Male God is Chasing My Brother Chapter 103

Chapter 103 – Talk about engagement
This marriage contract is too ridiculous. An Xumo’s first concern is Zhou Jinchen’s safety.
My brother already knew Yin Yuan is planning something bad, so why didn’t he just refuse?
Zhou Jinchen noticed An Xumo’s expression. He looked sideways at the boy and asked in a low voice, “What’s wrong?”
An Xumo hesitantly said, “……Can you refuse this matter?”
In fact, when he said this sentence, he already realized that it was wrong.
If it can be directly refused, from the beginning, my brother wouldn’t say “I haven’t been able to make a statement yet”.
Sure enough, Zhou Jinchen and Yin Hanxing both explained.
The Yin family has a great influence in the entertainment industry, not only do they hold a large share of Jin Dian but they also hold an important position within the Northern Circle of the Film and Television Industry. The Northern Circle is full of big names and the phenomenon of group gathering is particularly obvious. Even the A-list artists may not be able to get on this big boat. Compared to Zhou Jinchen, a rising star that is fighting alone, the Yin family is clearly more profound which is why Yin Yuan can freely play in the circle with impunity.
The Zhou family’s power is concentrated in Jiangnan while the Yin family has always been rooted in B City, and the horse farm that Yin Hanxing was in before is also a Yin family asset. The marriage between the two families wouldn’t be bad, that’s why Yin Hanxing said that Yin Yuan felt that the Zhou family’s attitude would not be a problem.
Zhou Jinchen’s parents were married for business. After they got married, they played their own roles. They had different dreams, in the same bed they seem to get along with each other and have no emotional foundation. And after Zhou Jinchen’s debut, he didn’t go home for several years. The only thing that has moved the Zhou family is Old Zhou. The Zhou Yunlin couple didn’t care at all but what Old Zhou and Zhou Jinchen mentioned is all about the analysis of interests after the marriage.
If it had been a year ahead, Zhou Jinchen wouldn’t feel anything wrong. He also believes in the interests first, but now it’s different, he has a more precious treasure.
Zhou Jinchen would hesitate to take a stand and would not consider the benefits of the marriage. He has his heart set on another so it’s impossible for him to be promised to another. Not to mention the presence of Yin Yuan who has evil intentions, but Zhou Jinchen needs help to get out of the Zhou family, and Yin Yuan is one of the directors of Jin Dian, so it’s not a good idea to rip his face off.[1]to shed all pretensePlus—
“Xiao Mo’s contract was signed for ten years,” Zhou Jinchen said. “We can’t wait to waste so much time, this contract should be changed.”
With An Xumo’s recent momentum, his popularity has been among the first line traffic. In front of interests, the company has taken him as a key target, it’s impossible to give in easily.
The topic suddenly turned to him, An Xumo floundered for a moment, and then he remembered the money that Tang Tang had said that his brother paid for him.
The contract was something he hadn’t even considered himself.
“To put it simply, this is the reason why Mr. Zhou didn’t reject the marriage contract outright.” Yin Hanxing summarized, then said, “As for me, I came for my second brother.”
Apparently, Yin Hanyue is not as sickly and weak as he appears to be.
Yin Hanxing came to discuss the cooperation with Zhou Jinchen. They knew each other earlier than An Xumo imagined, the two sides had their own needs so they would sit together. After explaining to An Xumo, the two began to talk about business. The boy didn’t listen for a while; he understood why Yin Hanxing wanted to leave the scene before.
Even though he couldn’t understand the exact operation, An Xumo could understand the secrecy and complexity involved.
He wasn’t sure why his brother would let him stay here or why Yin Hanxing would agree to stay, but the talk did last the whole night by the three people.
It was late at night when Yin Hanxing left. An Xumo who had been hit by the marriage contract hadn’t rested for nearly two days. Zhou Jinchen saw the boy’s tiredness and sent him straight back to the bedroom. He went to get the quilt. An Xumo was already asleep and forgot to ask about the backyard corridor.
Zhou Jinchen stood by the bed and looked down. The tired boy was a little restless in his sleep and his eyebrows were still faintly wrinkled. Zhou Jinchen raised his hand over and gently pressed his fingertips on his forehead, waiting for the other party’s brow to gradually unfold before moving his fingers down.
The long and slender fingers follow the tip of his nose and hover above the slightly parted lips. The pale pink lips can be imagined to be soft when touched just by looking at them, and deep in the memory, it really preserves the tender and soft touch when tasting. The original experience not only makes people’s hearts full but it became an itchy little hook, poking at the bottom of his heart, encouraging people to try again. 
The night was silent, the wind is cool and the leaves fell but inside the room, it’s full of spring.
Early the next morning, An Xumo flew to Huangcheng TV to participate in a variety show recording. The end of the year is approaching and the year-end inventory in the entertainment industry is coming. Endless party ceremonies are emerging one after another. When he really has time to meet with Zhou Jinchen, more than half of An Xumo’s winter vacation has passed.
The two had just finished attending the Weibo Night celebration and returned to the company in S City to rest. Because he went to school in B City, An Xumo’s single dormitory has been taken back. He originally wanted to find a hotel nearby but he haven’t even move when he was directly led away by Zhou Jinchen.
This was the first time An Xumo came to his brother’s penthouse. The structure of the villa was the same as his previous visit to Yin Yuan’s new residence but the interior decoration was completely different. The two rested overnight at the villa and early the next morning, they went together to attend the company’s annual meeting.
With makeup and styling, the annual meeting officially began in the afternoon before two o’clock. This is a rare opportunity for many familiar faces to get together. However[2]this last word was left as it is just like in the raw, probably a typo or something; it’s probably for the next line below.
For An Xumo, what attracted his attention was not the one big-name-first-rate artist after another, but a thin, pale and handsome young man.
The youth was only about twenty years old with a faint pallor on his face and a little blood on his lips so he did look physically ill. His features were so obvious and his face was three times smaller than Yin Hanxing. In addition, when facing Yin Yuan’s claim, without waiting for an introduction, An Xumo recognized his identity.
It was Yin Hanyue.
Yin Hanyue has never appeared at Jin Dian before and the meaning of his presence this time was self-explanatory. As soon as he appeared, the surrounding eyes fell on Zhou Jinchen.
Although taking into account the identity of Zhou Jinchen, the content of the marriage contract has not been widely spread but for the people in Jin Dian, as long as one is well-informed, this matter is no longer a secret.
Last night at the villa, his brother had already mentioned this matter so An Xumo was not too surprised. When Yin Hanyue walked towards the man in full view of everyone, Zhou Jinchen held his glass of wine but glanced at An Xumo first.
An Xumo looked at him for a moment, he lowered his head and went on with the pudding on his plate.
Not only Yin Hanyue, but Yin Yuan also followed him. The scene of the annual meeting was already very lively and with the several key figures gathered, the atmosphere became more and more heated. An Xumo finished his pudding and served a triangle-shaped cheesecake. It wasn’t until Tang Tang came over to remind him did he stop eating.
Yin Hanyue did not stay for the whole show, his body did not seem to last that long. After the most important part of the speech, Yin Han Yue, who was a little shaky, left the scene early, and Zhou Jinchen followed along, sending him out.
Before leaving, Zhou Jinchen glanced back at the person again. An Xumo waited for a while and also made an excuse to leave early as agreed last night.
The group photo and top-level (executives) speech had already ended, so leaving now would not be too conspicuous. An Xumo walked out of the company and just found a remote place to call his brother when a black car pulled up in front of him.
Yin Hanyue was in the passenger seat while Zhou Jinchen sat in the back row. The man opened the door and let An Xumo in. What An Xumo didn’t expect was that the person in the driver’s seat who was greeting him through the rearview mirror was actually Yin Hanxing.
“To avoid Yin Yuan tonight,” Zhou Jinchen explained, “I found him to be a cover.”
Yin Yuan had bought the villa next door to Zhou Jinchen and it was only when he was away yesterday that Zhou Jinchen took An Xumo back. But tonight, several people are present, although there will be Yin Hanyue and Zhou Jinchen together, there is no guarantee that Yin Yuan will not do anything.
The four left the company and drove all the way to another district before stopping at a villa complex.
They got out of the car and walked into the villa. The two Yin brothers walked in front. An Xumo curiously looked at Yin Hanyue’s back. Unexpectedly, the other party’s pace looked much stable than at the annual meeting.
Noticing An Xumo’s line of sight, Zhou Jinchen asked him, “What’s wrong?”
An Xumo took another look at Yin Hanyue before asking, “Is Mr. Yin’s health okay? Just now at the company, his face didn’t look too good.”
Zhou Jinchen frowned and paused for a moment before saying, “He’s fine.”
The four people walked into the living room. Yin Hanyue heard An Xumo’s words and gave a light smile. “I’m fine, thank you for your concern.”
Yin Hanyue’s voice was slightly hoarse but it sounded inexplicably comfortable. An Xumo froze for a moment only to feel that the other party’s previous sickly aura that could be detected through the crowd has visibly faded a lot this time.
“In order to show it to others,” Zhou Jinchen made a direct explanation and looked at the boy more, “But you, did you eat more just now?”
Being suddenly asked, An Xumo hurriedly shook his head, “……No.”
“You ate pudding, three pieces of cake, and a glass of sake.” Zhou Jinchen didn’t intend to expose it so easily. “Didn’t you say you don’t drink?”
“I just took a sip……” An Xumo originally thought that the man was dealing with Yin Yuan but he didn’t expect that he would keep an eye on him. “I didn’t touch much, really.”
Yin Hanyue sat opposite An Xumo, he smiled and didn’t say anything. It was only when Yin Hanxing who was carrying four cups came out that the topic was stopped.
“It’s been so long since I’ve been here, everything has expired. Let’s just make do with this.” Yin Hanxing coughed lightly, “Only plain boiled water.”
He divided the cups and sat next to Yin Hanyue.
“Well, isn’t it time to talk about business now?”
Sweeping his eyes over the two people sitting diagonally opposite each other, Yin Hanxing directly said, “Concerning the engagement ceremony between the two of you.”
The author has something to say:
Xiao Mo: It seems like I should be jealous
Xiao Mo: ……But the jealousy seems to be eaten away by my brother
Xiao Mo: I thought I was the one who should be jealous, but that doesn’t seem to be the case……
Brother: Turn on the all-around-no-dead-angle-corner-staring brother mode control.


1 to shed all pretense
2 this last word was left as it is just like in the raw, probably a typo or something; it’s probably for the next line below.

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