Male God is Chasing My Brother Chapter 76

Chapter 76 – He just wants to see his younger brother
After separating from the crew, both of them had piles of activities to deal with. In consequence, although Zhou Jinchen had a series of nightmares, he didn’t deliberately take time to find An Xumo but chose to compress his sleep time even more harshly.
And when matters were almost dealt with, the publicity plan for 《Different Roads》 was also on the agenda. It was not easy to get in touch with An Xumo under the pretext of co-promotion, but Zhou Jinchen received a new piece of news —— An Xumo had gone to private dance training.
Forget it, Zhou Jinchen thought, then wait a few more days.
After waiting like this, waiting until the day 《Different Roads》 officially began running their publicity. Of the three collective variety shows, An Xumo has no schedule for the first variety show, and it was easy to wait for 《Surface Meeting》. Zhou Jinchen, whose time is particularly valuable, even bought a flight two hours in advance just to see the person ahead of time before the show.
He has never acted so irrationally before.
The unfamiliar feeling was like turbulent waves hitting the shore, constantly surging in Zhou Jinchen’s chest, making him thoroughly at loss as to what to do for the first time. The sudden shock without any warning made people clueless until a tender hand have appeared in the nightmare, there was a faint smell of milk that Zhou Jinchen only thought of his younger brother.
At first, it was originated in a dream, but later, the boy’s pale face when he was unconscious, the soft side of his face when he ate a fried egg, his serious expression when he analyzed the script, and his fragile thin back when he was vomiting. Little by little, it occupied all of Zhou Jinchen’s free space during the day.
Ten years ago, Mr. Old Yu taught him that a smile that shows the teeth means happiness, and a frowning face means frustration. For a long time, Zhou Jinchen has learned countless ‘what emotions this behavior represents’. He was able to deduce the emotions of most people through their behavior and he even won the title of Best Actor by his ingenious imitation of complex expressions.      
Yet, he still can’t comprehend the emotion itself.
This obstacle stems from the illness he was born with and the accident ten years ago. So now, Zhou Jinchen still doesn’t understand the reason why he would always think about his younger brother.
He only knows that he wants to see An Xumo.
This idea even goes a little beyond the rational calculation of benefits and uses, such as this two-hour flight in advance, and the deliberately calling the person to meet. They did not bring any benefits to Zhou Jinchen and even let the losses outweigh the gains on the clear accounts. The only effect these things had was to allow Zhou Jinchen to see his younger brother a little earlier.
Zhou Jinchen was not without hesitation at first, he was used to measuring everything in terms of its effectiveness. But when the boy sat across him and listened to him with his hands squarely on his knees, this choice brought rewards to Zhou Jinchen with ten times the results.
The man lowered his eyes to the script in his hands, his gaze lingering for a moment on one of the game settings.
PK[1]Player Killing – mostly used in online games, means competition between players to see which one is the best. on both sides, taking turns playing, each team in a group of two people.
A great opportunity.

After returning from his brother’s exclusive lounge, An Xumo also saw Yan Xiangyan backstage, whom he hadn’t seen in a long time. Teacher Yan gave him a warm hug, seeing that he was still holding his tablet and watching past shows to hold the Buddha’s feet[2]doing things at the last minute; making a hasty last-minute effort.for the last time, he also smiled and comforted him a few times, telling him not to be nervous.

After the busy preparations, An Xumo and the crew finally stepped onto the stage of Baicheng TV.
Technically speaking, 《Surface Meeting》 should be the first competitive reality show that An Xumo participated in. This kind of variety show consisting of games and interviews is now the industry’s highest-rated mainstream program. Several popular series of variety shows basically belong to the same type which has brought out many outstanding guests and a number of artists becoming popular again because of the variety show.
However, the negative effect of this kind of program is equally significant. The program has a high demand for artists’ on-the-spot reaction ability, and a little accidental response will reveal their own shortcomings. Thus, attracting a large number of black comments.[3]negative comments
Therefore, Tang Tang did not let her own artist receive this kind of program announcement. It was not until An Xumo slowly accumulated some experience that he participated in this program with the crew.
There are two fixed host partners for 《Surface Meeting》, Yan Xiangyan and Ge Zhiqiang. In addition to that, there are also three to four rotating hosts’ seats. For this episode of 《Different Roads》, the crew came with a total of six people, and the program team arranged for six hosts to correspond.
After a dazzling opening show, the six hosts consisting of four men and two women came out separately. The cast of 《Different Roads》 waiting at the backstage also took the stage amidst the countless cheers after the appetizing introduction.
In addition to the two movie stars and An Xumo, there was also Ma Zechi and the two actresses from the movie. Ma Zechi took the lead and led the team up. After a few pleasantries, Yan Xiangyan announced the rules of today’s entire program.
The host of 《Surface》 is the red team and the six from the movie team were the blue team. After three rounds of competition between the two teams to determine the winner, the final winning team will receive a seafood feast specially prepared by the chef of a five-star hotel in the coastal province. The program team will also give away a hundred movie tickets of 《Different Roads》 to the audience in the name of the winning team.
The main purpose of the program competition is to promote the movie so the main event should be the hundred movie tickets give away. However, from the front of the podium earlier, the first thing that caught An Xumo’s attention was the seafood feast. When the chubby master chef wearing a white chef’s hat waved to the crowd at the scene, he was staring at the actual food shown on the screen beside him and couldn’t move his eyes.
Looks so delicious……
Zhou Jinchen, who was standing beside him, glanced at the man calmly.
“Alright, next we will immediately enter the first round of the game ——
Yan Xiangyan’s voice drew back everyone’s attention. After the shots were filled in, the crowd also went down at the backstage and changed into their red and blue team uniforms.
Upon re-entering the stage, the set had changed dramatically. The two teams were clearly separated, each occupying one side of the stage. Behind each team stood several staff members who held a sprayer in their hands. The rules for the first round were also displayed on the screen —— watch the clip as the red and blue teams took turns in answering the questions. The team that had answered incorrectly would be punished with a blast of the spray.
This is an event that can very effectively stimulate the atmosphere in the venue. In order to match the movie promotion, four of the six selected were movie clips, one was a short film recorded backstage and the other video was from a past episode of 《Surface》.
None of the videos were long and it didn’t seem difficult. The key lies in the setting of the questions. The questions in such sessions are usually unexpected so it is important to take all the details down while watching.
The first to answer was the blue team. The video released is a clip from a film directed by Ma Lao twenty years ago. The set-up of the program team’s intention can clearly be seen, the camera also especially pulled to give a close-up of Ma Zechi.
On the screen, the majestic palace is incomparably grand, the golden main street is carved with dragon patterns, and the dignified presence of the emperor unhurriedly ascends to the highest throne. Turning around, the hundreds of officials sang praises altogether.
The movie of twenty years ago is quite different from what they are now but the gorgeous scenes and exquisite composition are still pleasing to the eye today. After the video was played, the question also emerged —— 
May I ask, in the golden tray held by the maid in purple in the main hall, how many luminous pearls were there?
…… Where are the luminous pearls, no, where is the purple maid?
The blue team began to recall desperately.
On the side, Ge Zhiqiang took the opportunity to ask, “Director Ma, didn’t you knew this question ba? At the time of filming, didn’t you even make a cameo appearance?”
The camera cut out to Ma Zechi’s face, he helplessly smiled, “If you ask the person next to you the number of agate grapes on his hand, I may still know it but the luminous pearl, it can’t eat it ah!”

There was a burst of laughter in the venue.
The screened turned from a question to a countdown number, making the scene increasingly tense. When Ma Zechi was holding the microphone and worrying, Zhou Jinchen who was standing in the third position next to Lin Rui suddenly called out, avoiding the microphone, and said to him, “Nine.”
Ma Zechi was stunned and also moved the microphone in his hand, “Are you sure?”
Zhou Jinchen said, “En, Xiao Mo remembers.”
Lin Rui who is sandwiched between the two, frowned, but time was urgent. Ma Zechi didn’t think too much about it and directly reported the answer, “Nine!”
Under the eyes of the crowd, the screen replayed a small clip. The golden plate in the hand of the maid in purple was enlarged and a number was marked on the side —— 9.
After the applause, the six rounds of questions and answers were conducted in turn. The program team chose the more classic images when setting up but the questions were deliberately chosen from tricky angles in order to increase the difficulty. However, they apparently did not expect a humanoid recorder in this set of guests. After answering the questions three by three times in turn, the blue team in the first group of the film team took the lead with a winning three points.

After the first round of the event, the atmosphere in the recording hall was completely mobilized. The staff went on stage to change the set and a high hanging crane arm was set up to the center of the stage.
An Xumo who had just won all three points looked up and was shocked by the height and let out a low “wow”.
Each of them was required to put on protective gear and steel ropes were fastened to their backs. Judging from this posture, it is right to go up high.
Sure enough, Yan Xiangyan quickly announced the rules of the second round.
Each team sent two groups, each group of two people standing together on the thick cushion suspended from a high place. One person is responsible for stabilizing the balance of the thick cushion, and the other person had to walk to the edge of the thick cushion to take down the balloon that was hanging on the edge.
This event will be a test of two people’s balance and tacit cooperation. In order to achieve the effect of the program, the two groups in each team are a combination of a man and a woman. The remaining people on the red team are Yan Xiangyan and Ge Zhiqiang while the remaining people on the blue team are Zhou Jinchen and An Xumo.
Although it was not difficult when the rules were explained and the height felt fine when looking up from the bottom, however, this event was not as easy as it seems. Once they stand on the high platform and look down, the height is enough to scare people to take a step.
The red team came first in this competition but two groups in their team were completely annihilated and they failed to take off the balloon on the edge. The blue team’s first group to go up also failed and the lines of sight in the venue were focused on the only group left.
However, when Lin Rui was about to climb up, Zhao Xiaodan who was in his group was pale and hesitant to take a step.
It was only when Yan Xiangyan came forward to inquire did they learned that Zhao Xiaodan was afraid of heights.
Now, the game became a little difficult to carry out. If you give up, you will be completely wiped out. Although there is no harm to the leading blue team but the quality of the footage will always be affected.
In the end, it was Zhou Jinchen who took the microphone.
“We still want to give it a try.” The man’s low magnetic voice amplified in the stereo, “But it may be necessary to change to another person.”
“We want to go up as two men. To be fair, we won’t count the points; just try to see the results.”
Yan Xiangyan discussed it with Ge Zhiqiang and quickly agreed to Zhou Jinchen’s proposal.
Lin Rui who was already wearing the safety gears, stood by the escalator but his heart loudly thumped.
And not far from him, Zhou Jinchen really did not look back.
The man stretched out his hand to the right, his open palm facing the boy standing beside him.
The author has something to say:
Let’s understand the brother’s psychological transformation!!


1 Player Killing – mostly used in online games, means competition between players to see which one is the best.
2 doing things at the last minute; making a hasty last-minute effort.
3 negative comments

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