I Am the Nanny of the Villain
I Am the Nanny of the Villain Chapter 138

Sarah appeared with her long hair fluttering with a splendid light as if a goddess had descended.


Sarah’s appearance was so beautiful that they even forgot that they were in a state of confrontation with the monsters. They couldn’t take their eyes off the mysterious sight.


However, the Knights Order all lowered their eyes at the cold voice of their Lord. Jade, the only one who looked at Sarah unselfishly, raised his arms in delight.

“Countess Millen!”

“They’re all here!”

Seeing Jade waving his hand above his head, Sarah waved her hand as well. Then, when she saw the Knights of Ambrosia drawing out their swords all at once, she lowered her waving hand and tilted her head curiously.

“Oh my?”

At the same time as Sarah voiced her doubts, the monsters under her also looked up and tilted their heads in the same way.


At that sound, Sarah’s gaze turned downward. When she realized that various kinds of monsters were under her feet, her eyes widened. Only then did she realize that she was above the monsters. But as if it wasn’t a big deal, Sarah opened her mouth with a calm face.

“What’s all this?”

She raised her second finger in the air and drew a horizontal line. It was very light and simple.

Boom boom boom boom!

However, at the same time, the ground soared and the strong bodies of the monsters were simply torn apart.




The monsters died with painful screams and scattered dark red blood one by one. With only one touch, half of the monsters gathered there were neatly disposed of.


It was truly an overwhelming power. It was the hide of the monster that could not be easily cut down with the swords of the untrained knights. However, such monsters died in vain. The knights of Ambrosia who saw this scene were at a loss for words in front of the overwhelming power and stared blankly at Sarah.

‘That’s the power of a magician……’

Sarah’s use of magic was a very familiar sight to the people of Ambrosia. They had always seen a lot of warm magic that enveloped Claude in a soft and warm way. Just looking at her, they felt the warmth and joy that made them smile brightly, and her azure magic shone beautifully like the light of the emerald sea. But at this moment, what came to their minds was the overwhelming fear itself.


“Yeah, it’s scary.”

“She’s a scary person.”

“Yeah, she’s a scary person.”

For the first time in their lives, the people of Ambrosia realized how powerful magic could be. Why were countries trying to recruit people just because they are magicians? What did it mean to say that the power of the continent could fluctuate just by having a magician? They could realize more than anyone else at this moment.

“I’m glad Countess Millen is in Cromebell and Ambrosia.”

“If I met her as an enemy……”

The Knights shook their heads in unison, as if it were horrible to imagine. A presence with such power had so far shown warm mercy to the Ambrosia family. They remembered how miraculous this was, again.

“Aiya, I was surprised.”

Sarah said in a nonchalant voice, sweeping down her chest. Seeing Sarah, who was not at all surprised, the people of Ambrosia thought: That’s what I want to say here.



In front of Sarah’s overwhelming power, the frightened monsters stepped back one by one and soon began to run away. The ferocious monsters that used to slaughter felt like dogs running away with their tails between their legs. A vain voice leaked from the mouth of one of the Ambrosia Knights, who was watching the scene.

“They’re running away.”

“You came at us like hell.”

The three monsters they had met before all had eyes that were burning with killing intent until the very end, drooling and rushing at them. Of course they would have done that even if they were monsters, but nevertheless, it left a bitter taste in their mouths. Sarah opened her mouth in a soft but firm voice, as if she was scolding a child who didn’t listen to her.

“Oh no, you can’t run away.”

Then she slowly raised her hand again. Then, this time, in the darkened sky, spears filled with azure mana appeared one by one and began to scatter light. The magical spears that were created in this way pierced the heads of the monsters accurately without any mercy.



The monsters collapsed at the same time with the screams of death.

“Run away and try to hurt someone this time.”

There was no high or low tone in Sarah’s voice. It was still tender, but the mere absence of benevolence made the people of Ambrosia tremble unknowingly.



The mountain was immersed in silence with the fishy and musty smell of blood. The ever-benevolent and elegant Small Countess of Millen, Claude’s nanny, the flower of the Crombell Empire’s social circle. Sarah Millen, who was so called, was not here now. There was only the Absolute who overwhelmed the atmosphere. It felt like they had tasted the true power of a magician that the rulers of each country longed for.

“Have any of you been injured?”

Sarah asked as she looked at the Ambrosia Knights, who blinked with their mouths wide open. It was because all the pale faces looked sick somewhere. While no one could easily open their mouths, the only one who could do that was Ethan Ambrosia with a beaming smile.

“No way.”

He laughed and said in a sweet voice that seemed to melt into the softness.

“Thanks to you for coming at the right time, no one was hurt.”

Ethan Ambrosia’s face was shining like the sun in the dark mountains. If the knights of Ambrosia trembled in surprise and terror, his face was full of joy.


Jade, who was standing next to Ethan, knew that face well.

‘He’s in love again. He’s so happy that he’s dying.’

Jade knew Ethan’s feeling thanks to Veron and Ronda’s uproar. Sarah Millen was such a beautiful lady that everyone fell in love with, and seeing her with Claude in Ambrosia made his heart flutter. So, it was surprising that his Lord had someone in his heart, but if that person was Sarah, it would be understandable. However―.

‘How could you fall in love with her even more?’

Of course, this was not to say that the current Sarah was not beautiful. Surrounded by azure mana and floating in the air, she was like a fairy or a spirit that existed only in legends. However, the fact that she had dealt with monsters coldly like that at once had shaken up the image of Sarah he usually had.

“It’s dangerous, so come here.”

Ethan smiled sweetly at Sarah and held out his hand. Jade thought ‘What danger? I thought she must be the most dangerous person here right now’, but he did not dare to speak out.

“……I’ll come down.”

Sarah’s cheeks reddened slightly when her gaze met Ethan’s eyes. She took Ethan’s outstretched hand and landed gently on the ground. At the same time, as he wrapped his arms around Sarah’s waist and led her towards him, Ethan said in a slightly husky voice.

“Why do you show up in the air? What if you get hurt with your body in bad condition?”

“I’m really strong, Duke.”

“Did you not use your power this time? What if you fall like last time?”


Sarah could realize that Ethan’s anxiety had risen again. Ethan’s concern for Sarah told her this. He thought she was in a state where her legs would slip if she walked a little, she would trip over stones and she could be hurt at any time.

“The Knights of Ambrosia are not as incompetent as you think.”

At Ethan’s words, the Knights of Ambrosia nodded their heads slightly and could not hide their gloomy eyes.

“I want to show Countess Millen…… my cool image……”

“I didn’t want to be a glutton who eats every day……”

In fact, the Knights Order, who wanted to show their bravery in front of Sarah, dropped their heads sullenly. With the knights behind him, Ethan raised the corners of his lips and smiled.

“So, in the future, I would like you to hand over all the monsters to them, and you should pay more attention to me.”

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