Stealing the Yuri Protagonist Harem
Chapter 60: Tonight, There is Only Us

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At this moment, Luo Wusheng was somewhat surprised.

At first, when he heard his junior sister talking about not knowing what that strange pink smoke was or when it was planted, he was a bit disappointed.

After all, it was the most likely clue to obtain, but he still couldn’t grasp it.

Considering that the pink smoke was not long-lasting and had a concealed nature that couldn’t be detected, it made sense that it was planted silently, making it difficult to notice.

However, immediately after, Bai Xiaoyao provided him with other ideas.

The demoness listed some recent events that occurred in the royal city, emphasizing the most suspicious ones.

Among these, three were also discovered by Luo Wusheng himself.

The incidents of demonic monsters, the bald coachman, and the recent disappearance of the head of the Taoist Artifact Pavilion.

Indeed, thinking back to the events of last night, the person who clearly had a grudge against him and coincidentally went missing yesterday, the head of the Taoist Artifact Pavilion, was highly suspicious.

In addition to these three incidents, he also saw several events that appeared in the original work, waiting for a certain sword fairy to solve.

He never expected that his junior sister would gather so much information in just one day.

Comparing himself, who only thought about going to the Red Blossom Pavilion to listen to music today, Luo Wusheng couldn’t help but feel a bit ashamed.

Indeed, he was just a rough and crude person, lacking attention to detail. He had to rely on his junior sister for this kind of careful work.

Unfortunately, even with these abnormalities in the royal city as references, the two of them could only speculate on a few forces that needed to be guarded against.

(The first suspect, based on the revealed motives and timing of the crime, should be the head of the Taoist Artifact Pavilion… But I still don’t think that an obviously inadequate person could carry out such a seemingly far-reaching action…).

(I still feel that the issue of the bald coachman is more significant… Those monks from the Buddhist sect are all shrewd individuals, and the possibility of them carrying out actions with unclear motives is high… This is just my biased opinion, better not to mention it to the demoness).

“It seems that the possibility of the demon race behind this is the highest.”

After multiple sorting and contemplation, Luo Wusheng suddenly spoke.

Bai Xiaoyao raised her gaze and looked at her senior brother, nodding in agreement.

“Senior brother and I have the same thoughts. When it comes to strange supernatural powers, we must guard against the demon race… Moreover, the demon that can transform into blood mist disappeared shortly after senior brother arrived in the royal city, which is highly suspicious,” Bai Xiaoyao said, but furrowed her eyebrows. “But I can’t figure out what the demon’s purpose would be if it were the case.”

“Regarding this matter, I have some speculation…”

Luo Wusheng rubbed his chin.

He called it speculation, but in reality, it was a plot point that had already been confirmed in his memory.

Seeing the confusion on the demoness’s face, Luo Wusheng first enveloped the surroundings with his spiritual sense, making sure no one was around, and then sent her a telepathic message.

After receiving the telepathic message from her senior brother, Bai Xiaoyao’s eyes lit up, but her expression became more serious.

“If it’s according to senior brother’s idea, then when the opening ceremony that will happen in a few days begins…,” she said.

“If it’s really like that, they definitely won’t miss the opportunity of the opening ceremony,” Luo Wusheng sighed. “The necessary preparations might have been arranged as early as last night.”

“What do you plan to do, senior brother? Will the incident during the opening ceremony affect your original plan?”

“That depends on how the other party moves… but we can’t just sit and wait for death.”

Luo Wusheng fell into deep thought.

Although he said that, if it really came to dealing with the demon, he didn’t have any specific means to handle it.

(But I don’t have to rely on myself for everything, I can find professionals to deal with it…)

Recalling his memories, who was good at dealing with monsters?

Ah, Taoist priests exorcise ghosts, and monks capture demons.

However, the Buddhist monks clearly didn’t belong to his side, so he couldn’t rely on them to display their great powers.

“I will pay a visit to the Six Gate tomorrow,” Luo Wusheng made a decision.

After all, it was within the royal city, and seeking help from that group of influential figures wouldn’t be a problem.

At the very least, he should be able to coax Miss Kirin over, as he had some information that she would definitely be interested in.

(But I’m a bit worried about the problems that might arise from stealing the limelight from the Miss Sword Fairy… but the current situation doesn’t allow for much consideration.)

With a Nascent Soul stage cultivator overseeing the situation, he could feel a bit more at ease.

Seeing that her senior brother had come up with a plan, Bai Xiaoyao nodded lightly. “If we have the presence of the Six Gate Master, it would indeed bring some peace of mind.”

Luo Wusheng responded with a “Hmm,” but he didn’t appear too relaxed.

At times like this, it would be great if his lucky mascot, the protagonist Miss Sword Fairy, were here. Even if her cultivation level was a bit low, as long as she stood on his side, he would have the upper hand.

And he could also let the girl push the plot forward in the royal city, saving him from worrying about stealing the show. He would only need to provide some hints and guidance.

(Unfortunately, that girl hasn’t even started her illness yet, so she won’t leave the Sword Pavilion so soon…)

He sighed inwardly.

Seeing her senior brother still furrowed his brow even after coming up with a plan, Bai Xiaoyao, who had collected quite a bit of information today, felt a ripple in her heart.

Although she didn’t know the exact nature of her senior brother’s mission in the royal city, it must be something extremely dangerous…

In such a short time since arriving in the royal city, her senior brother had already been entangled in numerous chaotic situations, requiring careful planning at every step to avoid falling into the schemes of hidden adversaries.

But even in such circumstances, her senior brother remained as he always was, carefree and even able to create many new and interesting things in his spare time.

If she didn’t bring it up today, her senior brother probably didn’t intend to share so much with her.

Thinking about how she had gathered a lot of information today, and yet the few crucial pieces of information her senior brother knew were even more detailed than hers, Bai Xiaoyao couldn’t help but feel a bit defeated.

But at the same time, a small softness emerged within her.

(At this moment, my senior brother must be bearing a pressure that I can’t imagine…)

It seemed that her preparations were worthwhile.

If her guess was correct, her senior brother would definitely be satisfied with her preparations.

Bai Xiaoyao lightly closed her eyes and, when she opened them again, the fleeting tenderness disappeared.

“Senior brother, today I obtained something that might be useful to you in the city…”

“Oh? What is it?”

Luo Wusheng assumed a listening posture.

“It’s a list of the recent undercover agents sent to the royal city by the Three Thousand Demon Realms… There are quite a few of them.”

Bai Xiaoyao smiled lightly. “After all, both you and I have come to the royal city, so it’s only natural for those opportunistic individuals in the sect to send people to investigate.”

Hearing his junior sister’s words, Luo Wusheng was momentarily stunned, and then his eyes brightened.

How could he have forgotten about this?

If he could recruit these undercover agents to work for him, the pressure of opening his own sect would significantly decrease.

As the Holy Saint of the Demon Sect, he had the authority to command these undercover agents!

Seeing the joy on her senior brother’s face, Bai Xiaoyao slowly stood up.

“When I returned earlier, I left the list in our room. I’ll retrieve it for you. Please wait a moment, senior brother.”

Why just a moment?

Because the demoness had something else to prepare.

Tonight, in this vast mansion, there were only two people in it…

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