He Woke Up And Became The Actor’s Cat
He Woke Up and Became The Actor’s Cat Chapter 119.1

Chapter 119.1 — Won’t Move

Xu Jian couldn’t ride a bicycle, so when Qin Chen and Kong Zhaoze got into the fan’s car by brushing their faces, what they saw was Xu Jian and Cao Tian rode a tandem bicycle that they didn’t know where they got from.

Cao Tian, who could ride a bicycle, mastered the direction in front while Xu Jian pedaled in the back.

From time to time, Cao Tian exclaimed: Eh, don’t pedal so fast, don’t tilt your body, you’re going to fall down, you’re going to fall down, go to the right a little bit, keep your balance…

Xu Jian, who couldn’t ride a bike, lowered his head. He was quite nervous and his attention was all on his legs. However, the more anxious he was, the more difficult it was to ride. The two of them staggered on the bike as if they would fall flat on their face.

Meanwhile, the cameramen of the two men and their assistants sat in the car, leisurely following next to them, and recorded their panicked expressions into the camera in full detail.

Qin Chen, who was in the fan car, looked at Xu Jian’s wretched look. He felt helpless and amused. He lowered the window and raised his voice, “With this speed, when will you reach your destination?”

As far as the speed of Xu Jian and Cao Tian’s bike was concerned, it was better to run, it wasn’t so laborious.

Xu Jian heard Qin Chen’s voice and took the time to turn his head to look at him. When he saw his leisurely appearance in the car, his jaw almost dropped. “Where did you get the car?”

Didn’t they say that the program group can’t help them with transportation?

For the first time, Cao Tian, who felt that riding a bicycle was so difficult, was so tired and sweaty. When he saw Qin Chen and the others had a car to send them, his mentality exploded instantly. “Can you still play like this?”

Kong Zhaoze motioned to the fan to slowly reduce the speed while he gestured to Qin Chen. He smiled and issued an invitation to the two of them to be in the same car. “There are still empty seats in the car, do you want to come up together?”

When they saw their speed gradually decrease, Cao Tian’s alarm bell rang in his heart, and immediately slammed on the brakes. Xu Jian didn’t notice for a moment. His body leaned forward because of inertia and almost hit Cao Tian in front of him.

Relying on a pair of long legs on the ground to stabilize his figure, Xu Jian asked Cao Tian, “What’s wrong?”

Cao Tim turned back to him and said quickly, “Qin Chen and the others are about to get out of the car. They may be trying to plunder our time here. Our speed is too slow and we will definitely be caught up. We can’t fight the bike anymore.”

Cao Tian: I won’t move, won’t move.

After abandoning the bicycle, Xu Jian clutched the badge on his chest and quickly followed Cao Tian to a place where there were many people, and was inconvenient for a car to drive.

He asked nervously, “Then what do we do next? They have a car, and we certainly can’t run away from them. Why don’t we find a car too?”

When he looked back at Qin Chen and Kong Zhaoze, who also got out of the car, Cao Tian made a quick decision. “It’s very unfavorable for us to gather together. We will go separately and meet at the next destination.”

Xu Jian quickly nodded, “Okay, be careful.”

When he and Cao Tian split up, Cao Tian uneasily instructed Xu Jian, “If you meet other teams, just run. Don’t be stubborn. According to Old Kong’s character, I estimate that the captain of the Moon Team is Qin Chen. I’m not sure about the Star Team, but I guess it’s more likely to be Xue Yi.”

When he gave Cao Tian the prop card he just obtained, Xu Jian lowered his voice, “I’m a team member. They are at risk of plundering me. I shouldn’t dare to do it easily. Exchange your identity card and put it here. If you still have an emergency that you can’t escape, use the prop quickly.”

When he took the prop card, Cao Tian patted Xu Jian on the shoulder solemnly, “I’ll wait for you at the next destination!”

When they saw Xu Jian and Cao Tian huddled and muttering together for a while, and suddenly separated towards two places, Kong Zhaozhe pulled Qin Chen.

Qin Chen said without thinking, “I’ll go after Xu Jian, you go after Cao Tian, let’s separate.”

Kong Zhaoze frowned, “I think the Sun Team captain should be Cao Tian. How about we both go after Cao Tian?”

If you take care of Cao Tian, their team will lose.

After not talking, Kong Zhaoze shook his head again and denied himself, “Forget it, we’ll go with your idea and act separately.”

Variety shows, even for the effect of the show, can’t kill their opponents as soon as they come up. Besides, if the Sun Team are eliminated now, they won’t have any shots next.

There was no injustice and no hatred and was unlikely to go so far.

After being separated from Cao Tian, Xu Jian asked someone for directions and then prepared to take the subway. The subway was fast and there was no traffic jam.

But before Xu Jian could find the subway entrance, the passersby next to him kindly reminded him, “Someone is catching up.”

Xu Jian’s heart tightened, he unconsciously accelerated his steps, turned his head, and asked, “Who?”

The one who reminded Xu Jian was a young girl who was holding a mobile phone in her hand to record a video. She blushed when she saw Xu Jian and raised her voice slightly, “I heard it was Qin Chen.”

Qin Chen?

When he heard that the person who caught up was Qin Chen, Xu Jian’s heart that was just raised, fell back. He asked again, “Just him alone?”

The other person next to him replied to him, “Kong Zhaoze is going after Cao Tian from your team.”

Xu Jian thanked him twice, looked back, and slowly slowed down.

When Qin Chen caught up with Xu Jian, he saw him waiting for the red light at the intersection. He walked up to him a few steps, and asked, “Preparing to take the subway?”

Xu Jian, who stared at the red light, was startled by Qin Chen who suddenly made a sound, and took a step back reflexively while covering his badge. Only after seeing him did he remove his defensive eyes.

After glancing behind Qin Chen, he saw no figure of Kong Zhaoze except the following cameraman, so he asked, “How do you know I’m going to take the subway, where is Teacher Kong?”

Although Xu Jian has been in the company for a long time, he has no work. To Kong Zhaoze and Cao Tian, who became famous early, he was a newcomer. Among the guests this time, in terms of seniority, except Ling Fei, they can be called Teacher.

Qin Chen glanced at the crowd of onlookers, causing screams and cheers, and Xu Jian understood in an instant—

Some people reminded him, and naturally, some fans told Qin Chen about his movements.

Xu Jian had been covering his badge and Qin Chen couldn’t help but laugh at him, “You’re not the captain, what are you covering for? I won’t move you.”

Xu Jian put down his hand in hindsight, then glanced at Qin Chen, and said very cautiously, “Don’t try to set me up, and I think you’re the captain.”

He wasn’t the captain, but Cao Tian analyzed that Qin Chen was probably the captain, plundering his time without pressure or punishment.

However, Xu Jian didn’t panic when faced Qin Chen. Leaving aside the relationship between them, if Qin Chen was really the captain, he could also plunder his time.

As a non-captain, the captain will only be punished if he plunders the time of a person of the same identity and succeeds.

After Qin Chen listened to Xu Jian’s words, he looked at him with a calm expression, “You don’t believe me?”

Xu Jian: “…”

He suspected that Qin Chen didn’t want to distinguish between public and private, and there was evidence.

Coincidentally, the light was green. Xu Jian crossed the street while asking Qin Chen, who was following him crossing the road, “You also want to take the subway?

Qin Chen nodded, “I’m going with you.”

After hearing his words, the corner of Xu Jian’s mouth twitched uncontrollably. Then, after spotting the cameraman and onlookers next to him, he quickly flattened the corner of his mouth, trying to make it look like nothing happened just now.

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