Male God is Chasing My Brother Chapter 40

Chapter 40 – Minors are not allowed to drink

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His brother has always been very popular, and An Xumo had known this for a long time.

Zhou Jinchen has been good looking since he was a child, and has a strong learning ability. He can always complete all the tasks assigned to him satisfactorily. In addition to satisfying his parents and elders, he can also give his peers a strong sense of security. With his excellent personal qualifications and the Zhou family background, no matter where he went, Zhou Jinchen was always welcomed by everyone.

What’s more worth mentioning is that no matter how many awards he receives, Zhou Jinchen was never arrogant, which led many people to conclude that when he was young “this son will become a great person.”[1]此子可成大器: The original meaning of this word is to be able to become a person with high talents and the ability to do big business in the future.Later on, when he entered the entertainment industry, this quality became even more valuable. After becoming an overnight sensation based on his looks, Zhou Jinchen honed his acting skills. In the entertainment industry, where the overall situation is more impetuous, he walked on the most stable route.

However, these are only appearances from an outsider’s perspective.

In An Xumo’s opinion, his brother is not the kind of person who is “indifferent to fame and fortune” as people praised him. If he is such a person, he probably wouldn’t appear in the entertainment industry. Zhou Jinchen really doesn’t care about other people’s opinions of him, and the chasing and obsession of other people don’t have much magic power for him.

An Xumo also has a bit of this tendency, but his reason is more about focusing on his brother. Nonetheless, for Zhou Jinchen, An Xumo could not even find such a target.

Frankly speaking, in the beginning, An Xumo didn’t understand that his brother would enter the entertainment industry. After a serious illness at the age of twelve, Zhou Jinchen’s character became more and more lonely and cold. An Xumo had not even seen his smile again a few times.

It wasn’t until later when An Xumo saw his brother’s smile and vivid emotions again on that screen, that he slowly placed his doubts. Even if he didn’t understand the actual operation, An Xumo had heard some vague news about the Zhou family using Zhou Jinchen’s identity to conduct various capital operations in the film and television industry. As a result, it allowed the Zhou family’s main business to gain a lot of benefits.

After all, Zhou Jinchen is considered as one of the Zhou family’s heirs.

It’s just that as they spent the last half-year together, An Xumo became more and more certain of one thing— if the fans still like and support him, then those feelings from people around him have become a burden to Zhou Jinchen.

Han Ming is an example, and for Lin Rui, even if An Xumo still didn’t know why his brother said this to him, he is certain that Zhou Jinchen’s tone was never meant to show off.

As the knocking continued outside the room, An Xumo looked back at Zhou Jinchen. When the man had said nothing, he got up and opened the door.

The man standing outside was indeed Lin Rui with two cans of beer in his hands. Lin Rui greeted An Xumo with a smile, “Xiao An, good evening.”

An Xumo replied with “Brother Rui” and stepped aside to let the man in. Lin Rui walked in the room with beers in his hands and immediately saw Zhou Jinchen sitting on the sofa.

Lin Rui tossed a can towards Zhou Jinchen, who caught it with his hand. Lin Rui said, “They were just playing games. This is part of the prize, and I smuggled it out.”

Zhou Jinchen put the can on the table, “They’re fighting with drinks?[2]他们在拼酒: It’s to fight with others to see who drinks a lot and is not drunk.We still have to shoot tomorrow.”

Lin Rui laughed, “No, it’s just for playing cards. In Ma’s book,[3]Edited. Thank you for the help in the comments, chuchu! it’s one beer per person. I thought we can’t afford to waste it.”

His attitude is always familiar and his expression looked very natural.

Even though An Xumo was sure that Zhou Jinchen would not joke with him, looking at Lin Rui like this made him wonder—it seems like Lin Rui did not look like Zhou Jinchen rejected his confession at all.

An Xumo subconsciously looked at Zhou Jinchen again. The man’s expression was already clearly different from the coldness just now. He looked……An Xumo thought to himself, “My brother looks like he entered in a state of acting.”

It’s just like the Zhou Jinchen who was always perfect in front of the camera during the recording of《Sunny Weekend》.

Lin Rui walked over and sat on the single sofa next to Zhou Jinchen. There were only three seats in the room, and An Xumo sat right across from Zhou Jinchen. Lin Rui took out another can of beer from his jacket’s pocket and handed it to An Xumo, “Here, this is Xiao An’s share.”

An Xumo had never drank before, but he was not in a position to refuse a senior directly, so he reached out and took it.

Lin Rui asked, “Does Xiao An drink?”

An Xumo honestly shook his head, “I’ve never tried it before.”

Lin Rui was about to continue but Zhou Jinchen on the side looked up at An Xumo and said, “You’re underage, don’t touch it.”

Lin Rui was stunned, then laughed, “Look at me, I forgot all about this. Is Xiao An only seventeen years old?”

An Xumo placed the can on the table and nodded his head.

“It’s nice to be young,” Lin Rui smiled and shook his head. He looked at Zhou Jinchen, “It seems that Jinchen and Xiao An have a good relationship.”

This time Zhou Jinchen did not use the variety excuse again and said, “Xiao Mo is young, take care of him a little more.”

Lin Rui opened the ring of the can with his finger. There was a soft “peng” and the sound was amplified in the somewhat quiet room. Lin Rui took a sip of his beer and asked in a natural tone, “Did Jinchen came here today to check on Xiao An’s condition?”

Zhou Jinchen said, “It’s his first time acting, I came over to help with the script.”

They asked and answered each other, leaving no room for An Xumo to speak. He just held the blue pen in his hand and listened quietly. After the two of them chatted for a few sentences, they started a new topic, but after a short time, Zhou Jinchen received another call.

The phone call was from Xin Zimai. Zhou Jinchen motioned to the two of them and got up to answer it to the sink.

After the bathroom door was closed, Zhou Jinchen’s voice could still be faintly heard in the room, but the specific content could not be heard clearly. An Xumo and Lin Rui were the only two people left in the room, and Lin Rui continued to drink his beer. An Xumo was about to take the script on the table. Unexpectedly, Lin Rui glanced at the script but he suddenly smiled, “Xiao An, are you and Jinchen going smoothly with the script?

They haven’t checked the script yet, so how could it go smoothly? In addition, the male four, Bai Qingchi, and the main character, Ling Sihang, did not have much interaction. An Xumo went through the script only to find three scenes in which they appeared together.

An Xumo thought about it and tried to be as natural as possible, “I haven’t started on it yet, but I just asked Brother Jinchen a few questions.”

Lin Rui rubbed the tip of his nose with his fingers and smiled, “So it’s like this. I thought you two would discuss the content of the 37th scene first.”

The script contained less than 60,000 words and An Xumo had already read it by heart. He was slightly hesitant, “The 37th scene……it doesn’t seem to have my part in it?”

“Ah, yes,” Lin Rui explained, turning the beer can in his hand. “You came early, and the logistics side was waiting for the actors to formally join the group before sending out the new script. You can ask tomorrow to see if the new script is ready.”

An Xumo didn’t think there was anything wrong. He just nodded and said, “Okay. Thank you, Brother Rui.”

Lin Rui laughed and said, “You may not be clear about Ma Lao’s character. He used to make temporary changes to the scene, and he had changed the script many times. When he was making a movie before, he almost quarreled with the scriptwriter.”

An Xumo said, “Ma Lao strives for perfection, but also for the best film effect.”

Lin Rui half-joked, “En, maybe the 37th scene will be changed at the end.”

An Xumo didn’t know what the 37th scene was, he couldn’t say anything more. Fortunately, Zhou Jinchen had already finished answering the call from the sink. He opened the door and walked back into the room.

The two people sitting looked up; Zhou Jinchen said to An Xumo, “It’s too late. I’ll go back first. I’ll watch on the set tomorrow.”

An Xumo nodded hurriedly. He thought that tonight’s business was going to end this way but Zhou Jinchen added, “If you have any questions, come see me tomorrow night.”

This tone of his, not to mention Lin Rui, did not even imagine being instructed by An Xumo.

Zhou Jinchen’s cold personality in private is inversely proportional to his current heat. If he had not been protected by the Zhou family, he would have to be forced down by his seniors with unremarkable evaluation.

Even though he has improved a lot since then and no longer offends his colleagues, because of his bearing, Zhou Jinchen has never been a considerate and warm-hearted person.

As soon as he said that, Lin Rui immediately stopped drinking beer. He squeezed the round beer forcefully and subconsciously tightened his fingers.

However, An Xumo knew that this was probably something Zhou Jinchen said deliberately to Lin Rui, he didn’t make any speculations and only nodded, “Thank you, Brother Jinchen. I know.”

Zhou Jinchen turned to Lin Rui again, “Go back first. Just now, Xiao Ma sent a message to let those who have a play tomorrow go to bed early.”

Today’s unofficial shot is going well. If nothing else, it will officially start tomorrow. Lin Rui didn’t want to say anything else; he got up and planned to leave with Zhou Jinchen.

But Zhou Jinchen turned around and walked back, standing behind An Xumo. He raised his hand and held the back of the sofa, lowering his head, and said, “Give me the beer.”

He had showered when he returned and was now wearing a light-colored hooded sweatshirt. When he stretches his hand forward, his tight white waist is unintentionally exposed.

The beer can in Lin Rui’s hand was a little flatter.

Unconsciously, An Xumo turned and handed Zhou Jinchen’s opened beer to the other party. As a result, the man did not stop there. He raised his chin slightly and signaled, “Other one.”

An Xumo handed over the can he had never opened in front of him.

Zhou Jinchen took the two cans of beer and planned to leave, but An Xumo suddenly mustered up the courage to say, “Brother Jinchen, just have a bottle tonight.”

When Zhou Jinchen stopped and looked over, An Xumo became nervous afterwards but he still managed to explain, “Tomorrow, I have to film.”

Zhou Jinchen glanced at him and said faintly, “I won’t drink it. I’m taking it away to confiscate it from you.”

There was a sudden creak of metal inside the room. When the two men talking looked over, they saw Lin Rui smiling and saying, “Jinchen, let’s go. It’s late to disturb Xiao An’s rest.”

Only then did Zhou Jinchen and Lin Rui leave the room together.

After sending the two film emperors away, An Xumo quickly breathed a sigh of relief. He put the back of his hand against his hot face, looking straight at the corner and emptied his eyes for a while before hurriedly taking out his phone.

More than forty minutes……An Xumo calculated, plus during the day, he had spent more than ten hours with his brother in one day.

……it was like a dream.

An Xumo threw himself on the bed, making the mattress bounce a few times. The soft white blanket wrapped around him and his whole body was warm.

He buried himself in the pillows for a while, kicking his dangling calves. Only after he was happy did he get up from the bed and go to the bathroom to cool his feverish face.

In the bright light of the bathroom, An Xumo splashed several handfuls of water on his face and looked up at the brand new mirror without scratches. The water droplets slid down his delicate face line and fell on the sink with a “drip”.

An Xumo looked at himself in the mirror and suddenly remembered a question.

What was the 37th scene after changing the script?


The author has something to say:

Take a wild guess! What is the 37th scene?


1 此子可成大器: The original meaning of this word is to be able to become a person with high talents and the ability to do big business in the future.
2 他们在拼酒: It’s to fight with others to see who drinks a lot and is not drunk.
3 Edited. Thank you for the help in the comments, chuchu!

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