Male God is Chasing My Brother Chapter 34

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Chapter 34 – The two get along a little sweet

Tang Tang stood three meters away from the hospital bed, rejoicing that she had insisted on coming to a two-person ward with no other patient present. She felt her cold sweat sliding down on the back of her neck into her collar.

“Bro, brother…?”

She even began to think that the empty bed in this two-person wards was most likely for herself.

Tang Tang was five years older than An Xumo, but because he went to school early, the two of them were only two grades apart in middle school at first. They first met at the start of the club activities. Tang Tang has a cheerful personality and a lively mind. Although she was only exchanged at school for a month, she soon made friends quickly. This is Tang Tang’s strength and also her preference. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have come to Jin Dian right after her graduation. Instead of being a star, she wanted to be an agent.

The boy’s height was normal compared to his peers, but his body looked a bit too thin. It was unlikely that there were students in this school who were poor that they couldn’t afford to eat. Only after a long time had passed did she hear some vague rumors about An Xumo.

Although almost the vast majority of people in school knew of An Xumo’s identity, they wouldn’t give the details directly to Tang Tang who had only been an exchange for a month. Tang Tang only knew that An Xumo was the illegitimate son of some big family. She was only an exchange student and didn’t care much about the small groups in school, that’s why Tang Tang reached out and became An Xumo’s first friend.

After Tang Tang finished the exchange and returned to her original school, there was still contact between the two, but they never saw each other again. It wasn’t until half a year after she came to Jin Dian that An Xumo suddenly approached her and said he wanted to sign a contract as a trainee. Thus, the two of them re-established their current relationship.

In consideration of An Xumo’s mood, Tang Tang never asked about his family background. She only reported the extremely strange background information of “no father, no mather, no guardian” to the company, but she actually had some premonition in her heart. Later, when Xin Zimai came forward to give An Xumo the resources of “Sunny Weekend”, Tang Tang felt something was even more wrong. Although An Xumo’s appearance has great potential and his strength was undoubtedly good, he was still a newcomer who hadn’t officially debuted. Such good resources will not fall into his hands.

An Xumo didn’t say it and Tang Tang never questioned it. When she saw An Xumo’s admiration and respect for Zhou Jinchen, Tang Tang didn’t dare describe it. It was only when An Xumo really called out the name “brother” that she was able to confirm the true identity between the two.

This new film emperor, who has been famous for a long time and had an amazing flow is actually her own artist’s……brother.

Tang Tang was not sure why An Xumo had been hiding his identity, but she had learned a little about Zhou Jinchen’s background before. Remembering about the rumor that An Xumo was an illegitimate son of a powerful family, thinking that these two in front were definitely not the relationship of brother and younger brother in an ordinary family.

Their hidden relationship has been revealed by a dazed An Xumo. Tang Tang’s first reaction when she heard the breaking news was by no means excitement. She’s an agent and does not work part-time as a paparazzi. No matter how she thinks about it, it makes people more uneasy.

And looking at Brother Zhou’s attitude towards Xiao Mo before, there’s absolutely no way to describe it as close. Coupled with Zhou Jinchen’s long-standing “famous” difficult to get close….Tang Tang is really worried the other party will just throw his face and leave on the spot.

However, compared to Tang Tang who was so nervous that she was sweating, Zhou Jinchen’s reaction was much calmer.

He was neither disgusted nor impatient as Tang Tang imagined, nor was he nervous and uneasy because of An Xumo’s whispers. Zhou Jinchen stood by the hospital bed and looked down at the boy with half of his face in his hands. His face still had no expression, but he hadn’t taken his right hand back that was being pressed down.

An Xumo was a little feverish, and the hospital had given him an infusion bag. The side of his face that was rested on his hand was soft and hot, like a ball of freshly steamed soft bread that was still continuing to emit a thick, and milky aroma.

Zhou Jinchen glanced down. The boy moved quietly and closed his eyes again after softly murmuring about feeling sick. He should be feeling uncomfortable right now, a mild concussion plus a low-grade fever, and even the wetness oozing out of his eyelashes could be seen. But after pressing the right hand that was outstretched, he spread out his furrowed brow bit by bit under Zhou Jinchen’s gaze.

Zhou Jinchen had done a detailed psychological analysis before when he played 《The Scarecrow》. Lin Mai was insecure due to his parent’s quarrels and neglect since childhood, he had to hug a pillow at night in order to sleep. After that, he worked hard and started a family. His wife was uncomfortable with him tightly hugging a pillow and did not want him to hold a pillow to occupy space. Lin Mai could not adapt to the empty arms. The conflict between the two people was this trivial matter.

An Xumo and Lin Mai were almost nothing alike, but Zhou Jinchen felt that for no reason, his hand seemed to be the pillow An Xumo craved for.

A mild concussion wasn’t severe, but the patient would definitely have a very uncomfortable period after waking up. Rather than letting An Xumo wake up uncomfortable, it was better to let him continue to sleep for a while.

It was only after An Xumo had fallen asleep again that Zhou Jinchen slowly withdrew his right hand. He lightly held An Xumo’s side face, slowly adjusting the person’s position to avoid him pressing on the wound behind his head, and placed the side face back on the pillow. The pillow in the hospital was so thick that half of his face sank when he fell asleep. If it wasn’t for the fever that gave some redness, An Xumo’s face would have been paler than the pillow.

Tang Tang was watching them from the other side of the ward, Zhou Jinchen’s figure blocked An Xumo on the bed. He still had his usual expressionless face, but Tang Tang felt that when Zhou Jinchen moved, the light that was spreading down above his head seemed to have finally worked a little, making this man no longer look like a tall, cold, and hard statue.

At the very least, he wasn’t cold to An Xumo.

After Zhou Jinchen moved away from the bedside, the doctor who made rounds happened to see the room just in time. Tang Tang hurriedly asked Dr. Qing to take a look at An Xumo to see if there is no needle running. He just seemed to hold himself up and lay back down again.

Fortunately, An Xumo’s movement was not too big, and the needle was still in the veins on the back of his hand. The doctor gave a brief check again and advised to keep him warm, not to move around, and so on. And for the rest, just wait for the infusion to finish.

However, when the doctor was about to leave, Zhou Jinchen called out to him at the door.

Zhou Jinchen wanted to ask about An Xumo’s indigestion. It just so happen that the doctor’s office was nearby, and An Xumo was the last ward he had to check. He and Zhou Jinchen went to the office together. Tang Tang originally wanted to stay and take care of An Xumo, but there were some things Zhou Jinchen didn’t understand and needed to ask her. Besides, An Xumo had just fallen asleep, so she turned off the ward’s headlights and followed along.

The doctor pulled out the examination report from the bag and placed it on the table. He motioned Zhou Jinchen and Tang Tang on the chairs by the table before starting to read the report in his hand.

Zhou Jinchen didn’t wear sunglasses anymore, instead, he changed into a pair of black-rimmed glasses as a disguise. However, he looked too imposing that it didn’t look too rigid in his black-rimmed glasses. He was only able to fool people who weren’t familiar with the entertainment industry.

It just so happened that this doctor seemed to fall right into the category of someone unfamiliar with the entertainment industry. He placed the examination report on the table, crossed his fingers under the stethoscope on his chest, and said, “There is a problem with the digestive function of the patient’s intestines and stomach. His absorption capacity is not too good, and he can’t convert the food he eats into energy he needs.”

Tang Tang anxiously said, “Is it because of the stress? Or something else…..”

The doctor shook his head, “No, he should be born with this condition. Not absorbing well and not being able to put on weight.”

This kind of physique sounded tempting. It’s probably the kind that all girls couldn’t help but be moved. However, if it really turned out to be true, it wasn’t necessarily a good thing.

“It’s not just poor absorption, his entire digestive system is fragile and more prone to pathological changes than ordinary people, thus, special attention is needed. On the other hand, because of the limited degree of absorption, the energy supplied to the body is insufficient. The patient’s immune system is also affected.”

“But there is no good way to change his constitution. You can only pay more attention to it at ordinary times. Raw and spicy food should be limited, otherwise, the patient’s stomach will easily have problems.”

Finally, the doctor added, “However, the patient’s concussion was caused by himself. It has nothing to do with digestive problems. You should pay attention and not let him eat spicy food. It should be fine to take a few more days off. We will talk about other conditions.”

After the doctor finished speaking, Zhou Jinchen, who was silent on the side, suddenly spoke up, “If the absorption is not good, will it lead to eating too much?”

“Huh?” The doctor was stunned for a moment then waved his hand, “Indigestion and poor absorption usually go together, but that doesn’t mean the patient will eat more. Because of the failure to digest smoothly, his digestive organs don’t transmit hunger on time. He feels bloated and uncomfortable when he eats too much instead.”

“This is somewhat similar to being sick with no appetite, but to a lesser degree. It is in the case of the body’s need for energy, but this need is not converted into a feeling of hunger. Even if the patient has no energy, he doesn’t want to eat much.”

After the doctor explained, Tang Tang and Zhou Jinchen thought of the same problem at the same time—then why does An Xumo still eat so much?

When it comes to really eating in recent years, Zhou Jinchen actually only ate with An Xumo once when he invited him last time to a buffet. Although there were instances of eating together during the recording of 《Sunny Weekend》, An Xumo’s finger was injured at that time. In addition to Zhang Zhiwei’s cooking, the director team specially prepared another meal for An Xumo to make up a little off-cam. Zhou Jinchen didn’t pay special attention at that time, so he wasn’t clear about how much he really ate.

In the end, it was Tang Tang who inquired, “But Xiao Mo’s usual appetite is quite good……”

The doctor didn’t care too much, “That’s normal. Everyone is different and cannot be generalized. It’s good to be able to eat, just be careful not to eat too much. Otherwise, it will increase the burden on the stomach and intestines. In the end, it will still affect the body.”

Tang Tang simply wanted to cry without tears. The problem is her artist seems to have eaten too much……

Zhou Jinchen on the side said, “A single serving of sour soup and fatty beef, two deep-fried fresh milk, sweet and sour short ribs, a sixteen-inch pizza, plus seafood and soup….is this regarded as eating too much?

The doctor looked over with an odd look on his face as if he were looking at a real patient, “Isn’t that a lot? Who can eat this, Big Stomach King?”[1]大胃王: I looked it up and apparently, big stomach king is a movie. When I searched it also showed up mukbang videos.

Zhou Jinchen looked sideways at Tang Tang, who raised her hand to wipe her forehead and whispered, “This is Xiao Mo, his appetite…..”

The doctor was obviously not quite convinced, “He eats irregularly? Often hungry for a full meal?”

Tang Tang shook his head, “No, basically every meal is almost like these…..”

The doctor couldn’t relate An Xumo’s small body with this appetite. He couldn’t help but hold his glasses and carefully sized up Zhou Jinchen and Tang Tang once more. Finally, his gaze fell on Zhou Jinchen and frowned, “This gentleman, I think you are a bit familiar.”

Zhou Jinchen was neither nervous about being recognized, nor doubted as the doctor changed the subject. He looked towards the doctor and waited for the other to finish the next part of his sentence.

But even Tang Tang, who was mentally prepared, did not expect that the doctor’s words would actually be, “Which live broadcast platform are you a host of?”


Tang Tang: “???”

The doctor seemed to have discovered the truth, “Is this what the patient in sixth bed does? That’s what it is….oh yes, Big Stomach King, does he earn money by eating on live broadcast? He grows thin and eats too much without getting fat. Therefore, eating as much as you can to attract people to come and see?”

“If you don’t have this condition, don’t follow the same path as others. Look at the child lying on the bed, his face is so white and you still let him earn money in this way? His stomach and intestines simply can’t withstand this kind of torment….”

Seeing the expression of the man beside her becoming more and more inscrutable, Tang Tang, who was being scolded together, could only interrupt with a dry smile. “It’s not like that, doctor. We’re not doing a live broadcast.”

In the doctor’s expression full of suspicion, Tang Tang braced herself and explained, “Xiao Mo is a dancer. He usually trains a lot. We are worried that he can’t keep up with the nutrition so we didn’t restrict his diet…..”

“Eh, this, I’m sorry, ah. I recognized the wrong person.” The doctor held his glasses down again, only then did he take his eyes off Zhou Jinchen. He frowned, “But this amount of food….isn’t quite normal either. Does the patient usually have any stomach pains or other reactions?”

Zhou Jinchen also looked over, and Tang Tang felt her cold sweat coming out again. She had just felt in the ward that Zhou Jinchen looked a little more human, but now she can’t wait to pack herself back into the nanny car.[2]I think I also encountered the word nanny car before but I wasn’t able to give an explanation. Basically, it’s a car with more than 7 seats. It also refers to a car that is specially … Continue reading

Ask your eyes![3]RAW: 让你眼睛!I’m really confused with this one. QAQ.

Unspoken criticism aside,[4]腹诽归腹诽: I asked online and they told me that 腹诽 is roughly translated as unspoken criticism. Thus, “unspoken criticism is returned more with unspoken criticism.” Idk if it … Continue reading the question still needs to be answered. Tang Tang wiped her forehead again, “There should be no such thing… Xiao Mo didn’t mention it.”

The doctor frowned again at the examination report on the table, “It may be that he’s usually tired, plus, he’s growing in puberty. That’s why he’s eating more.”

“But he’s still not very settled with this amount of food.” The doctor shook his head, “Not to mention that it’s a natural digestive problem, even an ordinary person’s stomach wouldn’t be able to take it if he ate this way. He’s still young, so he may not see anything, but it’s very likely that it will sow the seeds of illness in the future.”

Zhou Jinchen asked, “Does he need to control his eating?”

The doctor said, “If he has been accustomed to this kind of appetite, and his body has adapted to such a large amount, a drastic reduction could have an adverse reaction. This matter can’t be rushed.”

“However, the patient needs to rest and recuperate this time, he may not eat as much as he used to because of concussion, nausea, and other problems. You can take this opportunity to help him reduce the amount of food he eats step by step.” The doctor said, “There is no need to rush. Just take it slowly. The patient is young now, his body has no major problems. His recovery ability is stronger, just pay more attention.”

Tang Tang was busy nodding her head to take down the doctor’s words. She asked about some taboos and the like, before the two people retired from the office.

It was already late at night. Only the white lights remained in the corridor, and there was no one else passing by. Tang Tang originally thought that the two people were going back to the ward, but Zhou Jinchen pushed the door to take a look inside, making sure An Xumo wasn’t awake and closed the door again.

Tang Tang, who had been shut the door together, suddenly felt that her collar where she had just been drenched in cold sweat felt even colder.

Zhou Jinchen turned to look at Tang Tang. He was nearly one and nine meters tall. She didn’t notice anything on the screen, but she felt absolutely oppressive when facing the real person. Zhou Jinchen asked, “You said before that he was stressed. What’s the matter?”

Tang Tang reacted before remembering what she said to the doctor about stress, “Ah, it’s just that Xiao Mo has been preparing for the film of Ma Lao. Besides ballet training, he’s also taking acting classes. However, his acting classes don’t seem to be going too well. I’ve asked him a few times and he seems to have encountered some obstacles….”

“Hmm.” Zhou Jinchen responded and said, “Does he have any other important activities lately?”

Tang Tang bowed her head and flip through the schedule. Zhou Jinchen reminded, “Attending variety shows or attending parties and such.”

Tang Tang said, “It’s more about attending various events, as well as advertising endorsements….”

Zhou Jinchen said, “Those that aren’t set will be delayed first and those that are will be sent to Xin Zimai for him to solve, and let An Xumo recuperate himself.”

An Xumo doesn’t have the right to refuse at will right now. He doesn’t have enough capital.

Tang Tang nodded in response and hesitantly said, “Then, those classes for ballet and acting……”

“The ballet will be stopped for a few days. He can’t do strenuous activities right now.” Zhou Jinchen paused and said, “As for acting, let him enter the group early.”

Although An Xumo’s character is male four, Ma Lao wants to make a double male lead movie. Other than the main character, the other supporting characters were basically the same. It wouldn’t take too long for them to enter the group. According to the original plan, he would enter the group until half a month after the filming began.

Zhou Jinchen said in a faint voice, “Stay on the set for a few weeks and stop the acting classes for now.”

Tang Tang was stunned at first, then hastily nodded, “Okay!”

An Xumo had other activities to participate in, but honestly, with where he is right now, a hundred activities combined wouldn’t probably be as important as one Ma Lao’s film. Entering the group early was by no means a loss for An Xumo. On the contrary, it was an excellent treatment.

Tang Tang genuinely said, “Thank you, Brother Zhou!”

Zhou Jinchen waved his hand and said, “You go back first.”

Tang Tang was stunned:”…..Ah? “

Zhou Jinchen glance at her, “Go get An Xumo’s clothes. Be careful not to be photographed.”

“Yes, yes,” Tang Tang was now truly convinced that Brother Zhou is a good person. “I’ll go right away!”

But she quickly thought again, “Then, Xiao Mo’s here……”

Tang Tang thought that Zhou Jinchen also had to leave. After all, the other party didn’t seem like a leisurely person. Although An Xumo was busy, his busyness was absolutely nothing compared to Zhou Jinchen’s.

But in this case, no one would have taken care of Xiao Mo by the time she returned.

Tang Tang suggested, “Should I get a nurse first?”

Zhou Jinchen shook his head. “The fewer people know about his illness, the better. Bring the clothes and go back to rest after the infusion.”

After all, An Xumo had recently been considered a regular on all major pages. Even though it was now late at night, it was still necessary to be vigilant.

Tang Tang also reacted, she was distress. However, she heard Zhou Jinchen say, “I’ll watch here for a while. Go back quickly.”


The author has something to say:

The next thing to write is the brother and Xiao Mo’s time alone + the making of the movie!


1 大胃王: I looked it up and apparently, big stomach king is a movie. When I searched it also showed up mukbang videos.
2 I think I also encountered the word nanny car before but I wasn’t able to give an explanation. Basically, it’s a car with more than 7 seats. It also refers to a car that is specially designed for the bosses to cook, makeup, and style, because the car can be like a nanny. Stars provide daily activities, so they are called nanny cars.
3 RAW: 让你眼睛!I’m really confused with this one. QAQ.
4 腹诽归腹诽: I asked online and they told me that 腹诽 is roughly translated as unspoken criticism. Thus, “unspoken criticism is returned more with unspoken criticism.” Idk if it was right to shorten it, but yeah. Here’s also another meaning to it: Having slander in the heart refers to dissatisfaction in the heart, but does not say it when there are opinions, but only mutters in the heart. I hope you get the gist of it QAQ. I apologize.

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