Male God is Chasing My Brother Chapter 58

Chapter 58 – Breaking news is not as important as the kissing scene

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The matter is not complicated and it can be explained in a few words. On Weibo, a V[1]Verifiedfashion blogger with 100,000 fans made a post, mocking the efforts of a popular idol who is setting up a simple good younger brother outside. But when filming, he NG-ed ten times and took advantage of the filming of a kissing scene with the film emperor in advance. After the hot kiss, he waved around the whole crew with kiss marks, showing off his relationship with the film emperor to everyone.

“This big V has a group of their own fans. Their previous Weibo content is basically only spread among their fans so the influence is not very big.” Xin Zimai explained. “But two days ago, this blogger showed a photo of them inside the set, saying that they were invited to work with a top director. Several directors were named in the comments and except for Ma Lao, he denied all of them.”

“After posting the latest Weibo, the photo of them in the crew was taken out. After that, it got more and more troublesome, coupled with the forwarding of several marketing accounts, it became a hot breaking news incident.”

After Xin Zimai finished, he especially observed An Xumo’s expression. He knew the boy’s debut time and also knew that the other party hadn’t experienced a really big blow. If this had happened to Zhou Jinchen, Xin Zimai would never have worried about Zhou Jinchen’s own feelings —— he certainly wouldn’t feel it. But for the younger brother of his family’s good friend and employer, Xin Zimai still feels obliged to take care of the other party’s emotions.

But unexpectedly, the subject who was vilified did not show panic and impatience of new artists often have.

After listening to all of this, he simply asked, “Is the situation serious?”

“It may not be serious,” Xin Zimai said, “but the commotion is indeed not small.”

“You know, before the public interviews for 《The Scarecrow》, there was news that Lin Rui’s character would be liked by two people at the same time, and his final choice would be the focus of the plot. After a wave of speculation made before, some people soon connected this breaking news with the previous news.”

Xin Zimai did not finish his words but An Xumo realized something, “……so the Weibo post was that I kissed Teacher Lin?”

This answer was affirmed by Xin Zimai.

The kissing scene in the script was decided as early as a week ago, but the changes had not yet been announced. Ma Lao only gave the new script to the three of them so the rest of the crew didn’t know the details, coupled with the breaking news that the “film emperor” Weibo refers to, that’s why this situation occurred.

An Xumo asked, “So, what’s the situation now is that someone in the crew leaked it?”

“Yes,” Xin Zimai nodded. “The blogger is certified and has posted selfies before. The crew submitted an application to the official Weibo to confirm the actual identity of this blogger.”

An Xumo froze for a moment. “……isn’t there a picture?”

“The official information is more suitable to go through legal procedures and,” Xin Zimai paused before saying, “that person’s selfie P[2]photoshopped was too powerful. When I heard about the situation, the crew found several people to identify, but did not recognize the person’s face.”

An Xumo was a little speechless for a moment.

“Jinchen is discussing this matter with the crew, I also asked Tang Tang to contact the team to do emergency public relations. The situation on film emperor Lin’s side is not yet clear but I just spoke with his agent on the phone, they also expressed their position and they would cooperate with Jin Dian’s public relations.”

Xin Zimai said this to comfort An Xumo but found that the other party’s reaction was actually similar to his own employer’s —— they were both unusually indifferent to such major rumors about themselves.

Perhaps this is the power of brothers? But are these two not related by blood? As Xin Zimai thought, he couldn’t help saying, “In fact, it seems like at the film emperor Lin’s side, they initially misunderstood that it was a self-speculation on this side. However, it will be better after the situation is made clear, and they said that if necessary, they can come forward and issue a statement.”

After all, it’s Ma Lao’s film, and no one wants to make any mistakes when filming this movie.

An Xumo said thank you and then there was no more reaction. Xin Zimai went back to the laptop to deal with his business. He remembered Zhou Jinchen’s orders and said to An Xumo, “Jinchen will be back in a while as he has something to do on his side. If you want to know the details, you can ask Tang Tang or wait for your brother to come back.”

When he finished speaking, he went to work. It was only when there was a knock on the door that Xin Zimai went over and opened the door for someone.

An Xumo sat on the sofa not far from the door. Xin Zimai opened the door and came back, just in time to see what he was reading.

When he looked at it, Xin Zimai didn’t even notice Zhou Jinchen coming in at the door. He was surprised and said, “You’re reading Weibo comments?”

Behind him, Zhou Jinchen heard the words and also looked at An Xumo.

An Xumo didn’t understand why Xin Zimai was so surprised. He nodded and said, “I want to see what was spread outside.”

“……” Xin Zimai coughed lightly. “Actually, you don’t need to look at it. This kind of online rumors can be regarded as simple gossip at first. Later, it will be mixed with the forces of water army and it doesn’t make much sense to look at it.”

If you see too much, you may not be able to get out of it and it will cause a shadow. Xin Zimai thought. This is a process that young artists must go through. If they like it, there will also be slander. The pressure on the artist will also increase with their fame. In recent years, the public opinion’s strength has become more and more powerful and it is more difficult for young artists to overcome this hurdle. It is not uncommon for artists to take on the news of personally fighting bad comments.

No matter whether they criticize badly or not, the pressure on the artists themselves is indeed increasing. Frankly speaking, Xin Zimai doesn’t agree with young artists being directly exposed to real online evaluations before developing a strong heart.

But what Xin Zimai was worried about didn’t happen. An Xumo didn’t seem depressed at all.

Xin Zimai didn’t know whether he was really unaffected or was just overwhelmed by the blow so he deliberately said one more thing, “Some of the comments may be excessive, you don’t have to take it to heart.”

“Thank you, Brother Zimai.” An Xumo said. “I didn’t care about this. I’m just trying to figure out how to solve this matter.”

“The person has been found out.” Zhou Jinchen, who had been ignored for a while, suddenly spoke up and An Xumo’s attention was drawn to it.

However, before being drawn by the same, Xin Zimai looked at An Xumo thoughtfully.

The other party’s performance didn’t seem to be faked and his reaction is indeed much calmer than ordinary new artists. If he didn’t know his identity, Xin Zimai would have definitely looked up at An Xumo, thinking that he had the ability to resist pressure and luck to become a hit.

But once he thought that An Xumo was Zhou Jinchen’s younger brother, plus the two had such similar reactions, Xin Zimai has to think of Zhou Jinchen’s illness.

……is it possible that these two brothers had the same illness?

However, Li Qiucheng had clearly said that this disease was not common and after the onset of the disease, patients who could maintain normal human behavior were even rarer. Xin Zimai’s heart was unsure; he felt that he should mention this to Zhou Jinchen while he had the chance.

While Xin Zimai was contemplating, Zhou Jinchen already started to explain the situation, “The blogger who posted the content is a short-term actor within the crew named Lu Pinghui.”

An Xumo’s expression was a little dazed.

He hadn’t heard of this person.

However, Xin Zimai froze for a moment, “Lu Pinghui, he’s not……”

Zhou Jinchen said the person he had in mind, “Yin Yuan.”

Xin Zimai frowned. “He stuffed people in?”

After receiving Zhou Jinchen’s acquiescence, his expression became more and more serious. “Is this a coincidence or not? If it was Yin Yuan who instructed him……”

Zhou Jinchen shook his head. “It’s unlikely.”

Seeing Xin Zimai’s confusion, he said, “Li Xiuqing’s departure procedures were approved by Yin Yuan. I drained the shared from Zhou’s investment and he did not deliberately make things difficult.”

Xin Zimai consciously looks at An Xumo but he quickly retracted his gaze. Since Zhou Jinchen himself didn’t care about being heard by An Xumo, he naturally didn’t have to worry about it.

“If it wasn’t Yin Yuan, then it’s this Lu Punghui who’s doing things on his own?” Xin Zimai was a bit puzzled. “What’s his purpose? Did Xiao An get in his way?”

Zhou Jinchen narrowed his eyes. He remembered Lu Pinghui’s performance on the sidelines yesterday afternoon when An Xumo officially filmed for the first time.

After discussing with Zhou Jinchen, Xin Zimai quickly left. He hasn’t been with the crew these days, leaving only two assistants —— not to mention the secret bodyguards who were Zhou Jinchen’s own men.

Although he is only a supporting role with not much part in it, Lu Pinghui was kept by Yin Yuan. It may not be easy to handle this matter but it also needs Xin Zimai to deal with it. However, these two men did not explain this kind of thing to An Xumo. Tang Tang also called An Xumo to let him rest well, film with peace of mind, and worry about other things.

Because of last night’s experience, Zhou Jinchen didn’t mention the practice tonight. The two of them briefly discussed the script and Zhou Jinchen let the person go to wash up and sleep.

When An Xumo went to bed, Zhou Jinchen was still looking at his laptop. He only turned on the wall lamp in the corner and the sound of keyboard tapping was very soft.

An Xumo got a good night for a new day and quietly looked at the man next to the sofa a few more times before closing his eyes.

He didn’t fall asleep deeply until he heard the sound of light footsteps in the room and the mattress beside him sank slightly, only then did he sleep peacefully.

Early the next morning, An Xumo’s mouth really recovered and there was no difference at all. Before the two of them went to the set together, An Xumo envisioned whether he would be surrounded by all sorts of curious glances yet when he arrived on the set, he found that not many people seemed to be affected by last night’s breaking news.

Even if someone secretly looks at him, it was only some unfamiliar faces, and there were no special reactions to those long-time staff and actors who were familiar with him.

Ignoring the surrounding eyes is already a necessary skill for An Xumo. Even if there are really a lot of talks, he will not be affected by anything, let alone the present situation.

Moreover, An Xumo also noticed that he did not meet the actor name Lu Pinghui on the set. No one knows if something happened to him or because the person didn’t have a scene in the morning.

Nonetheless, the scene to be filmed in the morning is the scene that An Xumo cares about the most.

—— He was going to film a kissing scene with his brother in front of everyone’s eyes on the scene.

Even if he had practiced many times the night before, even if he could temporarily block himself from the sight around him, this scene was still not an easy task for An Xumo.

From the early morning when he applied makeup, his palms were a little sweaty. When Ma Lao called him over to talk about the scene, An Xumo’s nervousness was even more visible to the naked eye.

The scene of the cultural festival exchange event was already shot yesterday. Today’s scene will be shot directly from the classroom where only Ling Sihang and Bai Qingchi were present. He looked at the obviously nervous An Xumo, “You are to film a kissing scene with him, not to kill him, why are you so nervous?”

“There is tension in Bai Qingchi’s emotions but it’s not this obvious. Before meeting Ling Sihang, he has no plans for a relationship. You are in an inappropriate state, adjust yourself.”

Ma Lao said and directly talked about the scene.

After speaking, it was time to put it into practice. An Xumo managed to relax himself. He stood outside the camera and had to wait for three seconds after the start of shooting before he could push the door in.

Behind the door was Zhou Jinchen who is alone in the classroom.

It is also Ling Sihang who is about to be kissed by Bai Qingchi.

With a “pop”, the crisp sound of hitting the board fell.


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Please kiss [Seeking Home of Hailan Yin Xiaotian.jpg][3]For the curious cats: Hailan’s home advertising has always been jokingly called “the most magical advertisement” by netizens. The first spokesperson was Yin Xiaotian, who was very … Continue reading

Lin Rui and Han Ming are different, everyone should be able to see it~

Also, quiet little spoiler, although the current peach blossom[4]love affair is still on big brother, but in this text’s world, the biggest vinegar jar[5]easily jealous is also big brother =3=


1 Verified
2 photoshopped
3 For the curious cats: Hailan’s home advertising has always been jokingly called “the most magical advertisement” by netizens. The first spokesperson was Yin Xiaotian, who was very popular at the time. He looked very handsome, and his appearance was sunny. Dancing the dance was really brainwashing. [TVC] [Dance]
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5 easily jealous

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