I Lived with the Villain in the 70s
I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 76

Chapter 76

After the discussion about having a child, Yan Yang and Lin Xiaoyue began to work harder.

There is no need to calculate her ovulation cycle. Except for the days of the month where they can’t do it, they usually do it every day.

As long as they work hard every day, they will definitely have a harvest later. This is a truth that farmers all understand.

Lin Xiaoyue has lived a carefree life recently.

After the new house in the village was built, Grandpa Yan and Grandma Yan also happily moved their things in.

A three-story house with three sides and plenty of rooms inside!

As Lin Xiaoyue said, as long as Grandma Yan and Grandpa Yan were happy, it didn’t matter if they changed rooms from one room to another room every day.

Therefore, after the two old people moved in, they really put some things in several rooms, so that they can move their rooms whenever they want.

With a new room to live in, and good food and meat to eat every day, the two old people are living a real-life of happiness in their old age. They really don’t care about the two rooms. They call Yan Dayong and Wang Xiuying at home every day as if they were the only sons and daughters-in-law they had.

Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang have gone back to the city, and they will live in the village for three or four days a week. Occasionally they eat lunch in the village for a few days. When they see that the two old people are doing well, they won’t target them anymore.

Soon, half a month later, it was Yan Hongying’s wedding.

Yan Hongying and the librarian in the city, Chen Zeqing, have been developing very well and finally entered the stage of marriage.

Because the journey from the village to the city center was too long and the ferry was troublesome to ride, the banquet was arranged twice.

One in the city center, and one in the village.

Only Yan Hongying’s family went to the reception in the city, but no one else from the Old Yan family went.

As a rule, they should also go, but the First branch did not notify the two elders. They were afraid that these peasant families would give them shame. In addition, Chen Zeqing’s second marriage was only a simple meal in a restaurant; there was no big ceremony.

So, they did not even notify the family, only the first branch went there.

But the banquet in the village was quite lively and grand.

In the final analysis, the reason why they attach so much importance to the banquet back to the city is that the first branch wants face. The first branch family wants the whole village to know that their daughter has married a man working in the city and will go to the city in the future.

The banquet was very lively. The first branch set up a total of seven or eight tables inside and outside of the house. Some of the village’s most prominent figures were invited.

The village chief, the secretary of the commune, some employees of the commune, and some of the more vocal elders of the clan were all called over.

The food at the banquet is also very marketable.

There are vegetables and meat, fish and shrimp, and they are all large pieces of meat and a big chicken!

Lin Xiaoyue’s family also came to eat.

Their Third Branch family, Second Branch family and two old people sat at the same table, and it was packed to the brim.

Tonight, they ate their own food and wine, and there didn’t seem to be an atmosphere of quarrelling.

Yan Hongying and Chen Zeqing were dressed in red and joyfully weaving in and out of the banquet, and the two elders, Yang Chengyu and Yan Dajun were also milling around among the tables. Their youngest son, Yan Hongqing, was sitting at a table full of children, showing off the gifts from the city that Chen Zeqing gave him to the other children.

It can be seen that everyone in the first branch family today is brimming with joy.

Lin Xiaoyue dragged her chin and couldn’t help muttering, “This person has a red envelope. I don’t know how much to charge. How come I have never received such a cool red envelope? “

Yan Yang, who was beside her, heard her chatter. She turned his head to look at her and suddenly felt guilty.

Because their marriage was too casual. No wedding, no red clothes, no banquet, no guests, not to mention the red envelopes…

With a guilty heart, Yan Yang held Lin Xiaoyue’s small hand and came up to Lin Xiaoyue’s ear and whispered, “I’ll make it up to you later.”


Lin Xiaoyue froze for a moment when she heard his words. “What did you say?”

Yan Yang came to her ear and repeated clearly, “I’ll make up for your wedding later, so you won’t suffer.”

“No need, I just said it casually, it’s still a lot of trouble.”

Lin Xiaoyue did not expect him to take her words seriously, but she was happy with his reaction and attitude.

“It’s okay if it’s troublesome.”

Yan Yang nodded. He looked serious. “I will definitely make it up to you.”

“No, no, I really just said it casually. You should not indulge me too much.” Lin Xiaoyue laughed.

“Aiya, our family has never had such a happy event.”

At this time, on the other side of Lin Xiaoyue, Wang Xiuying somehow also suddenly interjected, and then asked Lin Xiaoyue, “Xiaoyue ah, then, our family will have a make-up wedding ceremony for you? You see, our family owes you a lot. We didn’t even give you a decent wedding.”

“Mother-in-law, why are you saying that too…” Lin Xiaoyue was embarrassed.

It was mainly because Wang Xiuying was envious when she saw other families having a big wedding like this.

Because Third Branch’s family has never held such a happy event, she really did not feel the joy of having a daughter-in-law entering their family.

“Let’s have a ceremony in our family.”

Yan Yang immediately made a decision, “Tomorrow, pick a good day, we have to implement this matter as soon as possible. I want to marry her again.”

Lin Xiaoyue wanted to refuse Yan Yang, but Wang Xiuying, who was beside her, directly nodded, “Yes, anyway, I don’t know how much it costs to have a wedding. It’s mainly to have a joyful wedding. The family must be lively, and Xiaoyue can’t be wronged, right?”

Lin Xiaoyue looks at her mother-in-law and her husband. They suddenly show such care and love for her. She really feels that she can’t afford it.

Then at this time, sitting at the same table with them, Chen Cuiyun of the second branch family suddenly opened her mouth in a strange manner, “She’s been married for so long. What’s with the wedding? I think she just wants to receive a red envelope? “

After this sentence, Chen Cuiyun’s Yan Lianhua also can’t wait to add the words, “Our family can’t afford to send red envelopes anymore! Don’t do all this nonsense! You only know how to exploit other families!”

The Second Branch’s family has been living in poverty for quite some time now…

Every month, they had to remit 80 yuan to the city after receiving their wages, and if they didn’t, they would receive a call from the commune, and a debt collection call from the people there…

The money has to be paid back, and it’s still too much, so the second branch family is getting poorer and poorer.

Once they heard a topic related to money, they were all sour.

Such a small pattern also made Lin Xiaoyue adhere to the decline of their family from another angle.

Although she was provoked, Lin Xiaoyue felt very happy!

“You guys don’t have to worry! If you can’t get a red envelope, we won’t invite your family!”

Wang Xiuying rebutted the second branch family impolitely”We don’t want to invite your family to eat at our house either! The last time we asked your family to eat for free, you made our family upset! If I hadn’t been related to your family, I wouldn’t want to see your family in my life!”

Wang Xiuying is so rich and strong that she is now treating Chen Cuiyun as she wants to, and she doesn’t have to be polite at all.

Chen Cuiyun’s face was red from Wang Xiuying’s words, and she almost couldn’t help but fight again, but before she could get angry, Yan Dalin beside her held her wrist.

Chen Cuiyun then barely suppressed her anger.

At this time, when Wang Xiuying saw her defeated, she didn’t feel much. She deliberately asked: “The first branch’s Hongying was married out, when will your family’s Lanhua get married? I remember Lanhua and Hongying were not much different in age, right? “

“It’s none of your business!”

Yan Lianhua was furious when she replied to Wang Xiuying, “Whether I marry or not has nothing to do with your family! I’m not marrying because I’m still picking! I’m prettier than Yan Hongying, and I’m sure I’ll marry a better man than her!”

Right after releasing this big sentence, it just so happened that the two elders of the first branch family, as well as the couple, came to this table.

Yan Lianhua’s super offensive words were heard by all four members of the first branch family!

At that time, the expressions on the faces of the four members of the Big House family could be described as unsightly!

When Yan Lianhua saw the first branch family, her expression was also embarrassed to death. She hurriedly buried her head and lowered her head to eat chicken legs.

At this moment, as the bride, Yan Hongying thought in her heart, Yan Lianhua actually had the face to eat the chicken legs from her family’s banquet! What are you talking about?

If it wasn’t for the fact that she was the bride today, Yang Hongying would have wanted to rush up and take the chicken leg out of Yan Lianhua’s hand and throw it to the dogs!

It’s more worth it to make the dogs eat it than let Yan Lianhua eat!

“Eldest sister-in-law, you’re here.”

Wang Xiuying did not say anything to offend the first family, so it was justified to greet the first branch family.

“Hey, eat well.”

Yang Chengyu politely replied to Wang Xiuying, in which she just barely managed her expression back, and told herself not to lose her manners.

She also thought to herself that the people of the second branch family really don’t have it! Their mouth stinks like this!

Luckily, they didn’t let the family come over when they were hosting the reception in the city. Otherwise, if they had relatives like the Second Branch family, they would have been ashamed to go to the city!

“Come on, let’s toast to you.”

Yan Hongying also gathered her emotions, carrying a small cup of rice wine, and bringing her husband Chen Zeqing to the table, “Everyone eats and drinks well. Let’s drink first.”

Although the family was not very harmonious, polite toast and polite relationships still had to be maintained.

After a glass of wine, Yan Hongying and Chen Zeqing introduced everyone sitting at this table.

In addition to the two old people, Yan Yang and Lin Xiaoyue, Yan Hongying also introduced in more detail, “These two are the people I mentioned to you, the third uncle’s son and daughter-in-law family went to town to work, and then to the city to find work, they are my brother and sister-in-law.”

Yan Hongying has never called Yan Yang ‘brother’, so at this time, when she suddenly used this identity to introduce Yan Yang, she felt very embarrassed.

Yan Yang and Lin Xiaoyue felt very strange! Yan Yang’s eyebrows were squeezed together so tightly that it almost looked like she could kill flies.

“Oh, I remembered Hongying mentioning it.”

Chen Zeqing smiled and greeted them both, “How are you? I wonder which factory you work at in the city?”

Chen Zeqing was already quite old, and there was no way to call Yan Yang ‘brother’ along with Yan Hongying, so he simply omitted this address to him.

However, Chen Zeqing was still quite interested in Yan Yang and Lin Xiaoyue’s work in the city.

Because before, Yan Hongying had hinted at him, Yan Yang and Lin Xiaoyue had mixed in the city, but it was not necessarily a formal work. They were most likely to engage in some illegal things.

Chen Zeqing still believes in Yan Hongying’s words.

Because nowadays, it’s not easy to get out of the countryside and go to town or to work in the city.

Therefore, Chen Zeqing also wants to try whether they have a job in the city?

He grew up in the city when he was a child, which made him a librarian. He knows quite well what factories are in the city.

If they make up nonsense, Chen Zeqing can immediately hear it.

“The seafood processing factory, the one near the port.” Yan Yang answered him.

When Chen Zeqing heard this, he searched in his head, and there was really such a factory.

However, Chen Zeqing was still a bit unconvinced, so he continued to test, “Is it a job on the assembly line? Temporary work, right? The work should be very hard, right?”

Yan Yang and Lin Xiaoyue both heard some of the underlying meaning behind his question.

Lin Xiaoyue then answered him, “Not assembly line work, we are engaged in management. The work is still quite hard, but the salary for regular workers was also quite high, so we both still have enough!”

“A regular worker?” Chen Zeqing was amazed at what he heard…

He just couldn’t believe it…

People who came out of the countryside and went to work in the town with their own ability…… could actually get a job as a regular worker? It’s a lie, right?

But in this small countryside, if you cheat someone, no one will know, not to mention the law.

Chen Zeqing will not tear them both down, “Powerful, too powerful. You can have a regular job at the seafood processing plant or in management. That is really very impressive. Let me toast you both again.”

Then, Chen Zeqing toasted Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang.

Yan Hongying originally thought that Chen Zeqing would break down both of their lies and make them both embarrassed.

As a result, she did not expect Chen Zeqing to actually have toast with them. Yan Hongying felt very strange in her heart, but she could not say it, so she could only hold it in.

The table was well toasted, and the four members of the first branch family left, leaving the Old Yan family again.

Old Madame Yan was too picky about the chicken today, so she didn’t eat much. But after looking at the chicken again, she thought it was a waste not to eat it.

So, she made a strong effort to pinch chicken into Old Master Yan’s bowl, wanting to ask him to eat more and gave her share to him.

As a result, after a few more pieces, the old man got angry, “Don’t give me any more, you can eat it yourself! This chicken does not taste good, and you always give me a piece of it!”

The two old men had been eating at Third Branch’s home for half a month, with good food and good meat every day, and palates had risen.

This conversation was heard by Chen Cuiyun and felt uncomfortable. “Oh, my parents can’t even be impressed by chicken now? The third guy has good food. Both of you don’t like chicken anymore? “

She speaks in a strange way, which always makes people feel sour.

She’s living lemon essence![1]Lemon essence, a buzzword on the Internet. It refers to the kind of person who likes to be sour and jealous of others, and it refers to the kind of person who is very jealous. She doesn’t want to … Continue reading

Grandma Yan didn’t like this and directly said so to Chen Cuiyun. “Then this chicken meat is indeed not good. Your family usually can’t eat this kind of food, so you eat more. You can’t stop your mouth from eating! “

Chen Cuiyun snorted. She didn’t want to move the chicken.

She hates what others dislike.

Even if she can’t eat it at ordinary times, she won’t eat it! Eating it means that she is one class lower than the two old people!

“Grandparents, do you want to eat roast pork tomorrow?”

Lin Xiaoyue saw through this and deliberately asked the two old people, “If you want to eat, I’ll ride my bike to the vegetable market tomorrow and buy some three-layer meat back and ask Mother-in-law to cook it for us.”

Grandma Yan grinned happily, “That’s good! The third daughter-in-law’s skills are good; she makes delicious braised meat! “

The Old Master Yan was not at all polite and said, “Buy more meat, we only have half a month to live there, and eat more good food.”

Lin Xiaoyue then smiled and said to the two elders, “Okay, buy more meat tomorrow! This half-month, I will let you two always eat better and before you go to the first branch’s house!”

The two elders were not happy to hear this…

When they think of their life in the Third Branch family, they feel that they have nothing to look forward to after a month in the first branch.

Therefore, the two seniors now cherish the days they lived in the Third Branch’s house and wish they could live in the Third Branch home forever.

Unknowingly, the mood of the two elderly people has actually been partial to the Third Branch home.

At this time, if something happens to the Third Branch family, the two old people will be willing to pay out money to the Third Branch family for emergency use.

And at this time, listening to their conversation, the Second Branch family’s heart was very unhappy!

Chen Cuiyun was so angry that she gnashed her teeth. It was such a good meal that she really did not want to eat a bite!

After the banquet was over, the Third Branch family went back to their new home together, leaving the remnants of this site unattended.

Because the Second Branch family did not give the first branch family a red envelope, they had to help the first branch family take care of the wedding from front to back, and with the labour, the red envelope was offset.

But even so, the first branch family still dislikes the Second Branch family.

Just from what Yan Lianhua said today at the banquet, Yang Chengyu and Yan Hongying will remember this hatred for a lifetime!

Yan Hongying and her new husband stayed in Wang Xiuying’s previous room. In that big room, their newly married couple talked about the things on the table tonight.

Chen Zeqing said something to Yan Hongying in a sarcastic tone, “Your sister, from the second branch, is the cheapest woman I’ve ever seen. Do you remember the last time I came back with you? When I went out alone that day, your sister stopped me and took off her clothes to tempt me. I really laughed to death. She thought I was the kind of man who had never seen a woman.”

Chen Zeqing was at least a divorced man. He didn’t have a strong desire for a woman’s body, let alone haven’t seen it before.

So that day, when Yan Lianhua stopped him on the night road, Chen Zeqing only thought her figure was unexpected and he didn’t like it.

Yan Hongying did not hear about it from Chen Zeqing’s mouth until today, and if it wasn’t for Yan Lianhua’s words about finding a better man than him, Chen Zeqing would not have been prepared to mention it.

Yan Hongying didn’t know it before, but now after she knew it, she was angry and rushed to his head-on. “What are you talking about? She still stopped you on the way? She took off her clothes?!”

Chen Zeqing raised his eyebrows. “She’s shameless! I scolded her. If it weren’t for her being your sister, I wouldn’t keep it a secret.”

“What’s the secret? If that bitch dares to do such a thing, she must be laughed at! It must be known!” Yan Hong shouted angrily.

When Yan Hongying first wanted to go out and look for someone to fight with, Chen Zeqing hurriedly got up to coax her. He grabbed her shoulders and pressed her towards the bed, “Okay, don’t shout, you are not mature enough! I was afraid of you acting like this, so I never told you. If you really make this matter out, your family will not be a joke?”

Yan Hongying is much younger than Chen Zeqing, so she listens to Chen Zeqing in many matters.

After Chen Zeqing said this to her, she really did not want to go to Yan Lianhua to settle scores.

Because this action was not mature enough, and she will not become a woman who can match him.

First, Yan Hongying had to hoard this anger in her heart first. She grabbed Chen Zeqing’s hand and explained, “Although she was my sister, I am definitely not a person with the same character as her. My mother’s education for me is completely different from her mother’s education for her. I didn’t expect that she would do that to you, but I’m definitely not that kind of woman!”

“Okay, I know.”

Chen Zeqing said again, “It’s really the first time I’ve come into contact with a rural family. In your family, only your family is normal. Those people from the second branch and third branch.. tell your parents to have less contact with them in the future. They are all strange people.”

Yan Hongying nodded obediently, “OK, I’ll tell my mother.”

Chen Zeqing added, “the third branch family’s little husband and wife made it clear that they were lying. How can formal workers in the city get such a good job? What else do they say about the management class? The management class has both leaders. They can work in the management class when they have just come out of the countryside? The cattle are blowing the sky!”

Yan Hongying stared at him with more adoring eyes, “Right! I think they are lying! It’s not that easy to go from one town to the city all of a sudden! And it’s a regular job! They just bully us. No one knows where they got the two false certificates, and they even took them back to the village to show them off. Now the villagers hold them high!”

“It’s vanity!”

Chen Zeqing used two words to describe Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang, “it’s vanity. Such people can’t communicate with each other. Tell your parents to stay away from them in the future. Don’t listen to the hype they say. In fact, it’s all fake.”

Yan Hongying admired her husband, who was much older than her, “Yes, you’re right. I’ll tell my parents what you said.”

“Some other time……”

Chen Zeqing hugged Yan Hongying. He lightly patted Yan Hongying’s shoulder, “I entrusted people with connections to check out that couple. It’s not to break them down, it’s like you said, investigate to see if they are speculating. If they really did something illegal, we, as good citizens, are not allowed to show favouritism and have to report it to our superiors.”

Yan Hongying nodded obediently, “You’re really right. If they did something illegal, we can’t cover it up. Besides, if they lie, they have so much money in their hands every time. They must be doing speculation. I can’t be wrong!”

Chen Zeqing said, “Your family is a mess. You’d better go back to the city with me as soon as possible. There are many ways for me to find a temporary job for you. What do you think of the assembly line staff of a seafood factory?”

Yan Hongying was happy, “You can find me anything. As long as you can take me to the city.”

Yan Hongying can’t explain how happy she was about marrying such a husband.

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1 Lemon essence, a buzzword on the Internet. It refers to the kind of person who likes to be sour and jealous of others, and it refers to the kind of person who is very jealous. She doesn’t want to see that others are doing better than herself and considers themselves innocent. Later, its derogatory color gradually faded, and it was mostly used to express the multiple envies of others, from appearance to inner, from the material life to emotional life.


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