How Can My Wife Be So Adorable?
How Can My Wife Be So Adorable Chapter 220 – Lifelong Happiness

Chen Xing gently touched her little head: “It’s really okay!”

“Wuwu… I’m sorry…” >人<…

Then she cried on his chest.

Chen Xing was both amused and distressed. He lifted her back onto himself and gently patted her back with his hand.

After a while, Zero gradually calmed down.

Chen Xing used his finger to poke her ticklish spot.

She was tickled to the point that she immediately forgot about the blood splattering just a moment ago. She started playing happily with him.

Suddenly, she caught a glimpse of a bloody stain. She lowered her head to look.

There was blood on her feet, from Chen Xing’s nosebleed earlier.

“Um… Chen Xing…” Zero was sitting on his chest. She raised her feet on top of him.

Coincidentally, Chen Xing took a breath in. His chest moved slightly, causing Zero to lose her balance and fall backward.

“Wuwa~” (O?O)!

Chen Xing quickly held her up.

However, Zero’s head still tilted downward. With a “thud!” sound, it hit little Chen Xing’s head.


Chen Xing winced in pain!

No matter how strong he was with his battle power, it still hurt in that place.

Unless he got rid of it, permanently.

“Chen Xing? What’s wrong?” Zero got up, looking at him with a puzzled expression.

Chen Xing’s face was twisted in pain. He took a deep breath and said: “It’s fine! Cough…”

“Really?” Seeing him in so much pain, Zero felt worried.

Chen Xing took another deep breath: “It’s okay, really. How’s your foot? Let me see.”

“Oh…” This time, Zero didn’t sit on Chen Xing’s body. She sat obediently beside him.

She lifted her feet and showed it to him: “Look.”

On the soft and tender sole of her foot, there was a hint of red.

However, Chen Xing’s attention wasn’t focused on that right now. Looking at her little foot before him, he couldn’t resist leaning in and giving it a gentle kiss.


A tingling, tickling sensation spread through her sole.

Instinctively, Zero recoiled. She looked at Chen Xing in astonishment: “You, you… what are you doing! Feet are dirty!”

Chen Xing chuckled lightly: “They’re not dirty.”

Zero wrinkled her cute little eyebrows, looking very serious: “They are dirty!”

Chen Xing reached out to grab her.

Zero couldn’t dodge in time, and her small foot was caught by his hand again. The warmth from his large hand quickly spread to her foot. It felt really comforting.

“Um… what are you going to do… you can’t kiss it…”

“If you… if you kiss it again… you’re not allowed to kiss my mouth!”

“I don’t want to kiss my own foot… hmph…”

She pouted and threatened, which Chen Xing found incredibly cute, “Okay, no more kissing. I’ll help you wipe it.”

“Um… good~”

As Chen Xing wiped her foot, Zero yawned with her mouth wide open, “Awoo~”

“Um…” She rubbed her tired eyes, “Sleepy… sleepy…”

Seeing her lazy appearance, Chen Xing couldn’t help but smile. He gently pulled her into his embrace and covered her with the blanket.

It was a wonderful feeling. Being with someone you liked.

Even if her actions didn’t have much meaning, they would still bring a smile to his face. It was as if everything she did could brighten his mood for the day.

People who had a good mood every day were less likely to grow old quickly. They were full of vitality, and their aura seemed to change.

Therefore, couples who were deeply in love and spent a lot of time together would find that they seemed to become more attractive over time. On the other hand, couples who argued frequently had the opposite effect.

Chen Xing and Zero, on the other hand, were happy every day. This was the secret to how Zero managed to remain cute all the time.

I wish everyone could eventually find an adorable partner. And then, spare no effort to cherish and love them. The more you cherish them, the more adorable and beautiful they become.

Just like Chen Xing and Zero, always happy and content.

While San’er was thinking these random things, Zero had already fallen asleep.

Chen Xing gently held her closer, feeling as though he could never hold her enough.

In his heart, he said to San’er: “Good buddy, turn off the light.”

【You! The light is right next to you! Can’t you just reach for it?】

“Oh… I don’t want to… I can’t bear to let go of her.”

San’er: Ugh!

He almost vomited in the system!

What on earth!

【Shut up!】


The light went off!

Seeing that he successfully grossed him out, Chen Xing chuckled lightly and closed his eyes.

The next day.

Chen Xing and Zero went to the lower levels for a stroll.

While watching the demons move, he fed them dog food.

By the way, they also purified 3,500 demons.

Gained 【52.5 million spirit points and crystal coins】.

No big deal.

The great migration would probably be completed by tomorrow. Chen Xing was planning to transfer all the demons who could work to Minghua City tomorrow.

With millions of demons working together, building the Future City would be easy-peasy.

The day went by like this.

And as for Lord Dian’er, who knows where he went. But there’s no need to guess, he must be looking for a wife.

Chen Xing also couldn’t be bothered with him. It’s not like it could leave his side. Now, Minghua City had no “Li Minghua” anymore. Only Chen Xing had it.

If Lord Dian’er wanted to eat Li Minghua, he had to follow Chen Xing.

In the evening, Zero and Chen Xing decided to sleep in the tent again.

To be honest, the huge mansion that Thousand Moonflower Queen lived in on the top floor was not as comfortable to sleep in as this small tent. The small tent seemed particularly warm when it was just the two of them!

Before sleeping, Zero lay on Chen Xing’s body and asked curiously: “Where’s San’er? He didn’t say anything today…”

Without her mentioning, Chen Xing had almost forgotten about San’er.


The whole day, San’er seemed to have vanished, he didn’t make a sound at all.

“San’er?” Chen Xing called out.

【Ah? What’s up?】

“What were you doing today?”

【Me? Doing important stuff! Pursuing my lifelong happiness! Don’t disturb me!】

After saying that, he fell silent again.

“Um… lifelong happiness?”

“Chu Jiu, right?”

Zero subconsciously thought that San’er was talking about Chu Jiu, because he had mentioned pursuing Chu Jiu before.

Excitedly, she asked: “Did Chu Jiu wake up?”


San’er suddenly felt embarrassed.


“Huh? Then… what’s your lifelong happiness?”

【Ahem…】 San’er cleared his throat a couple of times and shamelessly said: 【I never said there could only be one lifelong happiness.】

【I have my little Yu Yu~】

“Huh? You… you’re actually cheating! I’m going to tell Chu Jiu! Hmph!”

San’er: ????

【Chen Xing!】 He helplessly shouted.

Chen Xing sneered: “What’s wrong?”

【Take care of your wife!】


Seeing San’er deflated, Chen Xing couldn’t help but break out in laughter.

When little Zero saw him laughing, she pouted and asked: “Are you on his side!”

Chen Xing touched her little head and said gently: “Of course not, silly.”

“Hmph~ Stinky San’er…”

San’er: ????

A roadblock appeared on the path to his lifelong happiness!

He couldn’t get rid of it!

What to do now!?

Far away in the Spirit Continent…

Yu Yu sat in front of the computer, but she didn’t receive any messages from San’er for a long time.

She quickly sent another message: “Hey! Where are you? Did you die again? Are you kidding me? You disappear every time! If you keep this up, I’m going to block you!”

“Hmph…” Yu Yu helplessly put down the bag of chips in her hand.

She had actually taken the initiative to contact San’er this time. And this guy had actually forgotten about her!

This really annoyed her.

Even though she might not be a stunning beauty… at least she was a pretty girl!

And yet, San’er treated her like this. It really hurt her self-esteem.

Among her colleagues at work, they always invited her to have meals together. She never went.

But then this San’er, she had to beg him…

If it wasn’t for the mission the country gave her, she wouldn’t have bothered at all!

Even though she was angry, as soon as the computer beeped, she immediately opened the chat window. After all, completing this mission was worth a lot of money!

Just for that money, she had to grit her teeth and find San’er!

【Ahem… my Yu Yu… don’t be mad, I’m here, I’m here!】

“I’m not yours!”

【Uh… don’t focus on these details!】

“By the way, you said you were going to treat me to a meal last time? Your words don’t count, huh? You made 390 billion and now you’re gone?”

“Come on, a meal won’t cost much, right?”

“Ah, I didn’t expect you to be so stingy.”

“Forget it, let’s not chat anymore… I want to sleep.”

【Hey! Wait a minute! I’ll treat you! Of course, I’ll treat you, I’m just a bit busy right now…】

San’er did want to treat her. If he could transform, he would directly rush to the Spirit Continent for a sweet date. But unfortunately, he couldn’t…

Seeing his response, Yu Yu felt like she had the upper hand!

She replied: “Never mind, never mind. You’re a busy person, I won’t keep you.”

“When you have time, I’ll probably have kids already. That’s it, I’m going to sleep.”

By saying this, she clearly implied that once she moved on, he wouldn’t have a chance anymore.

San’er immediately got anxious,【Wait! Please! I’ll treat you!】

He had come up with another idea.

So what if he couldn’t transform? He had many tricks up his sleeve!

Seeing his response, Yu Yu’s face immediately showed a triumphant smile: “When then? How about this Saturday?”

San’er glanced at the time, Saturday, the day after tomorrow!


“It’s a date!”

【It’s a date!】

“Then I’m going to sleep~ Goodnight~”

【Goodnight, Yu Yu!】


Yu Yu let out a light sigh.

She said she was going to sleep, but she didn’t leave the computer for a while. She scrolled through her chat history with San’er.

San’er was indeed quite eccentric and humorous. He always managed to tickle Yu Yu’s funny bone.

Even though she had reread their conversation several times, she would still chuckle from time to time, murmuring to herself: “What a silly guy…”

To be honest, even without this mission, she enjoyed talking to San’er!

However, with this mission in place, things felt a bit strange.

“Ah… if he finds out that I was lying to him… will he be upset with me?”

In the Demon Dimension at this moment:

【Chen Xing! Are you asleep!?】

“I am.”

Since Zero was already asleep, they were communicating purely through consciousness.

【Big Brother! Can you do me a favor! From now on, you’re my big brother!】


Chen Xing was surprised and opened his eyes.

Did San’er just call him “big brother” out of nowhere!?

This was unprecedented!

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