Stealing the Yuri Protagonist Harem
Chapter 68: She Is Little Yuli

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Boom! Boom! Boom!

The sound of cannons echoed.

The area in front of the Demon Artifact Pavilion was completely flooded with people.

The royal capital hadn’t been this lively in a long time.

Qi Refining cultivators were the most numerous group everywhere, and even more so in the royal capital.

Moreover, at this moment, it wasn’t only Qi Refining cultivators gathered at the Demon Artifact Pavilion.

There were a significant number of ordinary people striving to reach the Qi Refining stage, as well as many Foundation Establishment cultivators.

Foundation Establishment cultivators often lacked resources, and even after reaching the Foundation Establishment stage, many cultivators still didn’t have low-grade spiritual weapons in their possession.

However, ordinary weapons provided minimal assistance to Foundation Establishment cultivators. They were tasteless when consumed and a waste to discard.

However, after the effects of several bullets were tested against Foundation Establishment cultivators, their eyes brightened.

Although the bullets couldn’t produce the terrifying effects they had against Qi Refining cultivators, they still had some effect.

Even Foundation Establishment cultivators could be momentarily affected by the special effects of the bullets.

Although the duration was short, it could be crucial in a critical moment, capable of reversing life and death.

Moreover, as Foundation Establishment cultivators, they might not have enough money to buy low-grade spiritual weapons, but they had more than enough to buy dozens of ordinary weapons.


At this moment, Luo Wusheng, who had finally finished delivering his speech at the opening ceremony, stood at the window on the third floor of the Demon Artifact Pavilion.

The first and second floors were already packed, but luckily he had spent a sum of money to temporarily requisition the entire street nearby. Now, every few steps along the street, one could see people setting up stalls, taking out pitch-black firearms from the storage bags Luo Wusheng had distributed, and handing them out.

“Huff… Fortunately, I had foresight and made enough firearms. Otherwise, it would have been difficult to distribute them all in time…”

He also had to thank his junior sister for bringing five hardworking artificers. Without them, he wouldn’t have had enough time to manufacture enough bullets and ordinary weapons.

Currently, the people outside the Demon Artifact Pavilion were responsible for the free distribution of ordinary firearms and bullets. Those who wanted to purchase ordinary weapons’ bullets would be guided orderly into the pavilion by Long Dahai and a few other Foundation Establishment cultivators.

(By the way, Long Dahai seemed to have said that he would introduce an interesting person to me…)

It was said that the person would arrive in a while, but Luo Wusheng didn’t know who it was… someone who could make that weirdo interested, perhaps a beautiful woman he encountered last night?

That wouldn’t be appropriate. Today, with so many people around, he couldn’t afford to have his image collapse.

He shook his head to dismiss those thoughts and scanned the crowd below with his gaze.

The crowd was bustling, but there weren’t many incidents happening.

Underneath the pavilion, Li Xing, who had good eloquence, guarded a huge display board with a craftsman, explaining the effects of various bullets and the usage of firearms to the surrounding visitors.

The listeners’ eyes gleamed, occasionally exclaiming in surprise.

However, Luo Wusheng didn’t pay much attention to those visitors. Instead, he continued scanning the crowd, searching for any suspicious individuals.

(Six Gates’ personnel have already been deployed. If anything unexpected happens, both Miss Kirin and Night Crow, both Golden-Ranked members, will take action at the same time…)

The two Golden-Ranked members were still hiding in the shadows, not planning to reveal themselves too early.

However, if the demonic being didn’t show up after a few hours, they probably wouldn’t be able to wait any longer.

After all, Miss Kirin’s special spiritual weapon had completed its nurturing and entered the active phase. In half a day, it would become dormant again.

Without that special spiritual weapon’s assistance, they didn’t have the confidence to act here, as it would endanger innocent people.

So Luo Wusheng’s current task was to check if there were any suspicious individuals and, if the demonic being was also waiting for an opportunity, he could take the initiative and gain an advantage.

Then he found the first person whose behavior stood out from the crowd.

“Tsk, didn’t expect the demoness to be so fond of joining in the fun… Did the original story include this kind of setting for her?”

Watching his junior sister transform into multiple white shadows, maneuvering through the crowd, Luo Wusheng shook his head and chuckled.

In such a lively scene, there were certainly businessmen who saw the opportunity for profit. They were selling their own products in the peripheral area and among the crowd.

Since it could be considered a win-win situation in a certain sense, Luo Wusheng didn’t pay much attention to their sales pitches.

However, he made a mental note of this point. If there was another chance, he could seek cooperation with some familiar merchants.

As a first-time boss, Luo Wusheng felt he had learned a lot.

His gaze still followed his junior sister.

In fact, Bai Xiaoyao wasn’t simply joining in the fun. If someone caused trouble or a dispute arose, the young girl would lightly raise her hand and unleash nearly invisible threads to resolve the problem…

More accurately, she resolved the people causing the problems.

One by one, knocking them out and throwing them away, it’s truly a problem-solving method befitting her identity.

Suddenly, Luo Wusheng’s gaze froze.

He had caught sight of someone suspicious.

This person was different from his junior sister; she carefully avoided the gaze of the crowd and even intentionally steered clear of his junior sister’s movements, behaving quite furtively.

If Luo Wusheng hadn’t been particularly focused on such a sneaky person at that moment, he might not have noticed her.

It was highly suspicious, so Luo Wusheng scrutinized the individual.

It was an ordinary-looking woman, seemingly unremarkable in appearance, wearing a loose dress. She had a seemingly ordinary wooden sword strapped to her waist, and in her hand, she was toying with a brand-new pitch-black firearm.


Why did this image look so familiar?

Luo Wusheng’s expression turned somewhat peculiar.

Then he took out his own communication wooden sword from his waist.

Although logically, Miss Sword Fairy shouldn’t appear at this time and should obediently stay in the Sword Pavilion until the day of her illness arrived, followed by receiving her first harem member.


Luo Wusheng felt it necessary to confirm.

So, he sent a message to Miss Sword Fairy.

[Where are you right now?]

After sending it, his gaze remained fixed on the seemingly ordinary woman.

The woman’s figure visibly stiffened for a moment. She scanned her surroundings and moved towards an inconspicuous corner.

Then, with a gentle grasp, a small wooden sword appeared in her palm, identical to the one Luo Wusheng held.

[I’m, of course, at the Sword Pavilion. Why are you asking?]


There was no mistaking it; that girl was Little Yuli!

A strange expression appeared on Luo Wusheng’s face.

However, how did she come to the royal capital now?

Rubbing his chin, Luo Wusheng sent another message.

【It’s nothing. I’ll give you some ordinary bullets to play with next time you come.】

【Okay, that sounds good…】

The response to the message came quickly, but Luo Wusheng could see that the girl holding the wooden sword suddenly froze.

Then, her gaze gradually lifted, bypassing the crowd, passing the Demon Artifact Pavilion, and finally stopping at the window where Luo Wusheng was standing.

Luo Wusheng smiled and stared back at the girl who had a stiff expression on her face.

Hmm, the saying seems true after all, when you gaze into the abyss, the abyss is also gaze back at you.

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