Male God is Chasing My Brother Chapter 26.2

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Translated by: Jie Jie

Editor: Qiaone

Chapter 26.2 – Milky voice, Milky An Xiao Mo[1]RAW: 奶声奶气安小莫。Not really sure if it was MTL-ed correctly (。•́︿•̀。)7

The live feed swept across the audience, and many famous faces were captured by the camera. The crew of 《The Scarecrow》 was also among them. Zhou Jinchen was sitting in the middle of the group, with the director of 《The Scarecrow》 on one side of him, and Lin Rui, the actor who worked with him on the film, on the other side.

Since the ceremony began, 《The Scarecrow》 had been the first to take home two awards for Best Art Design and Best Editing. The film has no female lead and the awards focus on the finale for the Best Actor and Best Film.

The director of 《The Scarecrow》 Ma Zechi, was also shortlisted for Best Director but did not end up winning the major award announced in the middle of the ceremony. He himself is not very old, not even forty years old. People know him in the industry as a Clever Ma, referring to his talent for filming.

Ma Zechi was somewhat frustrated when he failed to win the prize this time. However, there are still two major awards to be announced. After being comforted by Zhou Jinchen and Lin Rui, he quickly regained his composure.

There are nearly twenty Wutong Awards in total, with each winner giving a speech, and midway through the ceremony, there are inserts of the memories and commemorative segment, and it was on until ten o’clock at night. An Xumo returned from his shower just in time for the preview of Best Actor. He was sitting on the couch looking at the screen, his eyes dimmed slightly.

Due to working overtime, Tang Tang also hasn’t left yet. Although she’s already busy, she plans to leave after the awards are announced. After all, it’s such a grand award. Witnessing the birth of the award is also a very ceremonial thing.

The passage of time was stretched out together in different people’s senses. An Xumo bit his fingers as he watched the light flicker until the screen began to flash across the selected films. He sat up straight and slightly widened his eyes.

Tang Tang on the side was looking forward to it, but looking at An Xumo’s expression, she felt as if she had completely calmed down. The amount of tension in this room was used up by An Xumo all by himself.

The host on the stage got the envelope containing the winner’s name. The guest who was invited to read the results received it and unfolded it, taking out the inscription card from the inside.

All eyes were focused on the guest’s face. He gave a slight, knowing smile before turning his attention back on the camera, leaning close to the microphone and reading the winner’s name out loud. “Forty-third Wutong Award winner of Best Male Actor is ——”


“The lead actor in 《The Scarecrow》 ——”

Only after hearing the first two words clearly, An Xumo stood up from the sofa. He got up a bit sharply, startling Tang Tang who was concentrating on the side listening to the results. She then heard Zhou Jinchen’s name, so she naturally understood An Xumo’s excitement.

“Wow, Brother Zhou is really awesome, this is well deserved! Jin Dian had added a new film emperor, and the leader of this generation is probably about to sit….”

Tang Tang took it excitedly, but she didn’t hear An Xumo’s voice. When she turned her head to look, she found that the other party was already standing in front of the sofa, staring at Zhou Jinchen who was being chased by the camera on the screen.

If Tang Tang were to describe An Xumo’s expression, her first impression would be一一the little white cat that saw dried fish one by one.

However, apart from the excitement, there seem to be some accidents. Tang Tang tilted her head to look at An Xumo’s face, “Xiao Mo…….Did you bite the corner of your mouth? It’s bleeding, hey.”

An Xumo was staring at the screen intently. He didn’t care much when he heard Tang Tang’s words, wiping it at the back of his hand. Tang Tang had no choice but to bring a piece of unopened wet wipes from the desk to remove it, “Come and wipe. It’s not bad for these eyes….is the wound severe?

An Xumo took the wet wipes and pressed it on the corner of his mouth, vaguely thanking Tang Tang. When he heard Tang Tang’s question, he knew it should obviously be painful, but his smile curved his eyes, “It’s fine, it doesn’t matter.”

After he said that, he looked at the TV again and the smile at the corner of his eyes simply couldn’t be hidden. Tang Tang was both distressed and amused: “Biting it and still laughing. Are you so happy?”

She actually didn’t need to ask, even a blind man could feel the answer from An Xumo ——starting from the trainee or even a little earlier from the time they met at school back then, this was the happiest An Xumo, Tang Tang had seen in such a long time.

Tang Tang had always felt that An Xumo’s emotions were a bit too weak. Despite being consistently sincere and sweet to those around him, he was like a beautiful porcelain villain. He looked extraordinarily decent on the outside but was actually cold from head to toe.

Even when it came to matters concerning An Xumo himself, he always looked calm and stable. Even when it came to paying attention to Zhou Jinchen, he was always restrained, watching him quietly from behind.

It was only at this time that Tang Tang felt the real and vivid emotions that belonged to An Xumo.

In the camera, the handsome and impeccable new actor has just finished his acceptance speech. Holding a crystal trophy in the shape of a sycamore leaf in his hand, and gently drops a kiss on the tip of the leaf.

An Xumo watched the screen without looking away. The warmth in his chest overflowing a little, gradually wrapping his body.

He now finally has a little sense of reality.

To be in the same industry as his brother, being able to follow the other person, seeing hope, and even trying a little bit harder, it was possible to reach out and run into each other.

An Xumo took out his personal mobile phone and found the familiar number. He hesitated for a moment and typed two words[2]two words in the raws, one word in the message box.


It must have been the busiest time on Zhou Jinchen’s side, and An Xumo didn’t think he would get a reply to his congratulations. After winning the film emperor, his brother’s path would definitely get further and further, and he himself would bring forth new goals and pressure.

Tang Tang was considering whether to wait or not for the last award to be presented when An Xumo, who had finished texting, suddenly turned around and asked her, “Do I have an acting class tomorrow?”

Tang Tang was stunned, “Yes, what’s wrong?”

“It’s nothing.” An Xumo shooked his head and turned his attention back to the screen, “I want to practice a little more.”

Tang Tang looked at the screen that had moved on to the next award, “You’ve already done well, Xiao Mo. Plus, you don’t have to put too much pressure on yourself with the precious opportunity that Teacher Zhang Zhiwei has given you.”

An Xumo paused and said, “I’m worried that there’s a chance that I might not be chosen at the audition.”

Tang Tang has another idea, “The great director that Teacher Zhang is talking about, I’ve gotten to know him and he has his own ideas when it comes to casting. Not even the producers can be able to directly influence his thoughts. Since he agreed to your audition, it means you meet his requirements. We’ll step up our preparations in the next few days. I think that there’s still quite a bit of hope.”

As they spoke, the last prize of the Wutong Awards had already been announced. Surprisingly, several of the top candidates had fallen short and it was a small, unknown film that took the final prize.

《The Scarecrow》 didn’t win Best Director nor Best Film, but this year’s Wutong Awards is unpopular. In contrast to 《The Scarecrow》 which won Best Actor and Best Editing can also be regarded as a winner. In the end, this is a literary film, the box office exceeded expectations, and the film has won quite a few rewards. The cast and crew completely lost their pressure and coaxed Zhou Jinchen, who won the prize, to treat them.

Zhou Jinchen naturally won’t refuse. After the ceremony, the group headed to the nightclub. It was estimated that tonight, they had definitely won a treasure.

Zhou Jinchen wanted to take a group photo, while the others are one step ahead. He and Xin Zimai are left behind. Zhou Jinchen’s phone was now jammed with congratulatory messages from all directions. He picked a few important ones and saw An Xumo’s lone two words in a long, long list of congratulatory messages.

Zhou Jinchen’s fingers clicked and slowly crossed that message.

It wasn’t that he hadn’t locked himself in his heart before, but the only person he had specifically guarded against in the beginning was now the only person he could be sure that he didn’t have any intention to harm him.

Zhou Jinchen looked at the screen that was emitting a fluorescent white light, but before his eyes appeared An Xumo’s look when he was still a kid.

There were always nannies and chefs in the house. Zhou Jinchen also didn’t remember why they have to personally find something to eat for An Xumo. He only remembered the other party’s dark round eyes that looked at him, always squinting into a curved shape when he was full. The soft, waxy voice that called to his brother, smelling more like milk than the premium powder he bought home from abroad.


An Xumo has not changed since then. He still looks at Zhou Jinchen with the same attentive and reverent gaze. He still calls out ‘brother’ in earnest, the milk scent of his voice never melting.

Later, it was Zhou Jinchen who distanced himself from him.

Zhou Jinchen let out a sigh of relief and put the phone back into his pocket. He was about to leave the award ceremony together with Xin Zimai, but his line of sight swept up to the figure who deliberately walked in.

Zhou Jinchen slightly raised his eyes and looked at the other with a sight that was not very warm.

“Brother Chen, congratulations, you got your wish.” The person who approached was none other than Han Ming, who had also come out to the Wutong Awards but he couldn’t get close because Zhou Jinchen was sitting with the crew.

Zhou Jinchen looked at him and only half-heartedly stretched out his hand to slightly shake with someone. Han Ming, however, seemed completely unaware of his indifference. Gu Zi said, “Brother Chen’s big event has achieved results. Shouldn’t we have an explanation from before?”

Zhou Jinchen’s face remained unchanged, his gaze locked onto Han Ming, but his voice was cold and indifferent. He couldn’t hear any emotion, “Indeed, it’s time to make an end to this.”

The smile on Han Ming’s face stiffened slightly, but he quickly adjusted his expression and smiled again, “What does Brother Chen mean by that?” He is a professional vocalist and is familiar with vocalization skills. No matter what words he uttered at this time, his voice still sounded with a clear and pleasant gentleness, “A contract signed in black and white, doesn’t Brother Chen want to recognize it?

The author has something to say:

Okay, it should be obvious by now that Han Ming is going offline, ahem.

Besides, a new male god has come out. xd anyone guess who it is~


1 RAW: 奶声奶气安小莫。Not really sure if it was MTL-ed correctly (。•́︿•̀。)7
2 two words in the raws, one word in English.

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