Male God is Chasing My Brother Chapter 39

Chapter 39 – Lin Rui confessed to me

In the evening, most of the crew stayed in the same hotel, and so did An Xumo. However, because he joined the crew earlier, his room was booked by Tang Tang. He didn’t bother the crew to arrange it.

Although it would have made sense to buy a room with the crew, An Xumo is a newcomer after all. Tang Tang thought it would be better to be cautious.

She hurriedly ran to prepare supper for An Xumo. On the way back, her phone ran out of battery, thus, she didn’t receive a call from An Xumo. After arriving at the hotel and asked her assistant Xiao Zhang, who was waiting for the crew, to help deliver two lunch boxes to the hotel. Tang Tang received An Xumo’s response from Xiao Zhang.

An Xumo said he’s full and not hungry.


Tang Tang looked at Xiao Zhang suspiciously, repeatedly sizing him up many times. After looking at everyone, she said in disbelief, “Is this really what Xiao Mo said?”

If it weren’t for the fact that it was so late, she would have wanted to go up by herself.

Xiao Zhang nodded vigorously and swore that he hadn’t misstated a single word.

Tang Tang was baffled.

She looked up in the direction of An Xumo’s room. The light in that room was on, but the curtains were drawn. She couldn’t see what was going on inside.

Tang Tang turned back to Xiao Zhang and asked uneasily, “Did he do anything special?”

“Special? ” Xiao Zhang wondered, “What do you mean by special?”

“He’s in a bad mood, toothache, or something. He’s not dizzy anymore, right? ” Tang Tang couldn’t help but start to wonder if the last major concussion hadn’t fully healed yet. Otherwise, why wouldn’t he be able to eat?

Xiao Zhang shook his head honestly, “None of them.”

Could it be that he ate too much at night? Wouldn’t that mean that everyone at the table knows how much he eats? The more Tang Tang thought about it, the more wrong it was. She even had a feeling that tomorrow, there would be a news story about a young idol who gave up on himself and took out his stress by overeating.

She was so worried that she simply stretched out her hand toward Xiao Zhang, “Lend me your phone, I’ll give him a call and ask.”

Xiao Zhang lowered his head to take the phone while saying, “But Xiao An may not be able to answer the phone. When I first came out, someone in his room went in.”

Tang Tang took the phone curiously and asked, “Who?”

Xiao Zhang said, “He’s an actor from the crew. He seems to be the protagonist. His name is……right, Zhou Jinchen.”

Tang Tang almost threw out Xiao Zhang’s phone.

“Why didn’t you say it earlier?!” If it wasn’t for her surroundings, Tang Tang would almost shout out. When she was looking for an assistant, she specifically said that she wanted honest outsiders. Anyway, just to help run errands, while she has to deal with other things. Being tight-lipped was the most important thing. As a result, Tang Tang did not expect that the other party could be so honest to the point of being slow.[1]迟钝: slow in one’s reactions; sluggish [in movement or thought]

Xiao Zhang shrank his neck, a little hesitant, “No one asked me.”

Tang Tang couldn’t be bothered with him, “What does Brother Zhou want with Xiao Mo?”

Xiao Zhang shook his head, “I don’t know. After he came in, Xiao An said he didn’t need supper and asked me to bring it back. Then, Brother Zhou looked at me and made my back feel chilly, so I quickly came out.”

After hearing this, Tang Tang also felt her back getting cold. She remembered the time when Zhou Jinchen looked at her.

But when she thought about it, she felt that it was not right. Obviously, at noon, Brother Zhou even covered Xiao Mo’s food. Why did Xiao Mo dare not to eat at night when he saw him?

Tang Tang counted a lot, but she never thought that An Xumo was really full.

When Xiao Zhang knocked on the door, An Xumo was reading the script. He had already memorized Bai Qingchi’s lines, even the lines of the characters he was playing against. But thinking and doing are two different things, he still needs to work hard.

This time when An Xumo read the script, he didn’t look at his own part, but the scenes that were shot on the set during the day. As he read the script of those scenes, he recalled the performance of the actors, and slowly transformed the thin words on the paper into a three-dimensional interpretation of the scene in his mind.

As soon as An Xumo finished looking at the classroom scene between Zhou Jinchen and Lin Rui, Xiao Zhang knocked on the door and entered. When he saw him, An Xumo knew that Tang Tang had arranged it, but he did have enough to eat in the evening. He planned to let Xiao Zhang take the things back.

Anyway, Tang Tang told him before that there was a special food expense in the money he earned. As long as he worked well, he didn’t need to worry about the food. Thus, An Xumo didn’t worry about how the supper would cost.

But An Xumo didn’t expect that before Xiao Zhang left, there was a knock on the door again.

Since it wasn’t the crew’s uniform arrangement, and the room was scarce, An Xumo was separated from most of the people’s rooms by a long hallway. Although it was on the same floor as most of the actors, it was a bit far away.

An Xumo was wondering who would come looking for him, but Xiao Zhang had already helped open the door. As soon as the person came in, An Xumo, who was holding a lunch box in his hand, was stunned.

When Zhou Jinchen came in from the door, he first looked at Xiao Zhang, who opened the door and then turned his attention to An Xumo, who was standing still in the room and saw the lunch box in the boy’s hand. Zhou Jinchen’s expression moved slightly, then quickly regained his composure.

His voice was faint and he couldn’t hear the emotions, “Didn’t have enough tonight?”

It’s not that An Xumo wasn’t full, he felt like he was going to eat a year’s worth of candy in one day. Braised prime rib, fatty beef in sour soup, caviar sushi, creamy muffins, and chocolate lava marshmallows.

High-calorie, high-sugar, warm and satisfying food, the ultimate happiness.

An Xumo hurriedly shook his head, “No, no, I’m full. This is the supper prepared by Tang Tang.”

“I tried to tell her during dinner that she didn’t have to……but she didn’t seem to be looking at her phone.”

Xiao Zhang on the other side added, “Tang Tang’s phone battery is dead.”

An Xumo returned the lunch box to Xiao Zhang, “Take it back and share it with Tang Tang and Brother Zhang. It’s hard to run back and forth at night.”

The driver Tang Tang found was also named Zhang. Xiao Zhang took the lunch box and soon left with his things.

An Xumo sent Xiao Zhang out and closed the door, only to be reminded of the nervousness afterward.

They were the only two people left in the room. The light on the roof was comfy, giving a warm glow to the pure white bed covers.

The man stood under the light. His pure black hair was lined with warm golden light, and his hair still had the hair wax used for styling during the day, but the edges were inexplicably illuminated by the light into a slightly fluffy look.

Zhou Jinchen looked at him, his voice was the usual deep and mellow, “Are you really full?”

An Xumo nodded, “Really.”

He looked back at the door behind him, making sure he had closed it before turning back and whispering, “Thank you brother for the dinner.”

Zhou Jinchen didn’t express his gratitude, but only said, “Since when have you been eating like this?”

An Xumo stiffened a bit and quickly said, “Probably after being a trainee.”

He added a very detailed and convincing reason, “The amount of training is relatively large, it’s easy to get hungry.”

As expected, Zhou Jinchen didn’t ask anymore. He looked at the table and turned, walking over.

An Xumo gently exhaled, relaxing his shoulders and neck. Only then did a slight soreness and warmth come over him.

He had lied.

It wasn’t from the trainee period, it was much earlier.

It was the housekeeper who forgot that he couldn’t eat at the table. The little boy was so hungry that he could not sleep. He snuck out in the middle of the night, but because he accidentally knocked off the porcelain, he was punished by not being allowed to eat for a day.

It was the collective ridicule by his classmates. The temperature and emotions were cold.[2]气温和情绪都是天寒地冰: this was really hard to phrase. Only when there is steaming lunch to eat, he can pretend that everyone around him was not watching.

It was the furious Zhou Yunlin who kicked him out, he had just peeked through the door, and the skinny brother was sleeping quietly in his bed, the rice porridge he had been fed was flowing out.

The only good thing was being able to eat.

It was only when the sound of turning pages came that An Xumo looked over a few beats late.

Zhou Jinchen was sitting on the sofa, flipping through a script he had just read.

The script was in a plastic folder, with a well-protected outer layer, but the inside was slightly yellowed. Some of the pages were a little soft and brittle, almost curling at the edges.

Although it had obviously been turned over many times, the script did not have many annotations. There was only an average of less than three words on each page, all of which were simple keywords. But in addition to the script, there was another A4-sized binder on the table. It was a printed transcript of An Xumo’s conversation with his acting teacher, telling his confusions after reading the script. After discussing with him, he sorted out and printed the chat records.

The script can’t be passed on, and An Xumo only asked questions that did not involve specific plots. Many of the questions might even seem naive to a veteran actor, but for An Xumo, they were knowledge worth documenting.

Zhou Jinchen remained silent. He read An Xumo’s script once and went to the bound book. There are many annotations on the A4 book, some of which have been revised repeatedly. Although An Xumo’s writing is beautiful, at first glance, the whole page seems a little messy.

After going through all of these, Zhou Jinchen put down the things in his hands and looked at An Xumo, who was standing beside him.

“Is acting stressful?”

“A little.”

An Xumo’s mood gradually eased, and there was nothing unusual on the outside. But he eagerly wanted to talk to his brother, just a few words to make sure that the other person was fine and that he was no longer in a nightmare.

Seeing that the man had no intention to speak anymore, An Xumo took the initiative to ask, “Brother Jinchen, did you come to see me for something?”

Zhou Jinchen looked at him and was about to open his mouth when the phone in his pocket rang.

An Xumo saw him narrow his expression and look at the phone screen that was taken out.

For some reason, Zhou Jinchen didn’t pick up the phone directly, but the ringing sounded a bit harsh in the quiet room.

An Xumo’s emotions had calmed down and he began to feel curious. He waited for Zhou Jinchen to pick up the phone or hang up, but the man suddenly turned his attention to him and said, “I’ll help you read the script.”

An Xumo was stunned and he saw Zhou Jinchen, who had said this, raise his hand to slide open the screen. The ringing stopped, the phone was connected, and a slightly distorted male voice came out, “Hello, Jinchen. Where are you?”

The background noise on the phone was slightly noisy, and it didn’t sound like there was only one person there. An Xumo reacted for a moment before remembering who this voice was.

Zhou Jinchen raised the phone, “What’s wrong?”

As soon as the man put the phone to his ear, An Xumo could not hear what was being said. He had no intention of eavesdropping, so he bent down and carefully picked up the two pamphlets in front of Zhou Jinchen. On the table, there were also carbon pens scattered around. An Xumo put the cap on the end of the blue pen, and the two books were stacked close together.

Things were neatly arranged and he also sat upright at the table with his pen in hand, looking like a student in the class.

Zhou Jinchen said a few more words before ending the call.

However, before hanging up, he gave An Xumo’s room number.

Seeing the man put down the phone, An Xumo asked, “Is there anyone else coming over?”

Zhou Jinchen said, “Lin Rui.”

Naturally, An Xumo wouldn’t think that Film Emperor Lin was looking for him, but he couldn’t quite understand why both actors came to his room tonight, “Brother Lin Rui, is he coming over for something?”

Zhou Jinchen said directly, “I don’t know.”

The room suddenly became quiet.

But the silence was much colder than the atmosphere when Zhou Jinchen was reading the script.

An Xumo rubbed the barrel of the pencil with his fingers. He could not open his mouth, he could only use this small action to ease his tension.

The man’s gaze seemed to fall over, and his heavy stare was substantial. After a while, An Xumo heard Zhou Jinchen say, “Bring the script.”

An Xumo put down the pen and reached out to pass the script. Zhou Jinchen took the script and suddenly said again, “After acting in 《The Scarecrow》, Lin Rui confessed to me.”

The uncovered blue pen rolled down to the floor with a soft “pop.”

An Xumo bent down to pick it up. The action gave him an opportunity to hide his expression. But as soon as he picked up the blue pen, Zhou Jinchen said something else.

“I turned him down.”

An Xumo looked up and saw the man sitting on the soft sofa, but there was no trace of laziness around him. His face was still expressionless, which was in stark contrast to the vivid and three-dimensional new movie star who could grasp all kinds of emotions in the camera.

Lin Rui likes…

This matter between the two of them……why did my brother tell it himself?

An Xumo could neither digest the news of Lin Rui’s confession, nor could he figure out why Zhou Jinchen would suddenly mention this to him.

If it weren’t for the fierce heart beating in his chest, An Xumo would even think he was dreaming, which was really unreasonable. In one day, he had seen Zhou Jinchen for more than ten hours. The barrier that existed between the two of them seemed to have been knocked open, and he was sure that the gap was not from his side.

An Xumo felt that his emotional load was a little too heavy for a moment.

He opened his mouth and was about to say something, but there was a knock on the door for the third time.


The author has something to say:

Xiao Mo upgraded to acting, while his brother deals with emotional problems.


1 迟钝: slow in one’s reactions; sluggish [in movement or thought]
2 气温和情绪都是天寒地冰: this was really hard to phrase.

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