Male God is Chasing My Brother Chapter 14

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A little note, the novel title could have been [Male Gods are Chasing My Brother] as there are multiple male gods chasing gege.

DISCLAIMER: We don’t own any of the stories published. We don’t know any Chinese language and this is our first time MTL-ing a novel, expect inaccuracies in the translations.


Translated by: jiejie (update: I changed my name to make it more convenient, will change the other chapters as soon as I have more time so I just went and changed this chapter.)

Editor: Qiaone

Chapter 14 – Sudden Concern

As soon as the door was opened, the sound from the outside came in clearly. The program covered all the rooms in this area. There were no outsiders on the corridor, so the people didn’t attract any onlookers.

Listening to the movement outside the door, An Xumo who was standing inside the room couldn’t help but feel a little nervous. If the people outside came into the room now, they will see him standing in the room at a glance. At a time like this, coupled with An Xumo’s embarrassing temporary identity,[1]Fixed. Thank you scaranpannoir for the help!he really didn’t want to cause more trouble to Zhou Jinchen.

Fortunately, the three people at the door had just arrived at the hotel from the airport. They just stopped by to greet Zhou Jinchen, who had not changed yet, so they didn’t bother him too much. An Xumo heard the voice of an older person saying, “Be careful. Zhiwei hasn’t arrived yet; we have to wait for him for a while. About half an hour or so, the program team will be meeting in the conference room downstairs so you should remember to come over later.”

The Zhiwei that Yang Xiangyan is referring to is the big-name guest of 《Sunny Weekend》, Zhang Zhiwei. The film emperor who made his debut a long time ago. Before the start of the first season, the main point of view was exactly him and his partner, Yan Xiangyan. This information has been prepared in advance by An Xumo so it was still considered understood by now.

Zhou Jinchen replied with a low voice, “Okay. Thank you, Teacher Yan.”

Han Ming’s voice sounded afterwards and inadvertently said, “There is another one who hasn’t arrived, right? The new guest mentioned by the program team before, we haven’t seen him yet.”

Yan Xiangyan said, “The program team has notified his agent, so we would be able to see him later.”

Yi Tianming smiled. “Hey, I know Brother Wei just came from the studio, but this one will not come later than Brother Wei. It seems that he is also a busy man.”

When he spoke, he was still smiling in a brisk tone, but the meaning in his words wasn’t quite right. He compared an artist who hasn’t yet made his debut with a real Film Emperor. The meaning of the praise wasn’t recognized much, but the meaning of being shameless was obvious.

Yan Xiangyan is a well-known host who has worked for many years. In addition to his eloquence, he is best known for his commendable EQ. No matter whether he is a newcomer or not, he treats them equally. Even if he really doesn’t like anyone, he will never show it in front of outsiders. Naturally, Yi Tianming’s words weren’t just for Yan Xiangyan, his intention was more obvious than Han Ming who pretended to mention it accidentally. He just wanted to discredit the airborne that came out of nowhere in front of Zhou Jinchen.

Yi Tianming has been in the entertainment industry for a long time so he naturally knows how to fight for favors and suppress his colleagues. After the failure of his idol route, he began to develop the image of a funny artist, and ‘speaking honestly and straightforwardly’ also coincides with his personality. He didn’t feel anything wrong in saying such things.

However, things were indeed wrong. Even though An Xumo couldn’t see what was happening at the door, he sensed the sudden silence not far away. After an almost awkward silence, Yi Tianming’s voice rang awkwardly, “That, Brother Chen, we’ll leave first ah. No, we won’t trouble you.”

“Brother Chen… see you later.” Han Ming’s voice was obviously different from when he had just greeted him, but before An Xumo could listen carefully, a deep ‘Goodbye, Teacher Yan’ was heard before the door was closed.

The man in a bathrobe came in and pulled out his clothes with a straight face. An Xumo was frightened by his imposing manner before saying, “I’m sorry… Brother, this time, participating in Sunny Weekend has caused you trouble.”

Zhou Jinchen took his clothes in his hand and straightened up to look at him. It wasn’t until An Xumo was somewhat embarrassed that Zhou Jinchen said, “Perform well, don’t waste this opportunity.”

An Xumo nodded quickly, “Mm!”

Zhou Jinchen dug out a casual T-shirt and a pair of slim pants. “This time, I used Jin Dian’s resources to add people. If someone asks, ignore it and don’t mention me.”

An Xumo knew that Zhou Jinchen didn’t like his private life to be probed so he didn’t think too much about it, “Okay.”

“Don’t clash with Han Ming, he is also using the resources of Jin Dian.” Zhou Jinchen looked straight at him with some dim and imperceptible coldness on his face, “Han Ming’s person in charge is his aunt.”

An Xumo answered again, but he didn’t quite understand the emotions behind Zhou Jinchen’s words. Zhou Jinchen also noticed his confusion and it was unlikely that he would understand it if he brought up the company’s top management competition to an artist who had not made a debut.

Forget it, Zhou Jinchen waved his hand to the person, “Remember not to provoke him. Follow me closely and pay attention to the camera.”

After An Xumo nodded, Zhou Jinchen said, “Go out. Go downstairs for a meeting in half an hour.”

An Xumo hesitated. Zhou Jinchen who had already lifted his hand and removed his bathrobe belt looked up at him. The firm and flexible muscles in his chest and abdomen were looming. An Xumo hurriedly look away and said, “After a while, can I come and join with brother?”

The room was quiet for a moment, and An Xumo who couldn’t see the other party’s expression quietly bit the tip of his tongue, but soon Zhou Jinchen’s voice rang out.

“Can.” Zhou Jinchen’s voice was still light, “Just call me like everyone else in front of the camera.”

An Xumo nodded earnestly, “I’ll remember it!”

When he came out, there was no one else in the corridor. An Xumo went back to his room and made a phone call to Tang Tang. The other party instructed him again about everything and it seemed that she wasn’t at ease with An Xumo who is on a variety show for the first time. After hanging up, An Xumo changed into a more formal clothes and went downstairs to the conference room with Zhou Jinchen.

When they entered, the other four had already arrived. Seeing that the door was pushed open, the line of sight of the four people immediately focused on them.

The person who went in first was Zhou Jinchen, who nodded and greeted them. The two big names sitting on the left didn’t have a special reaction but Yi Tianming and Han Ming took the initiative to greet him, yet they couldn’t hide their surprise.

They didn’t expect that the mysterious airborne would really show up to the end. This kind of thing is a big taboo in the circle; making a group of seniors wait for him alone. This airborne can no longer be described as ‘ignorant’ but simply wanton.

However, when Zhou Jinchen took two steps forward, the figure behind him was revealed.

An Xumo’s appearance is as outstanding as his brother and despite being slightly inferior in height, his body proportions were equally excellent. However, in front of many seniors, it’s not a good thing to be in the limelight. An Xumo puts himself in the position of a newcomer with a very humble expression and demeanor.

And when the four people in the room saw his face clearly, their reactions were very different.

Yi Tianming’s face was obviously indifferent. Like Han Ming, An Xumo had followed the idol route that Yi Tianming had failed, coupled with An Xumo’s airborne identity, he almost laughed coldly in front of everyone. Han Ming, who was sitting next to him was obviously surprised when he saw An Xumo, but he quickly reined in his expression leaving only a thoughtful appearance. Yan Xiangyan who was sitting across from the two still had no special reaction. The newcomer’s identity made no difference to him. As a well-known host who is used to big scenes, he has been remarkably successful in managing his expressions.

There were six seats at the long table. On one side, Yi Tianming and Han Ming, Yan Xiangyan and Zhang Zhiwei sat together while the remaining two seats are facing each other. Logically, An Xumo, a newcomer, should sit on the junior’s side—that is, next to Yi Tianming.

Zhou Jinchen in front of him stepped aside and An Xumo bowed towards the crowd. He behaved well and he didn’t look as formal or stiff and dull as a newcomer. “Hello,[2]formal/courteous greetingseniors. I am An Xumo.”

He looked up. Yan Xiangyan smiled and nodded towards him, while Yi Tianming glanced at him. The only one who knew him tried to get up and greet him, but Han Ming was only halfway there when Zhang Zhiwei who sat across from him, suddenly pushed his chair and walked over quickly.

“Xiao[3]used to address young people as a way to show affection and kinshipMo!”

Everyone in the room was shocked, even Yan Xiangyan who had known Zhang Zhiwei for many years did not react. This Film Emperor who is not yet forty years old isn’t a good person, and it was reasonable to say that he wouldn’t show such an enthusiastic reaction to a newcomer who had just entered the entertainment world.[4]*Fixed. Thank you scaranpannoir for the help again! \(≧▽≦)/

Zhou Jinchen frowned slightly but the Film Emperor didn’t even notice his expression as he brushed past him, walking directly towards An Xumo.

An Xumo was also stunned. He only knew Zhang Zhiwei from the reports because acting wasn’t part of his course and his knowledge of Zhang Zhiwei is only limited to the other party’s title of Film Emperor. But now, the other party grabbed his shoulder and let go as if he didn’t know what to do. It took a while for his emotions to calm down. “Xiao Mo, come, sit next to me. When did you arrive?”

An Xumo was half led and half pulled by him to the seat next to Yan Xiangyan. Zhang Zhiwei also directly reached out and drove Yan Xiangyan to the innermost seat, where he and An Xumo sat together, causing Yan Xiangyan to stare at this old friend with curiosity.

As a result, the seat that originally belonged to Zhou Jinchen was taken by An Xumo. Zhou Jinchen didn’t say anything and took a glance at Zhang Zhiwei before walking over to the only remaining empty seat. Yet it was Han Ming, who seemed to have some desire to trade places with Yi Tianming, but he looked at Zhou Jinchen and finally didn’t say anything.

An Xumo who was sitting across from Zhou Jinchen was the one who was the most uninformed. He was asked several questions by Zhang Zhiwei about his own recent situation, but after answering each and every one of them, An Xumo was still very convinced—he really didn’t know Zhang Zhiwei before.

Yi Tianming on the side was a little restless and tried to ask, “Brother Zhiwei, you and this… Xumo, you knew each other before?”

He originally thought that An Xumo had been stuffed in by an investor and also listened to a lot of lace scraps from the bosses, but who would’ve thought that at this moment, it looked like the other party had climbed into Zhang Zhiwei’s relationship.

When Zhang Zhiwei finally took his eyes off An Xumo for a moment, he smiled and said, “Yeah, I’ve known Xiao Mo’s mom for a long time.”

The author has something to say:

The reason why Zhang Zhiwei recognized Xiao Mo will be explained later.

Some readers say it’s a bit confusing with so many people. To explain, there are six people in the recording issue of 《Sunny Weekend》 and there are four other people besides An Xumo and Zhou Jinchen. Ranked by age:

① The veteran host, Yan Xiangyan, who is surnamed Yan Tong “Yan” is a host who speaks a lot.

② The actor Zhang Zhiwei, a big shot, is the (2nd) golden finger of An Xumo.

③ Yi Tianming, a funny variety artist.

④ Han Ming, a vocalist, and a dancing idol; An Xumo’s senior.

Everything about the entertainment industry in this article is compiled by the author, and there is no archetype wasted logic. Please forgive mua! – 3-

Jie Jie: If there are any typos, kindly comment on them! (*’▽’*)

This is our first time doing this and you will clearly see our inexperience. But, bear with us~ We really want to go on with this story~ Ty!


1 Fixed. Thank you scaranpannoir for the help!
2 formal/courteous greeting
3 used to address young people as a way to show affection and kinship
4 *Fixed. Thank you scaranpannoir for the help again! \(≧▽≦)/

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