Stealing the Yuri Protagonist Harem
Chapter 27: Miss Kirin Who Has Seen the Wider World

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Red Blossom Pavilion is quite a distance away from the Demon Artifact Pavilion.

After all, the people who are hanging around the Demon Artifact Pavilion are too familiar with the officer who maintained it in the past year, especially with the recent popularity that Luo Wusheng has gathered due to his Heavenly Tribulation accident. If they choose to go to a brothel near the Demon Artifact Pavilion, it is estimated that the next morning, the news of the Demon Sect Holy Saint doing unspeakable deeds with the prostitutes would be spread throughout the vicinity of the Demon Artifact Pavilion.

Luo Wusheng didn’t want his reliable senior brother impression to be changed into a lecherous senior brother in Bai Xiaoyao’s eyes. That would decrease his favorability with her.

Therefore, at this time, he still needs to act low-key.

Thinking like this in his heart, Luo Wusheng looked at the four young Pavillion officers who were still standing in place.

“What? Are you guys not going?”

“Go! Of course we’ll go!”

The first to respond was naturally the most active of the four, Li Xing.

He was still quite proud of himself.

He had said before that since they were all men, they could get to know the Holy Saint of the sect by going to some of the good brothels in the royal city. Now, the three guys who didn’t believe him before should be feeling pretty stupid, right?

As a result, the Holy Saint was now taking the initiative to invite them!

Seeing Li Xing’s smug expression, the other three also remembered their conversation from that day, and their faces couldn’t help but darken.

After a moment of silence, Hu Dingtian also stepped forward to follow behind Luo Wusheng.

“Since the Holy Saint has invited us, I would be impolite not to go.”

Hu Dingtian was thinking more at this moment.

Hmm, if the Holy Saint of their sect likes any prostitutes in that building, he must help the Holy Saint to win her over no matter what.

It’s just that the courtesan Yao Ji, the number one prostitute in Red Blossom Pavilion just sells her art, and not her body. So if the Holy Saint likes her and wants to take her home, it would be quite difficult.

As for the young Xu Yuchun, he quietly followed behind.

Li Xing’s smug expression made him very unhappy, and for a while he didn’t even want to speak.

Unlike the rest of the officers, Old Wang was still standing still.

“Old Wang, aren’t you coming?” Seeing him not moving, Luo Wusheng was feeling a little surprised.

In order to build a good relationship with his employees, he also chose to use a more intimate form of address.

Old Wang looked hesitant.

“Hehe, your Holiness, Old Wang must be reluctant to leave his lover in the fairworks, that’s why he is hesitating.” Li Xing said with a smirk.

Luo Wusheng suddenly realized, this old Wang was reluctant to leave a wealthy mistress.

He had intended to express his understanding to Old Wang, but he saw that the young man had started to follow them with a blank face.

“I’ll come along.”

It seemed that after hearing Li Xing’s words, he had made a decision.

Luo Wusheng didn’t ask too much, after all, everyone was an adult and could make their own decisions.


It was already curfew at this time.

Because the demonic monster had been quiet for the past two days for some reason, Miss Kirin and her Red Robe catcher had searched outside of the Royal City for half a day and had just returned to the city.

But today, these subordinates of hers were especially talkative.

Miss Kirin could also understand that the great event that had happened in the royal city at noon had caused them to still be somewhat dumbfounded, the fact that they had encountered the real Holy Saint of the Demon Sect seven days ago, who had already made the famous but now dilapidated Demon Artifact Pavilion rise again in such a short period of time also didn’t help.

It was clear that when they faced each other that day, the Holy Saint only looked like an ordinary handsome young man, and yet, in just a few days, he had shown to the world the reason why he is the Holy Saint of the Demon Sect, her subordinate had also become some sort of fan for the Holy Saint.

“The Holy Saint is really such an amazing man! When we doubted his identity that day, he still didn’t show any anger. The rumours outside are really untrustworthy. They said that the Demon Sect Holy Saint has nothing but cultivation talent, and everything from his manner to his appearance are severely lacking, but it was clearly false information that stemmed from envy.”

“That’s not necessarily true. The rumours that come from the outside world also said that the Demon Sect Holy Saint tends to avoid women. Nowadays, besides the buddhist monks who are celibate, who else would be like that?”

“Well, even if he’s not avoiding women, he should at least be pure. After all, the most widely spread folk tales about young heroes are their romantic and heroic stories. If the Holy Saint Luo Wusheng is really a romantic and heroic figure, it will surely be known all over the world.”

“Maybe he’s just good at hiding it? Who knows, we might bump into the Holy Saint tonight if we go to the Red Blossom Pavilion.”

“You gotta be kidding me. Even if he wants to go, he wouldn’t go to the Red Blossom Pavilion that is located so far away from the Demon Artifact Pavilion, right?

A group of Red Robe Catchers were discussing such matters excitedly.

However, as they talked, the male and female members of the Red-Robed catchers obviously stood apart from each other.

Miss Kirin still had that cold and distant attitude that many would use towards strangers. She listened quietly to her subordinates’ discussion, without stopping them or finding anything wrong with a group of male catchers talking about things related to brothels.

She was different from those young girls. She had seen the wider world, and she could understand these male red robed catchers.

After the ancient era passed, cultivators no longer needed to suppress their humane desires for the sake of the natural order, but on the contrary, after becoming cultivators, their physical need improved and their lust grew stronger than when they were mortals.

It’s true that entertainment in this world is lacking, and male cultivators have a greater demand in that area. It’s a normal phenomenon for men to go to that place.’ Thought Miss Kirin.

‘However, that guy, Luo Wusheng… he doesn’t seem like the type to go to such places. Otherwise, the Holy Maiden of the Demon Sect wouldn’t be on such good terms with him,’ she continued, expressing her doubts about the information that she heard.

Compared to the rest of the Red-Robed Catchers, Miss Kirin had more contact with Luo Wusheng, so she trusted her own judgement more than them.


“You’re saying… that, the Demon Sect’s Holy Saint Luo Wusheng and some of his subordinates went in the direction of the Red Blossom Pavilion?” she asked, her face were blank, but her eyes expressed her surprise, looking at Night Crow in front of her.

“Yes, it’s intelligence that our spy has been secretly observing from the Demon Artifact Pavilion,” replied Night Crow. “After we left today, the four ordinary officers of the Demon Artifact Pavilion went to the four Trial Martial Arena in the Royal City on their own, as we don’t know their purpose, so to gather some information, I specifically sent a spy to intentionally lose to the one with the lowest cultivation level among them, but so far, nothing crucial has been found.”

“The Holy Saint and the Holy Maiden of the Demon Sect bought a mansion near the Demon Artifact Pavilion and only went to the Pavilion at dusk… the mansion that they had bought currently is also under the surveillance of our spies.”

“And the latest intelligence was just sent by the hawk courier of our spy network.”

Miss Kirin listened quietly and looked at Night Crow with a strange gaze under her mask. “Are you bored or something?” she asked.

Otherwise, how else could Night Crow have the time to be paying attention to every news and movement coming from the Demon Artifact Pavilion?

“Cough, how can you say that? It’s always good to pay more attention to the movements of the Holy Saint of the Demon Sect in the Royal City,” replied Night Crow.

Of course, he was also very interested in that troublemaker himself.

He believed that Miss Kirin was also interested in him, which was why he instinctively shared this intelligence with her.

Seeing that Miss Kirin was not interested in continuing the conversation, Night Crow asked, “So, Kirin, what do you think about this matter?”

“What else can I think? All men in the world are the same,” replied Miss Kirin with a cold voice, showing no interest in the topic.

Hearing his colleague’s words, Night Crow scratched its head.

(Really, Kirin is still the same…)

That’s what he thought, but then Miss Kirin continued speaking:

“From the looks of it, It seems you have no new information regarding the demonic monsters today, if that’s the case, then i’m going to take my leave.”

Miss Kirin’s voice was emotionless, and with a step and a teleportation ability that she has as a Nascent Soul cultivator, she left the rest of the Six Gates Bureau members.

As someone who had seen the wider world, she had seen all sorts of situations. She fully understood Luo Wusheng’s shortcomings.

His little flaw of being lustful didn’t affect her appreciation of the young man who might prove useful in the future.

In fact, at the moment, having a bit of knowledge about his preferences was indeed a useful piece of information.

However, it seemed that her subordinates, who are also Red-Robed Catchers, were also headed to the Red Blossom Pavilion…

“Better call them back and have them catch up on their training.”

Thinking about how she had just assumed that the Demon Artifact Pavilion leader wouldn’t dare to go to such a place, only for him to prove her wrong so quickly…

Miss Kirin was a bit displeased.

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