each other. Although the old man had the advantage of strength as a man, the old hag wasn’t a pushover and scratched his face several times, still cursing him loudly.

In short, they both believed Bai Linglong’s words and were convinced the other had an affair and had illegitimate children.

The three brothers, two of whom were illegitimate.

The eldest, Bai Jianlin, was filled with resentment. His mother favored the second brother, and his father favored the third. As the eldest son, he had always been the least favored. Now he finally understood why.

While the two elders were fighting, only the third brother, Bai Jianyi, pretended to intervene, while Bai Jianlin and his wife, Li Cuihua, stood by watching the show without helping.

When Bai Jianren returned, the fight was still ongoing, but he didn’t enter. He stood outside listening, his face as dark as coal.

After the cursing inside subsided, he kicked the door open, his eyes colder than a venomous snake’s as he looked around, finally focusing on the two old people.

“I don’t care about your nonsense. I’ve done right by this family all these years. Now, all of you will go back to Niujiao Bay and never come to Tancheng again. If you affect my career, you’ll face the consequences.”

After saying this, he turned to leave.

“Second Son.”

The old hag panicked and hurried after him.

Bai Jianren stopped, his gaze icy and ruthless as he spoke chillingly.

“Mom, if you want a peaceful life, go back to Niujiao Bay now. As long as I carry the Bai name, I will fulfill my filial duties. But if anyone’s greed disrupts my life, I’ll make sure no one has a good life.”

Since he started working in Tancheng, the Bai family had found it increasingly difficult to understand his word. Seeing the ruthlessness in his eyes, they were filled with fear.

Before leaving, Bai Jianren gave the old man a warning glance that made his legs tremble.

The old man had his calculations. Even though the old hag hadn’t admitted to her affair with Tie Sanping, he was pretty sure his most successful son wasn’t his biological child. He had raised him, and now that he was successful and a high-ranking official, the Bai family should benefit.

He wanted to ask for something in return, but the calculating thoughts vanished when he met Bai Jianren’s cold, ruthless eyes.

At that moment, the old man understood he couldn’t control his second son.

Unable to control him, he could only control the old hag. As long as he had control over her, Bai Jianren couldn’t cut ties with the Bai family and would have to continue fulfilling his filial duties.

“Let’s go home.”

The old man signaled his two biological sons to take the old hag away.

Bai Jianlin and Bai Jianyi, both opportunistic, were willing to endure their brother’s illegitimacy as long as there were benefits and money involved.

Bai Jianren, in a hurry, paid them no attention. After leaving the guesthouse, he quickly rode his bicycle back.

Bai Linglong had just finished talking with Dr. Liao and returned to the ward. She was counting her money.

Looking at the scattered tens of yuan, she, who was used to spending money freely, felt the frustration of being short on funds for the first time. Though this money was enough for a while, her mother’s recovery would require significant medical expenses. This amount was far from sufficient.

Additionally, she still owed a large sum of money to Lu Jingchuan.

“That scumbag definitely won’t honestly hand over the money, I need to take the initiative.”

Bai Linglong put all the money into her storage space, glanced at the little artifact, and a smile appeared on her lips, “I’m going to do something bad, now I need your help.”

Earlier, when she beat up the old hag, she found a small slip of paper on her, which was kept together with the money. She had just looked at it and figured it was Bai Jianren’s residence in Tancheng. Now was the perfect time to pay a visit while she had the opportunity.

With doctors and nurses taking care of her mother, Bai Linglong quickly stepped out. She found a local nearby to ask for directions to the neighborhood and then hurried over.

As luck would have it, just as Bai Linglong reached the neighborhood, she saw Bai Jianren riding his bicycle out. She immediately hid in a corner and carefully checked her surroundings. Once she was sure no one was around, she activated the invisibility function.


Bai Linglong played a dirty trick, causing Bai Jianren to fall off his bike. Before he could get up, she struck the back of his neck with a heavy blow, causing him to pass out.

Making sure no one saw, Bai Linglong immediately put the bicycle into her storage space.

In these times, bicycles were the main mode of transportation, costing over a hundred yuan each and requiring a bicycle ticket. She and her mother had wanted to buy one for a long time but couldn’t afford it. Today, she accepted it without hesitation.

After taking the bike, Bai Linglong quickly searched Bai Jianren, found a bulging notebook in his chest pocket, pulled it out without looking at it, and threw it into her space ring.

Having thoroughly searched him, the invisible Bai Linglong ran into the neighborhood, heading straight for apartment 309 in the East Building. She used the key she had just found to unlock the door and entered.

This apartment was assigned by Bai Jianren’s workplace, and consists of two bedrooms and a living room. Bai Linglong glanced around and saw two women’s garments hanging in the closet. She sneered, “If you have nothing to hide, then there’s nothing to fear. It’s disgusting how shameless you are.”

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