Dramatic O Became Sweeter After Marrying The Top Alpha Chapter 8

Federal Secretariat.

Known as the hands and eyes of the committee.

Zhou Ran is the Director of the First Division of the Federal Secretariat, the closest to the existence of the committee.

His visit represented the attitude of the federal government.

In order to find out the truth and determine whether Chu Shaochen is truly critically ill, it was impossible for the outside world to remain in the dark about his impending arrival. He may even arrive with tremendous fanfare.

Chu Shaochen turned off the terminal, “Voss, you first go down to the reception, don’t neglect the guests.”

In a word, it reveals his attitude.

Voss, who has followed Chu Shaochen for many years, nodded and left the bedroom right away.

Chi Ning and Chu Shaochen were the only people left in the room after the door was shut.

Chi Ning looked at Chu Shaochen before clearing the table and putting the dishes away.

“Is this Zhou Ran very powerful?”

He should be very powerful.

The secretary-general of the Federal Secretariat has parliamentary qualifications and can participate in voting on major decisions.

Many big family Omegas will be allocated to various jobs in the government or work in family enterprises after graduating from the university if they do not want to join the research institute.

The Chi family has a great standing in the business world, but they have always been constrained and have suffered many hidden losses because they have no one in the government to represent them.

Although not all of them were good things, the Chi family has long desired to create a relationship with the federal government to facilitate the growth of the family business.

Now Chu Shaochen is Chi’s opportunity.

Thinking about it, Chi Ning couldn’t help but sigh for the Chi family.

Unfortunately, Chu Shaochen will not let the Chi family get what they want.

The dream that was just beginning to take shape would be broken into pieces.

Chu Shaochen nodded, “He is the secretary-general’s confidant, and he is likely to become the secretary-general’s successor in the future.”

So powerful!

It seemed that the guest is dangerous.

After Chi Ning finished packing, he looked at Chu Shaochen who had thrown off the quilt and got out of bed. He suddenly moved forward to have a very close look at Chu Shaochen.

No no no.

It will be revealed.

Chu Shaochen was taken aback by Chi Ning’s sudden approach, not understanding what he was thinking.

“What’s wrong?”

“The injury is very severe, and you need to rest in bed for a month.” Chi Ning reminded: “General, don’t try to be tough. If the root cause of the disease remains, what will happen to this family? We still need you.”

Chu Shaochen was silent.

It sounds like he’s pretty important.

Chu Shaochen understood, and reached out to Chi Ning, “Don’t worry, I will take good care of my wounds for this family.”

Chi Ning nodded and walked out slowly while holding his arm.

After walking out of the room, he raised his head and looked at Chu Shaochen again. Red circles and wetness beneath his eyes gave the impression that he might cry at any moment.

Seeing this, the servant who came over from the balcony to water the flowers was deeply moved.

This kind of AO’s deep love is really enviable.

There will never be a second pair in Imperial Star.

Despite knowing that Chi Ning was cooperating with him, Chu Shaochen was nevertheless lost in Chi Ning’s eyes when he looked at him.

His Omega shed tears for his injury.

He wasn’t just kind and adorable, smart and well-behaved; he can also make hearty meals, which is just what he wants in a spouse.

Chu Shaochen felt a strong urge to protect Chi Ning as he was gazing at him.

Even a powerful Alpha has weaknesses. Being surrounded by Alphas, fighting outside all year long, and keeping an eye out for bad guys is not easy.

Putting his hand on the corner of Chu Shaochen’s mouth, he asked in a low voice, “General, can I?”

Chu Shaochen drew a quick breath, his mind went chaotic, and all that remained in his sight was Chi Ning’s lovely face, “You can do whatever you want.”

Chi Ning nodded and rubbed the corners of Chu Shaochen’s mouth twice with his fingertips.

“Great, finally wiped it off, otherwise it will be noticed later.”

The time was too short to prepare, or else he would have put some powder on Chu Shaochen to look a little paler.

The acting must be sufficient, otherwise it was easy to be seen through.

Chu Shaochen’s face darkened and he was sullen.

Chi Ning finally encountered the powerful guest as he helped Chu Shaochen down the stairs slowly—Zhou Ran, Director of the First Division of the Federal Secretariat.

A young man in his thirties was seated on the long sofa in the living room, wearing a suit, and carrying a folder with a pen pinned to it.

Paper documents were still the ideal storing method even if the use of optical brains and terminals is now commonplace.

It wouldn’t be damaged by any data, energy, or code, and can still be used as a certificate after thousands of years as long as the original is kept properly.

As a result, paper documents will continue to be the preferred storage format for important documents.

Zhou Ran noticed them at the same time as they did.

Zhou Ran frowned as he observed Chu Shaochen being helped downstairs and pondered in his mind whether the injury was actually as severe as the rumor said.

Getting up from the sofa, he saluted Chu Shaochen, “General.”

After seeing Chu Shaochen nodding, his eyes shifted to Chi Ning, and after looking at him quietly, he became even more suspicious.

Chi Ning, Chi’s family good-for-nothing Omega.

He has become a treasure at Chu Shaochen’s, is there any information they didn’t grasp?

Chu Shaochen noticed Zhou Ran’s sizing up and felt unhappy. After sitting down, he coughed and asked, “Are you here to investigate on behalf of the committee?”

Zhou Ran noticed his dissatisfaction and responded with great professionalism, “Please be assured, General. The committee and the marshal are aware of your situation and will refrain from interfering with you too much while you recuperate from your injuries. I’m only here to ask about the circumstances at the time to help with the re-investigation of Cumulus-1’s disappearance.”

He pulled out a pen and wrote the date and address on the first page after opening the folder.

Zhou Ran’s action fell into Chi Ning’s eyes, reminding him of his observation diary from last night.

It turned out that he was not the only one who wanted to observe Chu Shaochen.

His every step is being watched, how sad.

Even those who have been hurt must be the subject of an investigation, and not only be gravely ill but also be interrogated.

Is this how the federal government treats heroes?

They’re really killing donkeys, crossing rivers and tearing down bridges, and their hearts are smaller than corn.

“May I ask General, is it true that Cumulus One had appeared in GM3?”

“… Hmm.”

“You had given the order to track down Cumulus One?”


Zhou Ran has a high level of shorthand and asked every question very precisely.

“Then at the time of the incident, was there anything unusual about the Red Earth that was on the mission?”

“At that time—”

Chu Shaochen’s speech was cut short by a very small sob, and when he turned to look at his side, he saw Chi Ning sobbing with his head bowed.

Tears fell onto his clothes and soaked the fabric.

If it wasn’t for that sob just now, no one would have noticed he was crying.

He seemed to be accustomed to endurance because he only dared to cry quietly, without even daring to show his emotions to anybody else.

Chu Shaochen frowned, and held Chi Ning’s hand, his voice was less cold than before, “Don’t worry, it’s just a routine inquiry.”

Chi Ning held Chu Shaochen’s hand back as he softly shook his head, bit his lower lip, and remained silent. He also refused to lift his head.

It was too much.

What’s so great about the Federal Secretariat, he’s so aggressive, just like interrogating a prisoner.


“I, I- hiks, hiks! I’m just sad, my heart hurts for you, I, I feel sorry for you.”

I feel bad that you are actually working for such a government.

Chi Ning raised his eyes to meet Chu Shaochen’s helpless tone; his eyes were as red as a rabbit’s and filled with frustration.

His slender white fingers grabbed his hand, with a stubborn look on his face.

Voss, who was standing next to him, burst into tears when he heard Chi Ning’s words.

After all these years, finally someone felt sympathy for their General.

He has fought for the Federation in innumerable wars, both big and minor, and countless wins have been exchanged for his life.

How many soldiers of the armada died, even the former general, lieutenant general, and major general died.

A fresh life was exchanged for the hard-won stability of the Federation today.

Voss looked away and wiped away his tears quietly, just missing Chi Ning’s small gesture of blinking at Chu Shaochen.

Chi Ning turned his head and stared at Zhou Ran with dissatisfaction, but didn’t speak, just accusing him silently as if Zhou Ran was a sinner.

Chu Shaochen was overwhelmed by Chi Ning’s series of actions. He lay back on the sofa with his upper body relaxed, his face paler than before, and his expression more indifferent than before.

“Since I joined the armada, I’ve been there for the people.”

Chi Ning’s eyes widened, and after a while, he regained the feeling just now, and said quickly: “You are not only a General now, you are also my Alpha, you can’t leave me behind.”

After saying this, Chi Ning looked at Zhou Ran, who was seated stiffly, with tears in his eyes.

Eh? He can’t sit still.

Chi Ning’s vision was blurry, and he nearly had to reach up and wipe the tears that were obstructing his vision.

His eyes hurt so much, and crying after staying up all night is too uncomfortable.

“Secretary Zhou, is this how the federal government treats a person who has given his life to the people and the army? He has given so much for the Imperial Star and the federation, so why can’t he get a vacation for recuperating?”

Chi Ning’s questioning made Zhou Ran almost want to kneel down and kowtow to Chu Shaochen.

Tears rolled down Chi Ning’s cheeks as he blinked, and he replied as he sobbed quietly: “I was afraid that I would lose him when I saw him last night being carried back in a ferocious storm with blood on his clothes. After more than ten hours of rescue, he was finally rescued from death, can you understand my feelings as a family member?”

If it wasn’t for last night, he wouldn’t know that he was afraid of blood.

He was almost one step ahead of Chu Shaochen.

Zhou Ran felt like a perfidious and ungrateful scum.

“Young master Chi, listen to me—”

Chi Ning asked as he turned his head to look at Chu Shaochen, “Do you see how pale his face is and how tired his eyes are?”

“He needs to recuperate and can’t be disturbed.”

Zhou Ran: “…”

Why did he seem to smell stewed pork ribs.

Was it stewed ribs to replenish blood? How did he remember it should be chicken soup or something like that.

In any case, it was not suitable to stay here for a long time.

However, from the way Chi Ning was feeling, it seemed Chu Shaochen’s injuries were indeed not minor and that he would not be able to quickly lead the armada to war.

Zhou Ran stood up and was about to say goodbye when he met Chi Ning’s sly eyes.

Chi Ning pursed his lips and his dark eyes stared straight at him.

“Secretary Zhou, do you think I’m right?”

Zhou Ran: “…”

He quickly put away the files and bowed to Chu Shaochen and Chi Ning, “Young master Chi is right, General needs a good rest, so I won’t disturb you any longer.”

Chi Ning nodded, “Voss, send off Secretary Zhou.”

Voss came back to his senses when he heard his name, looked at Chi Ning in admiration, then stepped forward and raised his hand, “Secretary Zhou, please.”

Zhou Ran left the living room without any hesitation.

After confirming that the person had left, the sadness in Chi Ning’s eyes disappeared in an instant, and he looked bright.

The “seriously ill” Chu Shaochen next to him raised his eyebrows and looked at Chi Ning.

“Is it fun?”

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