Male God is Chasing My Brother Chapter 116.2

Chapter 116.2 – Extra: Coming Out (End)
You can do whatever you want

A low voice rang from his ears; An Xumo looked up and was kissed lightly on his wet eyes.

“Good boy.”

The boy blinked his eyes.

He remembered something he had mentioned when he had dinner with Yin Hanxing a few years ago.

Back then, Yin Yuan was sent by Yin Hanyue to the sanatorium where his biological mother lived. There were a few reasons why Yin Yuan ended up in this situation, as suggested by Zhou Jinchen.

Yin Hanxing said that the only time Yin Hanyue and Zhou Jinchen had a private conversation was how to deal with this situation. 

At that time, the focus of the conversation was that Yin Hanyue hadn’t spent much time alone with Zhou Jinchen but now, An Xumo suddenly remembered this conversation.

Since my brother said that it would be unlikely to be bothered again……
It’s probably true.

When An Xumo thought about it, a hand suddenly appeared in front of him.

The hand touched the side of his face and then carefully touched the corner of his eye.

An Xumo wanted to laugh a little.

He tilted his head and pressed his side face into the palm of his hand.

The hand did not move.

The reassuring temperature passed through.

It took a long time before a low mellow voice sounded.

“How about going to California tomorrow? The flowers in the Carlsbad Flower Field are blooming, and they are quite beautiful.”

Hearing the words flower field, An Xumo subconsciously asked, “To commemorate it?”

Only after he finished did he remember that it was now March, far too early for the once-a-year May.

But before An Xumo took it back, the man already answered him.


After a pause, Zhou Jinchen added, “Only a part of it.”

The Carlsbad Flower Field which covers an area of fifty acres is a very famous attraction, and it’s impossible for the government to agree to an entirely private takeover.

The first year was the Rose Valley in Bulgaria, the second year was the Tulip Fields in the Netherlands, the third year was the sea of rapeseed flowers under the Qilian Mountains, and the fourth year was the Sunflower Garden in India……

The fifth year hadn’t arrived yet and his brother was already taking him to Carlsbad.

He thought seriously about a question.

— Are there any well-known flower fields where my brother hasn’t bought a place to live?

As time goes by, there are always flowers in full bloom.

It was not until May of the sixth year that An Xumo who could only find time to rest between filming every year really had a long vacation.

At noon on a weekend in late February, Mojia Media’s official Weibo account suddenly posted a Weibo with only one username.

After seven years of debut and nearly four years after his retirement, Zhou Jinchen’s popularity can’t be compared with that of his peak, he still made it into the top three of Weibo’s hot search list within two minutes, with an exploding character[1]The exploding/boom character on the side of the hot search means that it’s more attractive than hot. It is when Weibo users search too much and follow this topic a certain number of times, Weibo … Continue readingadded after the keyword.

He actually opened a Weibo account.

The number of followers of user Zhou Jinchen was skyrocketing at a speed visible to the naked eye. Five minutes later, Weibo officially crowned this account with an Orange V,[2]Orange V is a personal identification like celebrities and Golden V is only awarded to the most popular accounts on Weibo.and then directly witnessed the process of the account rising from Orange V to Golden V.

This Weibo which had no single content posted surged to nearly one million followers within an hour.

Seven hours later, at around 7 pm, Zhou Jinchen, an account with nearly four million followers, changed his avatar.

The avatar is a peeled candy, snow-white, milk candy.

When the keyword ‘milk candy avatar’ also climbed onto the hot search tail, @Zhou Jinchen added his first following.

After refreshing, the first reaction of people who saw the new following was to guess that it was Mojia Media.

But after clicking on it, they realized it wasn’t.

It’s @An Xumo momo

At 7:30 in the evening, Zhou Jinchen’s Weibo finally released its first content while fans and passers-by were confused and wondering.[3]meant to let one’s imagination run wild

The content is a short video. According to the time, it should be taken exactly these days during the Chinese New Year.

Clicking on the short video, the person who appeared on the screen is Zhou Jinchen, wearing a turtleneck sweater, and rolling up his sleeves to reveal his wrists.

As a star who hadn’t had any edited photos or still photos out for nearly four years, his appearance is no less than when he won the four major covers before.

Time and career failed to snatch away the light from Zhou Jinchen but instead, it sharpened a deeper charm for him.

The handsome and upright man in casual clothes stood in the kitchen, serving up two plates of dumplings.

The dumplings which are crystal-clear, full and round, are steaming with heat, a hand reached over and took a plate of dumplings.

Before the video was finished, many people have remembered the video released by Zhou Jinchen’s official Weibo studio account a few years ago.

In it is also Zhou Jinchen serving dumplings and there is also a person who took the plate away.

This is an old video? But it doesn’t look like him ah?

The video went on soon.

As soon as the screen changed, two plates of dumplings with attractive aroma occupied all the space.

Then in the background was Zhou Jinchen’s voice.

“Happy New Year.”

Then there was another younger male voice.

“Happy New Year~”

Then the video ended.

The screen went black and jumped to the next recommended video.

But no one cared what the next video is about.

Everyone just wanted to know who the last voice was??

In fact, there is no need to bother with this question anymore.

In addition to the short video, the Weibo post also sent an emoji.

It’s a house symbol with the name [home] that comes with Weibo.

When people exit after watching the video, they found the emoji along with the name behind it that was @-ed.

@An Xumo momo.

Zhou Jinchen’s account did not close comments, and after a while, several posts that first occupied the comments “liked Zhou Jinchen for more than five years, praise me” and “Zhou Jinchen’s girlfriend, praise me” were suppressed by other expressions of shock.

The comments vary but they all mean the same thing.

??? What the? Is this a New Year’s greeting ma? Why does it look like you’re coming out of the closet?

Soon someone posted a link to the New Year’s video from a few years ago in the comments.

Those who clicked it will know that the hand that picks up the plate in the two videos belongs to the same person.

During the Chinese New Year holiday, Weibo has the busiest time when the traffic of people is too large coupled with the reading peak at 8 pm; the number of views of the short video directly broke through all records.

Just when everyone was still skeptical about the content of this Weibo post, An Xumo, who hadn’t posted a Weibo post for more than three months, forwarded the video content.

The caption he paired with it was, Happy New Year [Home Work Blessings]

This night was destined to be a day for all media to work overtime.

The next morning, the number of views on the video posted by Zhou Jinchen had already exceeded 20 million, and some finally contacted Mojia Media’s publicity department.

They confirmed the news.

Our boss did announce his relationship, the video is real, and so is the video from a few years ago.

Regardless of how the fans of the two reacted, the largest number of onlookers has expressed their supporting astonished mood of eating melons.

Zhou Jinchen has been quiet for nearly four years but his company has invested in a lot of Damai[4]Damai or is an entertainment ticketing platform and “comprehensive entertainment brand” in China, with 39 branches around China and based in Beijing. [Link]movies one after another and has also worked with Hollywood to sweep away the decline of the previous bad film cooperation between China and the United States, and reaping both box office and public praise at home and abroad.

Needless to say, An Xumo’s performance of 《Yin Yang Well》 let him take the first film emperor nomination, and the following year, he gained a real film emperor, and the release of 《The Guardian》, also made him famous overseas. To this day, his awards, box office, fashion, variety, and other kinds of resources have surpassed Zhou Jichen at the peak of that year.

If not for the recent interview, An Xumo who has always expressed that he wants to take a break, I’m afraid he would become an excellent standard model for ‘the most wanted star’.

It’s strange that the masses aren’t surprised when the two people announced their relationship.

In addition to whether or not support the usual verbal battles between same-sex couples, their identities are also really sensitive. Although An Xumo has no new films to be released in the near future and shows that he needs to take some time off, the impact of the announcement of the relationship is still not to be underestimated.

The slaughtering pages of the major domestic platforms have become difficult to control. Just when An Xumo’s fans almost got into a fight with Zhou Jinchen’s old fans, the news that the two men went to the Civil Affairs Bureau to get their certificates on the first day of work after the New Year was reported by the paparazzi on guard.

Not waiting for the media and the melon-eaters to finish digesting the news, the parties involved have already flown to the Netherlands for their honeymoon.

The flower field in the sixth year is the sea of daisies in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

At the beginning of March is the day when the daisies open. After living by the flower field for half a month, Zhou Jinchen posted a new Weibo post with a photo.

In the photo, the daisies blooming all over the mountains are pure and beautiful. An Xumo wearing a wide-brimmed straw hat looked back. The sun shines in his eyes and shoulders, making him look like he was gifted with a pair of white wings by the light. 

The only noisy fans who have been tired for a long time of quarreling were stuffed with a mouthful of sugar by the owners.

And the ChenMo CP fans who have been building up momentum for five years have gone to the streets to set off firecrackers.

Five years later, @An Xumo who had been silent for a long time, also sent a statement.

He said, the first thing, he has been going on for a long time and wants to rest for a while.

Second, the rest may be extended because of the honeymoon.

Third, thanking the fans for their love.

The old CP fans who are used to picking sugar have found out the press conference statement made by Zhou Jinchen when he announced his retirement.

As a result, the more you look at this sugar, the more frightened you are.

……An Xumo isn’t going to quit the entertainment industry, right?

“Who knows.”

When asked about this question, An Xumo was eating waffles covered with maple syrup.

“Maybe, I want to be a math teacher in the future.”

Seeing the man who asked the question looking over, An Xumo coughed lightly, “Just kidding.”

He took a big bite of the fluffy, sweet waffle, shook his legs and the satisfying sweetness spread across his taste buds.

“We’ll see when we’re well-rested.”

As a result, as soon as he finished solving the dessert in his hand when he took a sideways glance at the computer screen of the man beside him, he froze.

“No, no…no. I’m really joking; you need to stop looking up how to purchase a private high school!”

Zhou Jinchen’s voice is faint but carries the reassurance that people would believe enough to be 100%.

“You can do whatever you want.”

An Xumo shook his legs again.

He looked sideways and there was a bright and dazzling light in his beautiful eyes.


The boy pursed his lips and spoke softly.

His words were sweeter than the maple syrup that was just overflowed with fragrance.

“I want to kiss you.”


The author has something to say:

Thank you for all your support, for all your criticisms and corrections, for your patience and tolerance.

It’s over! Thank you, everyone -3-

This book has a lot of shortcomings and deficiencies but I also received a lot of encouragement. I will continue to work hard, I will learn to write a new rhythmic outline, will update on time.

I also wish you all the best in running into your favorite novels, smooth academic studies, good luck with your work, and good health~ 

Looking forward to seeing you again 030


Additional info: As mentioned earlier, the exploding/boom character on the side of the hot search means that it’s more attractive than hot. It is when Weibo users search too much and follow this topic a certain number of times, Weibo hot spots will become explosive points. In other words, the number of people following this topic has reached an unprecedented peak. Something like this: (which is the yellow one)

*pink one is for new, blue for advertising(?), orange for something hot/boiling. I’m not too familiar with Weibo, correct me if I’m wrong, please. Thanks. This was a screenshot I took lol. I hope it’s not blurred (and i hope I took the right screenshot).

Aaaaand, that’s the end of Male God is Chasing my Brother! I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did! Thank you again, everyone! 💜If you’re interested in my other translation, you can check out “He Woke Up and Became The Actor’s Cat”. This is a fluffy novel with a few misunderstandings here and there but isn’t too heavy or overboard, it’s mostly funny and heart fluttering too~

Jie Jie(1/17/22): This novel was previously in my Wattpad(some chapters) and in Otakutl(the rest of the chapters), in case anyone is surprised who am I mentioning(those who helped clear the translations).


1 The exploding/boom character on the side of the hot search means that it’s more attractive than hot. It is when Weibo users search too much and follow this topic a certain number of times, Weibo hot spots will become explosive points. In other words, the number of people following this topic has reached an unprecedented peak.
2 Orange V is a personal identification like celebrities and Golden V is only awarded to the most popular accounts on Weibo.
3 meant to let one’s imagination run wild
4 Damai or is an entertainment ticketing platform and “comprehensive entertainment brand” in China, with 39 branches around China and based in Beijing. [Link]

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