He Woke Up and Became the Actor’s Cat Chapter 44.2

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Chapter 44.2 – Past

Inside the lounge, Jiang Linxie swept a glance at Qin Chen, who directly sat next to Xu Jian, and then looked at Xu Jian.

After reading the meaning in Jiang Linxie’s eyes, Xu Jian said:

“President Jiang, you can say it directly. He is not an outsider.”

Hearing Xu Jian’s words, Qin Chen raised his eyebrows at Jiang Linxie.

Jiang Linxie held his breath and asked, “……since when did you and Qin Chen become so familiar?”

Without waiting for Xu Jian to speak, Qin Chen said:

“This question seems to have nothing to do with you, President Jiang, right?”

Jiang Linxie, who was seven years older than Qin Chen, secretly scolded the other party in his heart for being a brat, and then looked at Xu Jian:

“Since you don’t mind, then there’s nothing to say.”

Xu Jian desperately wanted to know about his parents, he nodded carelessly and asked:

“President Jiang, do you know my parents?”

Jiang Linxie nodded. Before he started talking, he apologized to Xu Jian.

Xu Jian wondered why the good Jiang Linxie was apologizing to him again, and in the next second, he listened to the other party slowly speak:

“Your parents……are my lifesavers. They died in order to save me. That year, I accompanied Uncle Xu on his last trip to the hospital. Uncle Xu also told me about your existence.”

Jiang Linxie’s words weren’t long but the amount of information revealed is very large. Not only Xu Jian was dumbfounded, but even Qin Chen was also stunned.

After staring blankly at Jiang Linxie for a long time, Xu Jian asked in a hoarse voice:

“Didn’t my parents……died in a car accident?”

One day, in Xu Jian’s second year of junior high school, his uncle, Liu Dingxiang, whom he hadn’t seen for half a year, suddenly appeared at his school with red eyes.

When Liu Dingxiang hugged him and cried, the thirteen-year-old Xu Jian realized that his parents had died in a car accident and that his sky had fallen.

Later, Xu Jian, who was in a trance, was held by Liu Dingxiang to ask for a leave of absence. They drove to the morgue to claim the remains, cremated them, and dealt with the funeral arrangements.

There were many people who came to offer condolences, many relatives and elders cried with the thirteen-year-old Xu Jian in their arms, saying that he’s still so young, and what should he do next. Only Xu Jian looked blankly at the two coffins and didn’t shed a single tear.

Some people whispered that the Xu family’s son was too cold-blooded and numb that he didn’t cry when his parents died. It was only Liu Dingxiang who looked at him with worry.

Xu Jian did not cry at the funeral. When his parents were buried, he also did not cry, but when the burial was over, he knelt with empty eyes, no one persuaded him to leave or speak.

Finally, when all their relatives and friends were gone, only Liu Dingxiang was left to accompany him.

Not knowing how long it took, Xu Jian finally moved. He turned his head to look at Liu Dingxiang, there was no light in his eyes, and softly asked:

“Uncle, why don’t you leave yet ah.”

Liu Dingxiang’s eyes were bloodshot. He looked at Xu Jian whose waist and back were straight, kneeling meticulously. His heart bursts of pain and said hoarsely:

“Uncle won’t leave. Uncle will stay here with you, waiting for you to go home together.”

When he heard the word ‘home’, Xu Jian’s eyes moved, and then slowly shook his head:

“Uncle, my parents don’t want me anymore. I don’t have a home anymore.”

Liu Dingxiang, a big man, was almost forced to tears by Xu Jian’s light words, he hurriedly said:

“Xiao Jian, don’t think about nonsense. You still have uncle. Uncle’s house is your home. In the future, you will follow uncle to live together, okay?”

After listening to Liu Dingxiang’s words, Xu Jian didn’t speak for a long time. When he spoke again, he urged Liu Dingxiang to go.

Liu Dingxiang wasn’t assured, refusing to go. Xu Jian said again:

“Uncle, please go. Mom and Dad said I’m a boy and can’t cry in front of others but they don’t want me anymore, I can’t hold back.”

When he said this, Xu Jian’s voice was pleading, and the last half of his sentence was sobbing.

After Xu Jian finished this sentence, Liu Dingxiang finally understood why Xu Jian didn’t cry in front of people these days, and why he kept driving him away.

At the age of 13, Xu Jian suddenly lost his parents. Xu Jian wasn’t unhappy or cold-blooded; he was just waiting for an opportunity to cry uncontrollably alone.

Liu Dingxiang’s nose was sour, silently patted him on the shoulder, and then said:

“Uncle will pick you up in an hour.”

Liu Dingxiang felt that Xu Jian must have a lot to say to his sister and brother-in-law.

However, Liu Dingxiang had just turned around and walked two meters away and is raising his hand to wipe the tears from the corner of his eyes when he heard the sound of Xu Jian’s repressed cries from behind him.

Liu Dingxiang paused and didn’t turn around, and continued to walk forward, allowing the small sobs behind him to finally turn into sorrowful wailing.

As if to cry out at once the grievances he had repressed these days, Xu Jian knelt in front of his parents’ tombstone and cried until his brain was deprived of oxygen.

Xu Jian can’t remember how long he cried alone on the day his parents were buried and how he was carried back by his uncle.

He only remembered that it was raining lightly, the rain drifted on him, it was bitterly cold.

Everyone said that his parents died in a car accident, the perpetrator paid a large sum of money to his family as compensation, and the relatives who had avoided him were covetous, suddenly fighting for his custody.

In the end, it was his uncle who got the custody and then divided the money into two, half of which was kept to Xu Jian for his education and growth fund, and the other half was invested in two apartments.

When Xu Jian became an adult at the age of eighteen, housing prices were rising every year. Five years later, the original two apartments became four. Liu Dingxiang transferred all four apartments to his name.

Now, at the age of twenty-four, Xu Jian’s properties under his name have become five residential houses and two households, and each monthly rent earns a considerable income.

Xu Jian is always away, collecting rent and looking for tenants is his uncle’s concern, and he earns money on his card on the 15th of every month.

Although Xu Jian’s hometown isn’t a big city and the price of housing isn’t often tens of thousands of square meters, he has no problem with his food and clothing in his life by relying on several properties under his name.

Xu Jian is a low-key person. Besides, he feels that his parents paid for the money with their lives, so he rarely talks to others about his family matters.

Even Chen Doudou didn’t know he had so many properties nor did he know that he said he would go to farm the land after terminating his contract. He only relied on the fact that his family had a house and strength. 

For so many years, Xu Jian had always thought that his parents died in an accident, but now, Jiang Linxie, who suddenly appeared, said that his parents had an accident to save him.

Meeting Xu Jian’s gaze, Jiang Linxie exhaled slowly, thinking that what should come will always come:

“I was 22 years old when your parents had an accident that year. I had just come out from work at the internship company that day. On the way home with a bicycle, a white car next to me suddenly lost control and ran straight into me. I thought I was going to die, but at the critical moment, the car behind me suddenly accelerated and stood between me and the out-of-control car……”

Jiang Linxie told Xu Jian that the car that rushed from behind was his father’s car. He was just frightened, fell, and suffered some minor injuries.

Originally, Xu Jian’s father had succeeded in stopping the out-of-control car and it was about to stop. As a result, destiny messed with people, a van that ran through red light rushed out on the opposite side……

What Jiang Linxie didn’t tell Xu Jian was that he watched as Xu Jian’s parents’ car was caught in the middle and deformed under the huge impact.

Mother Xu on the co-pilot seat died on the spot, while Father Xu was also hanging by a thread in the hospital. He was also declared dead after lying in ICU for a few hours.

During those hours, Jiang Linxie, who was covered in blood, spent time with Father Xu. It was also the first time he heard the name Xu Jian.

After listening to Jiang Linxie’s words, Xu Jian didn’t come back to his senses for half a day.

Jiang Linxie stood up silently and bowed deeply to Xu Jian in a mournful tone:

“If it wasn’t for me, nothing would have happened to uncle and aunt. Therefore, you dislike me or even hate me, I have nothing to say.”

Although it wasn’t Jiang Linxie’s fault, Xu Jian’s parents did die to save him.

The victim, Xu Jian was 13 years old when he lost his parents. Jiang Linxie always felt guilty, so after hearing Uncle Xu laugh and say that his son’s childhood dream was to be an actor, he established the current Ancient despite the opposition of his family after graduation.

Although he had never met the thirteen-year-old Xu Jian at that time.

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