Male God is Chasing My Brother Chapter 36

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Translated by: Jie Jie

This chapter was a bit dizzying to translate. I apologize in advance for any errors and confusing parts (ಥ﹏ಥ)



Chapter 36 – Caught eating at the scene[1]RAW: 偷吃现场被捕捉。WELP. Not sure.

An Xumo’s injury is nothing serious, but because of the frequent nausea and dizziness, he still needs to take his time to heal. Fortunately, there are no extra activities these days, and it’s rare for An Xumo to have free time to take a break.

Rest and recuperate, but the preparation that needs to be done cannot be left behind. For his role as a ballet dancer, An Xumo has been doing dance training and body control for quite some time. Even though he was recovering from an injury, he couldn’t give up on these things.

Tang Tang asked for a new recipe from the company’s nutritionist to help An Xumo, who couldn’t do strenuous exercise, to keep his body in shape. Because of what the doctor said about An Xumo’s poor absorption, Tang Tang no longer worried about her artist gaining weight and he had to take his time to control his appetite. As for now, An Xumo is still living a good life with enough to eat and drink.

After returning from the hospital, An Xumo’s daily schedule is limited to three things: yoga, food, and movies.

The person in charge of yoga training is also a teacher of Jin Dian. She looks at least thirty years old, and her temperament is very gentle, and she looks at these young artists as if she’s looking at her own junior. Because of his young age, good attitude, and strong flexibility, An Xumo is particularly liked by the yoga teacher, who would often let the boy try new moves to help him continue to improve his flexibility. It was that the moves were too difficult which made An Xumo respect her and want to avoid her. If it weren’t for the injury at the back of his head, he wouldn’t have been able to be relaxed as he is now.

With yoga to keep his body in shape, An Xumo is not restricted in eating. However, to Tang Tang’s surprise, after coming back from the hospital, An Xumo’s appetite decreased significantly. Although each meal still needs to be prepared according to the nutritionist’s recommended package of two to three servings but compared to the horrible amount of food before, Tang Tang has begun to chase An Xumo every day to ask if he has eaten enough.

Tang Tang thought it was the aftermath of a mild concussion that had affected the boy’s appetite. But An Xumo himself knew that this was not the cause of the illness.

When he was sick in the past, An Xumo was not taken care of. The patient’s emotions are also very vulnerable. On a few occasions when he recuperated, An Xumo had eaten more than usual. But this time it was different. This time he was sick……An Xumo dreamt of his brother.

A very satisfying dream, enough to fill the hunger for a good period of time.

As for the rest of the movie watching, An Xumo also slowly adjusted his attitude. After taking the pressure off his shoulders for a short period of time, this kind of watching and learning gradually made new progress. Later on, An Xumo even sent a WeChat message to his acting teacher, trying to ask him what he had learned over the past few days.

Although An Xumo’s performance in the acting class was not very good, the teacher could feel his serious attitude. No teacher would dislike a student who is serious and diligent, and the acting teacher was quick to reply, giving An Xumo instructions and explanations by voice.

The peaceful life slipped by like running water. Half a month later, the new film, 《Different Roads》 directed by the famous domestic director Ma Mingcheng was officially launched. After he singlehandedly cultivated five film emperors, he was originally a gold-lettered signboard.[2]金字招牌: a good analogy of reputation. When the two lead actors of the film were announced, it set off a heated discussion inside and outside the entertainment circle.

For no other reason, Ma Lao chose a movie that uses a rare double male lead theme. The two leading actors are none other than Zhou Jinchen and Lin Rui, who had just became acquainted with 《The Scarecrow》.

As soon as the official news came out, the movie, which has yet to start shooting, immediately appeared on the hot topic list.

Who are Zhou Jinchen and Lin Rui? One is the new movie star at the Wutong Awards and the other is the best male lead at the White Birch Awards, which alone can carry the male lead. As a result, at this time, they are actually together in the same movie! If the previous discussion of 《The Scarecrow》 is more related to each of them individually, then this 《Different Roads》 share of the two film emperors has become the biggest attraction. This is a double film emperor package, one movie ticket is worth two movie tickets.

What’s more interesting is that the director of 《The Scarecrow》, Ma Zechi is the son of the great director Ma Mingcheng, who is said to have recommended the two lead actors to his father. Although these tidbits[3]花边信息: it’s actually lace information which generally refers to news that seduces reader’s curiosity. It can also be called ‘entertainment news’ or ‘gossip … Continue reading of information have nothing to do with the movie itself, there will be heat if there’s a topic. These interesting details have increased people’s expectations for the film 《Different Roads》.

Unlike the first announcement of the two protagonists, the official Weibo of the film’s 《Different Roads》 started with the supporting characters when it released make-up photos and official posters. The addition of several veteran actors and actresses will give passersby a better impression of the film. The Royal Guards,[4]Jinchen’s fandom name in case you forgot~ who have been waiting for the main character to show up for a long time have also left comments on the official Weibo post.

Different Roads Movie V: If you go on different roads, who will go back with you? Countdown to the tenth day of production of the movie 《Different Roads》. Uncle Qian @ActorQianLingyuan_ single poster released! 【Celebration】 【Cheers】 【Looking forward】 【Picture Link】

In the comments:

Mr. Zhou’s Bowl: #Different Roads Movie #10 days countdown to the start of the production of 《Different Roads》. Looking forward to Uncle Qian’s role, wishing the new film a big fire[5]big hit 【Heart】

I’m Eating Less and Watch You Clean The Bowl: Wow, Uncle Qian is actually there. I’m looking forward to the movie even more! Hurry up and start filming! 【Looking forward】 【Looking forward】 【Looking forward】

Did You Peel The Shrimp Today: Ah ah ah ah ah can’t wait! Cheers to Uncle Qian! Add fire to the movie! Call Mr. Protagonist who hasn’t shown up yet! #Different Roads Movie# #Different Roads Zhou Jinchen

Zhou Jinchen’s fans have always been well-organized. Even if they leave comments for movies starring Zhou Jinchen, they also know how to keep balance and will not steal the limelight of the supporting actors. There is a big fan control field, and the comments are harmonious. Although the comment users are wearing a portrait of Zhou Jinchen, at a glance, they are also cheering for the actors posted in the posters.

The main person hasn’t shown up yet, and the fans are already helping him with all kinds of movie-related data.

The other actor, Lin Rui, is a little less attractive than Zhou Jinchen, who is a natural beauty. However, if you look at the entertainment industry, there are also a few male artists who can compete with Zhou Jinchen head-on with their looks. Bringing out Lin Rui alone, in fact, he also has a gentle and charming appearance. He was only one year older than Zhou Jinchen when he was a film emperor. Over the years, he has accumulated a number of long-term fans and the favor of many passersby.

Although the double male lead is always inevitable from the controversy that the two leads are compared, the uniqueness of the movie 《Different Roads》 is that its biggest signature is Ma Mingcheng, rather than the invited big-named actors. In this way, it is unlikely that the two leads will be singled out to carry the box office. Both Zhou Jinchen and Lin Rui’s fans willingly took a back seat, hoping that their own male idol will have a good performance in the film and deal well with Ma Lao outside of the film.

And although Lin Rui looks good, he has always followed an orthodox actor route, and he is different from Zhou Jinchen in terms of the direction of development. The two do not have a problem with being compared directly. Coupled with their previous collaboration in 《The Scarecrow》, in the midst of the fierce rivalry for the title, Zhou Jinchen and Lin Rui’s fans actually formed a kind of short-term peace.

A week after the Royal Guards added comments to the content of the official Weibo of 《Different Roads》, the third day before the opening ceremony, the data skyrocketed in a new Weibo posted by @Different Roads Movie. Only two hours after the Weibo was released, the average number of comments on the official Weibo exceeded 10,000 and the number of likes soared to 40,000 because of the announcement—that the newest actor is An Xumo, who is only seventeen years old.

The casting of the new film by Ma Mingcheng has always been followed by many media before. However, Ma Mingcheng has always had his own ideas, and with his current status, there are very few factors that can really threaten him anymore. According to Ma Mingcheng’s own personality, no one would be surprised if he changes the lead role a week before the filming started—because Ma Mingcheng has done it before, and he even single-handedly trained the temporary newcomer to win the Best Newcomer Award at the two major film festivals.

The media has also learned to remember that when Ma Mingcheng is directing a movie, it is enough to stir up some irrelevant information, but it’s better not to touch the important actors. Otherwise, the official news will be released at the end of the film and they will be slapped on the face one by one.

This time, not only An Xumo’s fans were surprised by his new movie, but also the media didn’t get any news about it. In fact, even if the news did come out, most of the media are unlikely to report it—Ma Mingcheng is a tough master to persuade. Who would have thought that he would use a young idol with no acting experience in his new movie?

Although An Xumo’s role is not the main character, the official release of 《Different Roads》 is obviously in order of the number of roles, and both male protagonists are still waiting for the finale. The role of An Xumo was only released on the third day of the last day. In any case, the supporting role will definitely be a part of the main line, and this role will be given to a young idol who only knows how to dance…..

The majority of the media are not very optimistic about An Xumo.

Unlike the media who were worried beforehand, the fans of An Xumo received a real surprise. Their own idol unexpectedly quietly got a big director resource. Although the identity and the role of the character are still unknown, the name “Ma Mingcheng” is an absolute guarantee.

This kind of surprise is like watching their kitten suddenly bring back a big whale, made An Xumo’s fans go into the early Chinese New Year Eve’s mode of beating the drums and gong. The related content is full of mother fans and cloud raising Mo, who are happy to draw a lucky draw and took the opportunity to sell him. There are also two well-edited gifs sent out by the big fans, which were directly transferred out of the circle, and together with today’s publicity, they gave An Xumo a new wave of fans.

The promotion of the movie is going steadily and the official team knows how to keep people in suspense. At 12 o’clock at noon on the last countdown day, the official Weibo released two single posters with completely different background colors on time. The half-body photos of Zhou Jinchen and Li Rui standing symmetrically, one with a frosty face and the other with a gentle smile. The direct and sharp contrast was shocking. In less than an hour, the number of reposts on the official Weibo exceeded 30,000.

In the series of single posters released by the official 《Different Roads》, each person’s upper left and lower right corners are respectively printed with four words as a border. The upper left is “Different Roads” and the lower right is “who will go back with you.” Interestingly, in the last two posters of the main actor, Lin Rui, who is in the second position, has printed these two words on the upper right and lower right respectively. In this way, when the official website released the posters, the half-body photos of Zhou Jinchen and Lin Rui became two axisymmetric posters.

After all the single posters were released, at 6 pm on the same day, @Movie Different Roads also released a movie promotional poster. In the poster, a double exposure photo shows the side faces of the two main characters in a side profile. Not to mention the consistent genius and creativity of Ma Mingcheng’s co-poster designer, Lin Huangjun, even an ordinary person who knows nothing about the aesthetic rules of graphic design can see the bond between the two main characters at a glance.

In order to balance the Weibo posted at noon, the new content sent out at 6 pm in the evening, the official blog featured Lin Rui first. Moreover, in the posters, Lin Rui’s face is on the upper left, and Zhou Jinchen’s side face is on the lower right. In this way, the official directly revealed the meaning of not tearing up the position. Some who attempted to provoke the two main character’s fans failed to find the official’s mistakes and after a while, they were directly suppressed.

When the countdown was over, it was time for the movie to start. At the Songguo Film and Television base, not far from S City, the 《Different Roads》 crew set up a simple scene in the shooting area. Ma Mingcheng brought the main cast and crew to participate in the opening ceremony. In the cool autumn breeze, witnessed by more than a dozen media, Ma Mingcheng, the two lead actors, and the producer slowly cut the piece of pork head meat wrapped in a large red silk flower.

The movie 《Different Roads》 was officially launched.

On the day of the opening ceremony, An Xumo was also on the scene. However, Tang Tang told him to keep a low profile as much as possible, so as to not be caught by the media taking the opportunity to stir up topics and make Ma Lao unhappy. An Xumo stood quietly at the back of the crowd, reducing his presence the whole time. This is his strong point so that when the report finally came out, almost none of the dozen or so media outlets were able to get a good shot of his face.

Regardless of the outside concern, this was An Xumo’s first experience in filmmaking. Moreover, he stayed with the crew for the longest time except for the two lead actors. An Xumo began following the camera and watch it on the scene since the first day of shooting.

《Different Roads》 is a commercial film. The main story is about two boys who grew up together and eventually became bitter enemies. The main age group to be filmed is between sixteen and forty-five years old. Although the film will not be shot in a strict chronological order, on the first day of filming, the two lead actors were indeed dressed as teenagers.

Fortunately, Zhou Jinchen said that he is only twenty-two years old this year. On the other hand, Lin Rui’s make-up artist had to put in a lot of work. But the end result looked good, paired with Lin Rui’s own acting skills, the two protagonists standing on the set really turned into teenage boys.

An Xumo stood outside of the camera and watched, but he felt that he couldn’t get back to his senses.

Standing in front of the camera, Zhou Jinchen…..looks too much like his own memories. It was as if the seventeen years old brother was standing in front of him again.

The morning was just a trial show and no formal shooting started. The recorded video tapes will only be made into scrap film, not cut into the main film. The two lead actors are both movie stars. After two scenes, even the spare tape prepared for the NG was not used. Ma Lao, who had always been picky, didn’t say anything and released them on time.

The atmosphere on the set was peaceful, but An Xumo was a little annoyed with himself for not concentrating. He felt that he needed to work harder to learn emotional control, or else he would be affected by the time he had spent with Zhou Jinchen.

An Xumo really didn’t want to leave any bad impression on his brother. And he had promised long ago that he would try his best.

Even though that was in a dream, An Xumo didn’t want to break his promise to his brother.

During the lunch break, the crew started distributing lunch boxes. Worrying that her artist would not have enough to eat, Tang Tang also prepared another lunch for An Xumo. However, the crew still has to receive the lunch box. She has already greeted Sister Liu, and the crew has prepared one for An Xumo in advance. Otherwise, if he refuses to eat a small lunch box on the set where Ma Lao eats with him, An Xumo would have made headlines the next day.

After receiving the warm lunch box from the crew, An Xumo thanked them softly before turning back to the chair in the corner of the set. Tang Tang, wrapped in a large windbreaker, was standing there with a serious face. When she saw An Xumo approaching, Tang Tang slowly moved over and quietly took out an opaque lunch box from the inside of her slightly overstuffed coat.

The studio does not prepare meals for supporting actor’s agents and assistants, so Tang Tang can eat what she brings with her, but her purpose was clearly not to eat by herself. After sitting next to An Xumo at a small round table, Tang Tang began to observe the surrounding situation. When An Xumo opened the lunch box and took a bite of the beans, Tang Tang quickly and neatly put a chopstick filled with five or six thinly sliced beef into An Xumo’s lunch box.


An Xumo was a little dumbfounded, but he also understood the truth of people have many mouths to feed[6]人多嘴杂: too many people complicate matters; Secrecy is difficult if too many people share it. ((idiom] and with his idol status, it was inevitable that he would attract controversy. Tang Tang was also thinking of him, she was cautious to the point of being a little suspicious.

“Tang Tang, you eat too.” An Xumo said.

“Okay.” Tang Tang nodded in a very obvious perfunctory manner, then took out another lunch box from the inner pocket of her windbreaker and continued to give An Xumo tender fish fillets in the lunch box when no one was looking.

They can eat at any time. Besides, these chopsticks are for An Xumo, it won’t be good if they touch them.

An Xumo touched his nose, he had no way to persuade the other party, and he could only bury his head in the food, leaving Tang Tang time to eat.

However, when Tang Tang went to get the beef slice for the second time, she suddenly paused midair.

An Xumo hurriedly picked up the sliced beef to keep it from falling. He looked up afterward only to find a slender, tall man was already standing beside him.

The set was built for the shoot covered a wide area, and outside the studio was a crisp, sunny autumn day. The autumn sunlight fell on the open space of the set, and the clear light cast a light edge over the visitor’s body.

Accordingly, the blocked sunlight also puts the man’s front face in a deep shadow.

Zhou Jinchen stood in the dark, looking down at An Xumo who is holding a lunch box in his hand. The boy was holding a lunch box with a layer of something that was not part of the regular lunch box. The standard set meal had already been covered by a large piece of thin and shiny freshly sliced beef and on top of the large beef was a round golden fried egg.

Zhou Jinchen took a look at the fried egg, the stunned An Xumo also followed the man’s gaze and looked over and saw that there was a small arc shape gap on the side of the full and attractive fried egg.

The fried egg was tender and delicious, and it was sweet inside. The gap was exactly the part that An Xumo just bit down on, and even his teeth marks were clearly exposed.


1 RAW: 偷吃现场被捕捉。WELP. Not sure.
2 金字招牌: a good analogy of reputation.
3 花边信息: it’s actually lace information which generally refers to news that seduces reader’s curiosity. It can also be called ‘entertainment news’ or ‘gossip news’ though. I also saw that it also means ‘tidbits’ and I think it suits in this context? If not, let me know~
4 Jinchen’s fandom name in case you forgot~
5 big hit
6 人多嘴杂: too many people complicate matters; Secrecy is difficult if too many people share it. ((idiom]

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