I am Busy Farming In the Cold Palace
I am Busy Farming in the Cold Palace Chapter 50

Chapter 50: 她要在冷宫种地

She will (want to) farm in the cold palace

When she returned to the Cold Palace, she could smell the scent of steamed buns wafting in from afar.

Yin Shuang, this girl, really had a talent for cooking.

After she had taught her how to make steamed buns once, this girl had learnt how to do it in three or two attempts. 

“Niang Niang, you’re back, come over and see if the steamed buns this servant girl made this time look even better than last time.”

Lu Yunluo had just walked into the courtyard yet Yin Shuang already dragged her into the kitchen.

On the kitchen stove, a steaming hot and big steamed buns had just come out. Lu Yunluo suddenly remembered what Eunuch Cheng said in the imperial dining room today.

“Yin Shuang, let me ask you, this steamed bun, have you ever eaten or heard of it anywhere else before I taught you?”

“No ah, isn’t this a food only available inside the imperial palace?” Yin Shuang looked puzzled, she didn’t know why Her Majesty would ask her like this.

“What about the noodles? Have you ever eaten it outside before?”

Yin Shuang still shook her head.

“Then is there wheat grown outside the palace beside our Cold Palace land?” When she had just transmigrated over before, because she was scared of hunger, she had created a piece of farmland in the northeast corner of the Cold Palace and scattered many seeds of wheat. At that time, she thought that it would grow quickly so that she could have food to eat in the future.

Later, she found that the grain in her space grew much faster than in real life, so she just directly ate the grain grown in space.

It hadn’t rained since the beginning of the summer, so the two of them had been irrigating it with water from the well they had built.

By the time she counted, it seemed to be almost ripe.

Yin Shuang still shook her head.

She knew that her Niang Niang had lost some of her memories, but this memory of her seemed to be missing badly, huh?

She couldn’t even remember what she often used to eat and what she hadn’t eaten before. 

Next, Lu Yunluo questioned her about all the fruits, vegetables and grains she knew about, and finally came to the conclusion that the vast majority of the things in her space, most of the fruits and vegetables she had planted into her yard, were not available in this dynasty!

After a brief understanding, she discovered that agriculture or farming in this dynasty was very backward.

The main food eaten, apart from rice, was grain and beans, that is, millet and soybeans. The wheat flour and corn and potatoes that she had taken out of space over the past few days were not available in this dynasty.

However Yin Shuang had always thought that these foods were unique and only available in the palace, therefore, she had never suspected it. 

Because of that, Lu Yunluo did not know until today that the value of those grains in her space was enormous, and could not even be measured in money.

In this dynasty where the people regard food as their heaven aka food is the primary need of the populace, food was everything.

Since she could not leave the palace for the time being, she might as well plant those uncultivated hundred acres of land in the Cold Palace and slowly spread it outside, then set up a World Agricultural Chamber of Commerce. When the time comes, she can spread these grains to other countries.

Whether it is for her or for the common people, it will be a great and as large as heaven happy event. 

What she needed to do at the moment was to try to plant all those seeds from the space on the uncultivated land behind the Cold Palace.

She wanted people to think that all these new varieties of food, fruits and vegetables that were not available outside were growing from the Cold Palace’s land.

This was the best excuse to cover up.

Even if someone suspected, they couldn’t say anything, after all, the Cold Palace had been abandoned for so long and the place was so big. Apart from a few rows of houses that have long been deserted for a long time, the rest is all barren land, so who knows what will grow out of it. 

Besides, if these things didn’t actually grow in the ground, where else could they have come from?


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