Stealing the Yuri Protagonist Harem
Chapter 66: Little Mouse Is Really Angry!

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The gray fur mouse didn’t dare to recall the inhuman treatment it had endured these past two days.

It was repeatedly struck by those mysterious objects, experiencing various effects that its cultivation level at the time couldn’t resist.

Sometimes, it humiliated itself by rolling around in the cage, other times it repeatedly made foolish jumps with a dumb look on its face, and sometimes it collapsed in a corner, raising its front paws and rolling its eyes…

The most terrifying incident was when it had a hallucination and charged at one of the cage bars!

It couldn’t forget the devilish look on the faces of those weapon refiners, who were excitedly watching its ugly state and continuously recording with pen and paper.

Who was the real demonic monster?

Furthermore, due to their continuous experimentation with various effects, it had no chance to awaken its true power.

After waiting for a full day without the right opportunity and almost being transformed into an unrecognizable state by those bizarre side effects, it finally gave up on its naive idea.

If it allowed those weapon refiners to continue like this, its reputation as a mouse would be completely ruined.

The mouse couldn’t bear it anymore!

So it seized the opportunity to awaken a small part of its power and resorted to using the abilities it had never intended to use.

It was the manifestation of its innate talent taken to the extreme.

Tail Severance Survival Technique!

Abandoning its own tail, the gray-haired mouse instantly transforms into an identical incarnation of itself, entering a state where it cannot be touched or detected for a short period of time.

Of course, the tail is just a superficial cost.

(Thankfully, only the current incarnation is using this secret technique, so it probably only lost around two thousand spirit stones in fortune…)

The gray-haired mouse comforts itself, but it can’t help grinding its teeth in frustration.

Two thousand spirit stones are still spirit stones!

How can someone who is so single-minded about money accept this calmly?

(And that despicable Holy Saint of the Demon Sect!)

Thinking of the handsome young man, its eyes fill with hatred, mingled with humiliation and unwillingness.

Its Tail Severance Survival Technique is very special. Although the tail is transformed into an external incarnation that will dissipate after two days, during this time it can resonate with the incarnate and learn about its circumstances.

Just now, that detestable Holy Saint of the Demon Sect arrived in front of its incarnation.

After scrutinizing it, he once again unleashed a strange ordinary weapon against its tail incarnation.

Terrified, it quickly severed the resonance connection to avoid being affected.

You see, it hasn’t fully awakened its cultivation yet, and it still can’t resist the unpredictable effects.

After waiting for the designated time to pass, it cautiously reestablished the resonance connection.

Just then, it saw that the Holy Saint of the Demon Sect sighed in front of its incarnation and said, “Ah, I was overthinking it. How could such an ugly rat have any connection with demonic beings?”

Its eyes instantly turned red.

This was the third time! This guy had said it was ugly in front of it three times!

At that moment, it wished it could jump up and roar that it was the so-called demonic being.

But after calming down a bit, it suddenly felt a shock.

Why did that Holy Saint of the Demon Sect suddenly suspect that it was the demonic being responsible for the chaos outside the royal city?

Or rather, suspect that it was the one who acted as the demonic being that night?

When did it expose itself?

No, it must be the bald monk from the Buddhist sect who caused it to retreat. Otherwise, with its flawless disguise, how could it be suspected?

Increase the price! He must increase the price!

Since it lost two thousand spirit stones, wouldn’t an additional twenty million spirit stones be justified?

The gray-haired mouse thought, and its movements on the ground became even faster.

It needed to find a place to hide now and wait for tomorrow to initiate its various arrangements.

(After tonight, I should be able to restore myself to the peak state…)

(I didn’t expect so many unexpected changes this time. It’s all that 【Indulgent Manifestation】 the bald monk gave me. What’s the use of being one of the Six Great Manifestations? Disgusting, just like the previous 【Deluded Manifestation】!)

(And then there’s that detestable Holy Saint of the Demon Sect…)

(Experimenting on me with ordinary weapons and calling me ugly three times in a row!)

(Me, the mouse, Is getting really angry!)

Tomorrow, that Holy Saint of the Demon Sect will regret it!


At this moment, Luo Wusheng stood by the window on the third floor of the Demon Artifact Pavilion

Whenever passersby reached the Demon Artifact Pavilion, they would pause and discuss the special ordinary weapons of the pavilion, then talk about the opening of the Demon Artifact Pavilion tomorrow with their companions.

The royal city hadn’t been this lively for a long time, and the street in front of the Demon Artifact Pavilion had seen a significant increase in foot traffic over the past few days.

Luo Wusheng, the pavilion master, nodded in satisfaction.

It seems that tomorrow’s opening ceremony will definitely turn into a grand event in the royal city.

And there’s the Six Gate Bureau as a backup in case any problems arise.

“With this, everything should be in place…”

But why does a sense of unease still linger in my heart?

Did I miss something?

That shouldn’t be the case…

I’ve already anticipated the possibility of encountering people from the Buddhist sect.

There shouldn’t be any unexpected enemies.

Watching the setting sun, Luo Wusheng couldn’t shake off the growing sense of unease.

Golden Core cultivators always have this sense of danger when something unfavorable is approaching.

If it were a cultivator skilled in divination, they might be able to deduce some foresight from this feeling.

The Tower of Heavenly Mechanics in Alchemy Province is full of cultivators like that.

Unfortunately, I’m not one of them. As a rough and ignorant man from the Demon Sect, I know nothing about these things.

(Will there be fortune-tellers joining in the excitement tomorrow? Although there may be more charlatans in the world… It wouldn’t hurt to have a fortune-teller from the Tower of Heavenly Mechanics give it a try…)

Luo Wusheng felt that it was necessary as the sense of palpitations grew stronger.

But why were both his left and right eyelids twitching incessantly?

Could tomorrow be extremely dangerous? But danger and prosperity coexist?

Thinking of the saying that a twitching left eyelid signifies wealth while a twitching right eyelid signifies disaster, Luo Wusheng fell into contemplation.


At the city gates of the royal city.

As it was time for the city curfew, the gates began to close slowly.

“Hey! Wait! Hold on!”

Suddenly, an urgent voice sounded.

A young man appeared just in time, swiftly squeezing through the closing gates.

Due to his haste, the left sleeve of his Taoist robe got caught on a protruding spike on the gate.

With a ripping sound, a section of the already slightly unkempt robe was torn off, leaving one sleeve bare.

Seeing his exposed left arm, the young man’s mouth twitched, revealing an awkward smile.

He glanced around and noticed that the guards responsible for closing the gates had their attention fixed on him.

“Heh… hahaha… It’s okay, it’s okay. I’m Gao Shi from the Tower of Heavenly Mechanics. I’ve come to the royal city to prepare for the Immortal Rankings competition in a month. You’ve all been working hard on duty…”

“Heh… hahaha…”

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