Stealing the Yuri Protagonist Harem
Chapter 65: Miss Sword Fairy Can’t Believe It

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In a private room on the second floor of the teahouse.

Miss Sword Fairy is in a daze.

After realizing the current situation in Royal City and its connection to a certain Holy Saint of the Demon Sect, she immediately gathered relevant information.

The more she inquired, the more shock appeared on her face.

The Holy Saint of the Demon Sect created a middle-grade spiritual artifact that is almost on par with top-grade ones, crushing the Heavenly Tribulation clouds with one strike?

And then that guy rebuilt the Demon Artifact Pavilion and created a special mortal weapon that is invincible against Qi Refining cultivators, defeating the legendary top-grade artifact that has a 【Sky Manifestation】 Taoist Mark which was already considered the best mortal weapon?

Now, under that guy’s leadership, the Demon Artifact Pavilion is known to everyone in Royal City?

Is this really the work of that carefree Holy Saint of the Demon Sect she knows?

Lu Yuliu falls into silence.

She recalls the conversation she had with that Holy Saint of the Demon Sect six days ago, on the night her master regained consciousness.

(So he wasn’t joking that day? He really created a high-quality mid-grade Artifact on his first attempt at refining?)

Miss Sword Fairy knows more than others.

Most people in the royal city now believe that the Demon Sect Holy Saint was able to create such a shocking Artifact because he had been focusing on refining Artifact for years.

But Lu Yuliu knew in her heart that if that guy wasn’t intentionally pretending, he really has no prior training nor contact with Artifact Refining.

During the days when Luo Wusheng was in seclusion refining Artifact, he communicated with her using wooden swords, and she was able to follow his progress throughout the entire process.

During those days, she even searched for many books on weapon refining in the Sword Pavilion and provided the Demon Sect Holy Saint with a lot of knowledge in that area.

She felt that the feeling of refining a weapon for the first time didn’t seem like something that could be faked.

However, the information she had received now made it difficult for her to accept this fact.

A weapon refining genius? How could a weapon refining genius play around like this?

Why is it that everyone else follows a step-by-step process, but you have the special ability to skip levels directly?

Does being a genius mean you can do whatever you want?

She couldn’t help but think back to when she didn’t believe a word of the Demon Sect Holy Saint’s messages and even showed a disdainful attitude…

Miss Sword Fairy’s mentality shattered.

How could she face that guy now!

She could already imagine the annoying expression on his face.

Just thinking about how he would proudly brag about all the amazing things he did in the royal city, and then say, “Hey, by the way, Yuliu, didn’t you not believe me before? Sigh, I told you, Yuliu, you’re still too young…”

Lu Yuliu suddenly felt that there was no need for her to rush to the Demon Artifact Pavilion today.

(Hmm… Tomorrow is the reopening ceremony of the Demon Artifact Pavilion, that guy should be quite busy…)

If she went then, that guy probably wouldn’t have time to tease her. She could directly go find Bai Xiaoyao… That guy couldn’t possibly act the same way in front of his junior sister, right?

After making her decision, Lu Yuliu looked out the window.

Although the wording of that advertisement was a bit strange, it wasn’t entirely false. She could clearly see the hustle and bustle around the Trial Martial Platform from here.

However, the prices were indeed higher compared to regular teahouses.

Watching the bustling Trial Martial Platform, Miss Sword Fairy sighed lightly.

The lively atmosphere of the Trial Martial Platform was also related to the Demon Artifact Pavilion.

As a prelude to tomorrow’s reopening ceremony, the Demon Sect Holy Saint organized an event at the Trial Martial Platform that didn’t involve ordinary soldiers fighting each other.

The final prize was a box containing twenty special thing called “Bullets,” which were unique ordinary artifacts.

Just this alone attracted numerous Qi Refining cultivators and onlookers to the Trial Martial Platform, indicating the immense popularity of the Demon Artifact Pavilion in the royal city.

(How am I going to keep my master away from the Demon Artifact Pavilion… If I intentionally avoid it, my master will definitely grow suspicious…)

The young girl was currently troubled.

She grasped the Star-Moon Jade pendant on her chest, looking at the beautiful reflection of the celestial bodies and feeling the cool touch in her hand, using it to calm her mind.

“Forget it, if I still haven’t found a solution after the Human Immortal Ranking Competition, I’ll have to find a way to prevent my master from coming to the royal city.”

Miss Sword Fairy made a decision.

Then she puffed up her face and stomped her foot in frustration.

It’s all because of that annoying Demon Sect Holy Saint!

Ever since she got involved with that guy, she either faced social death or was on the verge of it. And now, he has caused so many things to happen…

Clearly, her luck wasn’t that great in the past, but it wasn’t bad enough to encounter these kinds of things every day!

(During tomorrow’s reopening ceremony, there should be fortune tellers or something similar present…)

Should she go and have her fortune told?

Lu Yuliu felt that she definitely clashed with that Demon Sect Holy Saint in terms of destiny.

And she could also check if there were any inauspicious days coming up.

She must stay far away from that person during those days and not give him another chance to manipulate her with his antics!


Third floor of the Demon Artifact Pavilion.

Luo Wusheng, who had just come down from the fourth floor, had a pensive look on his face.

He had expected some changes to occur with the ugly gray fur mouse, and before leaving, he had left several messages for Song Zhong and the others to be cautious.

However, even at this point, everything remained normal.

Except for losing quite a bit of fur and becoming even uglier than before due to the bullets, there was no sign of any abnormalities.

Perhaps due to the damage from various bullets, the ugly little gray mouse appeared quite dispirited.

However, Song Zhong and the others were still kind to it. After experiencing the side effects themselves, they considered the little mouse as half of their own kind.

In the past few days, they had fed the mouse a lot of low-grade elixirs, seemingly trying to see if it could advance and become a low-level spiritual beast.

Luo Wusheng believed that they must think low-level spiritual beasts have more experimental value compared to ordinary animals.

In any case, when he discovered that the mouse was still there, his suspicion towards the little creature diminished slightly.

(I guess I’ve been overly suspicious…)

It was because his suspicion was focused on the demonic race that he suddenly found the gray fur mouse somewhat suspicious.

Now, in retrospect, even if the demonic race was in a slump, they wouldn’t send such a shabby messenger.

Indeed, he had over-thought it.

Luo Wusheng nodded to himself and turned his attention to the task of training new employees.

However, unbeknownst to him, just a hundred feet away from the Demon Artifact Pavilion, a tailless, ugly gray mouse was moving in the shadows.

Its narrow eyes revealed a sense of humiliation

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