Chapter 35: Senior Brother, I have something to tell you

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As the audience watched this scene in silence, they suddenly erupted into lively discussion.

“What just happened? How could that young man suddenly injure the mid-level Qi Refining cultivator? What is that thing he’s holding?”

“Did anyone see what happened just now?”

“I saw it! That dark thing suddenly flashed a burst of flame, and then the opponent’s shoulder was injured!”

“I think I saw something flying out of that flame, hitting the opponent in an instant! The speed was faster than I’ve ever seen a Foundation Establishment cultivator move!”

Clearly, the novel object piqued the interest of these people, and some even walked towards Xu Yuchun. But then a voice suddenly spoke up: “I know that young man. He is from the Demon Artifact Pavilion, and I believe what he just used is the special mundane weapon the Lord Luo of the Demon Artifact Pavilion mentioned yesterday!”

And then another voice chimed in: “Ha, what special mundane weapon? It’s just a fluke! Even if it’s fast, it’s powerless, and it’s not even comparable to a real mundane weapon! It’s just a bluff that can only frighten an opponent once!”

“That’s right! Even ordinary mundane weapons are probably better than this special one from the Demon Artifact Pavilion!”

“It’s no wonder they gave up after just one use. It seems they have some self-awareness after all.”

“I think we should go to the Taoist Artifact Pavilion six days later instead. How can this compare to the TaoistMarks and ordinary weapons?”

The mood shifted instantly.

The spectators who were previously interested in the novelty of the item seemed to be contemplating after hearing this.

It seemed like what everyone said made sense.

Although that thing was special, upon further thought, it didn’t seem to be something worth praising.

Some of the onlookers who had witnessed the spectacular scene of Heavenly Tribulation yesterday fell into contemplation.

Was that the special ordinary weapon mentioned by Luo Wusheng from the Demon Artifact Pavilion?

Many people who had been hoping for something were clearly disappointed.

It seemed that the son of the Demon Sect had really come up with a new approach to solving the problems of the Demon Sect’s refining technique, but in return, it sacrificed many of the characteristics that ordinary weapons should have.

Many spectators who had wanted to ask Xu Yuchun about it stopped in their tracks and chose to observe and wait.

Anyway, Xu Yuchun had not left yet, and it looked like he would choose to go on stage again today.

There would be a chance to find out what was special about that black thing.

At the tea house, the two Demon Sect geniuses watching the martial arts stage both set down their teacups.

“It seems that everything is as Senior Brother predicted,” Bai Xiaoyao said with a smile as she deftly refilled their empty cups.

“Senior Sister, what do you think these people are from?” Lu Wusheng asked casually, leaning back in his chair.

“If we’re talking about opponents, then the Taoist Artifact Pavilion that’s already prepared to challenge us must be one of them. Other refining pavilions are probably just fishing in troubled waters… and some of the Royal City families who are friendly with these refining pavilions are likely to be involved as well,” Bai Xiaoyao said, swaying the teacup in her hand.

“There were some people who quietly left the crowd just now. They’re probably scouts from various forces, and the Six GatesBureaue and secret spies are definitely among them.”

As Bai Xiaoyao analyzed the situation, Lu Wusheng nodded in agreement.

“Well, after today, these people should all start to act. By tomorrow, this matter should have spread to all the people who need to know,” he said.

All of this was within his expectations.

He was pondering his plan.

On the first day, he would draw attention. On the second day, he would make various forces feel that his artifacts were mediocre. On the third day, those who did not want the rise of the Demon Artifact Pavilion would actively help him with publicity, wishing that the entire royal city would know that the rise of the Demon Artifact Pavilion was just a joke.

Then, on the fourth day, a reversal would happen!

Luo Wusheng downed his just-filled cup of tea.

Perhaps some people would doubt if he had any other hidden agenda, but the Taoist Artifact Pavilion, which was ready to challenge him, would definitely take the lead in the charge.

When someone took the lead, others would follow.

Even if they could still remain calm, he could simply find a few hooligans to take on this responsibility.

After all, he had money.

“But why does Senior Brother want to do this? Even if Senior Brother’s plan can really be realized, if we don’t do it this way, it won’t be long before the whole royal city knows about that special Artifact,” Bai Xiaoyao asked, her eyes filled with doubt.

Facing Bai Xiaoyao’s question, Luo Wusheng did not answer, just shook his head.

He was in a hurry.

According to Miss Kirin’s words, he might receive a message from the Imperial Palace in the next few days.

But if he could not cause an event that would interest the Empress, his plan to meet with her would be delayed again to an unknown date.

Especially after the encounter last night, his sense of urgency had become even stronger.

He must quickly raise the Empress’s favorability towards him.

Only then would he have more means to deal with any crisis that might exist in the royal city.

Thinking of this, he looked at Bai Xiaoyao.

“Junior Sister, how much do you know about the Buddhist sect?”

“The Buddhist sect?”

Bai Xiaoyao was taken aback for a moment, and after thinking about it for a while, she said, “The Buddhist sect has always been the most mysterious of the three ancient sects of Buddhism, Taoism, and Demons. It is located on the other side of the Endless Sea and possesses the Three Thousand Pure Lands opposite the Three Thousand Demon Realms of the Demon Sect, with the Spirit Mountain Pure Land as its core.”

“Its disciples are said to cultivate the Golden Body, the Dharma Body, and the Fruit Position, but I don’t know the specific situation. After all, the disciples of the Buddhist sect rarely travel in the world and prefer to worship the Buddha on the Spirit Mountain every day.”

Luo Wusheng nodded thoughtfully.

He knew this information, as it was mentioned briefly in the previous part of the original work. Two months later, Miss Sword Immortal and Bai Xiaoyao would go to the Ancient Heavenly Court, where they would meet a practitioner who had attained a Buddhist golden body. According to the original work’s setting, a Buddhist golden body is difficult to damage at the same level and is nearly invincible in the same realm.

“Do you think that the Buddhists might also be involved in this matter?” Bai Xiaoyao guessed, seeing the expression on her senior brother face.

“It’s just a possibility. This matter is related to my other purpose for this trip,” said Luo Wusheng, sighing and realizing that his tea cup was already empty.

“Today’s goal has also been achieved, so let’s just go back like this. I think the Artifact Refiners you called are also heading to the Demon Artifact Pavilion,” he looked at Bai Xiaoyao.

But at this moment, the expression on Bai Xiaoyao face became somewhat strange.

“Um… Senior Brother, there’s something I want to tell you.”

“What is it?” Luo Wusheng looked at Bai Xiaoyao, feeling somewhat puzzled by her strange expression.

“…I suppose Senior Brother also knows that besides disciples forced by the sect to practice, those who choose to study the art of refining in the Demon Sect are all…um, disciples with slightly different thoughts from ordinary people.”

Luo Wusheng became more and more confused as he listened.

And why did he feel like he was included in this sentence too?

“We are both Holy Saint and Maiden of the sect, and the sect does not require us to have Artifact Refiners in our domain. Therefore…”

“They chose to study the Demon Sect’s refining arts on their own?” Luo Wusheng’s right eyelid kept twitching.

Bai Xiaoyao nodded gently.

“Um… their personalities are slightly peculiar…”

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