Stealing the Yuri Protagonist Harem
Chapter 61: She Really Understands Me

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Until his junior sister went back to her own room, the smile on Luo Wusheng’s face hadn’t completely faded.

He now felt even more regretful.

His junior sister was such a good child, and she was beautiful too. Although dealing with the unpredictable demoness gave him a headache as an opponent, she was extremely reliable as a teammate.

(But the efficiency of Bai Xiaoyao is really high… She was able to collect so much useful information in just a single day.)

She truly deserved to be one of the main characters, with a catalyzing effect on the entire plot. She was more useful than himself.

Then he remembered the information that his junior sister had revealed.

“Although many of the pieces of information seem unrelated, they actually contribute to a major event…”

Combining the original plot from his memory, Luo Wusheng sighed softly.

At first glance, there seemed to be only three useful pieces of information, but a few seemingly inconspicuous details made him think of many things when compared to the original plot.

It also raised his suspicion of the demonic villain.

(In the original story, Little Yuli accidentally exposed the mastermind behind the conspiracy in the royal city, which resulted in the blood mist demonic being causing chaos around the city, that’s an event that was only told to the reader in a background character dialogue… Afterwards, that fellow became completely unimportant and disappeared from the story. I still have no idea what kind of monster it actually was…)

Otherwise, he could have taken a more proactive strategy.

For example, if he knew that the other party was an adorable beast-eared girl, he could have chosen to sacrifice his own reputation and attract the attention of the demonic monster on the front line, and then capture her and give her a good… re-education.

Really, how could he have such noble intentions to sacrifice himself like this?

Luo Wusheng was moved by his own thoughts.

(But come to think of it, why is Bai XIaoyao so slow? According to the distance between her room and here, it shouldn’t take this long to get a list… Unless…)

And why did his junior sister have to go back to her room first and leave the list there before coming to find him?

If she intended to give him something, she should have brought it with her from the beginning.

The Holy Saint was a little puzzled.

Curious, he began to use his spiritual sense to locate his junior sister’s current position.

“She’s still in the room?”

Sensing the demoness’s location, Luo Wusheng raised an eyebrow.

Just as he began to speculate on what his junior sister was doing, the aura of Bai Xiaoyao finally started moving.

Without using any body techniques, she slowly made her way towards him.

It seemed suspicious…

Although his room was not far from Bai Xiaoyao’s, even if she walked slowly, she should have reached his door in the time he was pondering.

It was then that Luo Wusheng noticed a small detail.

When his junior sister left earlier, she intentionally closed the door.

But Bai Xiaoyao, who was already standing outside the door, didn’t enter.

“Senior brother~ Won’t you open the door for your junior sister?”

A voice with a hint of charm came from outside the door.

In an instant, it reminded Luo Wusheng of the little girl who clung to him last night.

Could his junior sister have fallen into the same state again?

Luo Wusheng’s face became slightly solemn, and he walked to the door while remaining cautious.

The door was not locked, and it could be easily opened with a gentle pull.

The demoness clearly wanted him to open the door.

Sure enough, his junior sister was likely to have fallen into the same state as last night.

As his thoughts rapidly changed, he finally opened the partially closed wooden door in front of him.

However, the scene that appeared before him left him momentarily stunned.

Bai Xiaoyao stood gracefully at the door, her small face slightly upturned, gazing at him with clear eyes.

But she was no longer in her previous attire.

Her already beautiful face had been adorned with a touch of makeup. Her black hair was tied up with a moon-shaped hairpin that radiated a starry moonlight.

Her dress also had some differences from usual.

Although it was a white dress, it had wide sleeves and a tight waist, highlighting the demoness’s curvaceous figure. The lower part of the dress had a special design.

The skirt was crafted using a unique cutting method, covering the hidden parts while subtly revealing her slender and shapely legs.

And those legs were wrapped in a layer of sheer black stockings, faintly revealing some skin tone under the light of the room.


Luo Wusheng was struck by a surprise attack.

The current appearance of his junior sister, enchanting yet not vulgar, was enchanting in the extreme.

This outfit elevated the demoness’s allure to the pinnacle.

Although there was hardly any exposure, Luo Wusheng couldn’t take his eyes off her.

Captivating! She was too captivating!

Pure! She was so pure!

This junior sister of his is both a natural demoness, and a natural saintess.

Luo Wusheng couldn’t help but recall the author’s description of Bai Xiaoyao in the book.

There was absolutely no mistake in what it said.

Just this attire alone… Tsk tsk, the combination of a celestial gown with black stockings, this demoness body is perfect for it.

Full of admiration in his heart, Luo Wusheng was about to say something to praise his junior sister’s peerless beauty, but at that moment, something was stuffed into his arms.

When he lowered his head to look, it was a small booklet.

It should be the list of the current secret agents in the royal city.

After putting this thing into Luo Wusheng’s arms, Bai Xiaoyao took a step back.

“Hehe~ I’ve already handed the thing to senior brother~ Little demoness will go back to cultivate now~”

Leaving behind a charming smile, the girl playfully stuck out her tongue and transformed into multiple layers of white shadows.

She just left like that?

Luo Wusheng sensed his junior sister’s aura moving away, and the corner of his mouth twitched.

Did he just get baited?


In an instant, Bai Xiaoyao returned to her own room.

As soon as she entered, all the doors and windows were immediately tightly closed, enveloped with spiritual energy, cutting off all connections with the outside.

Sitting on her bed, Bai Xiaoyao’s face was flushed, and her chest rose and fell rapidly.

In this room where she was alone, she felt her heartbeat was particularly distinct.

Wearing this outfit in front of her senior brother was something she had contemplated for a long time.

On the way to her senior brother’s room just now, she had countless thoughts of turning back.

Especially just now, if she had stayed any longer, she wouldn’t have been able to maintain her expression.

Fortunately, the result was acceptable.

(So my senior brother isn’t as dense as the rock he collects after all…)

Thinking about the mesmerized expression on her senior brother’s face when he saw her outfit earlier, Bai Xiaoyao felt that her attempt this time was worthwhile.

It was not in vain that she had gone to the best clothing store in the royal city, Shui Sleeve Pavilion, early in the morning to have this customized outfit.

She even remade several versions, but in the end, she chose the most conservative-looking one.

Thinking about the several outfits that she sealed in the wardrobe, along with the wardrobe itself, in her storage bag, Bai Xiaoyao felt her face growing even hotter.

It was a good thing she didn’t dare to choose those outfits, or else she would have embarrassed herself in front of her senior brother.

(It seems like my senior brother really likes me in this outfit… but I shouldn’t try it again for a while.)

This time was an exception.

It was a gift for her senior brother and a way to relieve some of the pressure he had accumulated these days… and to see if he really wanted to see her wearing that thing called black stockings.

Thinking about the conclusion she reached, Bai Xiaoyao let out a sigh of relief and a smile appeared on her face.

Indeed, her senior brother wasn’t just a blockhead.

She could still have a remarkable effect on him.

The enchantress regained her confidence in her own charm.

“By the way… my senior brother also mentioned that this thing has a certain amplifying effect on one’s aura…”

Should she go find a diviner to see how her luck had been these past few days?

Well, there shouldn’t be a shortage of people at the opening ceremony. If there’s a diviner present, she’ll get a reading then.

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