Lingquan Space: Fortunate Wife of a Farmer’s Family
Lingquan Space: Fortunate Wife of a Farmer’s Family Chapter 46

Chapter 46: Losing Face

Matchmaker Wang stared at Su Yu in shock. “How is that possible? Isn’t your daughter an unwed mother? How could she have a son-in-law?”

Su Yu placed the watermelon on the ground and lifted Xiao Bao. “Do you still have any objections?”

Looking at Su Yu’s unwavering expression, Matchmaker Wang felt extremely embarrassed.

She came to arrange a marriage proposal, but she never expected to encounter the child’s father during the process. How could this be?

“No, Big Sister, this is…” Matchmaker Wang began, but Su Yu interrupted her.

“My son-in-law accompanied a merchant ship on a long voyage years ago and hasn’t returned. We heard rumors of an unfortunate incident, which is why we kept quiet about everything,” Gu Shi explained, sticking to the story they had prepared.

Matchmaker Wang, feeling awkward, chuckled nervously. “Well, if your daughter already has a husband, then there’s no need for us to discuss a marriage proposal. Your daughter is a respectable wife, why should she become someone’s concubine? My dear girl is not that desperate.”

“Such opportunities can be left for others; my wife is too good for them,” Su Yu added.

Seeing that Matchmaker  Wang was still there, Gu Shi gestured for her to leave. “Please go.”

Even though Matchmaker  Wang might be reluctant, she had no choice but to leave after Su Yu and Gu Shi had made their stance clear. She had certainly made a fool of herself today.

“Well, in that case, I’ll take my leave. I won’t disturb your family any longer,” Matchmaker Wang said before hastily departing.

Su Yu’s mood was soured by the encounter. How could these people think they could take his son and wife away from him? Did they think he was a pushover?

“What’s with that expression?” Wang Jinhe asked.

“I’m really upset right now,” Su Yu replied with a furrowed brow.

Wang Jinhe shook her head in exasperation. “Why are you so upset? Since our family gained some wealth, incidents like this have happened more than once.”

Su Yu’s annoyance only grew. How could he not be upset?

“All right, don’t make that face anymore. It’s not such a big deal,” Wang Jinhe said nonchalantly.

Su Yu glanced at Wang Jinhe, muttering something under his breath, which she couldn’t quite make out.

“If something like this happens again, I’ll make sure those people regret ever being born into this world,” Su Yu said with narrowed eyes.

Despite his usually easygoing nature, Su Yu had a domineering side. Anything that belonged to him, he would protect fiercely. Especially when it came to his wife and child, he couldn’t forgive anyone trying to steal them.

Watching Su Yu’s determined expression, Wang Jinhe was taken aback. After spending so many days with them, it was the first time she had seen this side of him. Normally, he was easy to get along with in their presence.

“Don’t be angry, Daddy,” Little Bao said, cupping Su Yu’s face and planting a firm kiss on it.

Su Yu was instantly healed by his son’s gesture. “Okay, I won’t be angry.”

Su Yu initially thought that the matter had ended there, but little did he know that it was only the beginning.

After leaving the Wang family, the matchmaker went to another place and found herself surrounded by women.

“It seems that Master Mo’s proposal is unlikely to succeed,” the matchmaker said to Mo’s son, who appeared quite dismayed.

Mo’s son’s face darkened at her words. “What happened?”

“Wang Jinhua’s husband has returned, and he appears to be a very powerful and wealthy man,” she explained. “Such a person is beyond our league.”

Mo’s son curled his lips, giving her a half-smile that held a hint of mockery. “Very wealthy? I’d like to see how wealthy he can be.”

“Alright, lead the way.”

The matchmaker hesitated for a moment, looking at Mo’s son with mixed emotions. “Young Master Mo, are you sure about this?”

“This young master can bring back anyone he sets his eyes on,” Mo’s son replied confidently. What mattered most to him was the woman’s favorable fortune, and he wouldn’t allow her to remain as someone else’s secondary wife. Besides, her husband could easily be persuaded with some money.

There wasn’t a man who didn’t covet wealth.

The matchmaker had no choice but to lead Mo’s son to the Wang family.

Seeing the matchmaker return to their home, Gu shi’s expression grew even more unpleasant. “What are you here for again? I’ve already told you that my daughter can’t be matched with.”

These people couldn’t understand plain words, it seemed.

Upon hearing this, the matchmaker furrowed her brow and said, “It’s because Young Master Mo himself wishes to speak with you.”

“Whoever comes today, nothing will change. My daughter already has a husband,” Gu shi said with a stern face, her expression unyielding.

The matchmaker looked at Gu shi with irritation. “Don’t disregard the opportunity. Do you even realize the extent of Young Master Mo’s family wealth?”

“I already said we don’t need anything. Now get out,” Gu shi sternly told the matchmaker.

Upon hearing Gu shi’s angry voice, Wang Jinghe frowned and asked, “Mother, what happened?”

“I’ll go outside and see.”

“Mommy, Xiao Bao  wants the little pig,” Xiao Bao urged, watching Wang Jinghe’s hand holding the watermelon impatiently.

Wang Jinhe made cute little pig-shaped slices from the watermelon.

Wang Jinghe cut several little pig slices for Xiao Bao and Xiao Zhi and placed them on a nearby plate. “You both eat these yourselves. I’ll go see grandma.”


When Su Yu walked outside and saw Mo’s son entering, he couldn’t help but smile sarcastically. “Oh, it’s you.”

When Mo’s son saw Su Yu, his face went through several changes. “You… what are you doing here?”

Seeing Mo’s son made Su Yu feel a bone-deep ache, a visceral fear.

“I’m at my wife’s house. Do you have a problem with that?” Su Yu looked at Mo’s son coldly. “Mo Jue, you’re quite bold, trying to steal my wife and child. Who gave you the courage? Was it your father?”

“If you dared to steal his grandson, how do you think he would react?” Su Yu asked with a smile that wasn’t really a smile, toying with Mo Jue.

Mo Jue looked at Su Yu with a troubled expression. “I… I didn’t know…”

“You didn’t know? So, because you didn’t know it was me, you thought it was okay to steal someone else’s wife?” Su Yu scolded him sternly.

“It seems that the lesson I gave you back then was too light, which allowed you to have such thoughts about my people,” Su Yu’s gaze at Mo Jue was icy, reminiscent of the Su Yu from four years ago.

When Su Yu was manipulated by someone, he nearly crippled Su Jing when he returned. The entire Su family, including Su Jing’s maternal family, didn’t dare to stop him.

If it weren’t for the family’s tradition that forbade infighting, Su Jing might have been killed on the spot.

Su Yu’s status in the Su family was truly formidable. The patriarch of the Su family, as well as Su Yu’s elder uncle, who was the current head of the family, both held him in high regard.

Although Su Yu usually appeared easygoing, he was spoiled to the point of being somewhat unruly. If you didn’t provoke him, you could enjoy a drink and play games together. However, once you provoked him, even killing you would be futile.

Wang Jinhe walked out and curiously asked Su Yu, “Who is this guy? And it seems like he’s really afraid of you?”

Su Yu nodded, “I’ve dealt with him before.”

“I see.”

” Young Master Su, this is all a misunderstanding,” Mo Jue said with a bitter smile. If he had known that Wang Jinhe was associated with Su Yu, even with ten times the courage, he wouldn’t have dared to have ulterior motives toward Su Yu’s people.

“Misunderstanding? You think you can take me for a ride once or twice?” Su Yu looked at Mo Jue with a cold gaze.

Mo Jue had no choice but to take out a one-thousand-liang silver note and handed it to Gu Shi. “Auntie, I’ve caused you some trouble today. Please accept this small compensation.”

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