Male God is Chasing My Brother Chapter 80

Chapter 80 – Can’t say after being clear-headed

Tang Tang held An Xumo’s phone, carefully and repeatedly looked at it many times before she dared to believe her eyes.

She turned her eyes back to An Xumo, her gaze was dulled with astonishment, “You, what major did you apply for?”

An Xumo said, “Mathematics.”

Tang Tang: “……?”

She looked at the person for a long time but could not find the slightest sign that the other party was joking.

Tang Tang repeated, “What did you apply for?”

“Mathematics,” An Xumo was a little puzzled, “what’s the matter?”

“Nothing……” Tang Tang’s look has not recovered yet. “I just felt like your interest has changed a lot this year……”

The person who enrolled in the Mathematics department ran to the entertainment industry to become an entertainer……

She asked another question, “You took the exam last year ba, what was your total score?”

An Xumo reported a score. Tang Tang grew up with him in S City and knew a little about the college entrance examination results, this number once again shook her down.

“This score……you, what’s your ranking in the city?”

Heavens! The company won’t turn a top student back, right……


“Oh.” Tang Tang doesn’t know whether to be lost or relieved but even if it’s not the first rank, eighth is already very impressive.

This is the overall ranking of the whole S City ah. Tang Tang can’t still react to the shock. Xiao Mo is too deeply hidden……

“The first top seven have the same score as the top student and I’m one point behind them.” An Xumo did not notice Tang Tang’s strangeness and he spoke in a very unusual tone, “The Chinese literature is relatively high so the total ranking is higher.”

Tang Tang just put down her little heart again that almost jumped out of her mouth.

“You, you you……”

She couldn’t help but twist her expression for a moment and her voice seemed to come out of her teeth, “You have this score……why did you sign as a trainee in the beginning……”

He also said that studying is meaningless, is this score that a person who felt no interest can get these results from an exam ma?! (E/N: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA MAAAAA) 
An Xumo smiled lightly, he said softly, “At that time, I was not in a good mood, and when I saw the project announcement to the public by Jin Dian, I thought that maybe a change of direction will be a little better so I came to sign up.”

Tang Tang sensed his gloomy mood and didn’t continue to ask questions. She knew at that time was when An Xumo driven out of the Zhou family, it was normal that his emotions could not adjust for a while.

She simply found a new topic, “Then, Xiao Mo, you really like math? Generally speaking, the first thing you should consider is financial management and the like, right. Have you ever thought about applying for these?”

P University’s School of Management is a nationally renowned top student harvester and with An Xumo’s ranking, there shouldn’t be a problem getting in. However, if An Xumo really likes mathematics, Tang Tang thought, Xiao Mo should also find some of his own hobbies. Seeing how his movements increase every day, it always makes people feel a little heartache.

However, An Xumo paused for a long time before saying, “…… have thought of it, kind of.”

Kind of, what kind of answer is this?

Tang Tang was wondering about the other party’s attitude but An Xumo took the lead to change the subject. He put the phone back and asked, “Do you still need me to take the college entrance exam again? If I were to go to an art school, I have to transfer my school registration back from P University in advance.”

Tang Tang’s attention was drawn to him, “Your school registration is still at P University? That means you can go straight to school when you get back?”

“Not now,” An Xumo said, “I want to go with the next term.”

It’s okay to go with the next term, ah because Xiao Mo is not too old. But if he went to the mathematics department, will it conflict with Xiao Mo’s future work ba? Tang Tang thought, feeling a little tangled.

According to the current mainstream trend, art schools are the best choice for most artists. It’s just that the attraction of this P University sign is too strong. If it was any other school, just give it up, but this is P University ah……

Tang Tang couldn’t decide for a while, she asked An Xumo, “What do you think?”

An Xumo shook his head, “I can go anywhere, see which company can pass it.”

The accident of filling out the application at that time still makes him uncomfortable. Besides, it’s not that difficult for him to take the college entrance examination again. Moreover, An Xumo knew very well that he had signed the most demanding trainee contract with Jin Dian and there were many things that were not up to him to decide.

Tang Tang thought about it, “Then I’ll go and discuss it with Brother Shen and the others first. I’ll bring it to you when there’s a plan.”

Shen Mingze is the person in charge of the company’s team for An Xumo and he was the one discussing with Tang Tang about any important matters.

An Xumo agreed, “Good.”

On this side, An Xumo’s team is making a painful and happy choice for their family’s child’s dream of either going to P University or Jingdian Academy, while people around Zhou Jinchen are going through deep water and scorching fire.[1]abyss of suffering]

It was not until Xin Zimai who had been ‘blood book petitioned’((letter written in one’s own blood, expressing determination, hatred, last wishes, etc
by several people, rushed back from the investment company, that certain someone finally broke the two-meter boundary around Zhou Jinchen.

“Boss, energy is limited and work is unlimited.” Xin Zimai said politely after listening to the cries of his team. “No matter how much is given, human beings still need sleep.”

Zhou Jinchen didn’t even give him a look and just stared at the computer in front of him. The white light emanating from the screen hung over his face, making the already handsome and compelling man even more a thousand miles resistant.

It shouldn’t be ah……Xin Zimai was a little confused. Isn’t these two days just a rare free time between their rounds of busyness? Otherwise, he would not be able to temporarily get away from Jin Dian to take care of Zhou Jinchen’s new investment company.

Could there be another reason? Thinking about it, Xin Zimai remembered the previous incident.

“You……did you have another nightmare again?” Xin Zimai asked hesitantly.

Zhou Jinchen still did not speak but was finally willing to take off his eyes from the screen.

Xin Zimai felt that he had guessed right and asked, “Then, why didn’t you call Xiao An?”

As he was speaking, he remembered another thing, “Oh, by the way, didn’t I talk to you about living together before ma, what do you think about it? Tang Tang said Xiao An is still living in the company’s dormitory and you two happen to be in the same building.”

Zhou Jinchen was silent for a moment. When he finally opened his mouth amidst Xin Zimai’s questioning gaze, he talked about something else.

“How many days are left for the premiere of 《Different Roads》?”

Xin Zimai was stunned by this rapidly changing topic but he quickly said, “There are only a few days left, isn’t it just this Saturday?”

Zhou Jinchen said, “The location of the premiere ceremony?”

Xin Zimai gave out an address and curiously said, “Are you worried about the movie? This should be fine, I asked the crew before. The pre-selling on the first day has already exceeded a hundred million; there should be no problem with the premiere.”

It coincides with the golden summer season, it’s still the weekend. Despite having entered the tensest countdown phase, the whole crew was still relatively optimistic about the box office.

Zhou Jinchen replied by pulling up his memo on his computer and set up a reminder on the day of the premiere.

Xin Zimai still wanted to say something but he heard Zhou Jinchen say, “Tell them that those who don’t have a task, doesn’t need to work overtime with me and come back when they have a task.”

“Good.” Xin Zimai answered, “I’ll take a look. You should pay attention to yourself and rest.”

Before leaving, he remembered about the nightmare, “Ah, right, Jinchen, you really don’t need to call Xiao An over? I just met Tang Tang on the second floor, she said Xiao An is being interviewed and will be back in an hour or so.”

The man with a straight back inside the room did not turn around. His voice was as cold and hard as the arc of his back, “No need.”

With a soft ‘click’ the door was closed by Xin Zimai who had left the room. Zhou Jinchen at the desk looked at the complicated reports on the screen but he couldn’t see a single value.

He raised his hand and rubbed his temples, propping up the side of his face with one hand, his eyes drooping.

The nightmare was still there but no one could be called over. Xin Zimai had said before that after his drunkenness, he had called over and told the person that and An Xumo was ignoring him.

Although the fact remains unchanged, it even became increasingly worse. Nevertheless, this is something that Zhou Jinchen could not say to others when he was sober.

So now, he can only be stuck here alone in vain, tasting the growing strangeness of An Xumo’s intentional avoidance of him.


1 abyss of suffering]

It was not until Xin Zimai who had been ‘blood book petitioned’((letter written in one’s own blood, expressing determination, hatred, last wishes, etc

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