Close to You
Close To You Chapter 48

Luo Lin Yuan ignored the embarrassment that his ex[1]Ex-girlfriend Xia Fu was still in Class Ten in the morning, went to Yu Han for something, and brought some of his own selfish motives.

Yesterday, he was reprimanded by Lin Shu like that; it was Yu Han who stood in front of him and defended him. It was a different kind of feeling, very special.

Although Uncle Wu treated him well, he didn’t dare refute Lin Shu like this. When Luo Ting was at home, Lin Shu rarely say that to him because she didn’t want to argue with Luo Ting.

Before going to bed in the evening, Luo Lin Yuan used Baidu[2]Chinese search engine, like Google to search how to treat a person well. He read a bunch of tips, and finally, chose to give Yu Han breakfast.

It’s just that those answers are all teaching him how to chase their targets. Although these answers aren’t the answers he wants, they are also useful.

After Yu Han left, he chatted with Luo Ting on the phone. In the end, the tutoring time was set to three days a week, three hours each time. Luo Ting agreed and asked him to talk to Teacher Yu himself.

When Luo Lin Yuan heard the Teacher Yu on the phone, he was amused, “Dad, he’s in the same grade as me hey, how can he be called a teacher.”

Luo Ting: “Teacher for one day is a teacher for a lifetime.[3]It’s also “Teacher for a day is a father for a lifetime” which means a teacher is as important and superior as one’s own father, and therefore one should forever respect their teacher. You also know that the other is the same grade as you ah. He is the first in your ages, and you?”

Luo Lin Yuan: “That, that, that I’m not as smart as him. If I had his brain, I think I can do it, too.”

Luo Ting: “I graduated from a major university back then, your mother was also a top student; you can’t blame genetics for your bad grades.”

Luo Lin Yuan was powerless to refute.

The next day, he went to Yu Han’s class and brought breakfast as a thank you gift, and talked about tutoring in passing.

Unexpectedly, Yu Han refused his breakfast. Luo Lin Yuan felt very humiliated, so he took the paper bag and left. When he returned to the classroom, he was sulking, but his attention was attracted by Fang Xiao and he was distracted.

Fang Xiao brought a psp to the classroom with a bunch of games downloaded. After Luo Lin Yuan took it over, he couldn’t stop playing.

Fang Xiao also wanted to play, his heart was itching. Seeing Luo Lin Yuan’s forehead against the table, playing very seriously, he poked his finger at the person’s waist, “Don’t you want to study hard now and improve everyday ma. Give me the game console.”

Luo Lin Yuan twisted his waist to dodge. “Don’t I have to study after school ma. I have Teacher Yu.”

Fang Xiao pfft-ed, “Teacher Yu? Did he agree with you calling him that?”

Luo Lin Yuan’s eyes were glued to the screen, “My Dad told me to call him that, saying he could teach me, and that he is a teacher.”

Fang Xiao aiyo for a while, then suddenly said, “Then can I follow to your house and borrow Teacher Yu’s test papers to copy?”

They were the same age and in their senior year; their homework were basically test papers. The test papers are all printed out uniformly and distributed to each class. At most, some classes are progressing faster and some classes are progressing slower.

Class Ten is a key class[4]It means class for bright students. and it is faster than the ordinary class of Class Three no matter how you think about it.

Luo Lin Yuan reluctantly took his gaze away from the psp screen, watching Fang Xiao glance, “Fine ah, Teacher Yu is 200 yuan an hour, just give the money.”

Fang Xiao was exasperated, “It doesn’t take two hundred for me to find someone to write my homework for one night.”

Luo Lin Yuan pressed the pause button, had an expression that wanted to be beaten, and said, “How can Teacher Yu be like those ordinary people who write homework for you.”

Fang Xiao: “How is it different, they all write the homework. You think Teacher Yu has never helped anyone write their homework ah.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “He did?”

Fang Xiao: “Should’ve written it ba. It’s a lot of money ah. 10 yuan for one subject, 60 for six subjects. 60 for one person and 120 for two people ah.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “But, but…” After half a day of buts, he said with difficulty, “His grades are so good, his writing is good-looking; in any case, he has to get 15 for one subject ba.”

Fang Xiao rolled his eyes, “Good handwriting but it’s useless to do the right questions, the teacher can see through it at a glance.”

Luo Lin Yuan snorted, “Then you go to them to do your homework, you have to follow me to take advantage of Yu Han.”

Fang Xiao’s eyes widened, “Are you still a brother la! What about the agreement of knives piercing both sides![5]To attach a great importance to friendship, up to the point of being able to sacrifice oneself for it.

Luo Lin Yuan couldn’t stand Fang Xiao’s nagging, so he took out the rejected breakfast from the drawer, “M’s burger and fries, want to eat?”

Fang Xiao: “Eat!”

Luo Lin Yuan: “Shut up?”

Fang Xiao: “I promise!”

Luo Lin Yuan saved the precarious friendship with breakfast and successfully seized the psp early in the morning. There was a Math class in the afternoon. Thinking that when Yu Han gave him a lecture yesterday afternoon, he couldn’t do anything. He can’t help but put down his phone and listened to the class seriously.

However, Luo Lin Yuan’s foundation was indeed too poor. He had a hard time listening to Math class. He was so dizzy that he didn’t recover after class.

Fang Xiao had already taken out the basketball, put it under the chair, touched it with his feet, and kicked it like a soccer ball to relieve the restlessness of the upcoming end of class.

Fang Xiao asked him, “Do you still have tutoring today and won’t go to play basketball with us?”

Luo Lin Yuan leaned on the table, propping up his heavy head, “Not going, I’m not playing, sitting next to me is boring.”

Fang Xiao patted his shoulder comfortingly, “You say you, your body isn’t good and your head isn’t also good; you’re young yet so weak like this.”

Luo Lin Yuan opened his eyes and looked at Fang Xiao without saying anything.

Fang Xiao was terrified for a second, “Ai, but we’re so handsome, we can live by our faces, don’t you think so.”

Luo Lin Yuan plopped back on the desk and kneaded his swollen temples.

Fang Xiao said, “Teacher Yu’s basketball skills are very good. He often serves as an external aid for our team. Do you think he’s a monster ah. He plays well, has good grades, and is still good-looking. If it weren’t for his hardships at home, the girls chasing him would be able to line up to the school gate.”

Luo Lin Yuan lazily said, “There are few who are chasing him now?”

Fang Xiao: “There are also a lot of them. After all, everyone just wants to have a sweet relationship, but doesn’t want to marry him. They just want to have a relationship, it’s no big deal.”

Luo Lin Yuan became a little interested, “So has anyone ever succeeded?”

Fang Xiao gossiped with a laugh, “Of course, there has been success, don’t you know?”

Luo Lin Yuan: “Huh?”

Fang Xiao: “Yu Han talked to a senior sister in senior high school when he was a freshman.”

Luo Lin Yuan was really surprised. Yu Han actually had a relationship?

Fang Xiao also deliberately went to the forum to look through old posts. That senior sister is very famous. She’s not a class flower, but a school flower[6]Prettiest girl in the school. Fang Xiao turned to the photo and handed it to Luo Lin Yuan to see.

Luo Lin Yuan looked at the black-haired and white-skinned with delicate facial features, and beautiful and pure-looking big beauty. Even he couldn’t deny that she was indeed beautiful and very good-looking.

Fang Xiao continued to gossip, “At that time, the two of them were the school’s famous couple. They matched in appearance and looks, right.”

Luo Lin Yuan only felt sour in his heart, as if he had been stuffed with lemon, and a big hand grasping that lemon and twisting it fiercely.

Luo Lin Yuan: “So, are they still together?”

Fang Xiao: “I don’t know ah, the senior sister graduated two years ago, so they should’ve broken up ba.”

Luo Lin Yuan said this isn’t nonsense in his heart, graduated is graduated, and long-distance relationship are possible too ah.

When he saw Yu Han after school, his heart felt even more stuffy. He took off the schoolbag on his shoulder and threw it in Yu Han’s hand.

Didn’t Yu Han want to carry his bag for him yesterday ma. Then, just carry it ba. Anyway, there’s no relationship between them. If you really think about it, he merely spent money to get people to tutor him, a money relationship.

Yu Han carried two schoolbags and didn’t get angry.

On the contrary, Luo Lin Yuan was uncomfortable, stopped again, returned to Yu Han, and said unhappily, “Give me back my schoolbag.”

Yu Han said good-naturedly, “What’s wrong?”

Luo Lin Yuan: “Nothing.”

Yu Han: “Because you gave me breakfast and I didn’t take it?”

Luo Lin Yuan: “If you didn’t take it, then you didn’t! It’s none of my business, I’ll never bring it to you again anyway.”

Yu Han frowned slightly as he listened to his words. Luo Lin Yuan pretended not to see it. He reached out his hand to grab his schoolbag, “Didn’t I tell you about the tutor time is for three days a week? Today, I don’t want to be tutored, you go back, bye-bye.”

As a result, he wasn’t able to get his schoolbag. Instead, Yu Han grabbed his hand and dragged him to the toilet.

There was no one in the toilet after school, everyone is rushing home.

Luo Lin Yuan wrinkled his nose. He hated the smell of toilet and even more hated standing here with Yu Han. He twisted his hand and asked Yu Han to let him go.

But Yu Han didn’t let go, “What are you making trouble at, are you angry?”

Luo Lin Yuan: “Who is angry ah!”

As he said, he struggled harder; but unexpectedly, there was water on the floor, his foot slipped and he almost fell on the toilet floor.

Luo Lin Yuan was terrified. If he really lay down on the dirty public toilet floor, he really didn’t want to live. It was all Yu Han’s fault for dragging him here.

He closed his eyes tightly but didn’t feel the pain of the fall. His back tightened and he was wrapped tightly around someone’s arms. His cheeks were pressed against the other’s chest, and his nose was filled with Yu Han’s scent. He could even hear Yu Han’s heartbeat, very steady, thump, thump, thump.

In the sound of his heartbeat, Yu Han spoke. When he spoke, his chest was vibrating, and the vibration pressed against the side of Luo Lin Yuan’s face, like a feather scratched on his earlobe, itchy and numb.

Yu Han said, “Xiao Yuan obey, be good.”


1 Ex-girlfriend Xia Fu
2 Chinese search engine, like Google
3 It’s also “Teacher for a day is a father for a lifetime” which means a teacher is as important and superior as one’s own father, and therefore one should forever respect their teacher.
4 It means class for bright students.
5 To attach a great importance to friendship, up to the point of being able to sacrifice oneself for it.
6 Prettiest girl in the school.

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