Male God is Chasing My Brother Chapter 108

Chapter 108 – Xiao Mo’s emotional belonging

Mojia Media invested in the film called 《Yin Yang Well》, in addition to bringing the famous director, Lu Nianzhou, the production is also a strong team. Unlike in the past, the lead actor in this movie is An Xumo, and Zhou Jinchen only plays a supporting role. However, the latter is actually not idle —— the film 《Yin Yang Well》 is also Zhou Jinchen’s first work as a producer.

Generally speaking, the convention for the development of the entertainment industry is to act and then direct, and although Zhou Jinchen started his career early, he’s only twenty-three years old now, far from the age of urgent transition. But as early as when he won his first film award, he acted as an unnamed investor in the movie 《Different Roads》 and this time, for his first work in Mojia Media, he even acted as the producer of the movie directly through his own investment company.

As a result of filming in the group, An Xumo spent more time with Zhou Jinchen, and he didn’t find any special changes in Zhou Jinchen after his identity changed. Although his acting skills have improved significantly, Zhou Jinchen will still help him analyze the script, plus, An Xumo’s role this time is heavy, he needs to understand more things. Basically, he spends most of his time with his brother during non-working hours.

However, even if An Xumo, who is not sensitive to the eyes of others, has been in the group for a long time, has noticed a clear difference in the attitude of people around him towards Zhou Jinchen.

In the past, during the filming of 《Different Roads》, An Xumo has been a shield for a while because of Lin Rui’s matter. At that time, even when Zhou Jinchen sent him porridge, it will be curiously discussed. After a series of interviews, there is also a variety of gossip from different people. However, during the filming of 《Yin Yang Well》, most people didn’t react to Zhou Jinchen’s behavior.

Zhou Jinchen’s scenes aren’t that many; his major busy part is outside the scene. But since he entered the group, he lives directly into the double room of An Xumo which ‘just happened to have an empty bed’. Besides working, Zhou Jinchen also spent most of his time on the set with An Xumo.

Gossip is a fearful thing, even if An Xumo has worked hard to learn self-defense skills at a young age to downplay bad intentions, that doesn’t mean he can easily ignore the eyes and speculations. In the crew of 《Yin Yang Well》, not to mention gossip, the vast majority of the cast and crew didn’t even give them a second glance.

So much so that the day 《Yin Yang Well》 opened to the media, An Xumo who had long been accustomed to spending time with his brother almost didn’t even get caught off guard by the sudden, enthusiastic stares.

On the opening day, the pre-arranged candidates did not include Zhou Jinchen, and the media wasn’t too upset. After all, he was only a supporting role in the play, and it was normal to be not in the crew. But after the morning interviews, the media were allowed to enter the set to visit the filming. Apart from the busy actors and staff, the most conspicuous person on the set was Zhou Jinchen in a dark blue trench coat.

The man did not wear a costume but he didn’t leave during the shooting, presumably, he was also on the set during the opening hours of the morning interview. Various reporters were still wringing their wrists[1]Describes thinking and excitementone after the other, only to find that there is a more explosive thing on the set.

The camera wasn’t running but Zhou Jinchen and the lead actor An Xumo stood in a remote corner. They did not know what they were talking about, but finally, they actually argued.

An Xumo’s back was turned to the outside, onlookers can’t see his expression. All they could only see is Zhou Jinchen’s rare anger, who has always been calm and self-restraint. Even if the two stand in a very inconspicuous position, the total size of the set is so large that it’s impossible for the media looking for topics to ignore them.

They were not loud but Zhou Jinchen’s attitude was enough to tell the whole story. The man’s eyebrows tightened, his usual calm look changed, and his face was covered with impatience. When An Xumo tried to reach out and pull him, he shook off the other party’s arm and raised his voice, yelling at the person, “I said no!”

The reporters were silent.

The reporters were excited.

Within a second, dozens of headlines bristling with clicks had been drawn up, and had it not been for the presence of their entourage, they might have had sent the news back directly.

However, things over there aren’t done yet. The two people standing didn’t have enough space in the corner. While they were talking, a staff member with props passed by and was frightened by Zhou Jinchen’s voice. The staff’s hand shook and the wooden balls at the top of the box in their arms slid down, it jumped to the feet of An Xumo who was thrown off.

The wooden balls were strong and didn’t break when they fell. An Xumo who accidentally stepped on the wooden balls was much more thrilling. Had it not been for Zhou Jinchen who was in front of him with quick eyes and hands to pull him, I’m afraid he would have fallen directly and might have bumped into a variety of equipment on the side.

Therefore, the reporters from the periphery witnessed the instantaneous change of Zhou Jinchen’s face. The man who was still in rage in one second was extremely careful to put his arms around the person in the next second. Zhou Jinchen’s face also quickly regained his usual calm and spoke with his head down to An Xumo.

The reporters: “……??”

This burst of movement is not small, and soon some staff members went up and helped pick up the props scattered on the ground. However, the strange thing is that they did not ask about the quarrel they just had, as if it never happened at all.

Someone couldn’t hold back and said directly to the accompanying guide, “What’s going on over there just now? Did Mr. Zhou and An Xumo quarreled?”

Directly quarreling in front of the media, how incompatible is the relationship between these two people? The staff at the scene must be clear about this matter, even if they don’t admit what they say about this scene and have a few more words, they will certainly be able to get something out of it.

As a result, the little brother accompanying them was not surprised, he said in an extremely calm voice, “The two teachers are playing together.”[2]similar to acting together in a play. Sounds funny when used with the word ‘play’ lol

The reporters didn’t believe it at first but when they arrived at the scene to the clapperboard, when An Xumo, dressed as a teenager impatiently shouted the words “I said no” to his grandfather who advised him to inherit the family’s school, they had to accept the reality.

After filming, An Xumo also went over and chatted with Zhou Jinchen who handed him water with a smile before coming to the reporters on the side with the director.

Zhou Jinchen also came over but only went behind An Xumo’s shoulder, briefly greeted the reporters, and left. His expression was still the usual cold and icy, and there were no vivid and intense emotions he had just now.

On the contrary, An Xumo who has been smiling seems to be in a good mood. Someone asked him if he felt happy because he had just passed (the scene), the boy nodded and added, “Just now, Brother Zhou said he scared me and wanted to buy chocolate to compensate me this evening.”

Reporters: “……”

The ones who were really scared……should be us, all right?


As the filming of 《Yin Yang Well》 drew close, An Xumo took another leave of absence with the crew and flew to S City to reexamine his anxiety disorder.

His acute anxiety disorder had not had an attack for a long time and his daily state of mind is much more relaxed. Even if he is busy with work and study, he hasn’t had any more uncontrollable emotions during the day. When explaining the recent situation with the doctor, An Xumo also remembered that his hunger has also been reduced a lot lately. It had been a long time since he had a serious attack on his stomach, which lasted for more than a decade.

Talking about this matter, An Xumo found out in hindsight that he and Zhou Jinchen hadn’t broken contact for 197 days in a row.

In each of the 197 days, his brother was there.

After thanking the doctor who gave him the test, An Xumo walked out of the consultation room where Li Qiucheng was waiting for him outside. The two returned to Li Qiucheng’s office and Zhou Jinchen who had gone to pay for the consultation fee also came back just in time.

An Xumo’s condition would not be clear until the test results are out, and Li Qiucheng already had the results of Zhou Jinchen’s last re-examination in his hand.

Facing this pair of sick brothers, Li Qiucheng also sighed a little. The examination report was handed to Zhou Jinchen and the boy who saw it wanted to go out to avoid it but Zhou Jinchen called him back.

He said, “There is nothing to hide from you.”

The correction of Asperger’s syndrome is a long process, and the monitoring of various hormones and behaviors is also very complicated. Although An Xumo did not leave, he listened on the side in the clouds and didn’t understand much.

It was at the end when Li Qiucheng and Zhou Jinchen made another appointment for the next re-examination that the boy carefully asked.

“Does brother still need to keep coming for checkups?”

Li Qiucheng nodded, “Yes, to come over regularly. What’s the matter?”

Zhou Jinchen also looked over. An Xumo softly said, “When I was just examined, the doctor told me that if there’s nothing wrong with the results this time, and if there were no special circumstances afterwards, there would be no need to come back specifically for the examination.”

His anxiety disorder lasted for half a year and it was now close to recovery. An Xumo did not know how long his brother had been sick but it seemed that the other party has been doing reexaminations since a long time ago.

“So when will brother, he…… be cured?”

Li Qiucheng explained, “Xiao An, panic disorder is an acquired condition and can be recovered with proper treatment, but Asperger’s syndrome is congenital, there is no cure. It is just correcting and adjusting the daily behavior.”

An Xumo pursed his lips and seemed a little uneasy.

Li Qiucheng added, “However, Jinchen’s condition has been quite stable. For these reexaminations afterwards, just think of them as regular medical checkups, no need to think too seriously.”

Only then did An Xumo breathe a sigh of relief.

He asked, “Then it is safe to say that…… this disease no longer has many effects on brother?”

“If, if……” An Xumo hesitated, not looking at Zhou Jinchen but still trying to get a complete sentence out, “romantic therapy is also available, if needed.”

The other two people in the room were both stunned.

“I was in a bad state before, that’s why I misunderstood……” He didn’t see the look on the two men’s faces and continued, “but now my anxiety is over, and my help is also……”

An Xumo didn’t finish his words, he was gently pressed on the lips by two long, slightly cool fingers.

Zhou Jinchen’s hand was withdrawn as soon as he touched it, and he looked at the boy carefully, his dark eyes reflecting the outline of the other party.

“You don’t need to help, Xiao Mo.” Zhou Jinchen said in a hoarse voice, “The treatment is my business. I shouldn’t bring you into it. Your feelings will always be your own freedom.”


T/N: There were two author’s notes, luckily I found the previous one on another site. I was a bit torn if I should include the previous one or not but I just added it lol. It must be because they made changes to the succeeding chapters so they revised the author’s note. Anyway, do you read the author’s notes? My editor doesn’t when she reads novels lmao. 

The author has something to say: (Author’s note on the official site)

In the last chapter, so many people said Dalabengba[3]Dalabengba is a song and the lyrics of this song are about the story of an old-fashioned warrior fighting the dragon. The names of people and places are all given by the author. If you want to check … Continue readingcollapsed……what’s the inside joke here? 【bewildered


The author has something to say: (Previous author’s note)

There are a few issues to clarify:

① There are about five chapters left and the main text will be finished.[4]well, actually four. As the main text would be up until Chapter 112 and the rest will be extras.

The reason why I chose to end the text is that there will be no way to keep the daily update in two days, so the text will explain the relationship between the two, and then the extra will be for other contents.

② The Hollywood transcript wasn’t originally in the plan but now, looking at An He’s face slap is a bit weak, so I intend to rewrite the outline, expand this part, and put it in a separate extra. The girls who feel that Hollywood and the golden finger are too big to be in harmony don’t have to wait and just skip it.

③ There is motor[5]t can mean having many problems; something that is not good so they changed the term into a milder word which is motorcycle lol. So probably something that happened which was then fixed? Though, … Continue readingin the extras which will show you the way and then they will be canceled at the end. This will be regarded as a benefit to all of you chasing serials -3-

④ There will be sugar in the extras, write until everyone feels tired of it ba _(:з”∠)_ 


1 Describes thinking and excitement
2 similar to acting together in a play. Sounds funny when used with the word ‘play’ lol
3 Dalabengba is a song and the lyrics of this song are about the story of an old-fashioned warrior fighting the dragon. The names of people and places are all given by the author. If you want to check the lyrics, here: link. Basically, the song talks about the previous chapter where the knight (Hanxing) and the dragon (Jinchen) serves as the inside joke but unlike the song, the dragon wasn’t defeated. Idk if that makes sense but I hope you get it lol. The lyrics are so funny.
4 well, actually four. As the main text would be up until Chapter 112 and the rest will be extras.
5 t can mean having many problems; something that is not good so they changed the term into a milder word which is motorcycle lol. So probably something that happened which was then fixed? Though, I’m quite confused with the term. If anyone has an idea, let me know~

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