Male God is Chasing My Brother Chapter 115

Chapter 115 – Extra: Rose (3)

An Xumo was stunned.

The others were stunned, too.

The scene was very quiet for a while until An Xumo took the gift box and returned a thank you. Zhou Jinchen said, “The essential oil is the second special reward from the host.”

He side-stepped to make room for the two waiters to move the large flower basket to the front and revealed a delicate card.

The people fixed their eyes on the card, between which was drawn a strange triangle-shaped pattern consisting of three 9s connected from the beginning to end. The lower right corner of the card also had three words printed on it.

— Yin Yang Well.

The director’s team came out at the right time to say that these roses are blessings from the cast of 《Yin Yang Well》 to the show. The reason why 999 will be sent is that 999 is a quite important concept in the movie 《Yin Yang Well》. Moreover, all of these roses will be dried out and made into scented tea which will be given to the lucky audience of 《Here We Are》.

The crowd, “……”

Although it looks like all the reasoning makes sense, why does it still feel like…… there seems to be something wrong???

All eyes focused on the two people standing beside the flower basket.

……Are there really no pink bubbles next to these two?!

No matter how the guests think in their hearts, because of the identity of An Xumo and Zhou Jinchen, they really can’t express what they think. After leaving the rose promenade, several people had a meal in the manor and went to the town square to watch the bonfire.

At the end of the day, the group rested early. Early the next morning, they set out for the prestigious Rose Valley.

The Rose Festival in Bulgaria has been around for more than half a century. Now, tourists from all over the world come here in June to participate in this grand and fragrant event.

The beautiful ladies wore bright flower crowns, the streets were filled with the scent of flowers and flower essential oils, and the program’s camera shot enough of the brilliant colors along the way. Several guests not only experienced the grandeur of the Rose Festival firsthand but also successfully completed several levels set by the program and received the grand prize for this episode from Zhou Jinchen.

After the recording, it was already dark. The team and the five permanent guests had to transfer to another country to record the next episode. On the other hand, An Xumo as a temporary guest had to take the flight back to China with Zhao Yutian and Zhou Jinchen that night. However, before he could go back and pack his luggage, he was intercepted halfway.

“Brother?” Looking at the man who pulled him down the stairs, An Xumo was a bit confused, “Where are we going, aren’t we going back today?”

It takes at least three hours from the Rose Manor to the airport but the plane takes off in three and a half hours.

“En, we’re going to have dinner.”

The two walked from the twenty-seventh floor to the twenty-sixth floor which is exactly where Rose Manor’s high-rise restaurant is located. The décor here is as gorgeous and chic as the entire manor, and the prices are naturally quite complementary.

Unlike the group dinner last night, as soon as the two walked into the lobby, a waiter took the initiative to greet them and brought them to a box with an excellent location.

In addition to the dining table, the box is also equipped with an open-air rooftop. An Xumo curiously walked to the sliding door. When Zhou Jinchen saw this, after a few words with the waiter, he led the person to the rooftop.

There was still a great distance beyond the rooftop. After the two finished walking forward, An Xumo stood in front of the railing and looked down. Although it was getting late, the shock he received did not diminish at all.


Under the bright night lights, a large sea of flowers spread endlessly. Bright flowers were like a thick blanket, gently covering the fertile soil.

The rooftop extends in the direction of the large rose field behind the Rose Manor. This is also the best location to overlook the rose fields from a high vantage point.

“It will be even more beautiful when we see it tomorrow during the day.”

Zhou Jinchen walked behind the boy, raised his hand, and wrapped his arm around the other party’s slightly thin shoulder.

“In two days, the roses will all be harvested, leaving only that heart-shaped rose field.”

An Xumo remembered the field of flowers during the day and the wooden sign standing next to each rose, his eyes slightly warmed.

He asked softly, “Those dates……”

Zhou Jinchen lowered his head and gently pressed the soft side of the boy’s slightly cool face.

“It’s the days when we’re together.”

An Xumo bit the tip of his tongue.

“When you moved away from S City, the things you didn’t take with you were left at my place. When I was taking inventory of the things, I found a calendar.”

A low voice slowly flowed into his ears, and An Xumo’s shoulders stiffened slightly.

The calendar left by him……

“I saw every circle drew on it.” Zhou Jinchen tilted his head and gently kissed the boy’s cheek as he said, “That year, the whole 365 days, we didn’t see each other, did we?”

An Xumo hesitated for a moment but finally nodded.

It was the calendar he had brought with him when he was a trainee at Jin Dian. At that time…… he hadn’t seen his brother for 365 days in a row.

“From that day on, I also began to record the dates.”

An Xumo asked in a whisper, “With flowers?”

“In the beginning, it was trees.”

“I bought a forest garden in Yuan Dian which has more than three hundred trees in it. Every day that passes, a tree will be hung with a metal plate with a date.” Zhou Jinchen said in a low voice, “When the 262nd tree was hung, you gave me a trial period.”

Then, he began to use roses to count the date.

“The heart-shaped rose field can count 365 days. After that, there are also moth orchids, iris, and lavender fields……”

An Xumo turned his head sideways, looking into the deep eyes of the man.

Those beautiful eyes with perfect contours were filled with him.

“We can count another seventy years.”

In his own way, his brother walked the same path that An Xumo had experienced.

An Xumo felt as if he had a lot to say but by the time he opened his mouth, his voice felt like it was blocked.

He said he wanted to buy flowers for his brother, but his brother…… had brought a large field of flowers for him, long before he knew it.

The boy took a deep breath and ended up saying nothing, and stood on his toes.

The field of flowers sent a light fragrance, lingering around the two embracing each other.

But this time, it was Zhou Jinchen who took the initiative to separate their lips first.

He lowered his eyes to look at the boy’s soft, moist lips, and his eyes darkened but his voice still carried calmness.

“Go back ba, dinner is coming up. We’ll come back tomorrow to see.”

If it’s too swollen, the boy will have trouble eating.

Dinner was even more sumptuous than expected, and An Xumo learned the true owner of this five-star hotel.

“……there is half of mine?” An Xumo’s surprise was no less than when he saw the May 6th sign during the day. “Why is my share there?”

His previous contract had been in Jin Dian, his earnings can be counted on one’s hands. Even if he had later signed in Mojia to earn money, the time isn’t right.

“It’s the shares that Fourth Uncle left with you at the beginning.” Zhou Jinchen said, “Xiao Mo, do you remember that birthday banquet?”

Old Zhou’s birthday banquet, An Xumo was called back. The Zhou family originally wanted him to sign on the spot but he ended up being sent away early by Xin Zimai.

Zhou Jinchen blocked it for him at that time but it was impossible to directly oppose the Zhou family. Later, Xin Zimai approached An Xumo and still made him sign the equity waiver.

An Xumo didn’t care about this kind of thing. After signing it, he left the matter behind. This was not his in the first place, and even if he did get his hands on it, the misfortune incurred would definitely be much more than the benefits.

“The shares left by Fourth Uncle were relatively independent and were later taken over by me, and exchanged with cash.” Zhou Jinchen explained without reservations, “Money was urgently needed in the establishment of Yuan Dian in the beginning; this fund played a big role.”

“Based on the amount at that time, you were one of the largest asset holders of Yuan Dian.”

So now, not only Bulgaria’s Rose Manor, but even Mojia Media has quite a few shares that belong to An Xumo.

“But……” An Xumo was a little hesitant, “Those things weren’t originally mine either. I’m also not involved in the company’s operation or anything…… brother was the one who was busy.”

“I think,” the boy paused, “……I don’t deserve it.”

Zhou Jinchen was also silent for a while.

“Besides that, there are other reasons,” he looked at An Xumo.

“I want you to have something better.”

The man frowned slightly, “Maybe I’m not very good at expressing it but Xiao Mo, I think it’s the same idea as to when you said you wanted to give me roses during the day.”

In his eyes, these priceless things were no more valuable than the one his younger brother cut and gave him.

Zhou Jinchen asked in a low voice, “Then, are you willing to accept it?”

An Xumo replied.

“I am willing.”


Dinner lasted for more than an hour. Afterwards, the two took a walk around the manor, and by the time they returned to the twenty-seventh floor, it was already past ten o’clock.

“When are we going back?” An Xumo asked.

“Tomorrow night’s flight,” Zhou Jinchen said, “you haven’t been jet-lagged before. Let’s rest for a day before we leave. There’s no rush.”

He took An Xumo to take a bath. The two chose a spacious and gorgeous bath. The natural hot spring water brought in the effect of relieving fatigue. The self-produced rose essential oil was also dripped into the pool water, emitting a lingering fragrance.

Zhou Jinchen was hesitant to share a bath with his brother. This move was a bit dangerous, especially for An Xumo who had been working for a long time and was in need of rest.

But An Xumo who was sitting at the edge of the pool and carefully dipping his feet into the water turned around and called out to him.

“Brother, aren’t you coming?”

After he asked, he realized something, his pale side face burned with awareness.

“I didn’t mean that……”

Zhou Jinchen had already walked over.

He stood at the edge of the pool, looking down at the sitting An Xumo, whose calves had been submerged in the water and his fair complexion becomes more and more moisturized in the water.

Flower Field Motor Tour Program is closed.

The author has something to say:

The Hollywood part is very tricky, I don’t know enough about it to know how to do it. I may need to study it again but I’m not sure if I can really research anything, then I’ll write about it when the time comes.

If it’s too bad and outrageous, it may be better not to write it. So whether the face slapping part will be written in detail depends on my state. I will work hard. If it really doesn’t work, I will make another plan……

By the way, I’ll advertise a new novel again. I’ll write a good outline and update it regularly. After being busy for a while, ask for a new novel collection and author collection~ APP and wap, click on the author’s column and you can see it!

After Marriage, I’m Finally Full

Yun Zixiu is good at everything, clever and honest, letting anyone slaughter him,[1]eing taken advantage of; being trampled ona flower vase.[2]a person who is pretty but otherwise useless

There is just one thing: Eating too much.

After the family finished calculating his parents’ inheritance, they packed him up and married him off to the Han family’s Young Master Han who was gloomy, crippled his wife and relatives,[3]克妻克亲 note sure but I found that it’s about people having bad marriage which reflected in the unharmonious married life and poor relationship between husband and wife. Even if the husband … Continue readingand who was bound to die in three years.

When the others saw Young Master Han, they couldn’t wait to walk around. Only Yun Zixiu whose eyes lit up the first time he saw Young Master Han.

This man has the smell of his favorite food!

Yun Zixiu, who has been hungry for more than 300 hundred years, was finally able to eat. For the sake of long-term sustainability, he decided to help the other party live longer.

As a result, he helped but found out that the other person seemed to have lived longer than him.

Yun Zixiu: ……I’m full, I don’t want it!

Han Yi: Be good, eat more.

In fact, the cutie shou who is very talented and full of food and everything is deeply attacked by X. Pretending to be a pig and eating a tiger by 6 deep gong. First marriage and then, love which is refreshing and invigorating.

A story of a man who originally wanted to be fed but was completely eaten dry.

T/N: This story isn’t yet picked up by any translators, and I don’t have plans to take it either~I wasn’t planning on adding it along with the author’s note but I ended up doing it so I’ll just put it here too lol.


1 eing taken advantage of; being trampled on
2 a person who is pretty but otherwise useless
3 克妻克亲 note sure but I found that it’s about people having bad marriage which reflected in the unharmonious married life and poor relationship between husband and wife. Even if the husband and wife’s relationship is good, it’s easy to bring various disasters to the spouse after marriage. Link

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