Blind Date Mix-Up: Hot Wife Marries Military Officer and Ousts Scumbag Father
Blind Date Mix-Up: Hot Wife Marries Military Officer and Ousts Scumbag Father Chapter 13

Chapter 13: The Magical Item from the King of Hell

In her first attempt at “burglary,” Bai Linglong lacked experience. She thoroughly searched the room and only found the hidden money behind the headboard after about ten minutes.

Inside a hole the size of half a cement brick, there were several things hidden: two iron boxes, one large and one small, and something wrapped layer by layer in newspaper. All three were heavy.

Bai Linglong quickly opened the two boxes. The large one contained precious jewelry: a glass-type jadeite necklace, a pair of roughly made but weighty gold bracelets, two strings of agate beads, two gold bars, and six or seven small goldfish.

The origins of these items were easily guessed by Bai Linglong—likely treasures hidden from his days of playing cards and deceiving capitalists.

Since these were illicit goods, she didn’t hesitate to take them.

The other small iron box was lighter. Opening it revealed savings certificates from a credit union. She focused on the numbers and smirked, “A high-ranking cadre from a state-owned factory, with tens of thousands in savings. Truly a big parasite nibbling at the national resources.”


Bai Linglong continued to stash everything into her ring. Knowing the money wasn’t obtained through proper means, she decided, “I’ll donate it all when the time is right.”

Besides the stub, there was also a property deed in the box. The address on it wasn’t for this apartment, indicating Bai Jianren owned property elsewhere in the city.

Being new to Tancheng, she decided not to investigate further into this apartment for now, planning to return later.

After returning everything to the boxes and stashing them away, she began inspecting a bundle of newspapers nearby, muttering to herself, “This should be a wad of cash.”

As she suspected, it was indeed a bundle of money neatly folded, totaling exactly one thousand yuan.

Accepted in full, not a penny left behind.

After taking these items, Bai Linglong thoroughly searched the room again. In the closet’s inner layer, she found a discreet brown glass bottle. Her instincts told her it wasn’t something good, so she took it with her as well.

When she exited the room, she coincidentally met Bai Jianren returning.

He had already been revived, looking flustered. Several men followed behind him, all with furrowed brows and worried expressions.

Apartment 309 was situated at the innermost corner of this floor, with the staircase located in the middle of the entire floor. Bai Linglong wanted to go downstairs, but now that Bai Jianren had returned with a group of people, the narrow corridor was completely blocked. She couldn’t possibly slip back into the apartment unnoticed.

It wasn’t practical to hide back in the room now that he was back, so Bai Linglong could only shrink into a corner and pray silently, “I’m invisible, they can’t see me, please don’t bump into…”


Before she could finish her prayer, the crowd rushed over, squeezing to the side. One short, round man accidentally bumped into her leg, startling her wide-eyed.

However, the man pinning her leg didn’t seem to notice anything unusual. It was as if he didn’t see her at all, and her heart, which had been in her throat, slowly relaxed.

“He can’t perceive me?”

Bai Linglong speculated inwardly. Taking a deep breath, she boldly attempted to move her right leg slightly and kicked the man’s foot with her right foot. Initially weak, she tested it again when he didn’t respond, kicking twice with more force.

Seeing that he still didn’t react, completely unaware of her presence, Bai Linglong was overjoyed, “Heh heh, the King of Hell’s stuff really is magical.”

Confirming that she remained invisible and unnoticed by outsiders, she no longer feared. Boldly, she approached the crowd to watch the excitement.

The outcome of the commotion was naturally Bai Jianren’s hysterical shouting.

Seeing this scumbag infuriated nearly to death, Bai Linglong’s frustration dissipated. Seeing him about to call the police, she sneered and immediately left, returning to the hospital.

She was certainly going to be one of the subjects of investigation today.

Bai Jianren was now on the verge of exploding, his mind reeling from the loss. His body trembled, and his spine went cold.

It’s Over! It’s All Over!

At this moment, Bai Jianren was in a state of extreme panic. The most crucial ledger was lost—if that fell into the hands of leaders or competitors, all his efforts over the years would be in vain.

Additionally, he had lost over a decade’s worth of savings and deposits. For someone who loved money as much as he did, this was another heavy blow.

Bai Jianren forced himself to calm down. A series of figures flashed through his mind, ending with Bai Linglong.

But he quickly shook his head and affirmed, “She doesn’t have that kind of capability. She doesn’t even know where I live. She has motives, but she wouldn’t move this quickly. She should still be at the hospital.”

Although he suspected it wasn’t her, Bai Jianren wouldn’t miss this opportunity to teach her a lesson.

Meanwhile, Bai Linglong had just passed by a department store, bought a few daily necessities, and purchased a stack of newspapers from a roadside post office. She leisurely walked back to the hospital, reading as she strolled.

“Are you Bai Linglong?”

Just as Bai Linglong reached the hospital entrance, two officials in red armbands intercepted her. She glanced at them. “Yes, what’s the matter?”

“We need your assistance for an investigation. Come with us.” One of them grabbed her arm.

Bai Linglong jerked her arm away directly, raising her voice, “You scoundrels are full of schemes. I just lost face here, and now you’re deliberately coming to pick a fight with me. Let me tell you, I’m not a three-year-old you can easily deceive. Even if I’ve done something wrong or committed a crime, it’s the Public Security Bureau’s job to investigate, not yours.”

She knew the backing behind that scumbag was the Revolutionary Committee; otherwise, with his capabilities, he wouldn’t have been transferred to a state-owned factory in the city.

“Now that I’m not showing up, you’re sending these people to hassle me. Did you think I wouldn’t see through this?”

“Are you coming or not?” The leader’s expression darkened as he stared at her.

“What, are you trying to threaten me?” Bai Linglong sneered unabashedly. “Go back and tell him, stop playing these sinister tricks on me. Just send the money over honestly. If anything happens to my mom and me, our lives will drag him straight to hell.”

With a disdainful look at their grim faces, she turned and walked back to the hospital.

She carried a woven basket in her hand with a basin inside, toothpaste, a toothbrush, soap, and an aluminum lunchbox. She also held several newspapers.

After a quick inspection and confirmation from the two officials with red armbands, they exchanged glances. The one who had spoken earlier stepped forward to block her path again, questioning her sternly, “Where did you just go?”

“Why do you care?” Bai Linglong wasn’t about to answer honestly.

“Bai Linglong, if you don’t cooperate and answer honestly, don’t blame us for getting rough.” The official threatened.

“What, now under your Revolutionary Committee’s jurisdiction, us ordinary people have no personal freedom? Do we have to report our whereabouts to you even for a stroll around the street?” Bai Linglong faced him with a proud and defiant expression.

“Bai Linglong, you have problematic thoughts. You need proper disciplinary education. Come with us and stop talking nonsense, or else…”

“The cadres of the Tancheng Revolutionary Committee are all very impressive. Today is really an eye-opener.”

A low and hoarse voice was heard from inside the hospital, followed by a tall and straight man striding out.

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